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So you need to kidnap someone to lure the hero to your lair. But for some reason, just grabbing someone close to him isn't an option. Lois Lane is out of town, and all the Action Girls have learned to overcome the Standard Female Grab Area.

But heroes are willing to rescue strangers in the right circumstances. That's why Trope Co.® is able to provide you with your own Distressed Damsel. We found some Upper Class Twits are willing to do anything if they are bored/drunk/hypnotized enough. So for a reasonable fee, they let you kidnap them, and the hero comes to the rescue.

If a rich ditz isn't an option, we also have a pool of interns who don't mind being kidnapped, or they just do what we tell them to (if they know what's good for them). Either way you have a ready hostage.

Just don't actually hurt them, either physically, mentally, or sexually (unless they first agree to any of those, and sign a waiver). We have successfully sued over such misuse of our people in the past. And harming your hostages has been strongly linked to a more damaging defeat to people like you due to the laws of Karma; Trope Co. assumes no responsibility for that situation. These people are just here to help you get your nemesis.


Be wary of defective products that might end up kicking you in the butt instead (this goes double if you don't heed our advice and mistreat them).


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