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If you really must contact me, I have a Gmail account. I'm just now trying writing my name as a Wiki Word, but I'm used to it being one word.

I've completely lost track of what I've created, so forget it. Well, um, let's see, "You!" Squared, Just Fine Without You, No Celebrities Were Harmed, Record Needle Scratch, Honest John's Dealership, 10-Minute Retirement, Ring Around the Collar, Mickey Mousing, Really Dead Montage, Single-Stroke Battle, Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe, Gross-Out Show, Brit Com, Author Avatar, Fashionable Asymmetry, The Zotz, Seiza Squirm, Yes, but What Does Zataproximetacine DO?, Not Quite Starring, Spaceship Girl, Standard Snippet, Forgotten Theme Tune Lyrics, BGM, Let's Split Up, Gang!, So Last Season...oh, and Dark Sasami, I created that. Okay, I lied about forgetting.


I fail at italicizing names of series. Looney Toons holds the world record for fixing my references to titles.

Some things I ought to write (or somebody ought to):

  • You Insensitive Clod
Until the plot requires it, nobody can tell how hilariously miserable they're making the poor protagonist.

Need to add the anime version.

  • The Pitch
"It'll be sensational. It's the story of a young man who goes back in time, discovers he's gay and has to let his new lover die to save history. I call it: City on the Edge of Seventeen!"

The stupid throwaway show/movie pitch scene is how you know you're in a producer's office, in the same way that the Landing Gear Shot is how you know you've just travelled. It's done to death but I can't think of any examples.

Fireworks = orgasm and such.