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Wiki admin helper. Lumper, in search of the Ur-Trope.

Happens to be a snake-bit, rabid C.J. Cherryh fan who could bore you for days about the minutia of things she wrote in the '70's,'80's, '90's, and last week. Also enamored of the whole cyberpunk crew, to which he adds Neil Stephenson, just to piss off Bruce Sterling, who does really great stuff when he is pissed off. Is pretty sure, after sufficient ethanol, that Heinlein never really expired and is now operating under the name "John Varley", a pseudonym he established in the '70's so he would not get overexposed in the mag Analog.

Joss Whedon? Tim Minear? The Will states that he shall be interred wearing a Brown Coat.

Left of center, politically, with libertarian ideals. In short ... conflicted. Seriously conflicted. Like "seek professional help" conflicted. Which he will not do, because he likes being ... me.

Rats. You now know that I wrote all that myself.

Little anecdote: A couple of months after the wiki got rolling, Janitor, Gus, me and a few others were lolling around with a few brewskis on a lazy afternoon. Gus was going on about how he was a bit worried about how people were just piling on the examples — some tropes were catching like 10 to 20 "examples" — way more than were needed to illustrate the concept. He and I began to brainstorm ways you might go about curtailing that activity. Janitor interrupted us with "Are you nuts?", giving us the Hairy Eyeball.

We were like "Huh?"

Beer, you know. Makes you witty and eloquent.

"It is about the examples, dorkwoods!"

Yes, she said "dorkwoods." It is one of her Janitorisms. Another one is "fimbroid", which is, I'm pretty sure, something insulting. Anyway ...

"Can't you see that people are having a great time with the examples? That they are suiting stuff to the things that they are familiar with, making it theirs?"

We were into "Oh." Sheepish-like, with that "blew-a-question-on-the-final" feeling.

This all took place before we had discussion pages, so there was a lot of guessing going on about what people were interested in. Hard to image the place, now, without discussion pages and YKTTW and all that.

The Aesop: The wiki is going where it is going. Hang on for the ride!

—- Note to self: The ratio of critics to creators is something like 10,000:1. The ratio of good critics to bad: 1:10,000, where "good" means "Helps to advance the art."

Alternative Title(s): Grand High Administrator Person