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Manga / Junsui Adolescence

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Junsui Adolescence is a Girls' Love manga dealing with a student who falls in love with a member of the faculty. It spans one volume and was originally serialized in the Girls' Love anthology Yuri Hime in 2006 for eight chapters.

Nanao is an average high school girl who happens to be in love with the school nurse. Matsumoto is an average school nurse who happens to be in love with her medical assistant Nanao. Hilarity and drama ensue as the two go about their romance surprisingly unbothered by the legal system. They are not the only two to be romantically involved in this story. There's another set of school girls and a gym teacher named Hanada who had a fling with her music teacher back when she went to school. Hilarity and drama follow them as well.

Junsui Adolescence contains examples of:

  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Abi. Not as out-there as some, but spacey enough not to tell when a guy's trying to pick her up or realize she's in love with her best friend.
  • Scenery Porn: The backgrounds are very pretty, especially in First Love Canon and Summer Window Syndrome.

Alternative Title(s): Pure Water Adolescence