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Webcomic / Life With Lamarr

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"Contains sex, drugs, emotions, swearing, lulz, science and headcrabs!"

Life with Lamarr is a Fan Webcomic by Co Fiori-McPhee taking place in an alternate Half-Life universe in which Dr. Kleiner and Barney Calhoun are room-mates, Eli is a hippy, Magnusson went crazy and controls an army of headcrabs and Dr. Breen despite being Administrator of Earth still has time to chase up late rent payments.

Spread over 5 "Books":

  • The Headcrab King (Episodes 1 - 24)
  • The Free Children's Commune (Episodes 25 - 60)
  • Land Sakes (Episodes 61 - 101)
  • The House of Longfigger (Episodes 102 - 195)
  • El Headcrab Gigante (Episodes 196 - onwards)

Life with Lamarr provides examples of: