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With our help, Kate Upton looked stunning while Going Fur a Swim in Antarctica.

Say your Winter Royal Lady doesn't look thematically regal enough. Say your ice themed superhero doesn't have the right look for the costume. Say a figure skater just needs that perfect costume to fit the routine. Say your characters are looking around ancient civilizations in the Himalayas, but it's visually boring to have them wear a bunch of parkas. Well just chill, as Trope Co.® will gladly offer you the latest and best of any kind of An Ice Suit™!

Whether it's just a neat looking jacket, an ice themed spacesuit, a winter-themed Leotard of Power, or a snowy Pimped-Out Dress, we will ensure your characters look as appealing as possible (on the show and the action figures).

Which color do you need? White and silver look great, but we recommend blue. We currently offer a discount on deep blue and ice blue dye, as those make a wonderful contrast for the outfit (and certainly not because we have a surplus from a previous deal that went bad).


Trimmings and accessories also matter. Any of these can be enhanced with some fur (especially white fur against falling snow), or snowflake symbols, or anything that looks like icicles on the suit (say the Utility Belt or Cool Crown). If one doesn't have any ice powers, just include a Freeze Ray (or ice arrows and a blizzard blade if your setting isn't modern). Don't forget to include some cold resistant materials if the wearer doesn't have immunity to cold (or even fire).

We also include your choice of Loincloth, Fur Bikini, and any other Grim Up North appropriate Pelts of the Barbarian.

Operators are standing by, and they won't give you the... cold shoulder!note