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"Aah. God, if I'm dreaming, don't let me wake up."
"I must still be dreaming right.
But Midori writing a surname I've never heard before as her own,
starting a family with someone I don't even really know-
I feel like I'm back in the real world for those little moments."

Kakeochi girl (or it's alternative title, " Run away with me, Girl.") is a josei drama manga in the Yuri Genre by Battan. The manga contains 16 chapters in total.The story follows Maki and her reunion with Midori, a woman that she (and her) were in love, back in their highschool days. They went their seperate way right after graduation and haven't met again since then. After 10 years has passed, Maki met Midori by chance and finds that her feelings for her hasn't changed since her highschool days.But after she realised that, she finds out that Midori's feeling has changed from a single letter that Midori gives to her.

There is no official English translation of the manga currently available at the moment but there is a well-made scanlation done by the team: Sexy Akiba Detectives. All of the chapters are completely translated thus far.


Kakeochi Girl contains examples of:

  • Gayngst: Maki get hit with the big old gayngst though out the series. From the beginning with Midori breaking up her right after their graduation because they are girls so they need grow out of their realationship as they are adults now. Also, Komari , with her having a boyfriend despite being a lesbian.
  • Furo Scene : In Chapter 9 , there is a scene where Maki, Midori and Komari is relaxing in Komari's family bath.
  • I Want Grandkids : Maki's Mother
  • Manipulative Bastard : Tazune.
  • Misogyny : Tazune. Yet Again. The bastard thinks girls are really weak and they are easy to win over.
  • Shotgun Wedding : Tazune suggests to get married after he found out that Midori was pregnant with his child.
  • Sympathetic Adulterer : Well ...Midori didn't commit adultery but her actions would be considering cheating like when she kissed Maki. Anyway, we see how Tazune treats her badly with belittling and how he sees about her. Tazune: "Midori always smiles, always listens to what I have to say, and honestly wouldn't be half bad as a wife. Also with the Shotgun Wedding going on, she felt very trapped and want to run away from her situation. We can't help but feel sorry for her
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  • Tragic Mistake : When Midori "falls for" Tazune and started dating him.
  • The Beard : Yup. Komaei again with her boyfriend.
  • Why Did You Make Me Hit You? : In Chapter 6, Tazune smacks Midori which her nose cause to bleed. After that happens, he says Tazune: "Stop laughing like that. I can't take."

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