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Characters from A Song of Ice and Fire and related works, such as Tales of Dunk and Egg, Archmaester Gyldayn's Histories, The World of Ice & Fire, The Sons Of The Dragon and Fire & Blood. Beware of series-ruining spoilers, and an unwieldy number of characters. Major characters are listed by House. Asterisks (*) mark POV characters, which increase as the series goes by.

Characters on this present page are only listed once; as such, a character can have one main entry and be mentioned in other pages by name only. For instance, Benjen Stark's main entry is located in Night's Watch Rangers page, while he may be mentioned by name in the House Stark page; the latter entry links to the main entry as to prevent redundancies. As such, before adding a character you should check:

  • This page;
  • The character's House/Location/Institution pages;
  • Other pertinent or related pages.

When you've added a character to a specific page, make the change in this page too; when a character's main entry has been moved to a different page, change it in this page and change the links that led to the replaced main entry to the new main entry.

The live-action TV universe based on the books, which has its own continuity, has its own character sheets below:


Houses of Westeros

  • Northern Houses note 
    • House Stark note 
      • Lord Eddard Stark
      • Stark Ancestors note 
      • Stark Household note 
      • Stark Direwolves note 
    • House Bolton note 
    • House Glover and Vassals note 
    • House Karstark note 
    • House Manderly note 
    • House Mormont note 
    • House Reed and the Crannogmen note 
    • House Umber note 
    • Northern Mountain Clans note 
  • Westerlands Houses note 
    • House Lannister note 
      • Lord Tywin Lannister
      • Tyrion Lannister
      • Lannister Ancestors note 
    • House Clegane note 
    • House Westerling note 
    • House Crakehall note 
    • House Reyne note 
  • Stormlands Houses note 
    • House Baratheon of Storm's End note 
    • House Seaworth note 
    • House Tarth note 
    • House Connington note 
    • House Durrandon note 
  • Crownlands Houses note 
    • House Targaryen note 
      • Queen Daenerys Targaryen
      • Court of Daenerys I note 
      • Targaryen Ancestors note 
      • Court of Jaehaerys I note 
      • Court of Aegon II note 
      • Court of Rhaenyra I note 
      • Court of Aegon III note 
      • Court of Daeron II note 
      • Court of Maekar I note 
    • House Baratheon of King's Landing note 
    • Crackclaw Point Houses note 
    • Narrow Sea Houses note 
      • House Baratheon of Dragonstone note 
      • King Stannis Baratheon
      • House Velaryon note 
    • House Blackfyre note 
  • Iron Islands Houses note 
    • House Greyjoy note 
      • Greyjoy Raiders note 
    • House Botleynote 
    • Harlaw Houses note 
    • House Hoare of Orkmont note 
  • Reach Houses note 
    • House Tyrell note 
    • House Florent note 
    • House Hightower note 
    • House Tarly note 
    • House Gardener note 
    • Shield Islands Houses note 
  • Dorne Houses note 
    • House Martell note 
      • Sand Snakes note 
    • House Dayne note 
    • House Yronwood note 
  • Riverlands Houses note 
    • House Tully note 
    • House Frey note 
    • House Blackwood note 
    • House Bracken note 
    • House Mooton note 
    • Lords of Harrenhal note 
  • The Vale Houses note 
    • House Arryn note 
    • House Baelish note 
    • House Corbray note 
    • House Royce note 
    • House Waynwood note 
    • Three Sisters Houses note 

The Wall and Beyond

  • Night's Watch note 
    • Lord Commanders note 
    • Rangers note 
    • Stewards note 
  • Free Folk note 

Knights and Orders of Knighthood

  • Kingsguard note 
    • Ser Jaime Lannister
    • Aerys II's Kingsguard note 
    • Historical Kingsguard note 
  • Hedge Knights note 

Westerosi Organizations

  • Royal Court of King's Landing note 
  • Order of Maesters note 
  • Alchemists Guild note 

Other Westerosi

  • Other Westerosi note 
    • Historical Other Westerosi note 


  • Essos note 
    • Free Cities note 
      • Braavos note 
    • Dothraki note 
    • Slaver's Bay note 

The Summer Isles

  • Summer Isles note 

Sellsword Companies

  • Sellsword Companies note 
    • Golden Company note 
    • Brave Companions note 
    • Second Sons note 
    • Windblown note 

Outlaw Bands

  • Brotherhood Without Banners note 
  • Kingswood Brotherhood note 
  • Band of Nine note 


  • Deities and Religions note 
    • Faith of the Seven note 
      • Faith Militant note 
    • Drowned Men note 
    • Lord of Light note 
      • Queen's Men note 
    • Faceless Men note 

Ethnic groups

  • Ethnic Groups note 

Supernatural Beings and Legends

  • Dragons note 
  • Beings Beyond the Wall note 
  • Legendary Figures note 

Alternative Title(s): Tales Of Dunk And Egg, Archmaester Gyldayns Histories, The World Of Ice And Fire, Fire And Blood, A Feast For Crows, A Game Of Thrones, A Clash Of Kings, A Storm Of Swords, A Dance With Dragons