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My interests have changed a lot over the years, so it's time to start over with a new description.

I'm a New Jersey-based autistic nerd whose gaming tastes are "Nintendo plus indies," whose taste in movies is varied, and who likes a good story-driven cartoon, be it "professional" or indie. On some occasions, I'll read a comic book or two, but I prefer comics that aren't angsty. Sooo many comics are angsty and melodramatic and dark af! I used to read a lot of novels but I rarely read novels now.

Here's all my reviews!

Some video games I really like are:

In video games, I tend to like a combination of simplicity (in the sense of not being complicated) and depth (in the sense of there being many things to do, which are optional). I also really like atmosphere, which is why the world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and the town life simulation aspect of Deadly Premonition interested me so much.

One of the things that excites me about a game is when it has a bunch of new ideas. Not simply one new idea, but many. To use an example, LocoRoco has a distinct art style, an original gameplay concept (tilt the world and shake it to move singing blobs around) and an original presentation with its use of interactive music coming from the characters' own singing which changes based on the situation. In other words, three major new ideas, making it feel super fresh. When a game is just "the same standard thing but with this one different thing," it's hard to get excited.

I used to hate the indie scene, thinking it was nothing but simple games that very few people could relate to or be interested in, but now that it's grown much larger and produced way more games with better quality, I think the indie scene is responsible for some of the most interesting and fun games out there. Or even just well made games with lower production values than usual, like the jet-ski racing game Riptide GP Renegade. In fact, the indie scene revitalized my interest in video games! There's just way more variety out there than ever before, and the indies are getting better.

Some live-action movies I really like are:

I can't say what exactly I like in movies, tbh, as the ones I like don't have much in common with each other. Though I do like when a good plot is used well, and I like fun character interactions and good character moments crossed with a compelling story. Compelling story and interesting or fun characters is usually the formula, I guess. But not always then! I like Wild which was all about hiking and had barely any character interaction! I loved its scenery. I also prefer characters using their wits to survive instead of using fighting skills.

Some cartoons, including animated movies and indie animations, I really like are:

  • Godspeed - a nice little sci-fi drama set on a dying Earth
  • Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous - good character interactions, storytelling, adventure, mystery elements, and more
  • The Mitchells vs. the Machines - a fun "robots take over the world" movie with some original ideas
  • The Owl House - once it gets going (and I hated the pilot episode), it really gets going, with its adventures and mysteries and fun humor
  • Skibidi Toilet Series - don't judge a book by it's cover, as this story-driven show about people with cameras for heads fighting singing toilets is surprisingly good
  • Sonic Prime - straight up fun action-adventure, except for season 3 being just a long fight scene
  • Song in the Sky - sadly only the pilot got made, but it's a sci-fi action drama set in a world of floating islands and airplanes
  • Spider Man Into The Spiderverse - a whole lot of everything, with comedy, drama, action, fun art and animation, all with a multiverse concept

What do I like in a cartoon? I don't usually watch humor cartoons, but prefer ones that are story-driven. Good characterization and character interactions, a plot that is either adventurous or contains suspense or mystery elements, are often things that draw me in. And I have to like or at least accept the art style. If I hate the art style, I'm not interested.

Some live action TV shows I really like are:

  • Atypical - I really liked its portrayal of autism, even with it having an allistic lead actor, and I appreciate that later seasons attempted to improve the accuracy
  • The Last of Us - despite disliking the game that series is based on, for its tendency to try too hard to be a TV show, I like the show itself and its mixture of character interaction and drama

Other interests of mine are:

  • Culture, including how popular culture both reflects and shapes the broader culture in general, which is why I'm fascinated by things such as the Stratemeyer Syndicate (which revolutionized kid lit in the 1920s), or the runaway popularity of Skibidi Toilet.
  • Tech, such as computers and artificial intelligence, though I fully recognize that AI is capable of both good and bad things.
  • Nature and animals, particularly birds, and I go for walks through parks and nature areas, sometimes using the app Merlin to identify birds by their calls.
  • Sometimes I just like to learn stuff from YouTube documentaries.
  • So Bad, It's Good stuff, which can be hilarious!
  • Weird Crossovers, such as Archie Meets the Punisher. I don't have to be fans of either character or franchise, but just find the idea of such major Fish out of Water stories interesting.
  • Video game soundtracks, especially with catchy music!

I'm open to chatting on Discord. PM me if you're interested in having a chat, or if you know of a good server to come visit.