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Trope Co / Rainbow Lens

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Comes in models for both your left and right eye.

Is everyone else seeing something you aren't seeing? Is your Gaydar™ too heavy to carry with you or is in desperate need of maintenance? Are you colorblind?

Well fret no more as Trope Co.®'s leading ophthalmologists and eyewear specialists has the cure for what ails yah.

Introducing the Rainbow Lens™!

With the Trope Co.® Rainbow Lens™, you can have a front-row seat to the hottest new Coming-Out Story.

See a shy and depressed princess with ice-powers? With Rainbow Lens™, now she's a closeted lesbian hiding from her gayness! That werewolf who is ostracized and can't work a job because of their condition? Sounds an awful lot like a Tragic AIDS Story to me. A vaguely thin male character with a vaguely androgynous voice? Must be a trans man. Heterosexual Life-Partners? Closeted gay couple. A character who is a boy in the source material but a girl in an adaptation? They must have come out as transgender! Every superhero ever? Come on people!


Have a Gay Old Time for the whole family with Rainbow Lens™.

Ask your doctor before prescribing to Trope Co.® Rainbow Lens™. Trope Co.® is not responsible for any side-effects when using Trope Co.® Rainbow Lens™, including dry-eye, ocular sensitivity, eye-strain, glaucoma, Transgender Fetishization, uncontrollable gender-swapping, Gayngst, suicidal-thoughts, Gay Aesop-related Character Development or confusing erections.


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