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Aunt Zelda is a voracious slash author who likes eating cheese, petting cats, ballroom dancing, performing in Shakespeare's plays, and flying small planes, but not all at once.

Treats orange juice like others treat coffee. Personally knows an alarming number of people who aspire to Take Over the World. Wants to marry Harry Dresden. Or The Statue of Liberty. Both seem equally unattainable.

Enemies: homophobes, quiche, and certain kinds of Modern Art.


Has Perverse Sexual Lust (in no particular order) for: Harry Dresden, Nancy Botwin, Inara Serra, David Tennant, Vetinari, and pretty much any Mad Scientist.

Proud founder of the TGWTG slash fandom. Created the Fake News Rumble page for some inexplicable reason.

All-Time-Favorites: Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, Tortall Universe, Slings And Arrows, Soon I Will Be Invincible, Discworld, Narbonic, Echo Bazaar, Phineas And Ferb, Kill Bill, That Guy With The Glasses.

Favorite Tropes: Foe Yay, Ho Yay, Planet Eris, James Bondage, Brains and Bondage, Scheherezade Gambit.

Currently in an open relationship with an Adorkable geeky guy who can do a damn fine Doctor Insano impersonation. On their first date they watched UHF and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and he started to teach her how to play Magic: The Gathering.


Bi the Way ... for a while she's been in Courtly Love with a Rich Bitch named Helen of Troy. Yes, hers is a face that launched a thousand ships.


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