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Partially inspired by Trope Title Shows, this is a JFF index for trope names that could form the basis of whole episodes of your favorite shows. For a template, we will attempt to populate a conceptual fanfic for a sibling team of third generation Super Sentai, filling the general episode structure of one, or feel free to assign trope named episodes to existing shows (preferably with its place between episodes in continuity).


    Reiju Sentai Tamaranger 
  • Rule of Three: The series premiere. After their grandfather faced the sprawling crisis of Sekhmet and their parents took on the heartless and dangerous Tribunal back in their day, the third generation of Rangers - Chris, Tina, Angel, Sam and Kitty - finally learn what all their lifelong training was leading up to when a totally new threat, the generationally-relevant despite possible links to the previous two threats Chain Gang, rear their ugly heads and make themselves known.
  • Five-Man Band: Episode 2 sees our fledgling young heroes learn to better solidify their teamwork, helped in part by something Chris and Sam have already learned - their Muggles friends Robbie, Baz and Ram form an unofficial Boy Band with them for a school project, and the brothers apply their experience to turn their own sibling team into an all new Super Sentai.
  • Power Gives You Wings: In present day, firstborn son and Red ranger Chris has to come to terms with the possible limitations of his special ability, summoning blazing energy wings from his back for both flight and defense, as flashbacks to his childhood reveal how he first discovered it. Thanks to hindsight, his perpetually supportive parents Aaron and Annie (due to them being second-gen Rangers) inspire him in the present to channel the energies from his blazing wings to create the Firebird Blazeblaster team cannon.
  • Face of the Band: Firstborn daughter Tina has always been the popular one - cheery and gregarious and quite the singer and dancer too. In truth, being one of twins has always given Tina the subconscious need to further distinguish herself, even if they're male and female twins. Annie, coincidentally the previous Pink ranger, had a long talk with her, culminating in a sword sparring session where Tina learns that Annie learning from Aaron's two-hand sword kata also helped her with developing a kata better suited for the smaller sword he always used. This, along with Tina's insistence that Chris stay at guitar practice, allow Tina to better handle their next battle by calling the shots, and earning the team a new weapon they never really had to rely on before - public opinion.
  • The Big Guy: Sam's focus episode. As TamaBlack, he is the only Ranger who grows twice his height when morphed, as the only way to better control his Super Strength that he's been cursed with as a child. As flashbacks show how his father basically segregated him from his own siblings for all their safety, and how it affected him growing up, Sam gains some well-delayed insight, and channels the one thing he did inherit wholly from his father - his creativity - and comes up with his own Fastball Special Finishing Move.
  • Crazy Cat Lady: Kitty's focus episode. The official explanation for her unique cat-like traits is that Annie was volunteering at a pet shelter and got scratched by a cat while pregnant with her, but even the pseudoscience of Super Sentai can't explain it for certain. Rather than focus on the inspiration from the previous Yellow rangers (Eva/DamaYellow from her father's team and Mohan/Bakuranger from her grandfather's), Kitty learns to embrace it, and develops a new Cat Scratch Finishing Move.
  • I Work Alone: The five get together with their old friend Wendell, actually the only child of single mother and second generation Green ranger Danielle, who grew apart from her generation after rumors that the child could be Aaron's. While Wendells mostly on good terms with the five, his lack of their interest in music means he's never truly connected with them. Not helping things is the battle with the Chain Gang's newest conscript, the monster general Ripsaw, whereupon Wendell reveals that he was the third generation Green ranger the whole time.
  • Wolverine Publicity: Wendell realises the downside of stepping up to fight alongside his friends - sharing in their attention.
  • Granola Girl: Another second generation Ranger, Blue ranger Damien returns for a visit, with his child and another of the five's childhood friends (and still Sam's major crush), Amy. Unlike all of them though, Amy was always closely sheltered and never got to be around a lot of regular animals, not to mention the Tamajuu beasts reared by the Rangers - but a visit to the secret animal sanctuary keeping non-combat beasts from the general public led to an unlikely bond between Amy and the White Sheep Tamajuu. To nobody's surprise at all, Amy joins the team as the third generation White ranger.
  • The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: Pink ranger Tina and Blue ranger Angel may appear to be on the best of terms, but beneath the surface, something has been simmering for a long time. Angel may be the second daughter but is significantly taller, more graceful and polite, and just generally more mature, to the extent that the other siblings defer to her judgment out of habit. Tina learns to shrug off her inadequacies despite her own considerable talents, but the inevitable duel with Angel may yet tear them apart, particularly since this episode has Tina's Mid-Season Upgrade from her usual sword weapon (identical to what Chris uses) to a new Bifurcated Weapon.

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