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Trope Co / Green Hill Zone

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It's green. It's hilly. No robots in sight. Buy the premium package to include them.

Blue Skies.

Grass between your toes.

Enemies with feather-fists and glass-jaws.

We at Trope Co.® would like for your tutorial level to be a relaxing, stress free experience to prepare you for the Boss Level that is ahead of you. Introducing our brand-new, state-of-the-art Green Hill Zone™.

Using our Sorting Algorithm of Threatening Geography, we at Trope Co.® have set out to make our Green Hill Zone™ as fun and inclusive to new players as possible. Get the hang of your controls in easy to learn platforming sections with our Instructive Level Design. Attack Mooks that have better things to do than be killed by you and grind for EXP. Try your luck finding the secret mini-game hidden in the waterfall. For no extra fee, we’ll even throw in a Warmup Boss at the very end to test your new inventory of abilities.


Green Hill Zone™: Gaming's #1 starting level since 1991


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