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This couple is having sex. That couple is having sex. And that couple is having sex, too. And a few other couples are having sex, maybe. Usually all at once, but not necessarily. Usually not an orgy. The narrative goes from couple to couple to couple, and sometimes singles and threesomes. More rarely, it's used with one couple, to show that they are getting busy a lotInsatiable Newlyweds, for example, or a couple that has finally consummated their Will They or Won't They?.

This trope can also be a tool to emphasize the differences between character's sex lives, such as as contrasting between someone really good in bed to someone being really bad at it; Showing one person or couple who is not having sex — or the one person / couple engaging in very vigorous and regular sex. Or used to contrast how good characters have satisfying and romantic sex while evil ones have aggressive and unemotional sex.

Sub-Trope of Right Now Montage, when this is done for Slice of Life scenes in general, not only sex.


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    Anime and Manga 

  • Futari Ecchi: Done when the inhabitants of Makoto and Yura's apartment complex go on a hot spring trip with everyone. Since Makoto, Yura, and their various neighbors are in the older section, the walls are thin enough that they can hear their neighbors at it. When they are literally surrounded in all directions by couples having sex in their rooms, Makoto and Yura join in with their own fun.

    Comic Books 
  • Red Ears: One comic shows a montage of couples having sex around the globe, except for the last one.

    Fan Works 
  • In the Parody Fic Hardcore Entertainment presents: Seven Does Voyager, the captain of Voyager finally authorises everyone other than the Official Couple to have sex. Coitus ensues.
    We see a montage of shots from throughout the ship. Everywhere — in turbolifts, in Jeffries tubes, in shuttles and photon torpedo launchers, on Bridge consoles and Sickbay beds and by the throbbing phallic heights of the pulsating warp core — the crew are fucking like they haven't had sex in seven years. Raven-haired Bajoran Maquis are rubbing their crinkled noses along the steaming slits of beautiful Suxfleet blondes. Tall handsome analysts are servicing the needs of muscle-bound security officers. A daisy chain of thirty female ensigns stretches from Main Engineering to Deflector Control, supervised by an equal number of masturbating male crewmen.

    Films — Animation 
  • Sausage Party has a montage of the characters engaging in a "Food Orgy," with many a sexual Visual Innuendo.
  • The ending of the “Little Red Riding Hood” segment of the adult animated film “Once Upon A Girl” had Red enter a wedding chapel naked after having been raped by two hunters, she begins arousing people and giving them blow jobs and soon it results in an orgy.

    Films — Live Action 
  • Amélie
    "How many people are having orgasms right now?"
  • American Pie's virginity loss sequence.
  • American Pie 2 features an aftermath montage near the end.
  • A Fish Called Wanda: Kevin Kline and Jamie Lee Curtis are preparing for a night of wild sex, and John Cleese and Maria Aitken... aren't.
  • Beyond the Valley of the Dolls:
    • Harris having sex with Ashley in her Rolls Royce is intercut with his ex-girlfriend Kelly (who he's moping about) having sex with her new lover Lance.
    • Another montage occurs when Z-Man makes a toast to the Carrie Nations, showing the band's members having sex with their respective love interests.
  • Colette: One is shown with Colette and Willy going to have sex with Georgie in her house alternately, which Colette's unaware of at first.
  • The end of the 1999 film version of A Midsummer Nights Dream has the three main couples head upstairs for their wedding nights. Puck's ending narration plays over this.
  • Played for Laughs in Norbit, where Norbit and his wife Rasputia are shown having sex several times, including during special occasions. As Rasputia weighs several hundred kilos, however, most of the montage scenes basically involve her body-slamming the unfortunate Norbit and him squeaking out greetings in comical despair.
  • Delicatessen features one of these wherein only one couple is actually having sex, but the activities of everyone else in the apartment building sync up to the same ever-quickening rhythm. The couple is the Butcher and his mistress. It's to show how everyone in the building is dancing to his rhythm, as it were.
  • Suite 16 at one point intersperses a montage of one of the main characters having sex with a variety of prostitutes whilst the other one watches him do so on a hidden camera. It's... a pretty creepy film.
  • Salige Er De Som Torster', a Norwegian thriller, has an opening that cuts back and forth between two sex scenes (one straight and one lesbian, the later one with the heroine) and the brutal rape that starts of the central plot of the movie.
  • One of many porno movies called Sugar Pussy about two white blonde lesbians and two uncut Latino men who abduct three blonde white women.
  • Good Luck Chuck: Charlie is shown having sex with many women in a variety of positions when he decides to take advantage of his "power".
  • Friends with Benefits: When Jamie and Dylan first start with their arrangement.
  • Seducing Dr Lewis has one to show how the entire little fishing village used to have good sex when the fishing was still strong and plentiful.
  • A sex montage makes up about a third of the Greek slasher film Razor.
  • There's a hilariously raunchy one in Deadpool, as Wade and his girlfriend Vanessa have holiday sex throughout the year— all set to Neil Sedaka's "Calendar Girl". Valentine's Day, naturally, is played straight, but after that:
  • She Hate Me: There are multiple ones showing Jack while having sex with the women who'd paid him to impregnate them.
  • Sarah Polley's Take This Waltz has a four-minute sex montage, Time-Passes Montage, Orbital Shot, and use of the eponymous Leonard Cohen song, showing main character Margot (Michelle Williams, doing her then-trademark full nudity) settling into her relationship with Second Love Daniel (Luke Kirby). Since the Aesop of the story is that even happy marriages are hard and you shouldn't blow yours up just because you happen to meet someone that gets your gonads racing, the montage inevitably dissolves into scenes of banality similar to those of Margot's marriage, suggesting it was All for Nothing.
  • Young & Wild: Daniela is shown having sex with Antonia and Tomás while reflecting on her loving and desiring them both.
  • Concussion (2013) shows a montage of Abby's different "dates" as a sex worker—some of them putting to use blindfolds or restraints.
  • Feast of Love: Scenes of Diana with David, then Chloe and Oscar, are interspersed while both couples have sex.
  • Theresa & Allison: Theresa is shown seducing several women to have sex with and then feed on during her flashbacks while relating her past.
  • Knock Knock (2015): Evan is shown having sex with Bel and Genesis alternately in the shower and then on his bed in a long sequence with different positions.
  • The Book of Revelation: Daniel is shown having sex with women in succession while trying to find his rapists, since one woman had a distinctive red birthmark on her buttocks, another a tattoo between her breasts and he checks through seeing them nude as they do it.
  • Daddy Issues: Jasmine is shown having sex with Simon and Maya in alternating scenes.
  • Steam (2007): Laurie and Elizabeth both are shown having sex with their new partners while the camera moves from one couple to another.

  • At least two passages in Gravity's Rainbow feature a panorama of random sex acts. Probably more squick than sexy, however.
  • House of Leaves features a brief part where Johnny reviews a list of his friend Lude's sexcapades of the past month, many of which involve some rather eyebrow-raising activities (golden showers, wetsuits, threesomes, etc). However, Johnny immediately deconstructs this trope by mentally giving each girl a tragic backstory (abortions, rape, Parental Incest, prostitution, etc.) It's that kind of book.
  • Used in Best Served Cold, in a scene that initially looks like estranged lovers Shivers and Monza patching things up, but slowly reveals that they're not having sex with each other.

    Live Action TV 
  • Big Love (a couple times, at least)
  • "Black Mirror" episode "Be Right Back" we see the Android Ash having vigorous sex with Martha in different positions showing he's much better at sex than the human Ash was overwhelming Martha.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer did this in "Touched", except with one of the couples (Buffy and Spike) very pointedly not having sex. Buffy was still recovering from Spike's Attempted Rape the previous year. They do Security Cling however.
  • Control Z: In "New Pleasures", we see seven characters having sex interspersed. Sofia and Raúl have sex a second time. Alex is shown having sex with Gabi. Gerry has his first time with a man, Pipe. Rosita is shown while enjoying her threeway with Ernesto and Dario (while in the latter case he can't actually perform).
  • The opening ten minutes of the first episode of Dante's Cove.
  • This is how Glee shot "Like a Virgin" in the Madonna Episode, with three couples. Until it turns out to only be a shared fantasy between the three virgins, and only one of the couples actually has sex.
  • Intimate: Episode four cuts between three sex scenes during its, ahem, climax (Oskar and Ruby, while filming a sex scene, start doing it for real; Alice lets Bruno go down on her; Leo attempts to let Florian fuck him, but he’s still too sore from just having cheated on him).
  • The L Word (season 5 Liquid Heat)
  • The TV movie The Rat Pack has a humorous take on this, showing the hotel rooms of the members of the titular group in sequence (made easier by the simple mechanic of giving them rooms in a vertical stack so all the camera has to do is a slow pan up the building). The activities depicted within become increasingly risque up to the penultimate shot of Frank Sinatra with two women... with the final shot showing Dean Martin sitting up in bed, alone, quietly reading a newspaper and drinking a glass of milk.
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager did a strange variant of this with the main female characters going solo night after night. They got bored of it within a week.
  • Sex and the City (Season 4, What's Sex Got to Do with It?) Charlotte's having great sex with her ex-husband, Carrie's having great sex with a guy with ADHD, Samantha's having great lesbian sex, and Miranda is eating junk food and watching television.
  • A run-of-the-mill episode of General Hospital ended like this—two couples reconciling after an estrangement, one celebrating their engagement, and for another two couples, it was simply a nice way to cap off a lovely day.
  • A similar episode on One Life to Live. What's touching is that one of the couples in question didn't have sex. She was still recovering from her rape and so they settled for snuggling together.
  • The Affair: When Noah is separated from his wife at the end of season 1, he's shown hooking up with a number of women in quick succession.
  • In Antonia's Line, Danielle's falling in love with Ms. Anderson is followed by the narrator saying "and then love burst out all over", followed by a montage of all the couples in the house humping away.
  • Rome: Julius Caesar has sex with Cleopatra while his soldiers fight off a hostile crowd outside, intercut with Servilia having sex with Octavia back in Rome.
  • 7 Yüz: The episode "Eşitlik" begins with a montage of men masturbating with enthusiasm to the same amateur sex tape (as well as three college-aged women, who are hate-watching it with pointed disgust).
  • She's Gotta Have It: These occur multiple times, mostly showing Nola while having sex with various people, but also Greer once when relating his conquests.
  • The Sex Lives of College Girls: In "I Think I'm A Sex Addict" Kimberly and Nico are shown having sex multiple times in one day with different positions.
  • You Me Her: One occurs in "Check A Box" when Emma and Jack have sex in a variety of positions.
  • Sex/Life: Billie and Sasha both have sex with their new boyfriends in "Georgia on My Mind", the scenes being interspersed. It's later repeated with "Future Starts Today" when Sasha's single again and she's shown having sex with multiple men in succession.

  • mothy's The Lunacy of Duke Venomania from the Evillious Chronicles has the titular duke sleeping with several women he brainwashed into his harem. Its PV shows several (censored) images of him having sex with the individual women during each chorus.
  • After an entire video full of incredibly blatant Visual Innuendo, Hot Action Cop's Fever for the Flava climaxes with apparently the whole city getting it on at once.

  • Avenue Q: "You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want (When You're Making Love)" starts with Kate and Princeton having loud, nasty sex, then includes snippets (shown in silhouette) of Christmas Eve and Brian's sex life, and a brief glimpse of Trekkie Monster masturbating while on his computer. Gary and the Bad Idea Bears (who in some productions also start screwing each other) sing as everybody around them moans.
  • RENT: "Contact" has everybody having sex, but once Angel dies, their sex turns uncomfortable and all their personal problems bubble up, except for Collins who just sits there alone. This was obviously cut out of the movie version.
  • Danced around (literally) in Company's "Tick-Tock": all the couples can be heard but not seen.

  • Ménage à 3 features a lot of sex and occasional montages, if not perhaps a huge number fitting this trope's definition. A notably kinky instance, though, is the April 16, 2016 strip, which illustrates the development of Peggy's kink-heavy relationship with Gary.
  • Toward the end of the "Behind Closed Doors" storyline of Penny and Aggie, there's a montage of what Stan and Michelle, as well as various plot-unimportant couples, are thinking about post-coitus.

    Web Original