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GREETINGS, FELLOW TROPERS. My name is Gaon, THE ALMIGHTY. I am a friendly, frequently over-the-top chap you can always rely on to do tasks such as: refer to completely useless knowledge like a BIBLE [Well, Sometimes not that useless, merely obscure] and over-analyze EVERYTHING under the ray of the sun.

I enjoy a wide range of genres and fictional stories. I am also a fanfic writer [Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls = Adverted. Hard.], amateur writer, voice actor, actor, wannabe psychologist, walking encyclopedia, scriptwriter, and creator of unpublished things in general.


Few, if any, care for my existance due my lack of social interaction in this site (I work in the shadows, I live in the shade...), unfortunately. BUT IF YOU DO KNOW, BEWARE!!.

     TREMBLE with fear in front of the Tropes that apply..TO ME 

     Things that please MY MIGHT 

Well, I would love to sit and chat a little more, But Now I Must Go. Case in point: A book that's in Development Hell. Farewell! WE SHALL MEET AGAIN, FELLOW TROPER. In another age...another time.


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