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Picture this: you're on the ropes after a massive fight with your mortal enemy. You've used every trick up your sleeve and there's still plenty of time for your opponent to grind you into powder. You're exhausted—one more fight like that and you're not getting back up—and desperate. So what do you do? You break out the big one. The mother of all special items: the Holy Hand Grenade.

Yes, Trope Co. patrons! You too can finally own one of the most powerful items in existence to help bring that extra edge to your toughest of fights. The Holy Hand Grenade, created by the Big Man Himself, produces a spectacular explosion after a count of five three guaranteed to wipe out an individual or a group of baddies* with the power of goodness!

With this purchase you'll also receive:

  • A lacquered carrying case.
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  • The Book of Armaments, the indispensable user manual for your Holy Hand Grenade.
  • A censer**, to create the proper holy atmosphere in which to use your Holy Hand Grenade.

If you liked this product, you might also like the Holy Halo or Power Gives You Wings to complete your holy ensemble.

A handcrafted product of Antioch.

*Use of this product on allies or friendly characters will produce the same effect. Trope Co. advises that you be very precise in your use of this item.
**Monk not included.

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