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This is the page for telling the other contributors how much of a good job they've been doing. If you've seen another contributor's work, and you want to give them kudos, then here is the place to do it.

Remember, this isn't a place to be criticizing people; that would be mean and not tea-worthy at all. For example, if one were to say "Inu's name is really cool, but I think that his contributor page is too short," one would then be breaking the rules. A proper example would have stopped at "cool," put a period after it, and called it a day. Also, no pimping your own contributor page.

For more information, see our Other Wiki counterpart.


  • Pretty much absolutely everybody here. There's never been a time when TV Tropes hasn't been able to make me smile. Love you guys.
  • Inu for being such a good sport (wan wan!).
  • Q, your syntax isn't that bad.
  • Yog-SoSoft, whose name made me laugh.
  • Aunt Zelda, for liking Linkara. YOU ARE A WOMAN! *punch*
    • Aunt Zelda, for being generally an incredibly sweet (and savvy) person.
  • Gekco, because I wanted too.
  • Liirian, for being a hoot on Crisis: Averted.
  • Whoever created the pages for Sunshine and Finnegans Wake deserves extra sugar in their tea.
    • Looney Toons is the creator of Finnegan's Wake, and definitely did an excellent job on it.
    • Narvi: I believe I started it. Though it was quite some time ago, so the article might have existed beforehand.
  • Dark Sasami, thanks for bringing me a smile with one of your edits.
  • Kudos to whoever wrote No OSHA Compliance's fantastic introduction. I would argue it is the best introduction (and one of the best trope pages) on this site.
  • Narvi for creating Sunshine (see above).
  • Thanks very much to shadowwolf75 for improving the Xyber 9: New Dawn page and pimping it throughout the fanbase. With hot tea and lemon? And to those who greatly expanded the Life with Derek page (with the new system, I can't be sure): with sugar and crumpets?
  • The Advertisement Server for never failing to make humorous quips on the Church of Happyology page.
  • To Fast Eddie: One lump or two?
  • Pro-Mole for being everywhere.
  • Kittenmommy for everything! Love you!
  • How about everyone here! I love ALL of you.
    • I second that!
  • Everyone who contributes to making this a fun and safe place to air any opinion, no matter where from or about what.
  • Bonsai Forest's contributor page is interesting and does a great job at explaining his tastes. His reviews are also informative and well written.
  • To whoever added to the page I started on Algernon Charles Swinburne - I love you! He's a massively underrated poet, and more people need to know that not all Victorians were boring and some were kinky bisexuals.
  • Everyone who has ever written an example or page that has introduced some reader to a work that he or she ended up liking.
  • To stuffedninja: Thanks for being the only guy who edits the page for Matthew Santoro besides SWF Max. You rock!
  • To whoever it was that invented the Darth Wiki. The ability to make a wiki out of my writing before I'd written it really helped record ideas and get them flowing.
  • All y'all who edit Monster High. Keep it alive... I mean undead! You are the real MVPs.
  • To the brilliant geniuses who created the content for The Ugly Barnacle! Such a fine work of literature deserves to be praised on This Very Wiki!
  • To the people who created Sugar Wiki, one of my favorite places on this website!
    • Sorry for getting meta, but: To the troper who created this page! There ought to be more places on the Internet for people to congratulate each other instead of fighting all the time!
  • To Gaon, who is so funny and awesome that he deserves Memetic Badass status!
  • I'd like to thank VenomLancerHae, for correcting The Stinger on the bottom of CinemaSins. I have no idea how that Tally got so far off.
  • Here's to all of you who work on the Self-Demonstrating articles! It takes a lot of work to make them so beautifully in-character!
  • Whoever took away the stupid things I wrote on the Music page. They weren't as bad as I thought, so thanks for getting rid of those.
  • DLAbaoaqu, for his very funny riffing of The Irate Gamer
  • To whoever and everyone who writes the Useful Notes pages. As a British troper, I was curious to see how these pages had accounted for Brexit and all the political tumult of the recent years. What did I find? Clear, factual, non-biased, well-spoken description of all the relevant details while still keeping me interested. Fair and straightforward depiction of the issue. And a very good degree of research into the specifics as well. Well done everyone. Strong handshakes all round.
  • A round of applause to the commitment of everyone who added the 'Foreign Language' examples on Garnishing the Story. Was it strictly necessary to translate that one joke phrase into each example language? No. Is the page better for having done so? Of course. Well-written trope examples are so much better than no well-written trope examples.
  • Whoever re-did the Character page for A Song of Ice and Fire with many characters getting a page to themselves, thank you very much, you deserve the iron throne!
  • I almost resent the guy who made Wicked Pretentious because I wish I thought of it first. Well-made, troper. Well-made.
  • I congratulate Notsofriendly for all his work on the page for Dr. Crafty. Such a niche show getting such a high-quality page is largely a result of his dedication.
  • All of the editors helping to improve and expand the Babel, or the Necessity of Violence page, and adding different perspectives and critiques in the YMMV section.
  • Here's to Wingnut, for being an absolute beast when it comes to the SMG4(and adjacent) pages. Seriously, the guy's an entry HAWK!

Oh! The pot's ready. Milk? Sugar?