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The Continuity Reboot of the immensely popular Shipping Goggles™ line! Now in the new optimized, consolidated, and authority-friendly packaging. Order the Shipping Goggles of your choice now!

When ordering any two goggles at once, you receive a discount of 20%. When buying all three goggles at once, we will ship a bottle of Brain Bleach™ FREE!

Het Goggles™

These goggles enable you to Hide Your Gays by blinding you to all Ho Yay in a given work. Naturally, these are a perfect gift for any Moral Guardians in your life.

Currently not in stock.


Yaoi Goggles™

Tired of trying to ship your favorite Bishounen with women, only to be disgusted with the result? Are you a Yaoi Fangirl, but have difficulty spotting homoerotic subtext/maintext? Then do we have the product for you!

From Trope Co., the people who brought you Yuri Goggles, comes the latest in Shipping Goggles technology: Yaoi Goggles! Just place them over your eyes, turn on your favorite show, and SHAZAM! Using our patented state-of-the-art design, you will begin to see a world of gay subtext emerge within the first day, guaranteed!

Here are some anecdotes from buyers!

"OMG, it was so obvious! How could we have been SO BLIND?! Shadow and Charmy obviously LOVE EACHOTHER~!"
— 12-year-old girl on the Sonic the Hedgehog series

"I was attempting to make my fanfic, but I couldn't find any evidence for the theory. Then I brought these! These goggles allowed me to see things where there aren't!"
— 26-year-old girl

Buy your goggles today, and get another one, absolutely free!


Warning: Possible side effects include the onset of DSD (Delusional Shipping Disorder), sudden feelings of erotic undertones between undesirable characters, and the development of a hidden perversion.

Yuri Goggles™

Ever wondered why there's so little yuri in this world? Having a writer's block on your latest yuri Slash Fic? Then you need the Trope Co.'s latest entry in the Shipping Goggles line: the Yuri Goggles! With our Yuri Goggles, you'll see lesbian subtext (and even maintext!) between any two female characters of your choice!

Order Trope Co.'s Yuri Goggles now and you'll never have trouble spotting yuri ever again! Trope Co. does not guarantee an increase in the amount of actual yuri in your vicinity.

Prolonged use of Yuri Goggles may lead to inability to turn them off and/or a symbiotic relationship between the goggles and your actual eyes. Advanced stages of Yuri Goggles symbiosis may result in inability to recognize friendly or even platonic relationships between two females. In extreme cases you may contract a compulsion to ship and slash female acquaintances, friends, family members, and even strangers in Real Life. Trope Co. is not responsible for any loss, material or immaterial (as in prestige, social acceptability of your presence, &c.), that may be thus incurred.


WARNING: According to certain researchers, surprising as it may seem, Yuri Goggles could have the exact opposite effect as described above. Indeed, it has been observed that, in various forums and mailing lists, many, many manga series and anime shows well-known for their light and fluffy yuri content are decried as "nothing but teasing and fantasy fodder for loser fanboys." People who dwell in those milieus, when talking about such works of fiction, love to say: "I see no real yuri here even with my Yuri Goggles turned on." This has become so frequent that researchers who study the ethology of such communities have come with the following definition:

"Yuri Goggles: goggles that completely block yuri from your vision. When wearing them, you wouldn't see yuri even if it came out of your screen and punched you on the nose."

Gotta ship em all?

Then get our new EverythingGoggles™! If you've got no ideas for your latest shipfic, then you'll be overflowing with inspiration!

Warning: Prolonged exposure can cause symbiosis, which will result in you shipping everyone, much to the detriment of the uninterested, incompatible, or very young.

"Shipping Goggles", "Het Goggles", "Yaoi Goggles", "Yuri Goggles", and "Everything Goggles" are registered trademarks of Trope Co. Inc.. All rights reserved.

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