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These are some very happy lizards.

Chuck: I have so many questions. My mind wanders.
Ned: You need to feed it warm milk and a turkey sandwich, let it curl up in a sunny spot and take a nap.

This page is for entire works that manage to be Crowning Works of Heartwarming! When you post a work, just remember to explain what in it is heartwarming!

If a work has one Heartwarming Moment but is otherwise not particularly heartwarming, post it to that page. Sometimes related to the other kind of sweet dreams.

Highly recommended to drop by this page if you've been over at Nightmare Fuel and plan on sleeping, or at Tear Jerker and need to invite some positivity back into your brain.



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  • The World Is Just Awesome. An ad... for the world, adventure, innovation, science, happiness, and life. (And the Discovery Channel.)
  • This ad for Schweppes, which shows water balloons popping in slow motion.
  • This commercial for a Dutch coffee brand. "It's not what you say, it's what you do."
  • This advert for Animax Singapore. Awesome music and awesome imagery, you're bound to have some epic dreams.
  • The UK's "Hedgehog" campaign, a lovely series of PIFs featuring animated hedgehogs singing about road safety. They're widely regarded as some of the best road safety adverts ever made. They are:
  • This adorable commercial for Snuggles Fabric Softner where Snuggle is tucking in a sleeping baby named Cindy complete with a lullaby playing throughout this commercial.
  • Travel Nevada ads. Beautiful footage plus a great song will never fail to make you smile. Even as a YouTube ad you won't mind it. An example can be found here.
  • Most road safety PSAs take the Scare 'Em Straight approach and show you the gory consequences if you don't buckle your seat belt, speed, drink-drive, etc. Embrace Life takes a very different tack and simply wants to remind you that you should look after yourself because there are people who love you and who need you to come home safe. It's simple, powerful, heartwarming and a tearjerker all in one and no one will not want to wear a seat belt the next time they get into a car after seeing it.
  • The "I'm a Pepper" Dr.Pepper commercial from the 70s, which feels like it could have come from some kind of musical. It's so happy and up-beat that it's hard not to crack a smile watching it.
  • This Japanese PSA from Greenpeace. It has an old man talking about how Whaling affected the seas. Then he makes up for the Whaling by saving a whale.
  • Mentos: The Freshmaker is a classic series of ads that function as this. People face simple, personal problems, such as Clothing Damage, or losing a belonging. Upon this happening, they pull out a packet of Mentos, and eat one. The fresh flavour clears their mind, allowing them to come up with a silly, yet fun solution, leading into the slogan. If that wasn't enough, all of this is set to one of the most uplifting jingles ever composed.
  • This ad for a housing agency shows a young boy swimming in an underwater house to find a pearl he dropped in from his boat, with beautiful cinematography and music.


    Asian Animation 
  • Nana Moon has a very feminine art style and feel to it that might deter some from watching it, but if you can stomach it, you'll also find that it has some likeable characters in a quirky, vibrantly-colored setting on the moon, and an overall light-hearted aesthetic. The whole thing really does feel like it was pulled directly from someone's nice dream.

    Comic Books 
  • The Toon Treasury of Classic Children's Comics is pure, unleaded Sweet Dreams Fuel from start to finish. Loaded with over 60 classic comics from a large variety of artists (some of whom were even Golden Age animators!) bound in a pseudo-classic book-like fashion. The stories feature lovely artwork and stories handpicked by industry veterans like Art Spielgelmen (who you might know as the creator of the not-so-sweet dreams fuel-ridden comic Maus)—stories that they feel are worthy enough to be read by the children of today.
  • There is also the Craig Yoe book The Golden Collection of Krazy Kool Klassic Kids' Komics, which also has a large variety of comics from many classic artists. The story selection isn't quite as impressive as the Toon Treasury book, but it's still a worthy addition to any classic comic enthusiasts collection, a fun read for any age, and just as loaded with sweet dreams fuel.
  • Nine Lives to Live: Felix the Cat note  is a wonderful compilation of Sunday Felix the Cat comic strips penned by his creator Otto Messmer. Rich in imagination and fantasy, Felix embarks on many escapades, loaded with fun sight gags, good characterization, all told with Otto's imaginative rubberhose art style—even his props are fun to look at! If you're a fan of Felix, this book is a must have!
  • Another excellent Felix collection is the Craig Yoe book Felix The Cat's Greatest Comic Book Tales, offering a selection of stories that are truly ideal for children—loaded with lovely illustrations, cute fantasy stories, funny gags, and great artwork from Otto Messmer, Joe Oriolo and even Jim Tyer. It's also much easier to get hold of than the Nine Lives to Live book.
  • The Complete Milt Gross is yet another excellent collection from Craig Yoe, featuring a plethora of hilarious stories from one of the best comic artists of the 30s and 40s! The artwork is hilarious bizarre and full of energy, and Milt's slang and witty dialogue, as well as his funny cast of characters make this ideal for someone who wants a little more spice in their sweet dreams fuel.
  • Mickey and the Gang: Classic Stories in Verse is a truly excellent, LARGE book loaded with classic Disney comics, Good Housekeeping magazine poems represented with beautiful hand-painted illustrations, and is crammed to the bursting point with trivia and information on Classic Disney. Great to read to your kids before bed, and a true treat for any fan of Classic Disney.
  • E.C. Segar's Popeye anthologies are all excellent comics that have stood the passage of time. While his artwork is fairly crude, Segar created some of the most memorable characters in comic history, and his wit is as sharp as a razor. Even if you're already a fan of the Popeye cartoons, the original comics will only enhance your appreciation for the series even more.
  • Krazy Kat is a truly surreal, but sweet dreams fuel inducing series. Not much more to be said.
  • Pretty much any comic made by Winsor McCay will fall into this, but his legendary Little Nemo comics take the cake.
  • Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane: This is the tonic to One More Day. Adorable, well-written, enjoyably fluffy, and barely wangsty at all despite being about a teenage girl in high school... a nice change from the ordinary comics fare.
  • Tiny Titans: Aw yeah, Tiny Titans! If you're depressed by the team's sky-high body count and the book's downward spiral, please check out this book. Whoever thought Trigon could be even remotely adorable?
  • Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade: Supergirl, her sort-of-evil clone and Lex Luthor's kid sister get into wacky hijinks. Just the thing if you're feeling stressed.
  • Scott Pilgrim: Once you get past everyone fighting and all the video game and music references the series is essentially a funny and sweet story about two people changing their shallow relationship habits so that they can work out together.
  • Enfants, c'est l'Hydragon qui passe. A tenderhearted story about a boy, his father, and a cool boat.
  • Every scene in The Sandman where Death shows up is this. Yes, even though she's Death.
  • Owly: An adorable comic involving a friendly owl and the animal friends he makes, relying on only visuals and word balloons with pictures in them to get its messages of friendship across.
  • Superman. Has there been a hero who's brought this much hope to people? He's a Messianic Archetype, The Paragon, The Cape, basically the ideal hero. He has the powers of a God but never once uses them to hurt or control people. Despite the fact he get's overshadowed by Batman lately. Superman has always been synonymous with Hope.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 3 Number 1 is the happiest comic ever written, just the image of the nicest person in the Marvel Universe alive and smiling is so universally radiant. The comic itself is about Peter Parker finding a new lease on life, fixing any damages that happened, and just being happy he's alive. If Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane is the tonic for One More Day, this issue is the tonic for Superior Spider-Man.
  • The works of Darwyn Cooke, whose visually striking, retro-style artwork, along with a tastefully mature standard of storytelling, pays loving tribute to classic comic books. Even some of his darker superhero stories still retain the awe-inspiring wonder and optimism that's made the characters such a joy to read for almost a century.
  • In a universe known for its angst and Dysfunction Junction, Squirrel Girl is a breath of fresh air. She's an eternally happy, perky superheroine with the ability to talk to squirrels, is powerful enough to defeat titans like Doctor Doom and Thanos without breaking a sweat, and unlike the majority of heroes in her universe and others, she chose to be a hero not because of some great personal tragedy, but simply because she wanted to do good (and because she's a big fan of superheroes). The comics she's featured in tend to be hilarious (especially Ryan North's The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl) and a great example of Lighter and Softer not necessarily being a bad thing.
  • Despite some dated social mores, plenty of Silver Age DC Comics are this, due to their overtly campy, whimsical and fantastic nature, with the silly and often improbably surreal stories of the era giving it a quaint, endearingly innocent charm. Marvel's Silver Age stories may count as well, though for their time they were Darker and Edgier, with heroes that were more troubled and flawed.

    Fan Works 
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: The Falling-in-Love Montage between Germany, Italy, and Japan is this.
  • The Light in the Darkness is considered one of the most heartwarming tells in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom. Its pretty much distilled essence of the bonds of friendship between the Mane Cast from the series. It's gained the reputation for being Sweet Dreams Fuel enough to counteract the Nightmare Fuel present in Cupcakes.
  • Kalash93 gives us Songs Uncle Sings, a lighthearted, sweet short oneshot fic about how an uncle and a nephew bond and get to know each other through the power of music. It's all the more surprising that this little gem of feel-good innocence comes from a man whose works are not known for being the kind of thing you'd read to your children as bedtime stories.
    • While we're on the topic of pony fanfics, give How to Preen Your Chicken a shot. It brings the relationship between Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo to its peak in the sweetest way possible.
  • Wait wait wait, what?! No Blue Sky?! This thing is just brimming with Dream Fuel! Compare it to the ending of the game, and see just how sweet it is. It will fill your heart with feels, seriously. It even has its own page.
  • The Little Cherub series by Beautifulpurpleflame. The difficult parenthood of the Teen Titans.
  • Did I Ever Tell You is a short oneshot that perfectly encompasses the warmth of One Piece in general and the Straw Hats in particular.
  • Neon Metathesis Evangelion manages to be incredibly warm despite thesource material, with the pilots growing ever closer. Notably, when Rei comes home to the apartment she shares with Asuka looking exhausted and ready to collapse, Asuka hurries to get Shinji who quite literally comes running and the two spend the rest of the night caring for Rei and even fall asleep embracing her.
  • Finding Dad is a romance story where the inherent cuteness works its way into a three-act structure.
  • In contrast to some of the darker stuff in The Loud House fandom, Mall Rats is nothing but pure sweetness, having as its premise Lincoln grudgingly agreeing to spend a day at the mall with Leni but discovering her Hidden Depths and realizing that she's a lot cooler than he normally gives her credit for.
  • The Simpsons fan picture Allison Is Home. Never had a family looked so loving.
  • The Skyhold Academy Yearbook series has largely been described this way by many of its reviewers/commenters. As one of them pointed out, they don't need to worry when reading the stories, because even if there is some kind of problem, it will always get resolved in the happiest manner possible. The whole point of the series was to be a Lighter and Softer, sillier, WAFFy tribute to the Dragon Age universe, and this is what it delivers.
  • Evolving Tradition is about Joel reading the bots 'Twas the Night Before Christmas every year and how he slowly grows to accept their running commentary on the story. Funny, with an adorable twist by the end. Sure to be a holiday classic among those who read it.
  • Protector: After the first chapter, the entire story revolves around Starscream and Ironhide spending time together and acting like a real father and son.
  • Daddy's Little Baker is a sweet little story about Lola and Lynn Sr making cakes for his birthday. Cuteness abounds, and we get to see a side to Lola that ISN'T her rude, bratty side.
  • Tokimeki PokéLive! and TwinBee takes place in an alternate version of the Love Live! universe based on School Idol Festival, it's ALL STARS sequel and the Nijigasaki anime, and should you choose to ignore the Nightmare Fuel and Fridge Horror of the more serious Side Stories, Special Stories, major Crisis Crossover arcs and backstories for certain characters, it's just as cute and funny as your typical Love Live! and Tokimeki Memorial entry!
  • A Sparkling's Tale is chock-full of sweet moments of Optimus and Ratchet raising Bumblebee.
  • The New Teen Titans Play The Muppet Show. It plays out exactly like an actual episode of the show, and the Teen Titans prove to be some of the nicest guest stars to appear, helping the other Muppets out with their problems and managing to successfully silence Statler and Waldorf. Perfect for anyone who's feeling nostalgic for the original show.
  • The Great Mon Wizar is a sweet little fluff piece revolving around Wizardmon joining a circus in hopes of finding the Eighth Child, and becoming the star for one night. Even the ending where his copy of the fake crest activates, directing him towards the docks and thus the events that will lead to his death can't detract from the sweetness of the story.
  • Mushroom Lore revolves around the Fellowship exchanging mushroom recipes while sitting around a campfire. No danger, no conflict, no orc attacks - just a group of friends enjoying themselves.
  • How to Fake a Marriage by quicksilversquared. Marinette and Adrien, living in one building in London. A few months of friendship, then an identity reveal, then a couple years of domestic bliss... and a wedding at the end.
  • The Great Skyhold Bakeoff. All the good feelings The Great British Bake Off brings in a Dragon Age setting.
  • Splatoon fanfic First Aid Kits and Deep Secrets by LittleMapleLeaf is an absolutely adorable romance story between an inkling and an octoling she rescued in battle. The imagery and prose are well done, the chemistry between the two leads is incredibly endearing, and the numerous other characters get plenty of time in the spotlight as well. It certainly helps that the romance is based purely on very well-paced emotional connections, and May and Lacey clearly love each other deeply, making their first kiss all the more heartwarming.
  • Soup-er Sweet Love is an adorable little piece of Slice of Life fluff revolving around Ratchet and Arcee making soup together.
  • Ma belle Cher de mon coeur, by the same author as above, is a perfectly sweet little romance story depicting a typical day in the life of a mechservant and the wealthy employer he is secretly in love with. The ending, where he gathers the courage to confess his feelings to his mistress, and it turns out that she recipocrates his love, might just be the best part of the story.
  • The Impossible Gift tells the story of Adrien making a Father's Day gift for his father. It's so heartwarming to see Gabriel's soft side.
  • Pregame Oumasai/Saiouma Fluffshots Lighthearted oneshots of many sweet scenarios between Kokichi and Shuichi. Just bound to make any Saiouma shipper filled with joy.
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Just seeing Batman act like a loving and caring father to Jarro, as well as Clark's feelings for the other man, will make you feel all gooey inside.
  • Infinity Train: Voyage of Wisteria: Corginia has a trained cuddling group that is full of corgi puppies who tackle you on contact and cheer you on with nothing but positive reinforcement.

    Films — Animated 
  • Arlo the Alligator Boy is a cute animated film of a cute, loveable half-human alligator boy that goes on a road trip and meets a bunch of weird quirky characters filled with original pop/r&b songs.
  • The Barbie films are full of positive messages and heartwarming characters, as well as some funny ones (including hilarious villains). They are also full of cute animals and very pretty color schemes. They end quite happily, on very heartwarming and hopeful notes.
    • Special mention goes to The Princess and the Pauper, billed as the first Barbie musical. The main characters are endearing, and the songs reflect the sheer *joy* in their voices. It’s like you can hear them smiling as they sing, and you can’t help but do the same.
  • Coraline gained a notorious reputation for its Nightmare Fuel (Courtesy of the Other Mother), but it isn't a fright-fest as one is led to believe. A very understated aspect of the film is just how cute, funny and whimsical it is outside of that respect, especially after everything works out for the better come the end. The game is even more heartwarming.
  • The Disney Animated Canon features beautifully animated movies with sweeping soundtracks, lovable and relatable characters, and an idealistic, romantic viewpoint of the world, so it naturally has a lot of this. Examples include:
    • Bambi brings in the concept of heartwarming birth, and The Lion King (1994), which also uses such a concept, has the song "The Circle of Life", which can be very heartwarming.
    • If you get past the death scene and the whole "Baymax destroy" bit, Big Hero 6 is so sweet and cute. Bonus points goes to Honey Lemon, a girl who's so peppy and uplifting that she might possibility make all the Disney Princesses look so average and bland, and Baymax, the adorably chubby Gentle Giant robot you just want to hug. Balalala!
    • If you really want an example of this, please watch the (incredibly underrated) Disney film Bolt. In short, we get a beginning consisting of the main character as a puppy being adopted by Penny as an adorable little girl and Bolt going across the entire country with two other incredibly adorable animals in tow just because he loves his person so much, in the middle a montage of him doing adorable dog stuff as he gains his identity (all while they're bonding and a happy country/pop song is playing in the background), and at the end we get to see all the main characters happily living together in a Tastes Like Diabetes animation style and an incredibly sweet pop song. It is a testament to both Moment of Awesome and Heartwarming Moment.
    • The Disney Fairies films themselves, Because Tinker Bell is cute and has Character Development unlike her Peter Pan counterpart and she also has five friends and a sister she didn't know she had, which also doubles as Major Sweet Dream Fuel.
    • The Emperor's New Groove. Cute, funny, and so uplifting you won't care if it doesn't make sense. It has a great feel to it and it's near-impossible to watch it and not like it.
    • The "Pastoral Symphony" segment of the original Fantasia. Values Dissonance aside, it feels almost like an Ancient Grome version of Equestria set to Ludwig van Beethoven's sweeping Sixth Symphony.
    • Frozen in spite of its title, will probably warm your heart. It will also make you cry. If Young-Anna and Young-Elsa playing doesn't give you the warm fuzzies, the sisters reconciling at the end will.
    • Disney's adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame has a lot of dark moments and Nightmare Fuel in the form of the villain Frollo, but it balances out with sympathetic and loveable protagonists, gorgeous animation, amazing songs, and it explores some deep concepts in a way kids can still understand. There's a reason it provides the page image for Heartwarming Moments.
    • Lady and the Tramp had the tagline "...and now his HAPPIEST motion picture!" and it lives up to this so, so much. The dogs are cute (and rendered in the typically beautiful hand-drawn animation of old-school Disney). They face some peril and adversity, but the only antagonists are of the One-Scene Wonder variety and not the kind seen in other Disney movies. They eat spaghetti while the chef serenades them. And eventually they give birth to adorable puppies.
    • Lilo & Stitch is about a little girl befriending an adorable yet mischievous alien and teaching it the meaning of family. In addition to the film's optimistic tone, nearly all the main characters are fun and quirky. Two of the minor villains are even redeemed.
    • Meet the Robinsons is a very underappreciated gem and the inspiration for many an idealistic, if not realistic dream of the future. Blue skies and Ghibli Hills are awesome. Don't forget the house of the future.
    • The scene from Oliver & Company where Fagan reads to the dogs and they fall asleep. Plus the song "Good Company" will give you the fuzzies.
    • Tangled. Of note are the scenes where Rapunzel gets out of the tower for the first time, running about singing about how wonderful it is, and the festival where she drags in a bunch of complete strangers to dance with her.
      • Flynn/Eugene and Rapunzel's relationship is W.A.F.F. incarnate, especially with their duet "I See The Light", which is probably one of the most spectacularly beautiful sequences Disney has ever made.
      • The whole movie is a sweet dream, even with the appearances of Mother Gothel. It's a great, fun, heartwarming and cute little movie.
    • Wreck-It Ralph, even with the appearances of Turbo and the King Candy Cy-Bug is still a heartwarming, funny, awesome, and wonderful animated movie with a massive emotional punch to it. It also has one of the most beautiful and memorable Like Brother and Sister relationships of all time, and the ending may probably cause tears of joy.
    • Zootopia, with its beautiful if complex message of diversity and acceptance, its beautiful scenery, and the friendship between Nick and Judy.
  • Ernest et Célestine: With hand drawn, storybook-style animation, this movie tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a gruff, struggling bear and a plucky little mouse from the world below, as they go from reluctant allies to closer than family. Every single frame is gorgeous to look at, and the relationship between the title characters is so sweet and sincere, it's impossible not to watch the whole thing with a big, goofy grin.
  • The Grinch (2018): The Grinch is much nicer than his other two counterparts here, and if you can get past his major Tear Jerker backstory, it's absolutely adorable. It also doesn't hurt that everyone gets a Happy Ending.
  • How to Train Your Dragon. Basically any scene with Toothless is this but especially the scene where he and Hiccup bond for the first time and definitely the ending.
  • Ice Age, especially the first and the third.
  • The Land Before Time, typical of a Don Bluth film, has its tragic moments, but it balances it with some of the most beautiful portrayals of maternal and filial love ever shown on film. The soundtrack only makes it all the more heartwarming...
  • The LEGO Movie makes tropers in their college age feel like a ten year old again, and it's probably one of the funniest and best animated movies ever made.
    • Uni-Kitty. She's a pink fluffy unicorn princess kitty filled with such sugary sweetness to make anyone smile.
  • The Magician's Hat: Try doing a youtube search for "Thistle sings" - the song, the voice and the imagery is truly sweet (and has considerably fewer gawky forest creatures than its prequel). But the Heartwarming Moment comes at the end when the aforementioned Magician defeats the film's bad guy but in the process ends up being another victim of said bad guy's freezing curse (and due to the timing is not freed by the curser's death) and the Fairy Queen, who has come to reciprocate his affection is able to remove the curse with her tears.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: All the characters are absolutely adorable and a lot of the songs are dangerously catchy. The finale where Jack and Sally have their ending duet is a Heartwarming Moment and if that's not a high note for a movie to end on, then what is? It's one of the very best films for Halloween, and with good reason.
  • The Peanuts Movie is another one of those films that makes college-age tropers feel like little kids again, thanks in no small part to the lush visuals, faithfulness to the source material, and reusing of the old Snoopy soundbites. There's also the "Better When I'm Dancin" music video that has the Peanuts characters dancing to the song alongside its performer, Meghan Trainor, via Roger Rabbit Effect.
  • Every. Pixar. Film. Ever. Even if you can survive the heart wrenches, the heartwarming moments and lovable characters surely makeup for it. Stand outs being the Toy Story franchise, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, WALL•E, Up, Inside Out, Coco and Turning Red.
  • The Polar Express is all about a child rediscovering the magic of Christmas. "When Christmas Comes to Town" is a beautiful song, and the friendship between the main kids is super sweet.
  • Rise of the Guardians. Pitch Black aside, this movie really brings back the magic that was felt all around you as a kid, back when you believed in things like Santa Claus. Brilliant characters, music, a touching plot and FANTASTIC special effects, it has brought about a ton of fans/"believers" of all ages.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Amélie, a beautiful little film that is essentially one big Heartwarming Moment that helps to restore faith that people aren't all that bad...
  • The Back to the Future trilogy. Even though time travel can be pretty terrifying and tearjerking from time to time, it still proves that you can shape your own destiny. Plus it is filled to the brim with multiple levels of nostalgia-fueled goodness. It is the Trope Namer for The Power of Love.
  • Benny & Joon. A movie all about the healing power of love, and how there really is someone for everyone. Sam’s hilariousness just makes it all the sweeter.
  • Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas . About a poor otter trying to get a Christmas present for his mother, and vice versa, and the misunderstandings that happen along the way. A very sweet flick with equally sweet songs.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: When it's not making you cheer or making you laugh your ass off, pretty much all of the movie is this. What else do you call an adventurous band of True Companions jetting around the universe to a mix-tape of '70s pop hits? Or a friendly walking tree who gives flowers to children and conjures fireflies from his fingers? Or a space pirate forgiving his adopted son—with one wordless smile—after getting a troll doll as a gift? Or a baby potted plant dancing to the Jackson 5?
  • Guest from the Future, a children's Sci-Fi classic from 1980s Russia. The characters—both kids and grownups—are all likeable, especially Alisa, the future girl herself. She made a new generation interested in science and the future, and the actress, Natalia Guseva, became a scientist herself. And the theme music is always worth a listen if you want to feel good.
  • Hairspray: While the 1988 version was good, the 2007 remake is pure Sweet Dreams Fuel, from the joyous dance numbers, to its giddy optimism.
  • Mike Leigh's Happy-Go-Lucky: Poppy's cheerfulness really rubs off on you. Unless you can't stand quirky happy people who joke a lot.
  • Try, just try, to watch Sigur Rós' homecoming-tour documentary Heima without wanting to move to Iceland and just bask in a sea of ethereal post-rock, cable-knit sweaters, and geological anomalies forever.
  • Hocus Pocus. If you can get past the occasional moments where it's weirdly dark for a family film, it's ultimately a 100% earnest and sincere story about the unconditional love between siblings—and it's centered around a teenager having the adventure of a lifetime on Halloween night with his crush, his precious kid sister, and their adorable talking cat sidekick. If you have fond memories of trick-or-treating on Halloween as a kid, this film will probably evoke some comforting childhood memories. Just watch if you don't believe us.
  • Terry Pratchett's Hogfather. Even if you think all Christmas movies ever are sugar-iced, honey-coated, syrupy pieces of cheap tacky feelgood, this one will still manage to make you cry four to five times every time you watch it.
    • For example: Death himself, in the role of the Hogfather (Discworld's version of Santa), saving The Little Matchgirl.
  • The end of It's a Wonderful Life looks cheesy and cliche if taken out of context, but taken with the rest of the film it makes excellent Christmas-flavored sweet dreams fuel. Many people owe their holiday warm fuzzies entirely to director Frank Capra.
  • La La Land is one of the most beautiful films of The New '10s, and it's not hard to see why. It's an excellent homage to movie musicals of old. Special mention goes to the planetarium scene.
  • Alfonso Cuarón's A Little Princess, HEART Jerking not withstanding.
    • And the Shirley Temple version too. Heck, Shirley Temple was usually sweet dreams fuel incarnate.
  • There is this little musical called Mamma Mia!; an hour and half of incredibly upbeat jukebox musical about a wedding almost-not-quite gone wrong. If you can get past the relatively-cheesy premise and writing (you're on this page, so you probably can)... there is no way you get out of watching this without grinning like an idiot.
  • Mary Poppins. A spoonful of sugar really helps those nightmares go down.
  • A Mighty Wind, with its colorful characters, incredible music (one of its songs was nominated for an Oscar!!) and all-around optimism.
  • The Muppet Movie: Life is like a movie, write your own ending, keep believing, keep pretending... Any time you hear "The Rainbow Connection" your heart will smile.
  • Though it contains scenes dealing with bigotry and violence, "Paris Is Burning" can be a hugely comforting film, especially if you're LGBTQ+. It's a film that proves that no matter how much of an eccentric or outcast you may think you are, there are ALWAYS people out there who'll love and accept you for who you are, no matter how niche your personality may be.
  • It's a little weird to put this here, considering the rest of the movie, but the ending of Raising Arizona is this.
  • SHAZAM! (2019), not only is it the Lightest and Softest installment of the DCEU thus far, but it's also one of the happiest, most optimistic superhero films ever since Sam Raimi's Spiderman 1 movie. Featuring loads and loads of hilarious scenes like the titular hero giving a robber back his gun after realizing he's bulletproof ("Yeah, come on, shoot me again!"), pretending to be his foster brother's dad in school, and learning his superpowers to the tune of Don't Stop Me Now by Freddie Mercury. And by the end of the movie, his entire family of foster siblings gets a share of his superpowers as well. This film is guaranteed to leave audiences smiling for hours after the end credits roll.
  • Singin' in the Rain. Quite possibly the greatest feel-good movie ever made.
  • Invoked Trope in The Sound of Music, used (in the film version) as a counter against a terrifying thunderstorm: Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens! Bright copper kettles, and warm woolen mittens!
    • The film itself, to the point where it was joked that if the world was ever going to end, then that movie would play on every channel, entirely for its soothing qualities.
  • Space Jam: Despite being really silly and dumb, this movie is a Guilty Pleasure to many. It's hard not to smile at Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes playing basketball together. Not to mention its catchy theme song...
  • Star Wars. The ultimate tale of good vs evil, with romance, adventure, mythology, and redemption thrown in for good measure, all while being set to one of the greatest film scores of all time. Because let's face it, we all spent part of our childhoods wishing we could be Jedi Knights a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.
  • While Transformers is filled with Nightmare Fuel courtesy of the Decepticons, it also has the BGM Arrival to Earth. Why is it here? Because it's the theme of the Autobots when they, well, arrive on earth. It's majestic and fits the tone of alien robot guardians coming from the stars to save us better than anything else in the film, and accompanies what may just be the best sequence in any Michael Bay film.
  • Vanilla Sky is one long pop culture love letter, all about the sweet and sour of life. Without the sour, the sweet wouldn't be as sweet. If you've seen the movie, you get it.
  • Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory: Almost literally, "Pure Imagination".
  • The Wizard of Oz is a beautiful family movie, a great fantasy movie and a classic loved by millions of people around the world. Ignore all the hanging Munchkin stories (it has been confirmed to be a crane), reassure yourself that the Flying Monkeys are just actors in rather weird costumes, and sit back and watch your nightmares melt away with the songs, funny moments and the incredible acting.
  • You Never Dreamed is also very adorable, and lets you know that no matter how hard it may seem today, love always works out in the end.
  • While they are widely known for their dark and cynical films, a few of The Coen Brothers films may qualify, namely Raising Arizona, The Hudsucker Proxy, and O Brother, Where Art Thou?, mostly for their sheer insanity and optimism, even if they do involve baby kidnapping, people jumping out of buildings, and breaking out of jail, respectively. Also, watching The Big Lebowski can put you in a good mood, and even Fargo, one of their darkest films, can be sort of heartwarming.
  • To get rid of the Nightmare Fuel some more, recover from reading Creepypastas or outright destroy the Nightmare Fuel in your head completely, just try watching any of Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp movies, and of course, Laurel and Hardy's movies. You'll be laughing in no time, and perhaps in your dreams as well.
    • Add Buster Keaton to that list. He'll remain stone-faced but you'll be hard pressed not to laugh.
    • Anything by the Marx Brothers, really, but especially Duck Soup. These are my spies, anyone?
  • Believe it or not, some of Kevin Smith's films can be this, especially the endings.
    • Clerks II, after over 90 minutes of Refuge in Audacity, ends on a rather sweet note. Talk about earning your happy ending.
    • Dogma is actually much more dark and violent than his other films, but God herself (yes, it's a her) is just the incarnation of this. Plus Alanis Morrissette's credits song.
    • Even the ending to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back could be this, depending on your sense of humor. While two stoners beating the shit out of several people sounds like it should be the complete opposite of this trope, it's just so satisfying to watch and resonates with anyone who's felt besieged by internet trolls, accompanied by a triumphant soundtrack by Stroke 9, it becomes plain awesome.
  • The films of Wes Anderson. Which one? All of them. Yes, his films may include some heavy themes and dysfunctional families, but his films are so whimsical and optimistic that they could make even the most cynical adult smile.
  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is like a happy, magical fairytale for grownups. Its whimsy and wonder are childlike without completely distancing oneself from adulthood.

  • Dragon Bones: Where the novel isn't Nightmare Fuel or Tear Jerker, it is this. There is a horribly mistreated stallion - who, after his horrible owner dies, gets to be taken care of by a nice, gentle young man, who introduces him to a nice mare. There is a mute girl ... who is under the protection of the local friendly ghost. Said friendly ghost is an immortal slave, magically bound to serve whoever the rightful owner of the castle is at the moment... but worry not, he has recently been inherited by a kind young man who feels very protective towards him. Ward, who is the young man in all those above examples, has a protection instinct towards anyone and everything that's smaller and weaker than him, and as he's a giant of a man, that's a lot of people. And animals. And supernatural creatures. Most fanfics concentrate on the heartwarming aspects of the work, making them pure Sweet Dreams Fuel.
  • The True Companions bond between all of the main characters in Dracula. They're all mutually supportive and caring, even Lucy's technically-rejected suitors. Special mention goes to the wholesome relationship between Mina and Jonathan.
  • Spring Heeled Jack, a half-graphic, half-novel about Victorian London's Batman as he rescues scruffy orphans with trinkets and takes on Mack the Knife himself, wittily and with great aplomb. When Philip Pullman does sweet, he does sweet. Makes you totally forget the real life Spring Heeled Jack was a terrifying rapacious abomination of Hell!
  • Lloyd Alexander's The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen. Wise without being smarmy. Fun without being sugary. Harrowing without being Nightmare Fuel.
    • The cangue wasn't Nightmare Fuel? Or Li Kwang's adventure? Or the thirsty sword? But the paintbrush, kite and flute made up for a lot of it.
    • On the subject of Lloyd Alexander, The Arkadians does it for me. Retellings of myths? A truly happy ending? Rainbows? Can it get any better?
    • Arguably also The Cat Who Wished to be a Man. It's a very innocent outlook on humanity, and while some of it is depressing and frightening, there are enough genuinely witty or sweet moments to make it worth it.
    • A beautiful example of Earn Your Happy Ending from the above author. Taran and Eilonwy have been through danger and distress, fought battles and lost friends. They've got Belligerent Sexual Tension up the wazoo, they've nearly lost one another multiple times, and yet, at the end, They Do. Despite all the bad stuff that's happened, the ending causes major feels every single time.
      And so they lived many happy years, and the promised tasks were accomplished. Yet long afterward, when all had passed away into distant memory, there were many who wondered whether King Taran, Queen Eilonwy, and their companions had indeed walked the earth, or whether they had been no more than dreams in a tale set down to beguile children. And, in time, only the bards knew the truth of it.
  • 14,000 things to be happy about by Barbara Ann Kipper. It's exactly what it says on the cover.
  • Audiobooks of A. A. Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh stories. A kind, grandfatherly voice narrating the adventures of the scatterbrained Pooh and his friends... The animated adaptations are good as well, but nothing beats the original stories.
    • Even just reading the books aloud is wonderful! Nothing is as adorable as reading about Pooh describing the lunch he packed while a series of little pictures show him packing said lunch. And it comes with some inspiring wisdom too.
  • Paddington Bear. You will never look at marmalade without a nostalgic smile ever again. Kind of like when you open a jar of Play-Doh.
  • Pretty much anything by Diana Wynne Jones can qualify as this. Slice of Life stories of friendship, romance and teamwork made interesting with magic!
  • Though you might wanna avoid Hexwood, Charmed Life, The Time of the Ghost, The Homeward Bounders, Dogsbody, Eight Days of Luke... They are totally amazing books, just not exactly what you'd call cheerful. Actually there are almost no books by her that are completely free of nightmare fuel. Still, that's what makes her awesome. You read about not nice things happening to nice people and end up with a warm fluffy feeling when it all works out. Only, like in a few of the titles above, sometimes it doesn't.
  • The entirety of Bridge of Birds, especially the ending.
  • Terrence Real's books (which sort of straddle the divide between Literature and Real Life) are made of Sweet Dreams Fuel. This editor is particularly reminded of a retelling of "Echo and Narcissus" in How Can I Get Through to You?
  • Oddly enough, Melina Marchetta's On the Jellicoe Road, despite being a pretty much non-stop Tear Jerker (or maybe because of?) has this by the bucketload.
  • Brian Floca's Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11. Yes, it's a picture book for little kids, but out of ALL the books that came out for the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, this one captured the beauty and wonder the best. ESPECIALLY the last picture, with the family running outside to play with the little toy rocket and the moon in the background.
  • The Secret Garden: A tale about the The Power of Friendship and the magic of nature. Its just great to see Mary and Colin enjoy life more and more each day with Dickon's help. Also applies to the 1993 movie and its beautiful soundtrack.
  • Dinotopia. Especially the very first one. A utopia of poets, writers, artists, and scientists? With friendly dinosaurs? Brilliantly illustrated? Oh yes.
  • So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish. We've followed Arthur Dent through so very much, from his house (and subsequently his planet) being demolished, going insane, and being given more reasons to say "So this is it. We're going to die" than any man should have in his lifetime. And in a few months, he recovers his planet (and subsequently his home) and finds true love with someone so right for him that she even makes the idea of leaving Earth once more bearable. It's remarkably sweet and somehow feels right to the point where the narrator can concede the point without losing the wit or the trademark simile-ing everything to death.
  • Connie Willis's Bellwether and To Say Nothing of the Dog. Particularly the second - all her trademark screwball-comedy dialogue, a charming homage to Victorian and Edwardian literature, and even in the darker bits, there's a sense that everything will turn out OK. Also, fluffy kittens.
  • P. G. Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster stories. They're just so innocent and silly that it's impossible not to smile through the whole thing.
    • Pretty much everything by Wodehouse, really.
  • Go break out the stash of books you read as a kid. Read one of your old Junie B. Jones books. You're welcome.
  • Doctor Dolittle. A man who does what he loves (talking to and helping animals) without caring about what other people think or how much money he earns doing so. His pets are all completely endearing, from Dab Dab the housekeeper to the parrot who first teaches Dolittle the animal's language. Turns to Tear Jerker when you realise the original form books have been out of print for 40 years.
  • The Little Prince. "You only see well with your heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes". Brings you happy tears.
  • As mentioned in the Films section, Death from Discworld is absolutely adorable — he doesn't quite understand humans, but he finds them extremely fascinating, and, in the end, he really cares about people, working hard to protect them from the Auditors.
    • Pretty much everything by Terry Pratchett can fall into this category, but ESPECIALLY his books for kids. Oh, and the final paragraph of 'Good Omens' (co-authored with Neil Gaiman).
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, if read with the original illustrations, has plenty of funny moments and the pictures are beautiful to look at.
  • The Silver Key. Yes, even HP Lovecraft can induce this. Mainly due to this story's lack of eldritch abominations, or the fact that it's a story about a man finally being able to physically go to the world of his dreams, and become a kid again. No Outer Gods or Great Old Ones to lure him into a trap, just straightforward re-entering your dreams. It seems against every other thing the man wrote, which is why it's sweet dreams fuel.
  • The Milly Molly Mandy stories.
  • Just about anything by Edward Lear, the Victorian author and artist famous for his nonsense poetry. His greatest hits include The Owl and the Pussycat, The Jumblies and The Quangle Wangle's Hat, as well as the wealth of limericks he wrote, which continue to entertain to this day.
  • Millions of people around the world will agree that, on the whole, The Lord of the Rings is not only a beautiful High Fantasy epic packed to the brim with amazing, 3D characters and plenty of awesomeness and badassery, but quite possibly the greatest form of escapism you can get. Just open The Fellowship Of The Ring and immediately you'll be partying with Bilbo, fighting the Nazgul with Aragorn, defeating the Balrog with Gandalf, chilling out with Legolas and Gimli, accompanying Frodo and Sam to Mordor and dancing with Tom Bombadil.
    • This quote helps to get through some pretty rough days:
      “There, peeping among the cloud-wrack above a dark tower high up in the mountains, Sam saw a white star twinkle for a while. The beauty of it smote his heart, as he looked up out of the forsaken land, and hope returned to him. For like a shaft, clear and cold, the thought pierced him that in the end the Shadow was only a small and passing thing: there was light and high beauty for ever beyond its reach.”
  • Any book made by Rosemary Wells, such as the Max and Ruby series, Voyage To The Bunny Planet, Timothy Goes to School, and the Yoko series. They will make you smile with their cute illustrations and nostalgic overtones.
  • The "Cozy Mystery", by its very nature. They're a peculiar sub-category of mystery novels written by fans of the genre who want all of the wonder and satisfaction of a good mystery without the inevitable sex and violence and tragedy. Their mantra is essentially, "There's enough negativity in the world already, and even adults need to kick back with a simple, pain-free story every once in a while". The result? An entire sub-genre of mystery stories deliberately written to be as fun and happy-go-lucky as humanly possible, with an absolute minimum of death. Like "the pulps" before them, "the cozies" have managed to acquire a whole list of oddly specific genre conventions that seem calculated to give readers the warm and fuzzies. To elaborate:
    • Animal companions are an absolute necessity, and many cozies feature friendly cats and dogs as narrators. A novel about a mystery-solving cat running for President is par for the course.
    • Professional cops and private detectives are a no-no, as the hero of a cozy must be a good-hearted everyman (or everywoman) with a down-to-earth hobby or occupation, like a chef or a librarian.
    • Even when a murder kicks off the plot, it must happen in as bloodless a manner as possible (poisoning and defenestration are the preferred methods), and it can be nothing more than a plot device. Not even a murder can rob a cozy of its inherent sweetness.
    • A cozy must take place in an idyllic small-town setting, with as many lovably quirky characters as possible. Solving a mystery is the perfect bonding experience for neighbors who love each other.
    • Though the world of a cozy doesn't have the slightest whiff of demons, monsters, or the occult, ghosts frequently appear. They're invariably friendly, and always happy to offer helpful clues to our intrepid heroes. In addition, some heroines are witches, who use their powers to help other people.
    • It's considered perfectly normal to include recipes in a cozy novel, since nothing gets the reader into the spirit of a cozy like munching on something sweet.
  • Harry Potter. No matter how sad, dark, or scary the books get, there's a reason so many people consider this series to be their childhoods, and there's also a reason that, in spite of all the danger the characters get into, wanting to go to Hogwarts is pretty much a universal experience among bookworms. These books are so much more than a fantasy adventure series (though it is exceedingly good at being that). They're about friendship, bravery, tolerance, justice, and, above all, The Power of Love.
    J.K. Rowling: Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.
  • The Stormlight Archive, the entire series is a massive Reconstruction of the High Fantasy genre.
  • Little Women is about four sisters in their cozy New England home facing trials as they grow up, but themes of love and family and forgiveness are very big. There's a lot of wholesome, enjoyable activities the March sisters do, like going to dances, sewing together, having wonderful Christmases with each other. Every girl works hard to be kind to others, and while there are one or two big Tearjerkers, you'll likely find the ending very, very Heartwarming.
  • The Enchanted Forest Chronicles are very lighthearted satirical books about classic fairy tales and the tropes they created. Except not a single bit is mean-spirited, every book has the happy ending the reader is rooting for, and it's got a lot of humor.

    New Media 
  • The whole idea of The Daily Squee. Baby animals with bells on!
  • This Youtube channel dedicated to the uploader's cat.
  • PresentCatand CakeDogg. Everything about it is positively adorable.
  • Where the Hell is Matt? This man goes all over the world and gets people to dance. Nothing more, nothing less. They just... dance.
    • Mind you, this includes places like Kabul, Iraq, Bratislava, various African countries, and other places which are more accustomed to see a Westerner — especially American — in Humvee and with a rifle, than with a video camera doing stupid, if adorable, dances.
  • Smosh especially Lunchtime with Smosh and the vlogs on Ian is bored, where the guys just have fun and let out their adorkableness.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Reading just one panel of Calvin and Hobbes.
    "It's a magical world, Hobbes ol' buddy. Let's go exploring!"
    • Yes. C and H is awesome.
    • Hey, waitaminute. C and H is a sugar company. Coincidence?
    • The quote's a bit of a Tear Jerker, considering the strip it comes from is the very last C and H strip. Every other comic of its ten year run is made of cute.
  • Frazz is one of the cleverest strips being published today, and frequently gives the warm fuzzies besides!
  • Cul de Sac. Take Lucky Star, remove the Moe, make everyone grade schoolers, and watch yourself become all giddy as you read it.
  • Garfield. Yes, he's not the most lovable comic character around, but for anyone who grew up reading the strips, there's always a wonderful nostalgia that goes with it.
  • Rose is Rose is just filled with sweetness and light. There's very little conflict, every character is likeable (even Clem) and the setting is one of the most positive takes on our world in existence.
  • Rupert Bear, as well as its Animated Adaptation. Stories of magic and adventure wrapped up with charming characters and a sense of warmth and wonder. You just can't help but smile when following the adventures of that little white bear.

    Puppet Shows 
  • The entire premise of The Pajanimals is essentially concentrated sweet dreams fuel. The series is about a group of young children (an anthropomorphic dog, horse, cow and duck respectively) who live together and each night before going to sleep visit magical lands to deal with some issue that's troubling them, such as fear of going to school for the first time or simply having had a bad day (block tower was knocked over, favorite bedsheets are in the laundry, etc.) Each installment comes with the promise that whatever problem the characters are dealing with will be resolved, allowing them to slip into a peaceful and happy sleep. By extension, viewers are assured that their problems are also manageable. This is particularly emphasized in the song "Tomorrow Is Brand New Day" - "Tomorrow is a brand new day! / Your troubles will just wash away / Tomorrow is brand new in every way / So let go (o-o-o) of today!" Plenty of the show's other songs also reinforce the idea, including "We're Happy," "You're My Friend, I'm Your Friend," "Happy Thoughts" and "La La Lullaby."

  • The Ku Klux Klan was listed in the now-removed Real Life section of the Nightmare Fuel pages, and quite rightly. But the method of their defeat, the complete changing of their image from a distasteful but marginally tolerable part of the American social fabric to a collection of hate-filled idiots, is most definitely this: Superman took them on, and won. No joke. For the serial "Clan of the Fiery Cross," one of the writers of the Adventures of Superman radio serial infiltrated a "klavern," as the Klan called their chapters, and loaded the script with every last possible bit of genuine Klan slang, methodology and doctrine. The Klan leadership was so panicked they even tried to get the serial cancelled by organizing a boycott of Kellogg's products in Atlanta. It didn't work.
  • Michael Fassbender reading "Dracula" from BBC's "Book at bedtime" radio series. It's a scary story, but he makes it feel like a bedtime story. Very soothing to listen to at night.
  • Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, reimagined as a radio play, starring James McAvoy and Benedict Cumberbatch. Sweet dreams, tropers.
  • I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. There's just something utterly delightful about a group of men in their sixties and seventies cracking silly (and often subtly dirty) jokes. On top of that, it's been running since 1972, with a lot of the original cast remaining.
  • The Joy Boys, for much of the same reasons as I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. Two dorky university students cracking jokes and performing comedy bits. They are Willard Scott (see Live Action TV) and blind radio personality Ed Walker.
  • BBC Radio nightly Shipping Forecast. No, really. There's a beautiful orchestral arrangement called "Sailing By" played in between the preceeding programme and the actual forecast (as a buffer, both to allow sailors to easily tune into the station and to fill time before the shipping forecast starts at 00:48hrs precisely), which is Sweet Dreams Fuel alone. Then there's the forecast itself, whereby the weather report for the seas around the coasts of the British Isles is read calmly at dictation speed. The whimsical names of the sea areas, the news of rough conditions at sea while listeners are safely at home and the hypnotic pace of the forecast make the programme popular beyond those solely interested in nautical weather. It's a Great British institution, and it aids a restful sleep.

  • Circus Smirkus: a completely unironic circus with teen performers, beautiful costumes and music, and an all-around amazing show. You can buy films of their performances on Vimeo, or check out these clips for examples
  • Almost all of Shakespeare's comedies have at least a little of this in the final scene. Typically, there are Weddings for Everyone. A Midsummer Night's Dream ends with the promise of eternal love for all the couples, because the fairies are protecting them and will protect their children—plus, the laborers have put on their play, and everyone's going to continue partying, day in and day out, for the next two weeks.
  • Almost, Maine when it isn't being a Tear Jerker.
  • War Horse, because SERIOUSLY.
  • The Five Dragon Daughter - the allegory of Christ redeeming you in the form of a musical, dance filled, epic adventure, with a questing prince in a mythical Chinese-esque kingdom. The story turns out with all set right, and the original music is fantastic.
  • "No One Is Alone" from Into the Woods.
  • "All I Ask of You" from The Phantom of the Opera.
  • "Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music in universe, and out.
  • "Anything Can Happen" from Mary Poppins.
  • "Alone in the Universe" from Seussical the Musical.

    Web Comics 
  • Question Duck, a Web Comic, is about a boy and his duck that goes around the world as Question Duck asks questions. General duck adorableness plus Scenery Porn just makes you squee whenever you see a new update.
  • Count Your Sheep. A webcomic about a young girl, her widowed mother, and the imaginary friend they share that helps out in the event of insomnia. Both funny and cute.
  • Ava's Demon is one of the most gorgeous webcomics to ever exist today, and with good reason.
  • City of Reality starts out in a world made entirely of good and friendly people.
  • My Cardboard Life, a Slice of Life comic about people made from materials such as cardboard, paper, and tin foil (et cetera) is consistently adorable without being sappy or Tasting Like Diabetes. The character designs are cute, the puns are surprisingly funny, and the art is quite awesome.
  • Awful Hospital. Full. Stop. This is a fine (and grossly underrated) example of why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, as in spite of running primarily on a rather dark premise and loads of Body Horror, Awful Hospital's a very sweet and hilarious comedy-adventure that doesn't dare take itself too seriously. It's filled to the brim with some of the most lovable and charming characters ever to exist in webcomic history, and the storyline involves a kind and loving mom on a quest for her lost baby and finding unlikely friends in the form of completely inhuman but fully benevolent, very sweet monsters who are all willing to help her out no matter the looks, and her determination never falters. It also boasts some truly amazing character and creature designs and attractive color palettes, and its outlandish atmosphere belies a core made of pure warmth, friendship, understanding, empathy, and motherly love.
    • And heck, even most of the VILLAINS are full of charm as well! Who knew a giant, crazy bacteriophage doctor could be so adorable? It goes without saying, Dr. H.M. Phage, T.E. will inevitably infect you with his cuteness.
  • A Moment of Peace, despite its After the End setting, is one huge lump of this trope.
  • My Milk Toof. A web photocomic about two baby teeth going on adorable, kid-friendly adventures.
  • Rain (2010), especially for anyone questioning their gender identity or orientation. The characters are adorable, the writing is good and it's got plenty of references for your inner geek.
  • Tripping Over You, with its perfect mix of sweet and funny moments.
  • Zoophobia, a highly underrated webcomic created by Vivienne Medrano (later of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss fame) that, even when incorporating some intense or terrifying moments, combines Slice of Life with some good laughs and pure sweetness, with a cast of adorable, lovable characters, a bright color palette, and a wonderfully beautiful art style. It also holds the distinction of being one of few works where even the Antichrist is a character you want to snuggle with.
  • Check, Please! is a webcomic about a young southern male ice-skating champion named Bitters and his growing relationship with his ice hockey team. Warning: Tons of adorable bromances.
  • Lady of the Shard is absolutely sweet dream fuel, despite the tumultuous events that occur. The pure kindness of the main character, her devotion, and her decision to show the 'villain' kindness despite the danger they're all in is absolutely heart-melting. This is a lovely comic if one is in need of lady-centric relationships (friendship, romantic, platonic or otherwise).
  • Stutterhug, a (mostly) extremely adorable webcomic about cute creatures done wordlessly.
  • 4AM shower is a webcomic with cute animals dedicated to embodying this trope. Each update is a self-contained dose of heartwarming. Every. Single. One.
  • Pebble and Wren is a Slice of Life webcomic depicting the adventures of Wren, a girl who Has Two Daddies and wants to be an astronaut, and Pebble, the adorable and not-at-all scary monster who moves in with her. Filled to the brim with cute and funny moments, this webcomic is sure to put you in a good mood before bedtime.
  • Lemonhead and Lollipup just oozes sweetness! It centers around the Odd Friendship between a quirky poodle and a sarcastic cat, and all the idiosyncrasies that come with them being friends with each other. There’s also the adorable antics Lollipup gets into with her wife, Liz, and Lemonhead’s Shiba Inu boyfriend, Tofu, to round out the cast. While it doesn’t shy away from discussing serious subjects, it has a prevailing theme of finding friendship and making a happy life for yourself, in addition to wonderful LGBT+ representation.
  • Cat's Cafe, another Tapas comic that just oozes good feels.
  • This Is She is a one-shot about two women finding friendship in the most unlikely of places, and falling in love with each other. Mavis especially takes the cake, as the story starts with her going out of her way to make sure Jean clocks out of work after a long day and gets herself something to eat. The build-up to Jean's and Mavis' eventual romance makes it all the more adorable, with Jean's fair share of mild Tsundere moments and Mavis flattering her every chance she gets.
  • Tubby and Tummy is a Slice of Life webcomic about an adorable bear couple sharing kindness with each other, their child, and their dog.
  • Erma:
    • Strips depicting Erma's interactions with her parents are always this.
    • As are strips where Erma interacts with Connor.
    • As menacing as their appearance is in the Family Reunion arc, Erma meeting her mother's family becomes this when Ena and Kentaro start gushing over her. Too bad Emiko's Mama Bear entrance and Rin's bad behavior ramps some tension back up .
    • Erma in her kimono for the Night Parade in the final panel of Part 29.
  • Dinos and Comics, a beautifully illustrated comic about dinosaurs trying to navigate their complex emotions and trying to look out for each other no matter how hard it is.
  • Batman: Wayne Family Adventures is a slice-of-life look at the antics of the Batfamily. While most incarnations of the franchise focus on the darker aspects of life as a vigilante and the gritty underbelly of Gotham, this webcomic focuses on the genuine affection between the various members of the family, and how despite their differences they do really love each other. Even Jason Todd, who's normally characterized as an unstable villain or Token Evil Teammate, gets to join in on the shenanigans, and he has a much healthier relationship with the other members of the family. It's soft, it's funny, and it has plenty of Heartwarming Moments to go around.
  • Loffyllama is a series of wholesome comics starring an always smiling optimistic blue llama that's sure to put a smile on your face.
  • Buddy Gator is a sweet little strip about the everyday life of an alligator who is exactly what his name implies - an optimistic, kind-hearted, friendly creature who is certain to fill you with positive vibes.
  • Milk And Mocha (found here) is a regular comic strip depicting the two bears, Milk and Mocha, in their life together as a couple. They also adopt a pet dinosaur/dragon, Matcha, and combined the three of them are adorable. Barring the very occasional moment of Surprise Creepy and one or two sadder comics, the comic is very sweet.
  • Wawawiwa Comics calls itself a "visual hug", and that's probably the best word to use to describe it. Every strip is either adorably sweet or sweetly funny, and is just the sort of thing guaranteed to cheer you up after a bad day.
  • Foxes in Love is about two foxes who are in love and their antics and adventures. What steers it into this category is that it is more focused on being wholesome and Slice of Life than trying to be overtly funny with any jokes being made in a lighthearted manner.

    Web Original 
  • An Invocation for Beginnings If you're ever in a rut, a classy reminder of the things you still can do, no matter what.
  • Bogleech. Yes, seriously. It's a site made by someone who absolutely LOVES all the creepy crawly, wiggly icky, creatures in the world. What does this mean, and why is it Sweet Dreams Fuel? Because it shows that, no matter how many people may dislike something (or someone) for not being aesthetically pleasing, there are some people out there who thinks that it/him/her is great. The whole idea of the site is just unbelievably sweet if you view it from this perspective. And educational too! ...But then, if you happen to scare easily, you may want to view the site during the day, find the aesop by sunset, and then go to sleep with that happy thought in your mind.
    • To celebrate Halloween 2020, he spent each day in October talking about a monster from Ultraman. The monsters got more and more disturbing as the month went on with the monster for Halloween itself being Ghost Monster Seabozu... A Non-Malicious Monster who only hurts people accidentally while trying to leave earth and return to its world. As Bogleech points out this is the scariest one of all, for Seabozu. The episode ends up being the first one where Ultraman helps the monster instead of killing them and he's able to send Seabozu back to space. Bogleech then declares that he loves Ultraman and would love the monsters in it just as much if they were all friendly.
    Bogleech: If you can't have a good Halloween, I hope you can have a good something or other. And if you're reading this some time in the future, I hope something really nice has happened since I wrote it.
  • Cute Explosion.
  • The Colour My Series. Even the Nightmare Fuel 3rd one has a sweet ending, compounded if you find the secret note.
  • Isabelle Sings Fireflies. It's exactly that.
  • Any Touhou Project fanart drawn by Eijima Moko.
  • Everyday Cute. Just...Everyday Cute!
  • Anything from Team Starkid. They're just a bunch of kids in college goofing around and being ridiculous, but they're all friends and it's so clear that they love what they're doing. Not to mention that for all the ridiculousness, all of their plays have this heart to them deep down. Couple that with all the amazingly talented actors and writers they've got with them, as well as the awesomely catchy music and the insanely quotable humor, and you've got something totally awesome.
  • The story Love. Being on a site dedicated to creepy stories just helps.
    • Similarly, Sim Albert, where a ghost haunting The Sims 3 uses the game as a second chance at life, and is granted it by the player who is genuinely moved at the sad state he's in.
  • Cracked presents: 6 True Stories That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity.
  • Smooth McGroove. Awesome one man a cappella renditions of classic video game themes plus one truly epic beard, plus one adorable kitty cat = instant smiles.
  • Everybody! Everybody! Seriously, Homestar and company continue to be the best.
  • There's a lot of Nightmare Fuel in AJCO, especially during the Silo arc (in which all the characters are forced into a State bunker after nuclear warheads are sent at Pi-TEC). But in the midst of it, Egg - who is nearing the Despair Event Horizon following all of the horrors she's been exposed to - and a scared and lonely Kube comfort one another with sympathetic hugs and reassuring declarations of their intent to survive. It doesn't take them long to fall in love.
  • RWBY credits track "Gold," a bubbly tune about being a protective, comforting, and overall positive influence on somebody's life.
    Don't you worry about the dark / I will light up the night / With the love in my heart / I will burn like the sun / I will keep you safe and warm...
    • And "Wings", which plays over the end credits of episode 16.
      Dry your eyes now, baby / Broken wings won't hold you down / You'll take flight soon, baby / You'll be lifted up / And you'll be there...
    • Let's not forget All Our Days, a song about a girl pledging to do anything to keep her little sister safe, while also looking up to her as the years go by.
  • RWBY Chibi is this in spades. Whereas the main show went Darker and Edgier and had a lot of Tear Jerker moments, RWBY Chibi is like a warm safety blanket with lots of fun characters, including a few old faces. The only exceptions would be Episode 6 of Season 2 and a few instances of Comedic Sociopathy, but otherwise, it's as cute and innofensive as it gets.
  • How about Auto Tuned Mr. Rogers "The Garden of Your Mind"? Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment for anybody who grew up with Mr. Fred Rogers.
  • Kona the Love Sponge is a Facebook page about a certified therapy dog and his adventures, including ones with his siblings.
  • Hanazuki: Full of Treasures is about a girl named Hanazuki who lives on a moon in a fictional galaxy and can grow trees with her emotions.
  • The podcast "Nothing Much Happens: Bedtime Stories For Grownups". The narrator tells a story about peaceful, joyful, simple activities- ice skating in winter, making soup during a storm, looking through antiques, stopping at a countryside vegetable vender, going to the hardware store and buying candy there- in a very soothing voice to help you nod off.
  • Welcome to Night Vale. The universe is a cold, uncaring place, and you may be killed by things you don't even understand. But within this world, there is not telling how beautiful you can become. Remember, nothing is perfect. They become perfect when you learn to accept them for what they are.
  • OMFG DOGS. Just some cute puppies running around a rainbow background to the tune of a cute, bouncy instrumental tune. Guaranteed to make you at least crack a smile.
  • While Don't Hug Me I'm Scared is mostly known for its Nightmare Fuel, the friendship between the three main characters is pretty adorable. When they're not being taught "lessons", they can be seen doing activities such as watching TV, having a picnic, and playing a board game. And even when Red Guy escapes from the "puppet world," his main goal seems to be trying to help Yellow Guy and Duck Guy escape too.
  • This Tortoise Could Save a Life. It features a little tortoise eating a big strawberry while the late Alan Rickman narrates in a somber tone how the video and all ad money that it collects goes to charity for refugees and children. Needless to say that it not only became a instant hit on social media with the video going viral (especially with the Tear Jerker of Rickmans sudden death), it is also simply adorable to watch the turtle struggle to eat that big strawberry.
  • Animal videos in general. One can spend years on the sweet side of Youtube, watching videos of puppies trying to howl, cats playing with toys, monkeys having a shower, owls getting petted and so on and so forth...
  • Louise Pentland, aka, Sprinkleofglitter. Her videos are so pink and shiny and happy! Also, her daughter Darcy, aka Baby Glitter, is sweet dreams personified.
  • AmazingPhil. His videos tend to be very positive and cheerful, especially when he interacts with his best friend, danisnotonfire.
  • The Laughing Chewbacca Mask Lady video has evoked this reaction in a great many people. Honestly, how can someone getting this much joy out of life not stimulate joy in others? So sweet were the dreams of the masses, the lady became instantly famous.
  • "Cloud" is a short made by college artist James Harvey about a little cloud who falls down to Earth and befriends a young girl. Trust me, you will get diabetes of cuteness after seeing this.
  • Youtube user Crispy Toast's "Rights and Wrongs" series. They're videos showing the right and wrong thing to do in certain situations, like going to a movie theater or eating at a restaurant. The characters who do the right thing are always treated nicely, and the characters who do the wrong thing go through all sorts of Amusing Injuries and other punishments. The series is very lighthearted despite some cases of profanity.
  • Pencilmation is literally drawn with Sweet Dreams Fuel, and virtually every one of its light-hearted, sweet and fun episodes is a great way to look at your crummy little sketchbook doodles in a more positive light.
  • RebelTaxi, aka Pan Pizza. If you're tired of overly angry, loud, negative-accentuating Caustic Critics, then Pan makes for a nice change of pace. In addition to being utterly hilarious, hearing him so honestly gushing over what he loves is just so nice to listen to.
  • PhantomStrider is another example that goes against the grain from such a type of critic. Strider has a warm, friendly disposition and very, very rarely raises his voice in his "Worst" lists (if ever).
  • Why humans are adorable.
  • Cinema Wins. A series that points out all of the good things with movies and praising even the worst movies for their positive qualities.
  • In a Heartbeat, an LGBTQ+ short about a boy who tries to keep his own living (and adorable) heart from outing himself to his crush, will have you reaching for your cuteness diabetes-treating insulin any moment.
  • I Love Egg, coupled with an ear worm of a tune about how good eggs are for you, also features cute characters in a collection of short cartoons that'll invoke happiness and squeeing.
  • Red vs. Blue is an odd addition, as the story focuses on mean and bitter characters who live in the definition of a pointless war, while fighting supersoldiers and psychopaths. However, despite this our merry band lives, makes a family for themselves, and learns how to triumph against a galaxy at war.
  • 義足のMoses: Just a Cute Ghost Girl having the time of her (un)life with the help of a pair of animated, mischevious tapshoes. The credits manage to be incredibly adorable to top it off.
  • Four words: "Hey everybody, it's Chuggaaconroy!" One of the most popular Let's Players out there, and for good reasons. He's funny, he's upbeat, his videos are family friendly (most of the time), and he cares deeply for his fans.
  • Thomas Sanders, of course. His Vines and YouTube videos alike are sweet, funny, and uplifting, but his Sanders Sides series deserves a special mention. What starts out as a silly concept, with different aspects of Thomas' personality squabbling with each other, gradually evolves into a genuinely moving character-driven story, with real Character Development and more story-based videos. The Sanders Sides videos are equal parts hilarious and heartwarming, and are guaranteed to get you to crack a smile.
  • BuzzFeed presents:
  • The Miniature Space channel on Youtube, which features videos of the filmmaker making food using tiny utensils and cookware. It's as adorable as it is therapeutic to watch. An example, where he makes curry and rice.
  • Shibenation and Rapid Liquid, two channels dedicated to silly memes with Shiba Inus.
  • For all the horrific Nightmare Fuel that the SCP Foundation is built on, many database entries and tales still go out of their way to provide Heartwarming Moments and Funny Moments as a much-needed counterbalance. Yes there's a Omnicidal Maniac lizard, a demonic mask that turns people into meat puppets, and a Living Statue that snaps your neck if you look away from it. But there are some that are actually... pleasant. After all, the Foundation's mission of protecting the known universe wouldn't mean much if there was nothing in the universe worth protecting.
    • SCP-085 or "Cassy" is an animate drawing of a chipper and kindly young woman who the Foundation adores.
    • SCP-131, a pair of adorable little teardrop-shaped creatures that act like little puppy dogs.
    • SCP-458, a pizza box that can make any pizza the holder wants.
    • SCP-999, a little blob that lives on candy, loves all living creatures, induces instant euphoria when people touch it, and enjoys tickling people. It can even tickle away your depression. Not only that, but it's the son of The Scarlet King and will eventually grow to be powerful enough to defeat him.
    • SCP-1795, a race of interstellar beings who do nothing but make entire planets for the sole purpose of giving humanity places to live.
    • SCP-3338, little sentient music toys that act as helper gnomes in your house.
    • SCP-2295, a teddy bear that gives miracle surgeries to anyone with a failing organ by knitting a patchwork replica of the affected organ, with the organ working like new when replaced.
    • The Tale When We Came Home which ends the setting. The Scarlet King dies and everyone in the entire multiverse earns their happy ending.
    • SCP-5094, a sapient character from an abandonware edutainment game, who helps her students learn extensively about any subject they please, and even provides companionship to lonely children.
  • Tofupupper, also known as Tofu-chan and Tobë, is perhaps the canine embodiment of this trope! He has all sorts of wholesome videos, from the silly, the strange, the uplifting, and even covers of iconic songs; it's hard to watch anything from him without smiling.
  • Motivational Lizard. This video, although crudely made, is a slideshow of an MS Paint-drawn purple lizard giving a comforting and reassuring speech to the viewer (although in all lowercase letters and Internet shorthand-style writing), complete with the uplifting "Outro" from Dream Pop band M83.
  • Lucas the Spider, a series of short videos about a little spider and his daily adventures that are cute enough to make even arachnophobes go "Awwww". Lucas' cheerful personality and child voice (provided by animator Joshua Slice's own nephew) will certainly be more than enough to win you over, if the big eyes don't do the trick.
  • The aptly named Sweet Dreams Fuel Tumblr. It hasn't been updated since 2013, but what IS there is guaranteed to cheer you up after even the saddest day.
  • "Caterpillar Shoes", a sweet little story about a caterpillar giving away his many pairs of shoes in preparation for his becoming a butterfly.
  • Teddy Kittens, a channel devoted entirely to kittens, and the adorably funny things they get up to.
  • Summoning Salt makes mini-documentaries about video game speedrunning. Though the subject matter can be quite tense, with the players being put under a lot of pressure to do everything perfectly, Summoning Salt's soothing voice and the Awesome Music he uses in his videos make them surprisingly soothing.
  • "r/GatekeepingYuri", this subreddit dedicated to turning controversial and hateful images into wholesome arts.
  • From BoredPanda:
  • Cute Animals for When You are Stressed.
  • WholesomeMemes, a Twitter account dedicated to posting Exactly What It Says on the Tin - memes that give you a Warm and Fuzzy Feeling every time you see them.

    This Wiki 
  • This page is like a nest for these things.
  • Sugar Wiki, of course! It just gives off a feel of joy on every page.
  • Trying reading all of the Heartwarming Moments pages. And then the Tear Jerker pages.
    • This page, too! Try reading through the Heartwarming Moments page and then this one and then not feeling like you're on top of the world.
    • Seconded. Just reading all the examples brings up so many happy memories (of the examples you've experienced personally) and so much hope and curiosity about the ones you haven't.
    • Read all the Moment of Awesome pages too,
    • Funny Moments can sometimes provide these.
  • Just discovering this wiki is a heartwarming moment for some. It's clear from the very first page one reads that this is where stories go to be celebrated.
  • The Triumphant Reprise page, being about dark or sad songs being turned on their head into a happy song, can give great examples of concentrated SDF.
  • The You Are Not Alone trope page is a little overemotional at times, but mostly it's just very genuinely encouraging.
  • Ditto for the You Are Better Than You Think You Are page.
  • The And the Fandom Rejoiced pages. Did you think you were the only one who cared about (insert obscure work here)? Of course not.
  • The page image of Strawberry Shorthand. Just look at that tortoise ^_^ And the caption is just perfect.
  • The first line in the description of Special Snowflake Syndrome.
  • The Anti-Nihilist is this for some. Hearing about the multiple ways that people make something so beautiful out of something as depressing as nihilism is very touching.
  • So My Kids Can Watch is perhaps one of the cutest trivia items on here! It's so great to see how the actors listed care so much about their children. It's especially adorable to hear how the kids react to seeing their parents in a movie or other work.
  • Have a Nice Cup of Tea and Sit Down, specifically for tropers to praise each other.

  • Any Disney Theme Park, particularly because of attractions like Soarin', Philarmagic, Muppet*Vision 3D or the like. Hey, they don't call it the "happiest place on Earth" for nothing, even the sight of the Castle and meeting your favorite characters (Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Tigger, Tinker Bell, Periwinkle, Rosetta, Iridessa, Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, Rapunzel, etc.) can make you feel emotional.
  • This video for the Ringtone Tiger Boo. Also catchy.
  • TED Talks. There's something about people talking about technology and how great the future will be that makes you feel happy.
  • Pick up a copy of the audiobook version of Clockwork Angels, a novel based off the album by Rush. The audiobook is read by Neil Peart, Rush's drummer and lyricist, and while he isn't exactly the greatest actor in the world, his voice is deep and booming and soothing and kind of has a "grandfather-telling-you-a-bedtime-story" quality to it, even if the plot of the novel (set in a dystopian steampunk universe) doesn't necessarily constitute itself to a bedtime story. Neil's voice is just so sonorous and relaxing.
  • Calm.Com, by design, is supposed to be this. It contains footage of rainstorms, rivers and slow paced music in order to do what else but calm you down.
  • Sleep With Me, a podcast of hundreds of soothing bedtime stories with a gentle-voiced narrator who goes on silly, imaginative tangents. Say, that might make it literal Sweet Dreams Fuel.
  • Japanese merchandise and production company Sanrio loves finding new ways to charm and win the hearts of people across the globe. However, its friendly adorable atmosphere is taken Up to Eleven with their theme parks Sanrio Puroland and Harmony Land and especially their characters such as My Melody and Wish Me Mell.
  • Precious Moments started by Sam "Samuel" J. Butcher, is a company specializing in making merchandise, sculptures, stuffed animals etc. Is most notable for its charming, peaceful and friendly character designs, from the human characters to animals. Even some of their Christian and other religious merchandise is adorable to look at. Special mention goes to four of their animated direct to video content from the early to mid 1990s such as "Timmy's Gift" from 1991, and "Simon the Lamb" from 1994. Especially "Simon the Lamb" since it's the sweetest and cutest of their animated content.
  • Not Always Hopeless, a website devoted to feel-good stories involving heartwarming moments and acts of kindness. It really makes you feel as though humanity is nowhere near as bad as it could be.
  • The People's Friend, a British magazine aimed at elderly women full of articles, recipes and other things filled with a gentle, cozy vibe. Special mention goes to the stories - every single one is a soothing slice of life, where people have very few worries and any conflict that arises is easily resolved. All in all, highly recommended for anyone of any age.
  • Budsies is a company that hand-crafts soft plush toys based on artwork of characters people send to them, mainly children's drawings. Cue the endless delight of kids receiving a cute huggable plush of their crayon-created creatures they'd never thought would come to life! It has been hailed by Internet commenters as one of the most ingenious and wholesome things ever.
  • The New '10s "crystal" idents of French TV network M6, with their nigh-surreal images and jingle, can be this to parts of the world that aren't generally so idealistic.

And if you aren't planning on sleeping tonight...