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Trope Co / Bag of Holding

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From the makers of Elemental Baggage™, and the Amazing Bag of Spilling™, comes a bag straight out of Science Fiction and/or Fantasy. Presenting out of Trope Co.™, the Bag of Holding! Using either advancements in alien technology or superficial magic cast upon the bag, the Bag of Holding is Guaranteed to hold plenty of items, weather it be the MacGuffin device needed, a bottle of Applied Phlebotinum ('Good for any Plot Device. Good for One Plot Coupon'), or the Sword of Plot Advancement.


It is all due to the power of Expanded Space™, a brand new technique in storage technology. Although our Expanded Space is found in technological ships, impossible cars, the TARDIS, or spacious closets, The Bag of Holding is a portable storage system that weighs less than it's actually carrying ('usually'*).

Comes in either Leather, Canvas, or Dragonscale Brand New! Dragon Scale.

Also Comes In: Jackets, Backpack of Holding, and for women, The Handbag of Holding using new Toon Hyperspace

*Not all Trope Co.'s Bag of Holding are guaranteed to make anything you carry actually lighter

Note: Trope Co. is not held responsible for placing a Portable Hole™ inside our patented Bag of Holding™.


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