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"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous."

Isn't it rude to interrupt someone mid-sentence by kissing them? Apparently not. Especially if you're dancing The Masochism Tango — skip the Slap Slap and get right to the kiss.

The cute version occurs when one character is babbling nervously, either because they get tongue-tied around the object of their affections or because they are trying to apologize for something, and the other cuts them off with a kiss to show that they understand. A wordless solution to Cannot Spit It Out.

May also be used on someone pointlessly rambling on, intentionally trying to evade said kiss. Saying "Shut up and kiss me!" is optional but not recommended. Which partner gives and receives is gender indiscriminate. Double points if it's the First Kiss. "Kiss me, you fool!" is the flirtatious variant, for when the partner hesitates too long.

Frequently a way to resolve Will They or Won't They? in favor of "They Will".

May lead to Post-Kiss Catatonia. Not to be confused (or at least not necessarily) with the "Take That!" Kiss. Often overlaps with Forceful Kiss.

For sans kissing Sister Tropes, see Finger Muzzle and Cooldown Hug.

Compare Kiss of Distraction.

The page quote is actually attested word for word as an old Iranian proverb.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Ayakashi Triangle:
    • When Matsuri says he can't date Suzu until he becomes male again, Suzu jets forward trying to kiss him, which Matsuri reflexively dodges as if it was an attack.
    • In the manga's ending, Matsuri decides to stay a girl for the rest of high school, which Suzu assumes means they can't date. Matsuri kisses her on the spot to show otherwise.
  • This is Aya and Tooya's First Kiss in Ceres, Celestial Legend. Aya and Tooya hide in a tree while the former is being hunted down by her family. She begins to freak out just as they pass by, he needs her to stay quiet... so... yeah.
  • In the first chapter of Citrus, when Yuzu discussing with Mei, her new step-sister, about the time when she caught her and a homeroom teacher kissing at the back of the school, Mei used the trope on Yuzu, in turn stealing the latter's first kiss.
    • As it turns out in chapter 4, Mei took the trope more literally, as she coldly explained to Yuzu that it was the most effective way to shut her up. Yuzu took it personally.
  • Claudine: Claude kisses Maura when she's grieving over her father's sudden death. Claude's mom catches them and they have a huge fight, which leads to Claude going to the psychiatrist for the second time.
  • Inverted in Code Geass, where Kallen kisses Lelouch to get him to talk instead of giving her the silent treatment. It doesn't work. The reason is because Lelouch is minutes away from making himself the enemy of the world to set up his self-sacrificial Zero Requiem, and he doesn't want to drag Kallen into following him.
  • Cross Ange: Ange gives Tusk one of these as she initiates Their First Time, right after slapping him a couple of times because she thought he was an illusion created by Embryo. While he protests to the kiss at first likely due to her emotional state (she was suffering a huge Heroic BSoD before Tusk managed to return to her, as she was under the assumption that she watched him die), he ultimately quiets down after Ange breaks the kiss and tells him not to say anything more. Tusk does as she says, and it goes smoothly from there.
  • D.N.Angel: Dark does this to one of the Harada sisters in an early episode.
  • Light Yagami does this to Misa in Death Note. Not because he loves her, but to make her do what he says by keeping her infatuated.
  • Defense Devil: The first thing Idamaria does to Kucabara when he comes back in the finale is punch him across the face and yell at him. This is what he does immediately afterward.
  • This trope features in the highly dramatic and sad climax of Destiny of the Shrine Maiden, with Himeko "shut up" kissing Chikane to cut off her "I Am a Monster" speech, before telling her how much she loves her as Chikane dies in her arms.
  • Haou Airen: Hakuron does this to Kurumi in the first chapter to keep the panicked girl from having a Freak Out and revealing his position to his pursuers.
  • In Haruhi Suzumiya Kyon kisses Haruhi herself in the middle of her Freak Out, not only leaving her speechless but saving the universe at the same time.
  • Junjou Romantica: Usami uses this to stop Misaki's crying.
  • In Junsui Adolescence Nanao and Matsumoto's first kiss is of this variety.
  • In Love So Life, Rio pulls this on Takeru while he's still reeling from her confession.
  • In Marmalade Boy after Yuu shoves Miki into his closet and gets in there with her. Miki panics that they'll get caught and Yuu shuts her up with a smooch that leads to some torrid stuff in that same closet. And to him finding some stuff that will bring trouble later.
  • Done at in the last moments of Martian Successor Nadesico, where Akito kisses Yurika to both shut her up and to complete the last minute Deus ex Machina.
  • In Chapter 252 of Negima! Magister Negi Magi, Konoka does this to Setsuna for their Pactio when the latter was stammering like she usually does around the former.
  • Kaji does this to a drunk and distraught Misato on Neon Genesis Evangelion. After she had thrown up earlier...which casts considerable doubt on Misato's claim that Kaji is just a "chauvinistic pig" who's only after sex. Sure he flirts with almost every woman he meets, but to kiss Misato in those circumstances? That takes genuine love. Moreover, it was interrupting Misato's drunken self-reprimand in which she was calling herself immature and selfish. Kaji kept telling her to stop, in an increasingly upset tone, indicating he hated seeing her in such a state of low self-esteem and took it upon himself to prove to her that she was indeed worthy of love.
  • In Chapter 2 of Sakura Trick, Haruka is throwing a tantrum, so Yuu kisses her out of it. Naturally, Haruka takes the opportunity to playfully ask her for another kiss, otherwise, she'll throw another tantrum.
  • So, I Can't Play H!: Done by Lisara at the end of of her love confession to Ryosuke, in episode 12, so he'd stop arguing with her and return to his body.
    Lisara: (smiles tearfully) "Still ready to die, dummy?"
  • In Sola, Masuri does this to Yorito after the latter's discovery that he's really a paper golem constructed by his sister and isn't sure whether he's human or not.
  • In Sword Art Online episode 10, Kirito does this to Asuna when she says she'll leave him alone from now on since she feels like she's been causing trouble for him.
  • This occurs at the end of the 7th Urusei Yatsura ending theme, "Open Invitation". Lum starts chewing Ataru out for some reason; Ataru responds with a smooch. Ironically, it's one of the only times the two kiss in the 1981 anime, outside of an Accidental Kiss or two in the early series.
  • In Okami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji Kyoya puts one on Erika. It only works while they're kissing though, she goes right back to barking at him after it.
  • Towards the end of the first season of You're Under Arrest!, Natsumi knocks off early so she could make it to the airport before Toukairin's departure. After she catches her breath, she gives him a piece of her mind for throwing their last arm-wrestling contest and for not manning up about his feelings for her. Toukairin cuts her off with a kiss, so he can finally get a word in edgewise. She gets the message, and gives him The Big Damn Kiss in return.

    Comic Books 
  • Colossus did this to Kitty Pryde during Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men. She attempted to confront him about the state of their relationship, got cold feet and started to babble. What else could he do?
    • Ultimate X-Men has Iceman do this to Kitty Pryde right when she is having a lengthy rant accusing him of deliberately going out with Rogue to avoid physical intimacy. Instead of him getting Megaton Punched for this, Kitty starts responding quite warmly...right up until Rogue catches them and literally knocks her unconscious with one punch.
  • In Dark Wolverine #84, Daken and Bullseye
  • Judge Dredd: Judge Galen DeMarco is having affairs with other Judges (which are illegal) when Judge Dredd, who's taken her under his wing, tries to lecture her on learning to prioritize her duties over her own desires. It's clear that she's attracted to Dredd himself, but since he's too thick to take the hint, she spontaneously kisses him during an argument. This surprises him so much that he chooses not to report it.
  • A Little Something Special: One that goes horribly wrong. The Beagle Boys show up in the Money Bin when Scrooge is away, disguised as the Duck's friends and relatives thanks to a transmutation wand belonging to Magica DeSpell. Donald gets wary when he sees "Daisy" consorting with "Gladstone", his romantic rival. He decides to plant a kiss on "her" just when damage to Magica's wand causes them to (partially) transform back to their real forms. Poor Donald has to reach for the Brain Bleach afterwards.
  • In Lori Lovecraft: The Road to Kadath, Lori kisses Dreadful Musician Dickie Duncan to stop him from singing and insulting their host.
  • In The New Teen Titans, Starfire did this to Robin. She said it was so she could assimilate English into her mind. Ri-i-i-i-i-ight. And it led to this exchange:
    Robin: You had to kiss me to do that?
    Starfire: Not really. But it was certainly more fun this way.
  • Scott Pilgrim did this not once, but twice, in the same scene. Ramona was trying to apologize to him and he kissed her (guess that means she was forgiven). When she pulled away to finish her apology, he kissed her again. The third time, he just flat out told her to shut up so they could make out.
  • It gets complicated in Sleepless — Sir Cyrenic is magically bound to protect Lady Poppy with an enchantment that prevents him from sleeping, and the two have built up quite a bit of will-they-or-won't-they tension. When Poppy threatens to release Cyrenic from his vows (in order to prevent Cyrenic from killing Lord Helder (who is trying to assassinate Poppy) and then being executed in turn for killing a member of the royal family), Cyrenic kisses her to stop her from speaking the words that would end their magical bond. This works momentarily, but as soon as they stop kissing she finishes her sentence and breaks the contract, which immediately causes Cyrenic to drop into an exhaustion-induced coma.
  • Johnny Alpha does it to Durham Red in Strontium Dog when they team up for the first time.
  • Hildagaard Rail who was a voluptuous blonde haired German woman except for the fact that she had gigantic red lips that took up most of the space of her face does this to Raphael in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue #30. In this story entitled Sky Highway, when Raphael was about to leave her he said: "It's been funfffh!" His words were cut off because she actually said, "Shut up and kiss me, you dumkoff!" She grabbed him by the streams of his bandana and gave Raphael a gigantic smooch goodbye. The kiss Hildagaard gave Raphael left a lipstick imprint that covered his entire beak.
  • Rose Wilson did this to The Clock King in Terror Titans.

    Comic Strips 
  • A Sunday strip of Zits had a subversion of this trope. The girlfriend's word bubble is filled with text, Jeremy kisses her and the text continues out of his ear. The other time he does it, she starts yelling at him:
    Jeremy: I need to stop getting all my relationship cues from Dawson's Creek.

    Fan Works 
  • In All-American Girl (Shinzakura), Sam does this to Celestia twice, both times when she's trying to dissuade him of the feelings he has for her. Greg does this to Faust in one of the side-stories.
  • Child of the Storm hilariously subverts this in the sequel, Ghosts of the Past, when Carol finishes a sweet, passionate and earnest You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech to Harry who's in Dark Phoenix mode after having been horrifically tortured by the Red Room and transformed into their weapon, the Red Son, and promptly snapped, with whom she has much UST... then adds tartly that if he's hoping for a 'you've got so much to live for' kiss, he's going to be extremely disappointed. Harry blushes furiously, which shouldn't be possible for a being of living flame, but happens anyway.
  • A Crown of Stars: In chapter 50, after an argument and a martial fight, Asuka tells Shinji shutting up and kissing her:
    Asuka: "And that goes double for my lover, Shin-chan. You think you've got the guts to fight me, you go right ahead and try. By all means, push back. Now shut up and kiss me."
  • In Danganronpa: The Immersive Learning Program: Academy of Discontent, when Aoi starts rambling over her insecurities about her lack of femininity or their lack of interests together, Leon gives her this. And right after when he tries to explain himself, she gives him one back.
  • Displaced (The Legend of Zelda): At one point, Link finds Zelda's rambling so cute that he has to kiss her.
    Link: You know I like to hear you talk, right?
    Zelda: I... yes?
    Link: Good. Because I'm going to kiss you now to make you stop, but that doesn't change that I usually really like it. Clear?
  • In the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "The Other Smurfette", Hogatha as the female Smurf Wonderette does this to Brainy when she comes on to him, leaving him with this to say:
    Brainy: Well, it certainly has been a hard road to smurf upon, but it isn't without its... (Interrupted with a kiss) ...rewards.
  • The Flash Sentry Chronicles:
    • In season 5 during "Building Bridges", when Flash is called by the map on a solo mission, Flash and Twilight have a brief argument over him taking his sword Lightbringer with him. Twilight tries to argue that the weapon shouldn't be necessary on a friendship mission, while Flash wants to bring it just to be safe anyway. Flash ends up cutting the argument short by grabbing Twilight when she tries to continue arguing and pulls her into a long deep kiss. After the two of them break their kiss, Twilight concedes the argument to Flash, letting him take his sword.
    • In season 7 during "It Isn't the Mane Thing About You", when Rarity shows her ruined mane to her boyfriend, Lightning Blitz, she begins to tearfully rant about how she knew he wouldn't want to be near her if he saw her like this and fully expects him to break up with her, only for him to silence her with a deep kiss on the lips. Though Rarity is shocked by this action, she quickly closes her eyes and returns it, with the two making out for several minutes before pulling apart for air, and Lightning declares to Rarity she still looks beautiful to him.
  • In A Glass of Wine, Asuka cuts Shinji off by covering his mouth with hers.
    Shinji opened his mouth to respond, but he never got the chance. Asuka's lips were in the way, pressing into his, so that excuses and explanations died in their throats and nothing was left but the moment.
  • In The Gotham Knights of Middle-Earth, one of the first steps in the Relationship Upgrade between Tim Drake/Robin and Cassandra Cain/Batgirl is when Tim delivers one of these to Cassandra to assure her he doesn’t care about her past murder and understands that she regrets it.
  • In Guardian, Chappu ends the argument over whether or not he should have joined the Crusaders by kissing Lulu.
  • In Harry, Hermione and Lily Harry does it to stop Hermione's rant about what she'd like to do to his abusive relatives.
  • Higher Learning: In chapter 15 Shinji is trying to apologise to Asuka for accusing her of cheating on him when she cuts him off and says him "Shut up and kiss me!":
    "I'm so sorry, Asuka-chan! OW! Really! I'm sorry!"
    Asuka sighed and stopped smacking him. "Shut up and kiss me before I change my mind." she grabbed him by his shirt and hauled him in before he knew what was happening.
  • In Hunt Harry does it to stop Hermione's rant about Dumbledore's information-hoarding tendencies.
  • In Integration, when Flash Sentry visits Equestria for the first time and sees Princess Twilight in her true pony form he does this to her while she is explaining to him that she understands it takes time to realize you find someone of a different species attractive.
  • In King Lightning Remus does it to stop Sirius' babbling about his guilty feelings concerning James and Lily's death.
  • In The Legacy Preservation Act Neville does it to Tracy Davis.
  • Naru-Hina Chronicles:
    • Naruto has a dream in the second chapter where Hinata is lying on top of him and asks him why he keeps running away from her. He explains that she has only ever been a friend and fellow shinobi to him and says "Until now, I... I've never realized how cu..." only to be interrupted by a kiss from her, followed by him waking up.
    • During their first date, after Naruto apologizes to Hinata for the way he handled their date and compliments her for looking pretty in a dress, he asks her "Um... Hinata-chan. Can I...", which is immediately followed by her kissing him for the second time:
      Naruto: (grinning after the kiss is over) Hey! You never let me finish asking!
      • This gets a Call-Back in Chapter 28. In that chapter, Naruto and Hinata are sitting on a seat that may or may not be the same one they sat on at the end of their first date. He remembers what happened back then. Naruto then says "I scooted over a little... and then you did. We got closer and closer. And I went to ask you if I could k...", only to be interrupted once again by his girlfriend kissing him.
    • In Chapter 9, Neji comments that Tenten has a pretty face and touches her cheek, only to feel like he's being inappropriate towards her. Tenten tells him that he can be as inappropriate as he wants with her and she prevents him from protesting further by kissing him.
    • Sasuke uses the Sexy Jutsu in order to quickly end his fight against Lee during the Chunin Exam. However, Sakura sees this and does an angry rant over it. Sasuke then decides to kiss her, hoping it will shut her up. It works.
    • In Chapter 80, in a non-romantic example, Evil Sasuke does this to Karin so that she would continue working for him when she is this close to quit.
    • This is how Hinata gives a Motivational Kiss to Naruto in Chapter 90 when he worries too much about getting a jutsu right.
    • When Naruto and Hinata are talking about Kosuke's connection to the Kyubi, she says they should keep an eye on Kosuke's behavior and be wary of any similarities between the two foxes. Naruto then looks sad and wonders if the elders and the Third Hokage talked about himself in this way. However, Hinata interrupts him by giving him a Motivational Kiss and tells him to not feel so bad, making him smile.
    • Naru-Hina Chronicles Mini-sodes:
      • After Hinata pushes Naruto away so that Hiashi wouldn't see him after a prior discussion that went badly, the young Uzumaki ends up in a nearby river. After Hiashi leaves, Hinata panics upon seeing Naruto unconscious and with his face in the water. She pulls him out and thinks about giving him CPR, but she blushes heavily over kissing him while he's unconscious and thinks it would be "so naughty!" However, Naruto opens his right eye and impatiently tells her to just give him a kiss already while pulling her towards him. Hinata then exclaims "Eeep! Narut-MMM!" while the kiss is happening.
      • In the Christmas Episode, while attending a party, Hinata is waiting for Naruto to be back, presumably from a mission. When she notices him while he's right behind her, he's standing right below a mistletoe and says "I wonder if I can find someone to ki...", only to be interrupted by a kiss from his girlfriend.
      • At the end of Hinago's first date with Naruko, the former hesitates on whether or not he should kiss the latter. Smirking, the Uzumaki girl says "Hey... Hinago..." The Hyuga boy then says "Ye...", only to be interrupted by a kiss from the blonde-haired girl.
      • Naruko from the Yuri-verse gives this kind of kiss to her Hinata when they are buying clothes for the latter.
  • Invoked in Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide. While listening to an argument between Shinji and Asuka, Misato ponders Shinji could surely shut her up by kissing her.
    Asuka said something with her mouth full, and Misato suddenly found herself focusing on the girl's pink lips. She wondered if Shinji had kissed her already.
    I bet that's one sure way to shut her up, she thought. It always worked with me and Kaji.
  • In Neon Metathesis Evangelion, when Leliel comes, Rei decides that she will pilot EVA-01, instead of Shinji. She has no problems with piloting and he has and EVA-00 has been destroyed, so she should be doing it. When Shinji starts feeling guilty about this and protests, Rei shuts down his protests with a kiss.
  • New Beginnings (Smallville): When Lois finally tells Clark about her "hallucinations" where she lived another life, she starts to panic and babble. Clark quickly kisses her to calm her down.
  • The One I Love Is...: In episode 5 Shinji does this to Asuka to shut her up after she dares him to kiss her.
  • In Potion Bottles Draco does it to Hermione.
  • In the adult Steven Universe Palcomix story "Rose's Memories", Sapphire gives this to Ruby to cut off her lament about Pearl's lingering feelings for Rose.
  • RWBY: Reckoning has Yang doing this to Darrel, after 21 chapters of teasing, fake-outs, and general UST.
  • In the Azumanga Daioh fanfic Shut up and kiss me, Nyamo does this to Yukari, who keeps talking about Nyamo's lack of a love life.
  • In So We'd Both Be Free, Mai kisses Zuko on the lips mainly because she doesn't want to hear him talk positively about his sister.
  • In the Star Wars Legends fan fic series TIE Fighter one is delivered by future Grand Admiral Thrawn of all people when he can't think of another way to convince his seriously-rattled fiancee that he is not about to break off their arranged engagement because she's Force-sensitive, a much more negative trait among their people.
  • A Thing of Vikings: Cami's offer to lie through her teeth in order to protect Merida's reputation as a marriageable young noblewoman is cut off when Merida kisses her, in front of Elinor no less.
  • Thousand Shinji: In a scene Asuka and Shinji kiss. Shinji teases Asuka, and she suggests him shutting up and kissing her again:
    Asuka: "All my life...or at least since momma died, people have been asking things of me, or I of them. No one has ever, EVER, really done anything for me so freely and readily."
    Shinji: "Is it really free and ready if I was doing it so that I could get a hot girl sitting on my lap kissing me?"
    Asuka: "Shut up stupid and kiss me again. You need practice."
  • True Potential: During Naruto's fourteenth birthday, Shikamaru and Kurotsuchi do this to each other during a private conversation that results in their Relationship Upgrade.
  • In Unexpected Surprise, once Adrien sees words aren't enough to convince Marinette she's not to blame for the mess they were in due to their Two-Person Love Triangle, he resorts to this.
  • This Wreck-It Ralph Fan Art shows Calhoun performing one on Felix after he proposes.
  • Rudolph does this to Tony to keep him from screaming in ''The Infra-Dead Incident''. It takes them both by surprise.

    Films — Animation 
  • Frozen had a cute take on it when Anna, showing her character development, initiates the movie's proper The Big Damn Kiss at the epilogue with one of these after Kristoff begins blabbing much like she originally did with Hans at the start.
  • Astrid does this to Hiccup at the end of How to Train Your Dragon.
  • In The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible gives this to Elastigirl as she's chewing him out. (She doesn't actually forgive him until they get their Battle Couple moment a couple of scenes later.)
  • Ratatouille has a variant on this. To stop Linguini's babbling to Colette, Remy pushes him into a kiss. It takes her a moment to decide if she wants to mace him or kiss him back.
  • In Disney's version of Tarzan, Tarzan does this to Jane shortly after she teaches him what a kiss is, and is babbling about her embarrassment and hastiness in doing so.
  • At the end of Toy Story, Woody was dragged over by Bo Peep. He glanced upwards and began commenting about the mistletoe above them when Bo Peep jumped on him for a kiss. Several in fact.
  • Calhoun does this to Felix in Wreck-It Ralph, after Felix gives her a spontaneous thank-you peck on the cheek and stammers through the aftermath.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In 10 Things I Hate About You, which is based on The Taming of the Shrew, there are two such kisses. Cameron receives one from Bianca after the beer party, and Kat one at the very end from Patrick.
  • In the film version of Arsenic and Old Lace, Mortimer Brewster (Cary Grant) does this to his estranged newlywed bride to keep her from spilling the beans to the police. She keeps on trying to talk though so he has to give her a shut-up kiss three times in a row, even bodily picking her up during the kiss and dragging her off. Happily, this display of passion results in his bride forgetting all about the damning evidence, reconciling with him with the breathless exclamation:
    "Oh! Mortimer!"
  • In But I'm a Cheerleader, Megan is in the middle of saying "Screw you!" when Graham kisses her for the first time.
  • The Dark Knight - Rachel is worried for Harvey's safety just before they're taken away / kidnapped. Harvey kisses her mid-speech.
  • Lampshaded in the Chris Rock movie Down To Earth (2001). I forget who kissed who first, but they talk about how in movies when couples talk, they're always interrupted by a...
  • This happened in Duets to ex-salesman Todd Woods while nervously protesting about his ability to sing on stage to a karaoke singer that was egging him on. The kiss (along with the beta-blockers she gave him a minute before), gave him the courage to try it for the first time.
  • In The Empire Strikes Back, Han kisses Leia before she could finish her sentence.
    Han: You like me because I'm a scoundrel.
    Leia: I happen to like nice men.
    Han: I'm a nice man...
    Leia: No you're not, you're— * smooch*
  • Inverted in A Fish Called Wanda, when Wanda kisses Ken to clear his stuttering long enough for him to spit out a coherent sentence.
  • Averted on Flypaper: the attempt to do this to The Hero (a man with obsessive-compulsive disorder-turned-impromptu Amateur Sleuth in the middle of a Hostage Situation) when he goes into a panic attack only exacerbates said panic attack.
  • He's Just Not That into You has the following exchange between Gigi and Alex:
    Gigi: Look, I just went out with your friend Bill. He might be just exactly what I need. No drama, he calls; he does what he says.
    Alex: I can do that stuff too.
    Gigi: But you didn't, and that same wise person told me that I'm the rule. That I have to stop thinking that every guy will change, that I have to stop thinking that-...
    [He cups her face and kisses her abruptly.]
    Gigi: (finishing her original sentence with a new meaning)...I'm the exception.
    Alex: (whispering) You're my exception.
    [They kiss again.]
  • The Hunger Games: Katniss to Peeta, when he got sick. But you do not get points for guessing this.
  • In The Illusionist (2006), Eisenheim delivers one of these to Sophie.
  • Iron Man 2 has one between Pepper Potts and Tony Stark after a battle and a scolding. War Machine tells them to get a room.
  • This is Lincoln 6 Echo and Jordan 2 Delta's First Kiss in The Island (2005). Lincoln breaks off the kiss and asks, "Why didn't we do this before?", but she says "Shut up!" and kisses him again.
  • Kiss Me, Kate has a particularly flagrant example, though the focus is on the shutting up rather than the kiss.
  • It has happened in L.A. Story. Twice in a row.
  • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian - Amelia slaps Larry and kisses him.
  • In Notorious, the hero gives one to the heroine after she decides to taunt him for falling in love with a bad girl like herself.
  • In Mike Judge's 1999 Office Space feature, Joel tries to explain his erratic behavior... but Joanne just kisses him—'cause enough already.
  • The Parent Trap (1998): Nick gives this to Liz at the near end as they get back together.
  • Mike does this to Tracy in The Philadelphia Story.
  • Michael does this to Mia at the near end of The Princess Diaries.
  • Red, White & Royal Blue: Henry is babbling out an apology to Alex (who he thought was straight) for drunkenly kissing him on New Year's, and Alex says "Shut up. Stop talking," and gives him this.
  • At the end of Shanghai Noon, Chon's utterly silent Indian wife (from an Accidental Marriage) performs this on a babbling Roy, then delivers her only English line in the film: "Shut up, Roy; you talk too much."
  • Sean does this to Christina in Source Code while he's urging her to get off the train early with him and she's arguing the point.
  • One film version of The Taming of the Shrew has Katharina start to say "I will not!" when asked if she wishes to take Petruchio as her husband... but Petruchio forces a kiss on her before she can get that third word out clearly.
  • In the movie Waitress Jenna kisses the man she's having an affair with just as he's about to confess his love for her, unable to accept love after years of abuse from her husband.
  • In Wrath of the Titans: at the end of the film, Andromeda is discussing battle plans when Perseus plants one on her lips mid-sentence.

  • American Gods uses an inversion (yes, this can be inverted):
    Samantha: I wasn't telling him to shut up, I was telling everybody else in the room. It's complicated.
  • Phury of Black Dagger Brotherhood lays one of these on Rehv, after Rehv taunts him about being a virgin. His intention isn't to seduce Rehv but to shock and unnerve him. It works, in more ways than one.
  • In Death of a Nationalist Elena Fernández begins to angrily tell Carlos Tejada that she is in sympathy with the losing side of the Spanish Civil War. Since he's a policeman and very much on the other side, he kisses her before she can reveal any concrete political affiliations that would force him to arrest her.
    He waited until her lips stopped frantically moving under his own and then reluctantly pulled away. "You're hysterical," he said hoarsely. "And I didn't hear any of that."
  • In Dan Abnett's Warhammer 40,000 Gaunt's Ghosts novel Blood Pact, Xomat takes Elodie hostage against Daur. Daur declares his indifference and that he just might shoot Xomat through Elodie — which distracts him enough for Daur to get off a head shoot. Elodie is muchly upset; Daur tries arguing before resorting to a Shut Up Kiss — their First Kiss.
  • The Heroes of Olympus: Happens in The House of Hades. Leo has gotten stranded on Ogygia with Calypso and, though they start out not liking each other, they wind up falling for each other, at which point the raft off the island appears. Leo protests and starts making promises to come back and get her, but Calypso stops him by kissing him, his First Kiss, by the way, and putting him in the raft. Though speechless for a while, he swears on the River Styx to come back for her.
  • Katniss does this to Peeta in The Hunger Games as he's trying to give her an if I don't make it out of this alive speech. He shuts up.
  • InCryptid: Verity's way of winning an argument with Dominic. Dominic does the same to Verity later in the story, but just to genuinely get her to stop talking.
  • In The Licanius Trilogy, when prince Wirr attempts to sneak the wanted criminal Breshada into the palace, they are almost caught by a passing patrol. Her solution is to pull one of these on him, and it works, though it's anything but romantic.
  • A variation in Steven Brust's The Lord of Castle Black: a potential couple engages in awkward small talk for a few minutes before the lady gives up on the dialogue, interrupts the latest dull remark, and orders the gentleman to "kiss me before I die of embarrassment."
  • The short story "Long Live Lord Kor!" by Andre Norton has a variation at the end: the title character isn't babbling or rambling, but deliberately teasing the young lady to whom he's just proposed by starting to detail the political reasons it would be a good match. The final sentence is:
    Then he stopped talking, for a good reason.
  • Sailor Nothing: Himei's and Seiki's first kiss.
  • Subverted slightly in Scott Pilgrim. Scott is talking to Ramona after he gets killed by Gideon, and he pulls a Shut Up Kiss on her as she babbles about why she left in the previous volume. She subsequently knocks him to the floor in a compromising position and effectively forces him to listen to what she's saying...
  • The Silver Chair has a platonic example. Jill and Eustace say a final goodbye to their friend Puddleglum before they leave his world and return to theirs. Puddleglum starts going on about funerals, but shuts up when both kids surprise him: Eustace by wringing his hand and Jill by kissing him on the cheek.
    Puddleglum: Well, I wouldn't have dreamt of her doing that. Even though I am a good-looking chap.
  • Used in Soulless by Gail Carriger as the next step in the Belligerent Sexual Tension.
    She jerked back. "What are you...?"
    "Only way to keep you quiet." He grumbled, taking her chin in a firmer grip and planting his mouth atop hers once more.
  • In The Wheel of Time, after Egwene and Rand declare that they no longer love each other (romantically speaking, at least), Elayne gets the opportunity to let Rand know how she feels about him before she has to leave Tear. Turns out Rand feels something too, and Elayne asks him to kiss her. Rand reacts poorly, bumbling about how they aren't even betrothed yet. Elayne laughs and starts to explain that a kiss in Andor has less serious implications than it does in the Two Rivers before Rand suddenly grabs her and gives her a big ol' wet one.
  • In the Conan the Barbarian story "A Witch Shall Be Born", a wounded soldier is babbling feverishly to his girlfriend.
    The trembling girl crooned soothingly to him, as to a wounded child, and closed his panting lips with her own cool sweet mouth.
  • At the end of Witch World, two characters each proclaim their own unworthiness to marry the other, despite their obvious and admitted desire to do so. An onlooker laughs and comments, "This talk of mutual unworthiness will speedily be a step to no talking at all and so to a firm settlement of two futures."

    Live-Action TV 
  • Played straight in 7th Heaven: Kevin would kiss Lucy to stem her complaints about his new partner on the police force. She eventually called him out for this.
  • Liz and Floyd's First Kiss on 30 Rock comes after a long, rambling, increasingly uncomfortable soul-bearing monologue on the part of Liz in order to atone for pretending to be an alcoholic so she could sit in on Floyd's AA meetings. It's cuter than it sounds.
  • On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., in the third season episode "The Team", Fitz and Simmons kiss before Fitz breaks it off. Then they start to bicker slightly until Fitz makes a bad joke about a picture of space, at which point Simmons shuts him up by planting one on him.
    • Also occurs in season five, with Coulson kissing May while they're bickering and being shot at. He even lampshades it with a Call-Back to a line she told him previously when she finally admitted she loved him: "thought that would shut you up".
  • Altered Carbon. Takeshi Kovacs is wearing the sleeve of Detective Ortega's partner and former Love Interest Elias. This naturally leads to Belligerent Sexual Tension between them.
    Ortega: When I look into his eyes, I see you looking back at me, and it's been a long time since someone looked at me like that.
    Kovacs: I'm sorry I'm not Elias.
    Ortega: Just shut the fuck up! (throws herself on Kovacs)
  • Inverted in Angel. In "Smile Time", Winifred Burkle is babbling on trying to get Wesley to realise she's attracted to him, then decides "screw it" and just kisses him.
  • In the mini-series of Battlestar Galactica Boomer stuffs up her landing and gets into an argument with the Chief over whose fault it is. They duck into a tool room to continue the argument and immediately start stripping off and snogging passionately. Boomer insists on trying to get the last word on their argument though, whereupon the Chief growls, "Shut up, sir", giving her a Shut Up Kiss.
  • In The Big Bang Theory episode "The Vengeance Formulation", Howard tells a joke to his new girlfriend, but she doesn't get it. When he tries to explain it, she kisses him.
    • Penny does this to Leonard twice during the Season 3 premiere: first, when he goes over to tell her that the guys have returned from their expedition, and second, when he tries to explain the process he used to preserve a snowflake from the North Pole for her.
  • The Borgias. Played for drama in "The Banquet of Chestnuts". Lucrezia has been told she must consummate her marriage in public and starts tearing into her brother (who is secretly her incestuous lover) for agreeing to this.
    Lucrezia: Where is your honor?! Where is your strength?! WHERE IS YOUR LOVE OF ME?!!! (strikes him repeatedly until Cesare grabs her a Forceful Kiss)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Oz and Willow in the season 3 finale:
      Oz: Would it help if I panic?
      Willow: (babbling) Yes, it would be swell. Panic is a thing people can share in times of crisis. And everything's really scary now, you know, and I don't know what's gonna happen. And there's all sorts of things that you're supposed to get to do after high school, and I was really looking forward to doing them, and now we're probably just gonna die and I would like to feel that maybe you would—
      (Oz leans forward and kisses her, slowly)
      Willow: What are you doing?
      Oz: Panicking.
      (Fade to Black)
    • A similar scenario occurs in the Season Five episode "The Body". Willow has been reduced to a complete and utter wreck as a result of Joyce's death. When she starts hyperventilating, Tara gives her their first onscreen kiss, which also calms her down somewhat.
    • Played somewhat darker in "As You Were". Buffy is upset that her ex-boyfriend Riley has gotten married, so she flees back to Spike's arms.
      Buffy: Tell me you love me.
      Spike: (eyes widen) I love you. You know I do.
      Buffy: Tell me you want me.
      Spike: I always want you. (smiling) In point of fact—
      Buffy: Shut up. (pulls him down onto the bed)
    • The trope also happens when they first start their relationship. Buffy not only kisses Spike to shut him up, but she also has sex with him too. Basically, there's a lot of passion but none of the necessary communication in their Destructive Romance.
  • Cheers: Frasier goes on a long-winded spiel to Lilith about how he is going to "kiss you hard and kiss you long". She shuts him up by throwing herself at him.
  • Used in Chinese Paladin 3, although in this case, it's mostly a "stop breathing" kiss — they're surrounded by vampires who track them by the scent of their breath. And promptly followed by a slap.
  • Chuck:
    • In "Chuck Versus the Other Guy", Sarah finally affirms her love for Chuck in this manner. She even tells Chuck, "Shut up and kiss me."
    • Alex does the same thing to Morgan in a later episode.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Amy does this to Rory when they're reunited in "The Big Bang":
      Rory: I couldn't help it! It happened, it just happened!
      Amy: Shut up! [kisses Rory]
      The Doctor: Yeah, shut up, because we've got to go!
      Rory: I waited. 2,000 years, I waited for you.
      Amy: No, still shut up! [kisses him again]
      The Doctor: And break! And breath! [they're still kissing] Well, someone didn't get out much for 2,000 years!
    • A variation in "Day of the Moon": The Doctor drops River off at her cell in Stormcage and starts walking off. She asks if that's it, and he walks back asking if he forgot something. River says, "Oh, shut up" before kissing him.
  • Doogie Kameāloha, M.D.: In Scutwork, when Steph is freaking out about Walter's Birthday Cake being ruined Kai kisses Steph on the lips to shut her up and as a distraction so no one will notice the cake is ruined.
  • In the Foreign Exchange episode "Another Fine Mess", Brett says out loud to Hannah that he's worried they'll have to reveal the portal connecting his house with her school. A school official walks in on the two as Brett speaks, causing Hannah to forcibly kiss him to make him stop talking.
  • Frasier:
    • This happens to the titular character when he's telling Julia that her actions are immoral. She lampshades this, telling him that it was to shut him up. His response is "Oh no, I've been kissed to shut me up before. This was not that." Later in the episode, he lampshades it again with "Ah, now that one was to shut me up."
    • The First Kiss between Daphne Moon and Niles Crane in the seventh season is also a Shut Up Kiss, slightly subverted by Niles' open admission that he is babbling to forestall an anticipated rejection by Daphne, which leads to Daphne finally exclaiming in frustration, "Oh, for God's sake, Dr. Crane!" and lip-locking him.
  • Friends: 2x20 "The One Where Old Yeller Dies" - Ross and Rachel argue about their future (i.e. having kids), Ross blurts out that he loves Rachel, and he tells her that he's going to kiss her now to make her quiet.
  • Game of Thrones.
    • Subverted in "First of His Name" when Littlefinger gives one to Lysa Arryn. It's not a romantic gesture so much as a Properly Paranoid schemer stopping Lysa from blabbing on about his wrongdoings, even in private.
    • In "Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken", Myrcella asks her fiancé Trystane Martell if he wants to marry her because he loves her or because it's arranged. Trystane kisses her mid-sentence as an answer.
  • Gilmore Girls: Rory's First Kiss with Jess was a variation. She sees Jess standing by a pond and in shock over seeing him back in Stars Hollow, she immediately kisses him. Once Rory realized what she just did, she runs away from him.
  • Glee: Season 1, Ep 13. Even involved cheesy "finger on the lip" gesture.
    • It shows up again in Season 2's "Never Been Kissed," between Kurt and Karofsky. Overlaps with a Forced Kiss.
    • It shows up a third time in Season 4x13's "Diva" in which Emma has a breakdown over the wedding details and Finn kisses her. She doesn't take it well.
    • A more romantic version of it shows up in 6x07's "Transitioning" when Kurt is rambling to Blaine about their relationship history (they're currently broken up) and Blaine shuts him up with a kiss.
  • On Good Luck Charlie, this was Teddy and Spencer's First Kiss when Teddy started babbling rapidly about the events of the episode until Spencer finally kisses her.
    Teddy: That was a really nice of telling me to shut up!
  • Patricia does this to Eddie in House of Anubis when Eddie is trying to get a reaction out of her and he didn't know she was cursed and made mute.
    Eddie: C'mon, You're killing me! What do I have to do to get a reaction out of- [Patricia kisses him] That'll work...
    • Eddie also does it back to Patricia when she is yelling at him, angry that he "stood her up" when in reality he was kidnapped.
      Eddie: Sorry I stood you up, Yacker.
      Patricia: It's okay...
  • iCarly:
    • In one episode, Sam and Carly are competing to get a kiss from a certain boy. Carly invokes this trope when she gets the boy to perform a play she wrote, which has a line where the guy kisses her character because she talks too much.
    • In the B-Plot of "iHire An Idiot", Spencer tries to sneak a sculpture into a museum to impress his grandfather. He ends up performing a Shut Up Kiss on the female curator at the end so she doesn't reveal his sculpture isn't actually being shown there. Once the first kiss is done and his grandfather walks off satisfied, the woman then grabs him and kisses him again.
    • Played straight in "iOMG" with Sam kissing Freddie. It's very awkward, considering Freddie is in the middle of giving her a speech about putting feelings out there, but not because he wants Sam, but instead is trying to hook her up with another character.
    • Freddie does this to Sam in "iLost My Mind".
  • Joey has one, from Joey to Lauren when she's having a freak-out:
    Lauren: What was that for?
    Joey: To calm. You. Down.
  • In the fourth series finale of Misfits, Nadine kisses Rudy while he's trying to tell her about all the depraved acts he's committed. Being Rudy, he finishes his thought afterward.
  • In the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode "Attack of the Eye Creatures", Tom Servo at one point tries to convince Gypsy to let him kiss her, mainly because he, as a robot, wants to know what kissing is about. He starts to expound on the subject, asking such questions as, "How long should it last?" and "What do you do with your tongue?" Finally, Joel walks up beside him, says, "You know what, Servo, you talk too much," lays a big one on him, turns to the camera and says: "I've always wanted to do that!"
  • In Nikita, the titular character does this to Ryan Fletcher in the episode "Free".
  • The Office (US) has an interesting variation: Nellie, who has been stuck listening to Toby talk about the Scranton Strangler trial for hours, finally puts a finger to his lips. Toby, who has awkwardly tried to kiss Nellie at least once already, asks her if she's going to kiss him. There is a long pause, and it looks like Nellie is deciding whether kissing him is worth it to get him to shut up...but the result is a real, very passionate kiss.
  • Our Flag Means Death features one in episode 9 between Ed and Stede after the former finally works up the courage to confess his love to the latter, taking the opportunity to plant a tender kiss on Stede's lips before he can say anything in response.
  • In Primeval, Abby kisses Connor after hearing he got Rex back without telling her it was her brother Jack who gambled him away in the first place.
  • Psych: Juliet shuts up Shawn because she heard him confessing his love for her to Gus.
  • Chris gives one to Gail in Rookie Blue after she's been quarantined. Later in the series, it's Gail's turn; she gives one to Holly to stop her babbling attempt of an explanation as to why she came to check on Gail after she heard Gail was shot at.
  • Happens in a first season episode of Roswell, where Maria is freaking out about two of her friends being later back than expected, and Michael grabs her and kisses her to "calm her down".
  • While waiting for service in a pub, Dr. Nikki Alexander from Silent Witness, explains at great length to Dr. Harry Cunningham how she will end up old and alone. That is until Harry leans over and kisses her, then smiles and says, "Finally she shuts up."
  • Six Feet Under: At an uncomfortable evening where her fiancé met her mother for the first time, the issue of potential future children is brought up in a rude and random manner by said mother (Brenda is very insecure about her relationships). Later in the night, Joe begins to extrapolate on the possibility of them "getting serious", and ponders the way he would be able to become a father. Brenda interrupts his awkward rambling by a sweet, light kiss on the mouth.
  • Smallville:
    • Chloe shuts Jimmy up with one when he babbles on not understanding what happened after Clark catches her from a very long fall.
    • Lois and Clark's first non-mistaken identity, non-mind control kiss.
  • In "Moebius, Part 2", the eighth season finale of Stargate SG-1, alternate!Jack kisses alternate!Samantha while she's in the middle of confessing that she lied about liking Daniel because she actually liked him and didn't want to admit it. She immediately shuts up and starts kissing him back.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise: In one episode, Captain Archer is undercover on a pre-industrial alien world, and doing some covert work alongside an alien chick. When his Universal Translator breaks and he can no longer understand her, he smooches the woman to shut her up and distract her long enough so he can fix the translator behind her back.

    Also used twice more, once in 'Harbinger' and once in 'Bound' where T'Pol kisses Trip to stop him rambling about their relationship.
  • Star Trek: Voyager. In "Day of Honor" B'Elanna Torres finally admits she loves Tom Paris. In the next exciting episode...
    Paris: About what you said. I mean, the part about...being in love with me. I realise you were suffering from oxygen deprivation and we were literally seconds away from death, so I know you probably didn't mean it...
    Torres: Oh no, I meant it...but I don't expect you to reciprocate. Really, you can just pretend that I didn't say fact let's just pretend that I didn't...
    Paris: [grabbing her for a passionate kiss] Shut up.
  • The Suite Life on Deck: Zack does this to one of Stacy's friends, Betsy, followed by Post-Kiss Catatonia, to keep her from revealing to London that they are borrowing her apartment for a Slumber Party to pay fix a bust that "they" (actually Zack) accidentally broke. He tries to do the same to another one of Stacy's friends but gets slapped both by her and Betsy for two-timing her.
  • In the That '70s Show episode "Garage Sale", Donna does this to Eric, because she wants to try a new kissing technique and he won't shut up.
  • Ugly Betty: Marc gives one to Betty, of all people, to prevent her from revealing to his mother that he's gay. It ends with her becoming The Beard for him during the episode.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Tyler gives one to Caroline in "The Descent". Finally.
    • Jeremy's "Enough already" to Bonnie in "Crying Wolf".
    • Caroline does one back to Tyler in the Season 3 premiere when he's telling her that if she doesn't want him to date she should tell him.
  • Victorious: In the Season One finale when Tori lays one on Rex and tells him 'Is that what you wanted?' Rex immediately tells Robbie 'Take me home...!'
    • Cat does this to Robbie so he would shut up about his and Trina's stage kiss in Stage Fighting.
    • Beck to Jade in Jade Dumps Beck.
  • The West Wing: Josh and Amy, where he's unsure how to proceed and tells her so (at length). She interrupts with "maybe not so much with the talking..."
    • This also happens with CJ and Danny's first kiss, where CJ is babbling while trying to sell Danny the idea that if she kisses him once, she can get over her crush on him and focus on her work. Danny cuts her off in mid-explanation. CJ's plan, needless to say, does not work.
  • In ''What I Like About You" Vince does this to Holly several times a season, and Holly turns it around and does it to him in the Series Finale, effectively cutting off his babbled apology and ending their breakup.
  • A clipshow episode of The Wonder Years has Kevin and Winnie get into a fight after Kevin supposedly looks at another girl. In the end, after reflecting on their relationship, Kevin spiels to Winnie about how he feels about her until she finally says, "Kevin, shut up!" and kisses him.
  • Zoo: In Season 1's "Wild Things", Mitch is musing about the work the team's done over the past few weeks when Jamie cuts him off with a kiss.

  • The aptly titled "Shut Up and Kiss Me" by Mary Chapin Carpenter.
    Oh baby I can feel this feeling
    that everything that you do gives me.
    It's been too long since somebody whispered:
    Oooooo, "shut up and kiss me."
  • From Joe Henry's "Trampoline":
    I've been talking in my sleep
    You once kissed me not to hear me speak
  • The Mowgli's' "Say It, Just Say It" invokes this:
    And you kissed me just because
    You knew it'd shut me up
    • Also earlier in the song:
    But your eyes have sold you out again, so say it, just say it
    Or at least kiss me just to shut me up.
  • Michael Jackson's guitarist for his last concert, Orianthi, released a song named "Shut Up and Kiss Me".
    It's a love hate relationship
    You say you can’t handle it
    But there’s no way to stop this now
    So shut up and kiss me
  • From Taylor Swift's "Last Kiss":
    I loved...
    How you'd kiss me when I was in the middle of saying something
    There's not a day I don't miss those rude interruptions.

  • Tuatha gives one to Missandere in The Fallen Gods to try and throw her off her game. Missandere reciprocates, but doesn't change her stance and makes Tuatha think she's been poisoned.
  • Lampshaded and averted in the first season finale of The Strange Case of Starship Iris, when Violet concludes a panicked rant by asking Arkady to kiss her so she'll stop talking, only for Arkady to reply "but I like it when you talk."

    Pro Wrestling 

  • The vignette "Her Heart" from Almost, Maine involves a fair bit of this, with East kissing Glory in the middle of her talking.
  • In Mary Mary, as Mary starts to get sarcastic again with Dick, he says, "I'll tell you something you ought to learn. You really ought to learn when to shut up," and takes her in his arms and kisses her. In classic Tsundere fashion, her reaction to being kissed changes from cold to hot in a few seconds.
  • Older Than Steam: At the end of the William Shakespeare comedy Much Ado About Nothing, after Beatrice and Benedick have finally gotten together. To make this a double example, Benedick's line may be a reference to Beatrice's line earlier in the play:
    Beatrice: "Speak, cousin; or, if you cannot, stop his mouth with a kiss, and let not him speak neither."
  • "Small Talk" from The Pajama Game is the prelude to a Shut Up Kiss:
    Why don't you stop all this small talk?
    I've got something better for your lips to do,
    And that takes no talk at all.
  • "Kiss Me" from Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street consists of Anthony and Johanna doing this to each other repeatedly while plotting their elopement.

    Video Games 
  • Brütal Legend has one of these as Eddie and Ophelia's first kiss.
  • Happens in the good ending of Disgaea 2. Considering the intro, it should probably not surprise anyone that it's between Adell and Rozalin. That it's used to deliver the finishing statement of an "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight speech to save Rozalin from possession by an Eldritch Abomination is, however, hence the spoiler tag. The kiss is also partially subverted: She shoots him in the face afterwards. Don't worry — He lives and she ends up living with him, so it's all good.
  • Dragon Age:
    • In Dragon Age: Origins, you can give one to Leliana while she babbles nervously about being attracted to you.
    • In Dragon Age: Inquisition, Cullen's first kiss with the female Inquisitor who romances him ends up being one of these. After he starts to move in only to be interrupted by a very oblivious soldier, she starts to tell him that she understands if he has to return to duty. She gets as far as "If you have to-" before he cuts her off.
  • Done at least once in Fire Emblem: Awakening, though exactly where and when depends on who The Avatar married. It can happen in the Hot Springs Episode or the Beach Episode.
  • In Gabriel Knight 1 Gabriel gets "Shut up and kiss me" from Malia Gedde some 10 seconds into their first evening together. She unsubtly hints she's ready to get physical. Gabriel later says it's an inborn talent.
  • Jade Empire
    Silk Fox "Come over here and kiss me before I remember who I am supposed to be"
  • Graham Nelson's Jigsaw: Text adventure example: the game goes so far as to make this a solution to a puzzle.
  • The male PC's romance in Knights of the Old Republic infamously contains the line "Shut up and kiss me, you babbling fool!" to which Bastila replies "Oh my!" and there's a fade to black. Under a different dialogue path, the player can have Bastila say the line.
  • The Mass Effect trilogy:
    • In the Mass Effect 2 DLC "Lair of the Shadow Broker", Shepard can give Liara one of these, if s/he was in a relationship with her in Mass Effect, when she claims that Shepard and her are two different people and she doesn't want to push him/her.
    • Inverted in the Tali romance scene in the second game, where the babbler is the one delivering the kiss.
    • If you romanced him in the second game, a Paragon interrupt in Mass Effect 3 lets Shepard give one of these to Thane.
    • Same applies to a player who romanced Garrus. In fact, Shepard gets to do this twice (the first time just being a kiss on the cheek, although it's still rather effective).
    • Then there's the reunion with a romanced Jack at Grissom Academy. Jack being a Tattooed Crook, she was moved by the romance to add an N7 tattoo to her ass, with Shepard smooching her to save both of them embarrassment.
    • In the Citadel DLC, a Shepard who romanced her can give one to an angry Samantha Traynor, who thinks that Shepard has just booted her off the Normandy for "fraternization". Turns out it was Shepard's Evil Clone who did that.
  • Lili Zanotto from Psychonauts partially inverts this trope by merely thinking "When are you going to shut up and kiss me?" -in full knowledge that protagonist Raz can read her mind.
  • Leon and Ada's kiss in Resident Evil 2 (Remake) plays out like this. As Ada tries to convince Leon to retrieve the G-Virus sample for her, he starts rambling that he can't leave her alone to fend for herself, so she cuts him off with a kiss.
  • In Saints Row IV, during his romance cutscene, Johnny Gat gives one to The Boss when they begin rambling during their proposition to him.
  • Marta does this to Emil in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, cutting him off in the middle of confessing his love for her.
  • In Valkyria Chronicles III, either Riela or Imca gives one to Kurt before he can even get more than one word of his Love Confession out.

    Visual Novels 
  • Galaxy Angel: Tact gives one to Ranpha in her route in Moonlit Lovers, when she starts worrying about the possibility of not coming back from their final mission and all the things she still wants to do with him. It's less forceful than most examples, but it achieves the desired effect of calming her down, enough for him to assure her that everything will be fine.
  • In Sunrider Mask of Arcadius, Ava did this to Kayto as shown in a flashback. After sharing their First Kiss and going back to her apartment in order to have Their First Time, Ava tells a babbling Kayto to “shut up for a moment” and plants one on his lips just before they make love.
  • In one ending of War: 13th Day, Ambrosia is framed for murder and Arsenik decides to take the blame for her. When she tries to stop him, he silences her with a spectacular kiss. While she's stunned, he slips out to turn himself in for a crime neither of them committed.

  • Archipelago:
    • Credenza kisses Raven to stop his Freak Out after the very chaotic events of book 5
      Raven: You humans, you never have a moment of peace, do you? As soon as one drama resolves, another begins. IT NEVER ENDS!
      Credenza: Raven?
      Raven: All I want is a life where everything isn't blowing up in my face, but no, I'm stuck with YOUR circus!
      Credenza: Raaaaven...
      Raven: This whole world is one big mess! Tell me why you don't all just jump off a cliff like lemmings!
      she pecks him on the cheek, he enters Post-Kiss Catatonia
      Credenza: Anyone else want to question life as we know it? Good! Now let's figure out how to get back home.
    • When Alice starts complaining about how boys Cannot Spit It Out, Riley kisses her:
    Alice: You're perfectly willing to confess undying love when you think I'm dead and can't hear, but when I'm alive and in front of you, you're as shy as an oyster. You don't even-mmph!
    Riley: Trust me, I'm not waiting another moment to tell you how I feel.
  • Ask-TwitchPKMN #266. Martyr finally admits to having some sort of feelings for Burrito (even if they're only feelings of friendship) and tells him to leave for his own sake, and Burrito tells her to quit being such a drama queen.
  • In Cuanta Vida, done here between Jordi/Bleu and Jeremy/BLU Scout.
  • Girl Genius:
    • Agatha to Gil here and then later Tarvek to Agatha here.
    • Tarvek to Agatha here, to keep her from publicly recognizing Mister Higgs. Since he's a spy, if people realize she knows who he is, there will be trouble. Of course, what Agatha isn't aware of yet is that Higgs is her spy.
      Agatha: And you couldn't think of a better way to do it?
      Tarvek: Well, of course, I could think of a lot of other different ways, yes — but no. I could not think of a better way to do it.
  • Happens in Charlie's chapter of Khaos Komix. It's how Charlie and Jamie shared their first kiss.
  • Life With Lamarr: Done here, between Barney and Kleiner.
  • A Miracle of Science ends with one, as Caprice asks Benjamin to go to Mars with her and he voices his doubts.
    Benjamin: I don't know if I'll fit in on Mar- [kiss] ... but I'm sure I'll learn to adapt.
  • Elan and Haley in The Order of the Stick.
  • In Panthera chapter seven, Jason tells Kira that he's officially lost his way in the group, with their mentor turning out to be the guy they were chasing all along, having dragged his sister into their life-threatening situation and completely freezing up in North Korea against Gyeoknoho despite being the leader of their team. Kira kisses him to shut him up. Subverted in that he gently pushes her away, leading to Kira admitting that what they had is gone and the two of them mutually break up.
  • Rain (2010): Ky gives one to Drew after he starts asking a little too much about Rain.
  • Sarilho: How Steffano ends the discussion with Nikita that one time.
  • Slightly Damned: Buwaro gives Kieri one on the cheek to stop her babbling, though the couple does share a proper kiss a few panels later.
  • Spacetrawler, here. Used to end a One Scene, Two Monologues conversation, and also serves as the kiss in a Slap-Slap-Kiss relationship.

    Web Animation 
  • Helluva Boss: "The Circus": More like a "Shut Up!" bite, but the same principle. Blitzo is in the process of seducing Stolas, who is a second away from noticing the Grimoire has been knocked off the shelf, so he chomps down on his shoulder. Stolas is very into it, and is immediately distracted.

    Web Original 
  • In Brains season 2, Alison stops Damian from complimenting her with an annoyed kiss, signaling that their romance is at least temporarily on again.
  • A very adorable example can be found in Carmilla the Series. Carmilla and Laura's first kiss, during episode 36, while Laura babbles about Carmilla's Disney Death Heroic Sacrifice.
  • A more chaste variant in Critical Role; Pike kisses Scanlan on the cheek to distract him from his absentminded singing after a failed stealth roll. Later that same evening, Scanlan kisses Percy after he fails a roll.
  • RWBY:
    • Pyrrha gives one to Jaune in their final meeting before she's killed by Cinder.
    • When Nora and Ren are having an argument, Ren mentions that he's not very good at talking, at which point Nora declares "Then screw talking!" and plants one on him. It ends badly, as it turned out to be the exact wrong moment for Ren to be distracted, and ultimately reinforced to Ren that Nora wouldn't listen to him.
  • This Team Fortress 2 fan comic actually has the command "shut up" preceding the kiss.
  • A Very Potter Musical has a scene between Ron and Hermione. It's cute for about a second, and then quickly degrades into Crosses the Line Twice.

    Western Animation 
  • All Grown Up!: Olivia does this to Tommy during the Evasive Chatter scenario.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    Suki: Look, I'm sorry about last night. We were talking and... saying things... I just got carried away, and before I knew it I—
    (Sokka kisses her)
    Sokka: You talk too much.
    • In "The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion", Aang and Katara:
      Aang: Everything's going to be different after today, isn't it?
      Katara: Yes, it is.
      Aang: What if... what if I don't come back?
      Katara: Aang, don't say that. Of course you'll—
      (Aang kisses her)
    • This isn't brought up again until right before the Grand Finale. When he confronts her on it in "The Ember Island Players", he attempts to do another one as she explains that she has confused feelings about him. This time it fails spectacularly.
    • The Legend of Korra: Aang's successor, Avatar Korra, follows in his footsteps when she kisses Mako while he's in the middle of reminding her he's with Asami. And doing it without realizing Mako's younger brother is right there. With whom she went on a date less than 24 hours ago. The results are not pretty.
  • Inque to Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond. An interesting version though, as there was no romantic subtext or growing interest between the two, but only to keep him from talking.
  • Danny Phantom had one in the Grand Finale between Danny and Sam. Though it was only on the cheek at first.
    Danny: If we make it through this-
    Sam: When we make it through this.
    Danny: Right. When we make it through this, there's a few things I need to talk to you about.
    Sam: I think I'd be willing to listen. And no matter how this thing ends, this whole ride we've been on together, I wouldn't change it for the world. Not. One. Bit.
    Danny: Me neither. I- * Sam kisses his cheek* * Danny grabs her chin, tilts it, and kisses her on the lips*
  • Hiccup does to Astrid at the end of the Dragons: Race to the Edge episode "Mi Amore Wing".
  • In The Fairly OddParents! episode where Timmy lent his fairy godparents to Tootie for her birthday, he pulled this on her to prevent her from blurting out that she had them.
  • The Christmas Episode of Kim Possible features a bit near the end where Dr. Drakken pushes Kim and Ron together under some "mistletoe" he's set up (actually a bit of old parsley). Ron nervously begins babbling out an explanation about how it's not really mistletoe, which Kim cuts off by kissing him on the cheek.
  • The Simpsons: In "Lisa's Date With Density", Nelson gave Lisa her first kiss to shut her up.
    Lisa: (thinking) My first kiss! I always wondered what it would be like!
    Nelson: (thinking) This oughta shut her up. (beat) Hey, this is ain't so bad.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The episode "Here to Help" has Marco apologizing for his Love Confession to Star, because he assumes she doesn't feel the same way. Star shuts him up by asking to kiss and then pulling him in for a very passionate one.
    Star: Okay, can we kiss?
    Marco: Huuuh... please.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: "A Friend in Need" crosses this with Fake-Out Make-Out when Lux Bonteri snogs Ahsoka Tano to keep an approaching Pre Vizsla from overhearing anything that would lead him to realize she's a Jedi — Vizsla being the head of the group of Mandalorian warriors called Death Watch, and who hates all Jedi with a passion.
  • Teen Titans: Cyborg and Sarasim, in addition to Robin and Starfire... though the latter is more so Starfire can learn English and respond to Robin rather than simply shutting him up.
    Cyborg: Sarasim, if this doesn't go well, there's something I've gotta say, something I shoulda said before—
    [Sarasim kisses him]
    Sarasim: You already have.
  • Manny and Frida in El Tigre. Frida grabs Manny, shouts 'Kiss me, you fool!' and proceeds to kiss a flabberghasted Manny before tossing him away.
  • Total Drama World Tour had one when Gwen was asking Duncan if he still liked Courtney and this is the obligatory response. Bonus points for the ensuing exchange:
    Gwen: "Was that just to shut me up?"
    Duncan: "Not entirely."
  • Superboy to Miss Martian in Young Justice.


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