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Trope Co / Nightmare Fuel

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Tired of sleeping peacefully at night? Have someone you want to share some unpleasant dreams with? Look no further! We at Trope Co.™ have just the item for you!

Introducing Nightmare Fuel, the Squick-inducing, bad-dream generating wonder substance that causes sweet dreams to turn sour and pleasant fantasies to take a left turn into Clive Barker territory. Available in both easy-dose liquid and convenient gel-caps, one dose of Nightmare Fuel™ will give you terrifying visions guaranteed to keep you awake for days!


Comes in regular and vomit flavors, and in two great strengths — regular, for run-of-the-mill bad dreams, and extra-strength High Octane formula (for extra-horrific visions).note 

* Warning: Not for use on or by pregnant or nursing women, children under 13, drug users, horror fiction writers, and Nightmare Fuel Station Attendants and/or Nightmare Fetishists. Consult your psychotherapist immediately if you fear you have accidentally overdosed on Nightmare Fuel. Also, for best results, please do not mix with Fetish Fuel, as unpredictable results may occur.

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