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Not Always Hopeless is a sister site of Not Always Right, added to the site's network in 2016. In a departure from much of the rest of NAR, this site is dedicated to showing off the best in people; containing generally happier and feel-good stories involving heartwarming moments, acts of kindness, people coming to the aid of others in trouble, and more. (As usual, remember to be careful sifting through these, as there's no way of knowing which stories are legit or not.)


Note: Due to a restructuring of the entire NAR site network, the hyperlinks below may or may not work anymore.

Not Always Hopeless contains examples of:

  • Angel Unaware: One possible explanation for this story.
  • Animal Gender-Bender: Averted in this story— the shopper needed an anniversary card for a same-sex couple, so the one with two brightly-colored peacocks is perfect.
  • Badass Pacifist: One girl saves another from a violent crime at the train station through The Power of Rock.
  • Bait-and-Switch: A story of a boy being left alone for a while in a store seems like it's setting up for the child having been left unattended in the store by the mother who thought the staff would be willing to babysit, as is common on Not Always Right. Turns out the mother just went into the changing room and probably would have been back in short order had she not collapsed from a long-standing fever. This being Not Always Hopeless, the mother makes a full recovery once she's found and taken to the hospital.
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  • Cool Old Lady: The narrator in this story expects the stereotypical Christian grandma to rant about alternative beliefs being evil. Instead, she's curious, respectful, and just wants to know if they have any books about gardening.
  • Determinator: After a frail old woman with possible dementia is evacuated from back-to-back hurricanes without any documentation or known relatives, one of the shelter volunteers admits they're ready to start cold-calling churches to find someone who knows her. Fortunately, they get in touch with her (understandably frantic) son before it comes to that.
  • Failed a Spot Check: The hotel guest in this story notices a newly-transitioning male-to-female clerk wearing the same outfit every day, and is worried that she can't afford clothes. The guest's wife has to point out to him that the other hotel workers are also wearing the same outfit every day— it's a uniform.
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  • Freaky Fashion, Mild Mind: A scary-looking goth couple is hand-feeding squirrels in the park.
  • Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak: A shy little girl who loves pink... and also, motorcycles.
  • Good Samaritan: A man going door-to-door finds one door answered by a miserable alcoholic, completely abandons his original purpose, and stays with them for several days to help them sober up and get through the nasty withdrawal before taking his leave. May be a case of Angel Unaware; the submitter him/herself doesn't seem too sure.
    • The pizza delivery guy in this story discovers that his order was placed by an abusive ex-husband trying to force his former wife into bankruptcy by ordering pizzas she can't pay for because she can barely afford to feed herself and their children. The pizza delivery guy pays off the entire order out of his own pocket, lets them keep the pizzas with instructions how best to freeze and reheat what they don't eat right away, and offers to personally pay for any future orders the wife needs to feed herself and the children.
    • This stranger saw a depressed college student getting ready to jump off a bridge over a railroad track in the middle of the night, stayed with them until morning, heard out their problems, and called an ambulance to make sure they got the help they needed.
    • This teenager found a lost credit card and immediately Google-searched the name on it, found the owner's workplace, and called them to leave a message that she'd found their credit card and would like to return it to them as soon as possible. (The owner, meanwhile, discovered they'd lost their credit card and were panickedly retracing their steps when they encountered her.)
  • Heal It with Booze: Present from Kosovo.
  • Hidden Depths: A friend in this story is described as being antisocial and enjoying making a habit of being annoying. Therefore, it's surprising when a seemingly stereotypical teenage girl runs up to him and holds a cordial conversation with him. When the others mention they've never seen anyone so happy to see him, he replies "You’ve never seen me talk a 17-year-old girl out of jumping off a bridge, either."
  • Honorary Uncle: This bride includes her best friend's mother as one of the deceased relatives honored at her wedding.
  • Innocent Inaccurate: A kid who wants to be a "sugar daddy" when he grows up thinks it means someone who buys other kids candy when they can't afford it.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Upon realizing a "problem" teenager has actually been on probation, in and out of institutions, out of school, and friendless, for far longer than her original crime warranted, the probation officer yells at her for not drawing attention to it sooner... and dismisses all charges, on the condition that her mother gets her back into school so she can graduate.
  • Karmic Jackpot: Frequently.
  • Loophole Abuse: In this story, a family suffers a loss of their father and as a result the mother wouldn't be able to afford the condo at their retirement home anymore. The retirement community's accountant calls and says that the mother will be moved to another condo within the home because the one she's in is getting renovated, and the rent will be reduced for the inconvenience. Thing is, the condo is being eliminated to expand their other facilities, so it won't ever be renovated, meaning she pays the reduced rate indefinitely. Through their system, the retirement community threw the now-widow a bone, and as the submitter says, she was able to stay in the place that she loved until she died.
  • Rousseau Was Right: The main point of the site is that people are nowhere near as cruel as they are on the rest of the Not Always sites. Zigzagged, however, in that there are still a few jerks - but when they show up, the focus of the story is about them getting taken to task.
  • Shamed by a Mob: A political extremist shouting down the history teacher's speech at a graduation ceremony finds the graduates and their families united against her, forcing her to back down and let the teacher finish.
  • To Be Lawful or Good: These hospital staff decide to falsify the paperwork after insurance declines a patient who can't afford chemotherapy. One of the doctors has a student shadowing them, and after the meeting, the doctor explains to the student that this is a learning experience: you can follow the rules, or you can save lives.
  • Uncle Pennybags: One rich man comes in to a movie theater on Thanksgiving, and proceeds to hand out twenties to the staff, even coming back the next day to make sure he didn't miss anyone.

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