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Your dreams come true, or your money back!

Want to go to the ball? Wish your life sized doll would come to life and be your foster child? Need A Christmas Miracle, and you feel that asking Santa would be overburdening him this time of year? Well fortunately Trope Co.® has plenty of Fairy Godmothers ready for you to hire!

They'll make you the best Pimped-Out Dress for the gala, make your doll animate as it learns to be a real child*, and help with whatever crisis is harming you this holiday season.

Don't worry about any costs for their Magic Wand. They supply their own, and you won't be charged for its use as long as you don't directly cause damage to it (and if you need a fairy godmother in the first place, you really can't afford to replace one).

Now some of you wondering if some of these wishes wear off When the Clock Strikes Twelve. That's just our free trial version. Depending on the price, your wish can last for days, or even be permanent. All have the option to be paid at once, or in installment plans.


Now this is important, don't sign any contracts the fairy godmother asks you to. All contracts will have been drawn up by us acting as the middle man. If the fairy godmother asks you to sign another, report it to us immediately. We have a zero tolerance policy for our agents doing fraudulent activity.

* You may need to hire a tutor to teach your new child right from wrong, but we can guarantee that even without one, the child won't be possessed by a serial killer.


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