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Trope Co / Light 'em Up

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Is your world in need of a beacon of hope?

Is your town plagued with shadow demons?

Are you afraid of the dark but too lazy to hit the light-switch?

Then light 'em up with Light 'em Up™!

With Light 'em Up™, Trope Co.® can provide you with the perfect grab-bag of light-based powers! Blind your foes with a flash-bang, zap obstacles with Eye Beams, melt solid rock with The Power of the Sun and banish evil to The Sacred Darkness from whence it came!

Call 555-555-TROPECO. That's 555-555-TROPECO.

If you take any respiratory medication or any other Trope Co.®-brand Elemental Powers™, ask your doctor before trying Light 'em Up™.

Please consult Trope Co.® product user manual when using Light 'em Up™. Failure to adhere to instructions may result in permanent ocular damage and radiation burns.

Do not touch any user of Casting a Shadow™, lest [REDACTED] occur.


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