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Trope Co / Interspecies Romance

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"When the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puff, this little piggy went 'wee, wee wee'..."

Do regular people not excite you anymore? Can you not get it up for your local stripper anymore? Do you just not feel connected to your blind dates anymore? Are you looking at Furry-porn?

Then sign in onto Trope Co.'s® Dating Service™ and have yourself your very own whirlwind Interspecies Romance™!

Fix a date with any non-human (or if you aren't human, then humans are optional) you would like. Trope Co.® has you covered with any species you like, ranging from cute little piggies to big bad wolves, lions, tigers and bearsnote , Fish People, humanoid dragons and snakes with limbs. We also have Mix-and-Match Critters, giving you Centaurs, Mermaids, Spider People, Scorpion People, Snake People and other Beast People.

Just remember: it isn't bestiality if they say "yes".


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