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Everything's Better with Dinosaurs

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See, this is what Jurassic Park should've done.

Roy: But the rooster was determined to get it back with the aid of his trained dinosaurs!
Orson: Trained dinosaurs? Where did the trained dinosaurs come from?
Roy: Same place all those ninjas came from.
U.S. Acres, "The Name Game"

Well, it's true. Dinosaurs are cool. No exceptions.

Since dinosaurs actually existed in the past, some writers like to throw them into their stories. In many cases, this makes no sense at all, but when dinosaurs show up, we're generally in the realm of awesome for the sake of awesome. Generally, the dinosaurs seen will be restricted to a few well-known types.

The essence of this trope is the presence of dinosaurs which are not ultimately critical to the plot. If the story would be essentially the same without dinosaurs, it's an example. On the other hand, if dinosaurs are integral to the premise, it's not an example.

Note that just because a series provides a reason for there to be dinosaurs does not mean it isn't an example of this trope. Sure, a dinosaur altmode might very well be a good idea for a Transformer, but the real reason for a dinosaur form is to appeal to young boys.


Despite the name of this trope, it can cover examples that are not technically dinosaurs. Other extinct reptiles, like pterosaurs, plesiosaurs, and dimetrodons would fall under this trope. And while it may be a stretch, since we don't have individual tropes for Everything is Better with Woolly Mammoths/Woolly Rhinos/Saber-tooth Cats/etc., these examples would get grouped here.

See also Dinosaurs Are Dragons (in which case this trope overlaps with Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!) and Artistic License – Paleontology. Compare Dinosaur Media.


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     Fan Fic  

  • The Fighting Fantasy gamebook Island Of The Lizard King involved the reader trying to assassinate the king of a race of lizardmen. For no particular reason, one of said lizardmen is seen riding a Styracosaurus at one point.


    Newspaper Comics 
  • Calvin and Hobbes gives us Tyrannosaurs in F-14s, as you can see on this page.
    Calvin: This is so cool!
    Hobbes: This is so stupid.
  • Jason Fox of FoxTrot has a major dinosaur obsession. He once sent an electronic message to the White House saying "increase dinosaur DNA research" over and over again.
  • In Dilbert, dinosaurs aren't extinct; they're just hiding in your furniture. Bob the Dinosaur managed to evade humans for years thanks to wearing tennis shoes for fast running. All of the "fossils" that are discovered in modern times were purchased at dinosaur prank novelty stores and thrown into tarpits just to fool people.
  • The Far Side used dinosaurs (together with cavemen) as a common subject. In fact, the scientific name for a stegosaur's tail (thagomizer) is derived from a comic where a caveman explains that it is derived from "the late Thag Simmons".


     Professional Wrestling 

     Theme Parks 

     Web Video 
  • Lee in SourceFed loves dinosaurs. This little fact turned into a Running Gag of epic proportions.
  • Tier Zoo did an episode that discussed how well dinosaurs would do in the modern day. It turns out that several dinosaurs including the Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex would be considered Awesome, but Impractical thanks to the differences in wildlife back then and now. Dromaeosaurs, Stegosaurs and Ankylosaurs would be able to dominate the meta thanks to still having the tools needed to survive.

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