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Say now, doesn't that look swell?

Hi. My name is Hugh. Hugh Mann, Head of the Trope Co.® Senior Relations. We at Trope Co.® would like to offer all you Earth people a once in a life-time opportunity.

Deep in the heart of your planet beats a rhythm. An echo. A murmur. At the Central Trope Co.® Spa Resort, feel all of your needs mysteriously be replaced with Trope Co.®-brand sunshine and ice-cream by our Trope Co.® professionals. Take a lovely swim at our pool, feel groomed at our cleansing spa. New, freshly-hosed sheets for your nest every night. The aphrodisiac-scented candles to keep your opposite-sex roommates safe and content.

Central Trope Co.® Spa Resort. All Earth people receive free admission.



We at Trope Co.® cordially invite you to the latest exhibit of our Trope Co.® People Zoo; fresh, new, young human specimens.

You've seen the Live Anal Probing demonstrations, you've seen the Tinfoil Hat yokels returned to their natural habitat and you've seen their mating habits on Trope Co.®'s Happy Times with Scuzzo. Now see them live in our new exhibit.

Take the kids to visit the petting zoo and feed them Reese's Pieces™ and pet the man-cubs. Observe the Exploding Fish Tanks in our Jihad Aquariums. See the lawyers and defendants battle over clients.


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