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Trope Co / The Beautiful Elite

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Because no natural human can pull off wearing an ermine wrap with spiked bracelets and a tank top.

Say you've put out a casting call for your latest young adult show, or are looking for models for your new Fashion Magazine, but for some reason you can't find people who fit the typical beauty standards for these works.

Trope Co.® is here to tell you a secret. Those people don't really exist in real life. If you think you've seen any, those are just decoys we've seeded around the world to fool the populace at large. But those people simply aren't born, they are made. Yes, The Beautiful Elite are one of our most prevalent secrets!

Don't worry. They aren't aliens, robots, or shapeshifters. They are human underneath (which means that, yes, beauty is only skin deep), just either grown through genetic engineering or are normal humans given body modifications.

This does mean that, no, you don't have the wrong figure or face to be in movies... or you won't have those when we're done. If you're willing to put up with some black magic and forbidden technology, Trope Co will change your look into someone worthy of launching a thousand ships.


If you've heard that some procedures make you look animated, that's only temporary. You'll get a few roles in anime, and if you're lucky, become the latest Disney Princess! Then once it wears off, you can reprise your role in the Live-Action Adaptation.

WARNING: Do not try to achieve this look through an immortality potion. It's a pyramid scheme.


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