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"You're always sorry, Charles. And there's always a speech. But nobody cares anymore."

So The Hero has finally penetrated the Big Bad's fortress, defeated his Mooks, made his Dynamic Entry into the inner sanctum, and the final confrontation is about to begin. Of course, being The Hero, he sums up all that is wrong about what the villain is doing and offers him one last chance to cease his evil-doing and repent. The villain, of course, will have none of it, and rather than wasting time with We Can Rule Together and the like, gives a resounding "Shut Up, Kirk!" and the battle is joined.


The Kirk Summation equivalent of Shut Up, Hannibal!, Shut Up, Kirk! is when the villain or antagonist on the receiving end of The Summation (Kirk or otherwise), Patrick Stewart Speech, some other goody-goody life-affirming lecture, or even a blistering critique of all their flaws rejects what the hero has said and reaffirms his motives and actions. When the hero spells out how his plan to destroy all life on the planet is wrong, the villain usually will respond with this trope with something like "They don't deserve to live!" or "Silence! How dare you question my judgment?" or "What gives you the moral authority to condemn me? You're just as evil!" or "Fool, only those with strength such as mine are fit to survive!", or simply "Yep. I know, and I don't care, because screw you, that's why."

There are even some cases where the villain will deny the charges against him and will instead take this opportunity to reveal completely different (but equally villainous) motives:

The Kirk: Spreading The Virus across the planet to kill 90% of humanity won't help save the planet from ecological disaster! Humans are part of nature, too! And if we all work together, we can still stop the pollution, and...
The Villain: What are you talking about? I was just going to spread the virus so that my Evil Incorporate would be able to sell the vaccine — and name our own price! That whole "save the planet" line was just something I fed those silly eco-terrorists so they'd work for me for free.
The Kirk: Oh... well... well, that's bad too!

Then again, the villain may reject the last chance offered him and order The Hero to kill him, especially if the hero's a Worthy Opponent.

Of course, the Shut Up, Kirk! need not be verbal; the No-Nonsense Nemesis can just as well respond by shooting The Hero point blank to shut him up, or some variation thereof.


Pretty much a staple when it comes to final showdowns, and can often double as a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner. Compare Sedgwick Speech, Talk to the Fist.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Higurashi: When They Cry, Big Bad Miyo Takano shoots Keiichi point blank during his Kirk Summation to shut him up. It's a bit complicated how only the identity of the villain is a spoiler.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • When Jonathan, Zeppelli, and Speedwagon confront the vampire Dio in Phantom Blood, Zeppeli notices Dio has healed his wounds from his previous fight with Jonathan and asks him how many lives he's "sucked away" to do so. Dio coolly asks Zeppeli if he remembers how many loaves of bread he's ever eaten.
    • In Battle Tendency, Caesar Zeppelli swears revenge after Whamuu casually kills his friend by walking into him while not even noticing him. The Pillarmen start laughing, remarking that this is hardly the first time someone swore revenge against them.
  • Pokémon:
    • In Pokémon Adventures, a pissed-off Cyrus tells Dia that a stupid kid could never understand the concepts of time and space. Dia responds with a small but heartfelt speech about what time and space mean to him. Cyrus doesn't like Dia's answer (not to mention pissed that Dialga and Palkia seem to like the kid's answer over his), so he smacks the boy across the face with the Red Chain.
    • From Pokémon: The First Movie, Pikachu tries to convince Mewtwo that Ash views him (Pikachu) as a friend, not a slave. Mewtwo is not convinced and hurls him against Ash.
  • Wrath/Fuhrer Bradley of Fullmetal Alchemist gives one of these as he lies dying and Lan Fan asks if he has any dying words. He dies content with the life he had led, no matter how horrid his enemies found it.
    Lan Fan: Any last words you'd like to say?
    Wrath: None.
    Lan Fan: Such a sad life. Tell me, Bradley. Was there anyone who you loved? Any friends? Your wife?
    Wrath: My wife...
    Lan Fan: Are you saying you have nothing? No message for her? When she finds out what you are...
    Wrath: Your trivial words of sorrow, of love and guilt mean nothing to me, young lady. My wife understands. She is the woman that I chose to live by my side. There are no more words that need to pass between us now. That's what it means to be the wife of the Fuhrer.
    • Kimblee has his moment of this too, listening to Al's declaration that he will Take a Third Option that will allow them to save everyone and regain their bodies. Kimblee then reasons there must exist a fourth option where both brothers fail completely.
  • In Bakuman。, after Nanamine outlines his plan, Mashiro and Takagi disapprove of it. He then says he's disappointed because he thought they would understand, and they respond by saying that they're disappointed that he would waste his talent and throw away his pride. Nanamine then says that professionals do whatever it takes to succeed, and anyone whose pride comes before that has yet to learn what it takes to be a professional.
  • In Bokurano, the following exchange occurs when Chizu, who knows she and her baby are going to die after her battle, since she's Zearth's pilot, starts firing Zearth's lasers to take revenge on the men who raped her, causing collateral damage.
    Tanaka: What makes you think this is even remotely acceptable? We live under a constitutional government to prevent that from happening!
    Chizu: Constitutional government? Then go ahead and make a world with a perfect government. However, I don't have the time to wait for that to happen.
  • Muhyo and Roji:
    • At the end of the Arcanum arc, Biko angrily blames her former friend Enchu for her teacher Rio's Face–Heel Turn, but Enchu calmly and politely tells her that Rio chose to betray the Association, which was responsible for her mother's death, out of her own free will.
    • During the following arc, Goryo tells Roji that while Muhyo is superior to Goryo, Roji is holding him back. Roji insists that he's trying to help Muhyo despite his shortcomings, but Goryo thrusts his fan into Roji's face and tells him that he doesn't get it- that his inability to work well with Muhyo will be their downfall.
    • After Page angrily tells Enchu that Yoichi, whom he had looked at dismissively, had gone to great lengths to bring Enchu back, and implies that he himself feels somewhat responsible, Enchu responds by saying "You talk too much, as always."
  • In Girls und Panzer, when Erika shows up to mock Miho, who was her teammate and predecessor as vice-captain before she switched schools, Miho's friends step up to defend her.
    Yukari: If I may say something, I don't think Miho-san's decision was incorrect in the match we had.
    Erika: I think someone needs to mind their own business.
    Yukari: (chastened) I'm sorry.
    • In the Little Army manga, when Miho asks her mother if it was necessary for Maho to shoot the enemy's flag tank when it went to rescue one of her team's tanks, she gets this response.
    Shiho: What a foolish question. For one who carries the name of the Nishizumi family to say such a foolish thing... it's plainly embarrassing.
    • Anchovy, after losing to Miho, accuses her of having thrown away victory in the last tournament. Miho responds by saying that there are more important things to her than victory. Anchovy begins to walk away but pauses to tell Miho that she thinks that the commander of a team has a responsibility to her subordinates to win, especially for Miho, who says she values her comrades. Anchovy ends up being vindicated in the next round, in which Miho learns that if she loses, she will be disinherited and her school will be shut down.
  • Rurouni Kenshin. Kenshin's always being mocked for being a Technical Pacifist, but the hardest burn comes from Saitou, who visited Kenshin's home while he was out and waited for him to come back, all to point out that he could have slaughtered everyone there if he felt like it and Kenshin wouldn't have been able to stop him.
    • In the Jinchu Arc, Gein invokes this against Kenshin regarding his ability to build battlesuits from corpses.
      Kenshin: As you say, it is a very advanced kind of technology. You ought to use that technology for the good of the people.
      Gein: I hear that a lot. But would a master swordsmith make razors? Would a superior castle architect build tenements? The forefront of technology is always in battle.
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's, Chrono confronts Admiral Graham and his familiars regarding their plan to deal with the Book of Darkness by sealing away its master for eternity, and says that because the master is innocent of any wrongdoing, it's illegal. Lotte then launches into a tirade about how following the law only led to many victims being created, among them Chrono's father, although Graham, apparently not caring for her doing so, silences her.
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • In the Frieza Saga, Gohan faces Recoome and gives a speech declaring he is the son of the great hero Goku, who inspired him to not be afraid of bullies and stand up to them. Recoome says he doesn't care and nothing Gohan says can change the fact Gohan doesn't stand a chance. He proves it.
    • In the Buu Saga, when the Supreme Kai pleads with Vegeta to fight Babidi's Mind Control, begging him to focus on the good and "be innocent and clear," Vegeta retorts, "How can you say that? I'm not innocent!" Later, when he calls Vegeta out on focusing on his "meaningless squabble" with Goku over saving the universe from Majin Buu, Vegeta responds with a Motive Rant about how humiliated he feels being Goku's second and how he wants to reclaim his honor after everything he's been through.
      Vegeta: "Meaningless", huh? WHAT DO YOU KNOW OF MEANINGLESS? Spend most of your life ruled by your race dwindle to a handful...and then, tell me what has more meaning than your own strength! I have in me the blood of a Saiyan Prince! He is nothing but a joke! Yet I've had to watch him surpass me in strength, my destiny thrown to the wayside! He's...he's even saved my life as if I were a helpless child. He has stolen my honor. And his debts must be paid.
    • Android 13 delivers a glorious Shut Up, Kirk! to Future Trunks in the Funimation dub of his eponymous Non-Serial Movie, when Trunks tries to call him out over being Killer Robot designed to do nothing but kill Goku.
      Trunks: You’re just a slave, a pawn with no free will of its own, is that it?
      13: Free will? Pitiful humans, war, segregation, hatred, is that what you’ve done with your free will boy? Don’t you lecture me with your 30 dollar haircut Goku dies!
  • Dragon Ball Super: During the Future Trunks Saga, Trunks calls Goku Black out on his genocidal rampage, calling him nothing more than a murderer. In response, Black goes on a Motive Rant alongside Future Zamasu, stating that everything that's happening is Trunks' fault because he went back in time and saved Goku from the heart virus, breaking the gods' Time Travel Taboo in the process; had Trunks just let Goku die as he was originally supposed to, then Goku never would have met Zamasu, Zamasu would never have stolen Goku's body, and Black himself would have never existed. Basically, they're saying that if he and Bulma did nothing to stop the Androids, none of this would have happened.
  • In Failed Princesses, some members of Fujishiro's gyaru group badmouth her after she gets suspended. Kurokawa, a plain-looking girl Fujishiro had befriended over the course of the story, overhears them talking and steps in to speak up for Fujishiro, but Miki fires back with a cutting "The Reason You Suck" Speech saying that Fujishiro will always think of Kurokawa and the others as beneath her.

    Comic Books 
  • Happened in The Transformers: All Hail Megatron. When Prime returned to put the kibosh on Megatron, he began with his Catchphrase about freedom being the right of all— OH, SHUT UP!!
  • Ultimate Marvel:
    • A fairly tragic example in Ultimate Spider-Man, mostly because it's taking place in a fight that ends in Peter's death.
      Peter: What's the plan, Osborn? I'm dying to know... What next? You kill me, then what next? The son you killed won't magically come back to life! Your world as a captain of industry won't magically go back to the way it was! And your hair... Won't magically come... into fashion!
      Goblin: But you'll be dead.
    • Ultimate X-Men: Jean Grey gave a speech that they should not kill the soldiers, that it's wrong, even if they're evil. Rogue tried to silence her by touching her, but Iceman freezer her hand.
  • In The Black Ring, when Superman realises that Luthor's hatred for him is going to poison the perfect world Lex has created, he starts out giving him a lecture on the importance of keeping hold of his peace, and then starts apologising for whatever he's done that Lex hates him for, but to Luthor, it all sounds like the Kirk Summation, and he screams at Supes to be quiet.
  • The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe: Captain America faces off against Frank Castle (which on this "What If?" has become a superhero-killing crusader courtesy of his family being stuck on the crossfire of a typical battle of the Marvel Universe) and tries to bring him back to his senses by appealing to his sense of duty as a soldier. Frank's response begins with him saying "I guess I'm just having a My Lai kind of day" and when Cap doesn't understand what Frank means...
    Frank Castle: (After explaining the reference (he personally saw that event), which gave him enough time to take hold of the gun he concealed on the battlefield and point it point-blank at the back of Cap's head) You don't know what I've been through. So who are you to judge?? (Boom, Headshot!).
  • Spider-Man: In The Clone Conspiracy, Spidey points out that Ben Reilly/the Jackal hasn't brought back Uncle Ben, when he's cloned just about everyone else Peter knows who died, ever. He says the reason is that Uncle Ben would disapprove of what Reilly is doing, and Reilly wouldn't be able to argue with him. The response?
    Ben Reilly: [turns to cloned villains] Kill him.
  • Inverted then played straight in The Powerpuff Girls DC finale "Smart and Smarter." Blossom has let her admittance to a school for exceptionally smart children go to her head, so she psychoanalyzes Bubbles' and Buttercup's routines critically to where it alienates them as well as Mojo Jojo.
    Blossom: Girls! I realize that your reading level is not past Dr. Seuss, but in studying the literature of renowned authors such as Chaucer and Jane Austen we have discussed character motivation. A strong motivation propels a character's action. Now, Bubbles, what is your primary motivation for fighting well against Mojo?
    Bubbles: (upset, teary-eyed) So you won't yell at me and say I have interior intelligence.
    Blossom: And you, Buttercup?
    Buttercup: (angrily) Usually it's to beat the pucky out of him! But today it's to get you to shut up!
    Mojo: (to Blossom) I am with Powerpuff Girl Buttercup! It is time for you to put a sock in it, the "it" being your mouth! Now I am not one to talk about not talking because if there is one thing that I like, it is expressing through words how much more intelligent I am than all those around me. But you, Powerpuff Girl Blossom, have taken this self-expression to an annoying and hurtful level.
  • In Spider-Man and the X-Men, after Spider-Man learning of Sauron's and Stegron's plan to use genetic engineering to turn the people of Staten Island into dinosaurs, he points out that they could use the technology for altruistic means such as curing cancer. Sauron gives a straightforward response.
    Sauron: But I don't want to cure cancer. I want to turn people into dinosaurs.

    Comic Strips 
  • Peanuts: Lampshaded in one strip, when Charlie Brown is being attacked by Lucy, and he begins to explain to her how violence is never the answer to anything. Lucy just slugs him and says "I had to hit him quick— he was starting to make sense!"

    Fan Works 
  • A rare hero to hero example in Origin Story. Captain America takes Superwoman to task over her willingness to indulge in lethal violence, stating the Avengers don't do that. Superwoman throws it back in his face by pointing out that not only has he and the other Avengers all acted ruthlessly in the past when the situation called for it, but she points out that for all her questionable decisions she could have done a lot worse
  • A non-villainous example in the Avatar: The Last Airbender fic Fullmetal Bitch. A 22-year-old Toph refuses to train Aang who then calls her a coward for refusing to help fight the Fire Nation. Toph responds by taking off her shirt and showing all the scars she earned fighting on the wall of Ba Sing Se, ending it with, "I fought the Fire Nation for four years; where were you during all that time?"
  • In Perfection Is Overrated, when confronted by Shizune Otonashi, Yukariko tells her that she's nothing but a murderer and a false Christian. Shizune retorts by saying that in her view, Yukariko is the false Christian.
    • When confronting Bachiko and Meiko regarding their plan to alter everyone's personalities and relationships as they please, Mai calls them out on their plan not respecting people's right to make their own decisions, to which Bachiko responds that they cannot be trusted to make these decisions on their own.
  • In The Prayer Warriors, when Jerry confronts Books, a representation of one of his critics, this exchange happens. Jerry concludes that Books is "an idiot only suited to telling lies and killing innocent Christians".
    Jerry: "Jesses Christ is my saviour. HE will pretext me in my lime of need. Where is your false gods now? I know perfumery well that your gods is not real but is a lie created by Stalin (which s secretly demon processed by the Satan, the worse demon of them all! And he is not a god!)"
    Books: "Laugh out loud."
    • Earlier on, when Jerry first tries to convert Percy Jackson, he gets this response.
    Percy: No I will never. I will always fool you by worshiping a false set of gods, Zeus the king, and will secret preying to the lord of the darkness, Satan himself,"
    • Annabeth tries this on Jerry at one point, saying ""Those ways are old and tired. Our way is much better", but he responds with "But at least our way works! Amen" before killing her.
    • When Jerry prays to God for forgiveness for killing the "demon processed" Grover, Stalin tells him "Pray as much as you want, your God will not save you."
  • Friendship Is Aura: When offering her a Last-Second Chance, Lucario tells Chrysalis that her subjects love her, meaning she doesn't need to forcibly take it from anyone. She responds by absorbing said subjects and trying one last time to kill him.
  • The Immortal Game: Titan repeatedly shoots down Twilight's attempts to verbally break him during their Final Battle, until she finally manages to get through to him at the last minute allowing her to drain his power and kill him.
  • In Boys Do Tankary, Vincent, after telling Maho she knows nothing about true family because she pushed Miho away, not realizing that Maho does, in fact, love Miho, Maho contemptuously replies “Family. This coming from a guy who has no family”. Vincent is unfazed, though, and tells Maho that he considers the Oarai crew and his platoon his family.
  • In Boys und Sensha-do! (found here), after Shiho disowns Miho, Akio tells Shiho that Miho is far more talented than Shiho realizes and that Sensha-do is about friendship and camaraderie, not just victory. Shiho responds by saying "That is not what Sensha-do is about, little boy!"
  • The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum:
    • When Celestia angrily calls Discord out on how his vision of chaos caused untold amounts of pain and damage to the ponies and Equestria, Discord retorts that her "harmony" has caused its own damage by causing pony civilization to become stagnant and the ponies themselves complacent.
    • In chapter 15 when Luna calls Spykoran a murderer for destroying Dream Valley, Discord reminds her that she herself would have killed the world as Nightmare Moon.
  • In Frozen Hearts, during an argument between Hans' brothers regarding Hans, Heins tries to remind Harald of what makes a prince.
    Heins: He's our brother, Harald! Our brother! And I, for one, love him! Have you all forgotten what makes a prince? A prince forgets trespasses! He forgives! He sacrifices! He is compassionate!
    Harald: Don't recite those time-old rhymes to me! God knows we spent half our childhoods reciting them back to the king whenever he asked like a bunch of trained parrots!
  • In System Restore, Monobear does this at the end of the first trial, after a speech describing what could have been done to prevent the murder.
    Monobear: “Ugh! Why do you keep assaulting my ears with all these speeches speeches speeches speeches! It’s as if you actually think you’re an important character or talent or human being! Nope, I’m done, I’ve decided. Done listening to people who think they’re in charge. I think it’s time I showed you bastards who really was.”
  • In Shadowchasers: Ascension, Big Bad Jalie Squarefoot interrupts Jeb this way when it's clear Jeb is about to quote from a certain work in his attempt at a "The Reason You Suck" Speech (keep in mind, Jalie is an actual devil and a member of the nobility of Hell):
    Jeb: So, you seek to one-up him by becoming a god. Do you seriously think your plan will work?
    Jalie: Why shouldn't it work?
    Jeb (Visibly frustrated): Jalie, there's a book that's been popular on Earth for a few thousand years… In one part of it…
    Jalie: Belmont, please, If you're going to quote from the Bible, I should tell you, I've memorized that dumb book! When a devil gets as far advanced as I have, it helps to know mortal religious tracts by heart.
  • In The Stalking Zuko Series:
    • During an argument between the Northern and Southern Water Tribes over inter-nation marriage, Bato gives a passionate speech about his love for Ming, a woman from the Fire Nation. In response to that, Hahn, the would-be son-in-law and heir of Arnook, chief of the Northern Water Tribe, gives this exceptionally dismissive and condescending response.
    Hahn: "I get that you have urges. But you know you don't have to marry her right? They aren't like us. All firebenders are such sluts. You can fuck her and leave her. You don't have to debase yourself by having a relationship with one of those firebitches."
    • When Zuko, Aang, and some of Zuko's advisors are discussing what to do with Ozai, since some Ozai loyalists are planning to overthrow Zuko and re-enthrone Ozai, Aang insists that sparing him was the right decision and that he wishes this wasn't happening. Za Jei, one of Zuko's old teachers, responds with a mix of this and Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids!.
    Za Jei: Listen, Avatar, I don't know if anyone in the land of fairy floss, fruit pies, and rainbows ever told you, but this is the real world. Here you cannot just wish away your problems.
  • Generally speaking, any time Suzaku tries to convince someone in Six Paths of Rebellion that violence won't solve anything and that by fighting the system, they're only causing "unnecessary bloodshed", they or someone else will call him a hypocrite for spouting such beliefs while working for a tyrannical world-conquering empire. Particularly of note is when he tries to convince Kallen to leave the Black Knights.
    Kallen: "Then explain something, what higher purpose did the death of my brother serve? What about the people in Shinjuku? In Saitama?"
  • Pony POV Series: In the Finale Arc, Apple Bloom tells Diamond Tiara that she had seen several alternate realities where Diamond was a hero, meaning Diamond's fate as a villain isn't set in stone and she can still change. Diamond retorts, "None of them are me."
  • In Hell Is a Martial Artist the Norns, Urd in particular, try to convince Ranma that Hild is merely using him and she tricked him by rewriting reality to make him her son/daughter. Ranma shoots back that he's the one who pressed the button to do so; so far as he's concerned Hild is his mother, even before they made it reality.
    • Likewise, whenever someone brings up that Hild is Satan and tortures souls for a living, Ranma responds that she tortures the damned. He met some of those souls and learned what they did in life and every last one of them deserves their torment.
  • When Miya criticizes Takami in Ashikabi of Thunder and Lightning for getting her son involved in the Sekirei Game, Takami responds that she needs a way to counter the Ashikabi of the South and East as well as hopefully stop Minaka. While Miya could easily do so, her refusal to take up her sword again has forced Takami to find an alternate solution.
  • In Ages of Shadow, when Trace starts to give a Patrick Stewart Speech during the Final Battle, Jade interrupts him and tells him to get started with the dueling.
  • Frequently in The Defeated a Soul Reaper (usually Byakuya, Soi-fon, or Yamamoto) will call out Ichigo and/or Orihime for breaking their laws and later joining Aizen. Each time, someone fires back that Soul Society decided to kill schoolchildren (Uryu and Sado) for trying to prevent a wrongful execution then tortured the survivors before sending them home without admitting they were the ones in the wrong.
  • Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters: During the fight in Chapter 17, Jackie tries to get Hak Foo to abandon his Oni mask, appealing to his desire to be the strongest warrior by pointing out that he's relying on the mask's power instead of his own. Hak Foo responds by saying that he doesn't care, as long as he wins.
  • Bring Me to Life:
    • In chapter 37, when Willow calls her insane for being onboard with the First's plans, Amy responds with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, chewing Willow out for being scared of her own power and continuing to be Buffy's sidekick.
    • In chapter 38, when Giles declares they will find a way to stop it, the First responds sarcastically, having already put Buffy and Angel out of commission.
  • Marionettes: When Sunset Shimmer tries to convince Marshmallow that what S.M.I.L.E. and Masquerade are doing is wrong, Marshmallow retorts, "Your speeches are boring! Why do you keep making them?!"
  • In the climax of Loved and Lost, Shining Armor calls out his rival Commander Hildread of believing too much in using brutality to retain order as well as helping in slaughtering ponies she claims to be protecting. Her ultimate response is to quell any hesitations she has and attack her hated rival.
    Hildread: I am the guardian of this great nation. I protect the ponies that live in it!
    Shining Armor: Is that what you call this? Protection?!
    Hildread: [looks at the attack going on around them with an uneasy expression before hardening her heart] Traitors to the King must be punished.
    Shining Armor: Traitors?! These are innocent ponies! This is a massacre ordered by that vile usurper you call a king!
    Hildread: Everything we've done was absolutely necessary! And if I have to destroy you in order to maintain peace and order in Equestria, so be it.
    Shining Armor: Your extreme desires and methods have blinded you to the fact that you're causing more harm than good. This is why you were kicked out of the guard.
    Hildread: I WILL CRUSH YOU!
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness Act IV: Hokuto explains at length to Moka why he wants to resurrect Alucard to bring about The End of the World as We Know It. As far as he's concerned, all living things, human and monster alike, are nothing but evil, meaningless trash who could never co-exist and only want to live for the sake of living, endlessly killing one another to do so; thus, he believes that the only way to achieve true peace in the world is by reviving Alucard and allowing him to destroy every living thing on the planet. Moka insists that his views are unjustified and that both humans and monsters do have good in them, with those at Yokai Academy being proof of that. Hokuto retorts that Yokai Academy simply teaches monsters to survive amongst humanity by hiding what they really are, which is not true coexistence.
  • In Amazing Fantasy, Mitsuki gives a scathing speech to her son Katsuki about how his petty and bratty behavior could jeopardize his chances at becoming a Hero. Rather than listen to her, he throws the door of the car open and stomps away.
  • In uthando lukabawo, T'Challa disapproves his cousin Erik's justifying his terrorism through his need to protect his daughter, asking if she wanted for her dad to become a monster. Erik verbally shreds him to pieces by pointing T'Challa's father killed Erik's so he's not qualified to criticize his parenting, and Wakanda itself failed his daughter when she needed help and they wouldn't give it because she was an "outsider".
    Erik: Aliens rained hell on Manhattan, and a fucking building fell on my daughter. Where was Wakanda?
  • In Dance with the Demons, Talia Al Ghul tries to get Catwoman assassinated Selina when the latter gets married to Batman. When Catwoman says Talia doesn't know what to love someone selflessly is like, Talia retorts that's very easy for Catwoman to say.
    Selina: "You wanted to kill me. After I fought beside you, trusted you, twice. With my life. Talia, Talia. You claim to love my man. But I can't believe you know what the hell love really is. Not a bit of it."
    Talia Al Ghul: "I do know what love is, you witch! I know because you broke my heart. And so did he!"
  • In The Rugged Game and the Trickster's Uprising, Akechi is sent to assassinate Ren Kurusu, Akira's father, for investigating Shido's action to help clear his son's name. Ren tries to convince Akechi to join the fight against Shido since he has no reason to support the politician. Akechi responds that he wants Shido to become Prime Minister so that The Reveal that he is Shido's bastard child will be all the more damning to his reputation, right before shooting Ren before he could fire back.
  • In Lost in Camelot, a hero-on-hero version occurs when Arthur initially orders Merlin to leave when he's angry to learn that Merlin's lied about his magic for years. As Merlin prepares to walk out, Bo instead forces the two to talk it over, pointing out to Arthur that he can't exactly be angry at Merlin for lying to him when he had good reason to believe Arthur would kill him if he knew the truth.
  • Did I Make the Most of Loving You? features another hero-on-hero case of this; after Lee learns that various members of his family have memories of an alternate future that they have been actively trying to change, he explicitly asks if they have the right to make such big changes on behalf of everyone in the Colonies. However, Kara Thrace stops him asking that question by asking if he’d really prefer to live in a timeline where his brother Zak was already dead before the Colonies fell.
  • FIRE! (DarkMark): When Iron Man replies to Firebrand's "everything sucks" rant by stating that progress is being done, he gets this answer in return.
    Firebrand: Oh, God, Iron Man, Iron Man. I thought you, of all people, would understand. You've been so close to the wheels of power in this country for so long, you can't be that ignorant.
    Iron Man: Ignorant of what?
    Firebrand: Ignorant of the price the world's paid to keep us on top. Do you know how much of the Earth's resources is used up by the United States, let alone the rest of the First World? Do you know how many people starve in India, go cold and hungry in Africa, just so about two hundred million people in America can go to bed under central heating and wake up to a nice bowl of Cheerios in the morning? Do you know how much we use up?
    Iron Man: I know. I've been in a lot more of the world than you could imagine. You also ought to know, if you've been keeping up with us, that Stark was one of the first companies to take heed of the pollution problem and act on it. That we've been instrumental in seeking alternative power sources, building factories in underprivileged nations to help the local economy. That we've worked with the United Nations to try and improve methods of farming, of...
    Firebrand: Oh, shut the hell up.
  • J-WITCH Season 1: In "Gladiatorial Clash", Will asks Hak Foo (who's just been turned into a Dark Chi Warrior) if he's really willing to let himself be turned into Wong's slave in exchange for power. His response is a Blunt "Yes".

    Film — Animated 
  • In The Boxtrolls, Eggs tries to convince Snatcher that he doesn't need a fancy hat or fancy cheese to be somebody important and that he is what makes himself. Snatcher retorts "I have made me, boy... this is my destiny!", and Death by Gluttony ensues.
  • In the first half of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frollo holds enough fear of God and respect for the sanctity of the Church to spare and raise the baby Quasimodo and not drag Esmeralda forcibly out of the sanctuary of Notre Dame when he's disputed by the Archdeacon. When the climax occurs, however, Frollo is driven so mad by his lust and hatred that he assaults Notre-Dame to get back at both Quasimodo and Esmeralda. On the way, the Archdeacon tries to stop him by rekindling his fear of God, but Frollo merely tosses the clergyman down the stairs and locks him downstairs to keep him out of the final fight.
    Archdeacon: Frollo, have you gone MAD?! I will not tolerate this assault on the house of God!
    Frollo: Silence, you old fool! (Tosses the Archdeacon down the stairs) The hunchback and I have unfinished business to attend to! And this time, you will not interfere.
  • Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths: Owlman gets one off on Batman.
    Batman: If we're really alike, you know this is wrong. You must have been a good man once.
    Owlman: No. Not good. Never good. After all, I'm only human.
  • Megamind: When Roxanne tries to appeal to Hal/Titan's better nature, insisting there's still good in him, Titan simply retorts that he has no better nature and she tries to see good in everyone even when there's none to see. He proves it shortly after.
    Titan: You're so naive, Roxy. You see the good in everybody even when it's not there. You're living in a fantasy world!
  • Steven Universe: The Movie: At the climax of the movie, Steven sings a song to try and convince Spinel it's not too late to make amends for her Misplaced Retribution, and she tells him to stop singing, right before literally pounding Steven back to Earth:
    Spinel: Just can it, won't ya?! You can't just make everything better by singing SOME STUPID SONG!
  • In Trolls, Poppy convinces the Bergen race that they don't need to eat the Trolls to become happy, as they've had the ability to be happy all along and they didn't even know it. Her message gets to everyone except Chef, who still wants to taste happiness and completely ignores her message and tries to kill the Trolls before she is sent away.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • In an early scene in Batman (1989), Alex Knox is trying to get information from the very uncooperative Lt. Eckhardt:
    Eckhardt: Don't be writing this crap in the newspaper, Knox, it will ruin your already worthless reputation.
    Knox: Lieutenant. Lotsa punks in town are scared stiff! They say he drinks blood. They say he can't be killed!
  • In Batman & Robin, Poison Ivy does this while seducing Robin.
    • At Freeze's hideout, she ambushes Robin after he is knocked aside by Bane. Robin tries to place her under arrest, but she is unintimidated and instead just twists his efforts with some flirting and offers him a kiss instead.
    Poison Ivy: Hey there, pretty birdie.
    Robin: Give yourself up! If you surrender-
    Poison Ivy: To you? (blows her pheromone dust in his face) Polly want a kiss?
    • Later in Ivy's lair she finally succeeds in seducing Robin and shares a deadly kiss with him. She takes a moment to mock Robin over this in pretend sadness while rubbing noses with him and gently telling him it is time for him to die. But Robin reveals he saw through her seductions and wore rubber lips to protect himself from her poison. Ivy, realizing Robin tricked her and stole a kiss from her, responds by silently glaring at Robin for a moment before suddenly shoving him into her plant infested lily pond to drown him and mocks him further by waving him goodbye as he drowns, officially ending their "relationship" by "breaking up with him", ensuring she got the last laugh.
    Poison Ivy: One love...(whisper) for luck.
    (After a moment of silence she and Robin close their eyes and slowly lean in, with Ivy smirking smugly, and share a passionate kiss)
    Poison Ivy: (in mock sadness) Bad luck I'm afraid. Time to die little Robin.
    Robin: I hate to disappoint you but, (peels off his upper rubber lip) rubber lips are immune to your charms.
    (Poison Ivy glares at Robin before leaping forward and shoving him off her throne and into her pond. As he is slowly drowned by plants, Ivy begins walking away with a smirk and waves goodbye.)
    Poison Ivy: See ya!
  • In Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man delivers a pretty firm shutdown to Captain America before he can get his inspirational speech in.
    Cap: Listen, when I see a situation pointed south, I can't ignore it. Sometimes I wish I could—
    Iron Man: No, you don't.
    • There's also Tony's response after finding out who really killed his parents.
    Cap: This isn't going to change what happened.
    Iron Man: I don't care. He killed my mom.
  • The Chronicles of Riddick: The Lord Marshal does this to an outspoken prisoner trying to rally the others against conversion by ripping out his opposition's soul. Considering that Helion's essentially a religion melting pot world, this is actually the perfect way to get to them.
  • In Dragonheart, Bowen hunted dragons because he mistakenly believed being given a dragon's heart corrupted Einon. When they clash for the first time, Bowen begs Einon to remember the Old Code. Einon's response makes it painfully clear to Bowen that Einon was Evil All Along.
    Bowen: But... you spoke the words...
    Einon: I vomited them up because I couldn't stomach them! Because I knew it was what you wanted to hear!
  • Another great moment from Gangs of New York:
    Monk: Citizens of the Five Points! Mr. Bill Cutting is attempting to draw me into an argument that would no doubt end in bloodshed and the compromising of my office! What do ya think? Should I engage and silence this relic of the ancient law? Or shall I be your chosen voice, in a new testament, in the New World! (a long pause) There you are, Bill. The people have spoken: the very notion of violent reprisal benumbs them. Come on up; let's see if we can resolve our differences the democratic way.
    (Bill begins climbing the hill towards the barbershop, and Monk turns his back to enter; a split second later, Bill's cleaver lands square in Monk's back; he goes crashing to the ground, dropping his club in the process)
    Bill: That, my friends, is the minority vote. (to Monk) Now you've tasted my mutton, how d'you like it, huh? Look. I want you to see this...
    (he takes up Monk's club, carves another notch into it, and shows it to him)
    Bill: This is you, right here: notch forty-five, you Irish bog .
    (he brings the club down on Monk's head with a sickening thud)
  • Done gloriously in Hot Fuzz.
    Reverend Shooter: Stop! Please stop this mindless violence! Nicholas, I know that you're not a man of God, but surely you're a man of peace.
    Nicholas Angel: I may not be a man of God, Reverend. But I know right, and I know wrong. And I have the good grace to know which is which.
    Reverend Shooter: Oh, fuck off, grasshopper. (draws two guns and shoots at him)
  • Jurassic World: When Masrani blows up at Wu over the Indominus rex's rampage, Wu throws it all back in his face, telling him that he was the one who demanded a "cooler" dinosaur, that you can't expect the I. rex to have exaggerated predator features without the corresponding behavioral traits, and that none of the dinosaurs are "natural" due to having DNA from other animals. It falls rather flat when we find out that this is exactly what Wu wanted to happen.
  • In Lincoln, the amendment is passed and Lincoln finally sits down with the Confederate delegation to discuss terms of surrender. Confident he can talk them into rejoining the union, he starts talking about individual freedoms:
    Abraham Lincoln: Slavery, sir, it's done. If we submit ourselves to law, Alex, even submit to losing freedoms — the freedom to oppress, for instance — we may discover other freedoms previously unknown to us. Had you kept faith with democratic process, as frustrating as that can be—
    John Campbell: Come, sir, spare us at least these pieties. Did you defeat us with ballots?!
    Alexander Stephens: How have you held your union together? Through democracy? How many hundreds of thousands have died during your administration? Your Union, sir, is bonded in cannon fire and death.
  • Ivan Ooze reacts this way to Zordon in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie (complaining that "I've only been outta the egg fifteen minutes, and I've already gotta listen to one of your speeches."), ironically right before he goes into a rather long rant of his own.
  • MonsterVerse:
    • Kong: Skull Island: When James Conrad and Mason Weaver try to prevent Lt. Colonel Packard from killing Kong, Packard bluntly shuts Weaver up when she tries to tell him that there's more in the world than war and revenge.
    Weaver: Stop! The world is bigger than this.
    Packard: Bitch, please!
    • Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019): As much of a horrendous, sanctimonious, broken wretch of a human being as Emma Russell is, she has a counter-argument for nearly every condemnation that Monarch and Mark Russell throw at her during her Motive Rant about her Eco-Terrorist plan to release the Titans, and she often makes a very valid point. When Serizawa calls her out on meddling with forces that no human being understands and gambling with billions of people's lives, she instantly retorts that he was gambling with billions of lives first, and that under his direction Monarch has practically failed to do anything about stopping the Lethally Stupid government and military's plan.
  • Shanghai Noon: When Lo Fong chastises Chon for his blind obedience, Chon retorts "At least I still have my honor." In response, Lo Fong holds a dagger in front of Chon, saying "Slaves have no honor", and cuts Chon's queue off.
  • Star Trek:
    • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Azetbur gives a Shut Up, Kirk! speech to... Chekov.
      Chekov: We do believe all planets have a sovereign claim to inalienable human rights.
      Azetbur: Inalien... If only you could hear yourselves? Human rights. Why the very name is racist. The Federation is no more than a 'homo sapiens' only club.
    • Star Trek: Generations. Picard tries to convince Dr. Soran not to destroy Veridian Three.
      Picard: What you're doing is no different than when the Borg destroyed your world. They killed millions, too. Including your wife and children.
      Soran: Nice try. There was a time when I wouldn't hurt a fly. Then the Borg came. They showed me that there is one constant in this universe ... death. We're all going to die sometime. It's just a question of how and when.
    • In Star Trek: Nemesis: Picard tries to urge Shinzon to stop his attack against the Federation.
      Shinzon: It's too late.
      Picard: Never! Never! You still have a choice. Make the right one now.
      Shinzon: I can't ...fight what I am!
      Picard: Yes, you can!
      Shinzon: I'll show you my true nature. Our nature. And as Earth dies, remember that I will always, forever, be Shinzon of Remus! And my voice shall echo through time long after yours has faded to the dim memory.
    • A more literal example in Star Trek (2009), Kirk is trying to drive Spock into a blind rage to prove he is emotionally compromised by talking trash about his recently deceased mother. Spock, in the ensuing beat-down, grabs Kirk by the throat and slams him down onto a console.
  • In Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, the Judge walks in on his ward Johanna (for whom he is harbouring a paedophilic crush) packing to elope with her lover Anthony. Knowing she's been caught, Johanna nevertheless tells him contemptuously that "a gentleman knocks before entering a lady's room". His response?
    Turpin: Indeed he does, but I see no lady.
  • A subdued example in Wee Willie Winkie, since Col. Williams, the commander of a British regiment on the Afghan frontier, isn't the bad guy. But he has been somewhat antagonistic to his widowed daughter-in-law's romance with dashing Lt. Brandes. When Col. Williams places Brandes under arrest for leaving his post to go walking with Joyce, thus leaving the camp exposed to a raid by the Afghans, both Joyce and Joyce's daughter Priscilla rip into him for picking on Brandes. Williams responds with a Shut Up, Kirk! speech in which he calmly explains that discipline is a matter of life and death on the frontier and indiscipline costs lives. Then he tells Joyce and Priscilla that if they can't respect that, they should leave.
  • X-Men Film Series:
    • Magneto delivers a very effective one to Xavier at the climax of X-Men: First Class. It probably didn't help that Xavier tried to finish off his speech by invoking the Nuremberg Defence on a Holocaust survivor.
    Charles Xavier: There are thousands of men on those ships! Good, honest, innocent men! They're just following orders! (gets an Oh, Crap! expression as he realizes what he just said)
    Magneto: (frowns and turns) I've been at the mercy of men "just following orders." Never again.
    • In Deadpool, right as Deadpool is gearing up to kill Francis, Colossus stops him and launches into a speech about what makes a hero and showing mercy to your enemies. Deadpool interrupts him by shooting Francis in the head. Played With in that Deadpool is an Anti-Hero, not an antagonist, and shuts Colossus up with a gunshot rather than words.

  • Older Than Print: In the 11th century Chanson de Roland, Charlemagne calls on the Pagan leader Baligant to repent and be baptized, and then the Emperor his "first friend will be." Baligant tells him, "Your sermon's but ill preached." Of course, the medieval belief that being non-Christian necessarily makes Baligant the villain of the piece hits modern Values Dissonance.
  • 1984
    • Done by O'Brien to Winston. When torturing Winston at the end, O'Brien asks why the Party goes to the lengths it does to keep power. Winston says that it's for the good of the people. O'Brien rebukes him and tells him flat out, the Party seeks and keeps power for power's sake.
    • There's also the part where Winston says that the party would never strip him of his humanity and moral superiority. What O'Brien does is play a tape of the night when Winston and Julia vowed to commit hideous crimes for the Brotherhood's sake.
  • In the Warrior Cats book The Last Hope, Firestar asks Big Bad Tigerstar if all the hate and death was worth it; Tigerstar responds "every moment."

    Live-Action TV 
  • Adam Ruins Everything: This happens at the end of "Adam Ruins a Sitcom", when Adam discusses how the titular sitcom can be improved by not relying on racist and sexist stereotypes.
    Adam: Look, the jokes we choose to tell and the characters we write don't just reflect our cultural values. They have the power to influence them, too. So what do you want the audience to see when they watch your show? Tired, old, reductive clichés, or themselves as they really are?
    Showrunner: Nah, just cancel it.
  • In the Angel episode "Not Fade Away":
    Angel: People who don't care about anything will never understand the people who do.
    Hamilton: Yeah, but we won't care.
  • In the Babylon 5 episode "Comes the Inquisitor". After a lengthy questioning/torture/ Secret Test of Character by the eponymous inquisitor, his interviewee Delenn decides to feed him some of his own medicine and deconstruct his cruel and nihilistic performance. It doesn't come out too well (or perhaps it does come out too well, it's just that he is not inclined to allow it to pass).
    Delenn: You are a creature who has received pain and given pain, and taken too much joy in its application. You have aspired to dreams and been disappointed because you are not strong enough, or worthy enough, or righteous enough, so you lash out at anyone who believes they can make a difference, because it reminds you of your own failure. You have to prove they're just as bad, just as flawed as you are. Am I close, Mr. Sebastian?
    Inquisitor [hits his Magitek cane on the floor, electrocuting Delenn]: Bang!
  • Doctor Who:
    • The Doctor's attempt to reason with Omega is pretty much stonewalled in "The Three Doctors":
      The Doctor: Look, if you cannot reverse the energy drain, the fabric of the entire universe could be torn apart.
      Omega: What if it is? It will make an interesting spectacle.
    • Done by Davros in "Genesis of the Daleks":
      The Doctor: Davros, if you had created a virus in your laboratory, something contagious and infectious that killed on contact, a virus that would destroy all other forms of life; would you allow its use?
      Davros: It is an interesting conjecture.
      The Doctor: Would you do it?
      Davros: The only living thing... The microscopic organism... reigning supreme... A fascinating idea.
      The Doctor: But would you do it?
      Davros: Yes; yes. To hold in my hand, a capsule that contained such power. To know that life and death on such a scale was my choice. To know that the tiny pressure on my thumb, enough to break the glass, would end everything. Yes! I would do it! That power would set me up above the gods! And through the Daleks, I shall have that power!
    • Done by Count Scarlioni in "City of Death".
      Doctor: Count, do you realize what would happen if you try to go back to a time before history began?
      Scarlioni: Yes, yes I do. And I don't care one jot.
    • A good example can be found, appropriately enough, in the page quote for Kirk Summation, with The Master's reply to the Doctor's:
      The Doctor: You want dominion over the living, but all you do is kill.
      The Master: Life is wasted on the living!
    • "The Poison Sky" has a heroic example when Colonel Mace snaps at the Doctor that he's stopped listening to the latter's insults due to his discomfort with soldiers. He then proceeds to lead UNIT in curb-stomping the Sontarans. At the same time, the Doctor has a point due to the presence of the Sontaran mothership, which could have wiped them out from space. Notably, while the Doctor never congratulates Mace on the bullets thing (though this being the Doctor he wouldn't) he flat-out congratulates Mace for the use of the Valiant.
    • In "Thin Ice", the Twelfth Doctor gives a speech to Lord Sutcliffe about how the measure of a society isn't its industry, but the value it places on the lives of all its people, privileged or otherwise.
      Sutcliffe: What a beautiful speech. The...rhythm and - and vocabulary, quite outstanding. It's enough to move anyone with an ounce of compassion. [long pause] So it's really not your day, is it?
  • Game of Thrones: Jaime gives two of these to Catelyn when she tries to give him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. First when she calls him out for being the "Kingslayer", he retorts that Aerys was a terrible king and the oaths he took were contradictory. Then, when she confronts him for being a man without honour, he points out Ned wasn't entirely honourable by fathering an illegitimate son out of wedlock and then explains she failed to uphold the Tully words because of her resentment of her husband's illegitimate son, Jon Snow.
  • JAG: In "Scimitar", Lt. Dumai tells off Lt. Austin for her attitude towards Iraqi gender attitudes:
    Lt. Dumai: Your country is like a child who has learned nothing yet thinks it knows everything. Let your civilization survive its first thousand years; then perhaps we'll begin to listen.
  • In the season 2 finale of Once Upon a Time Regina admits her plan was to use a bean to transport herself and Henry back to the Enchanted Forest, while leaving behind a trigger to kill everyone else. Prince Charming starts to get righteously indignant, only for Regina to blow him off, pointing out (1) their plan was to use the bean to travel back to the Enchanted Forest and leave her behind anyway, and (2) they have much more pressing matters. Namely someone else has both and is planning on using the trigger to kill everyone.
  • Star Trek: The Borg have a tendency to do this, deeming pretty much anything that opposes them and their philosophy "irrelevant" out of hand. Though they never got to tell it to Kirk, ironically.
    • Kirk is irrelevant. You will be assimilated.
    • Q does perhaps the pithiest version of this ever in "Q Who", when Riker takes him to task for throwing them to the Borg: "Oh, please."
      • Q's parting words are an even better example.
        Picard: I understand what you've done here, Q. But I think the lesson could have been learned without the loss of 18 members of my crew.
        Q: (darkly) If you can't take a little bloody nose, maybe you ought to go back home and crawl under your bed. It's not safe out here. It's wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it's not for the timid.
    • The episode "The Enemy" manages to give an heroic example. In keeping with the theme of the episode, a subtle Perspective Flip shows us what a Trek episode looks like from the opposite side of the viewscreen when Commander Tomalak is about to do exactly what Kirk or Picard would do in his place by violating the Neutral Zone to save some wounded crewmen. This forces Picard into the role of the unreasonable alien who seems more interested in protecting his territory than saving lives. Tomalak attempts a Kirk Summation calling him out on his behavior, but Picard harshly shuts it down.
      Tomalak: Territories? You would measure territories against a man's life?
      Picard: Commander, I am singularly impressed by your concern for a life. Do not risk any more lives by leaving the Neutral Zone. Picard out.
    • In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Waltz", Sisko spends much of the episode trying to crush Dukat's will, but eventually Dukat bites back hard.
  • The Walking Dead: In a last, desperate attempt to prevent war between his people and the Governor's, Rick gives a moving speech on how violence isn't necessary, and the two groups can live together peacefully. The Governor responds with just one word.
    Rick: Now you put down your weapons, walk through those gates... you're one of us. We let go of all of it, and nobody dies. Everyone who's alive right now. Everyone's who's made it this far. We've all done the worst kinds of things just to stay alive. But we can still come back. We're not too far gone. We get to come back. I know... we all can change.
    The Governor: Liar.
  • The X-Files: The Cigarette-Smoking Man gets to do this twice:
  • The finale of Watchmen (2019) sees Lady Trieu attempt to read a speech about the various crimes by Cyclops before killing its leadership. One of said leader Jane Crawford just tells her to Get It Over With and kill them already, which Trieu happily obliges.

    Mythology and Religion 
  • In The Bible, John 9, the Pharisees excommunicate a man healed of blindness by Jesus for daring to question them.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • At SummerSlam 2021, Becky Lynch defeated Bianca Belair for the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship by sneak attacking her. Furious, Belair would spend weeks challenging Lynch to a rematch, but Lynch kept refusing. One time, Belair pointed out Roman Reigns was defending his WWE Universal Championship that night and dared Lynch to prove she is just as brave and tough as him. Lynch replied, "I don't give a damn about Roman Reigns. No." Eventually, the officials force Lynch to face Belair at Extreme Rules 2021.

  • 1776: One of the central drama sources of the play is getting everyone to agree on a draft of the Declaration. Governor Edward Rutledge will only agree to it if the passage that decries slavery is removed. Protagonists John Adams and Thomas Jefferson are both adamant about the passage being left in, until...
    Rutledge: Oh, really. Mr. Adams is now calling our black slaves "Americans!" Are they, now?
    Adams: Yes, they are. They are people, and they are here. If there's any other requirement, I haven't heard it.
    Rutledge: They are here, yes, but they are not people, sir. They are property.
    Jefferson: No sir, they are people who are being treated as property! I tell you, the rights of human nature are deeply wounded by this infamous practice!
    Rutledge: Then see to your own wounds, Mr. Jefferson, for you are a practitioner, are you not?
    • He goes on to decry the Northern States (which Adams and several of his allies hail from) for being slave carriers while acting like they're people. This serves as a segue into one of the most famous What the Hell, Hero? moments in theatre history, "Molasses to Rum."
  • Assassins: "Another National Anthem" is half a collective Motive Rant and Villainous Breakdown for the assassins, and half a Rousing Speech from the Balladeer, as he tries to convince them that things aren't awful and hopeless as they think, and there's a lot of good in the world—and that killing people certainly won't fix their problems. It fails to go through, and, depending on the production, the assassins either chase the Balladeer offstage and go to push Lee Harvey Oswald into assassinating John F. Kennedy, or turn the Balladeer into Oswald.

    Video Games 
  • In the final SP DLC Mission for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, Matias Torres fakes a surrender to buy himself time to line up a shot towards Oured. David North, who had been assisting the LRSSG with hunting him down, sees through his ruse, and tries to talk him out of it, but Torres refuses to back down by asking him a question that shows that he’s not going to stop.
    David: I’m David North. Of the Osean Intelligence Agency. Captain, we’ve already jammed your terminal guidance system over Oured. Your shot will miss.
    Torres: Let Me Tell You a Story. Back when I was a gunnery officer: I had to aim at an enemy ship 30 kilometers away in the middle of a storm. The seas were rough that day, and still, I landed one of the two shots.
    David: Here’s a question: Was your plan elegant? The answer is... yes. At least, until Three Strikes ruined it!
    Torres: What do you know of beauty?!
  • In Assassin's Creed III, Haytham gives Connor a such when Connor tries to Calling the Old Man Out for denying the colonists their freedom and trying to stop George Washington from bringing freedom to the colonists. Haytham manages to deconstruct Connor for his naive beliefs in the revolution so well that Connor himself starts to question the legitimacy of the revolutionaries afterwards.
    Connor: What is it the Templars truly seek?
    Haytham: Order. Purpose. Direction. No more than that. It's your lot that means to confound with this nonsense talk of freedom. Time was, the Assassins professed a far more sensible goal, that of peace.
    Connor: Freedom IS peace.
    Haytham: Oh, no. It's an invitation to chaos. Only look at this little revolution your friends have started. I have stood before the Continental Congress and listened to them stamp and shout. All in the name of liberty. But it is just noise.
    Connor: And this is why you favor Lee?
    Haytham: He understands the needs of this would-be nation far better than the jobbernowls who profess to represent it.
    Connor: It seems your tongue has tasted sour grapes. The people have made their choice - and it was Washington.
    Haytham: The people chose nothing. It was done by a group of privileged cowards seeking only to enrich themselves. They convened in private and made a decision that would benefit THEM. Oh, they might have dressed it up with pretty words, but that does not make it true. The only difference, Connor - the ONLY difference between myself and those you aid - is that I do not feign affection.
  • Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. A fantastic exchange between Tau leader Shas O'Kais and Space Marine leader Force Commander Davian Thule. Of course, since the setting runs on Black-and-Gray Morality, and both the Tau Empire and the Imperium are firmly in the grey portion, who exactly is a hero and a villain here is up to the player.
    Kais;: Do the deaths of your soldiers mean so little to you? Are you that mad?
    Thule: Do the deaths of yours mean so much to you, alien? Are you that weak?
  • Grim Fandango. In a moment that subverts Just Between You and Me, Bond Villain Stupidity and Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?:
    Manny: Is this where you tell me all about your secret plan, Hector? How you stole Double N tickets from innocent souls, pretended to sell them but secretly hoarded them all to yourself in a desperate attempt to get out of the Land of the Dead?
    Hector: No.
    Hector: This is where you writhe around in excruciating pain because that idiot Bowsley ran off with the quick-acting sproutella. This slow stuff will sprout you, but it'll take a long time, I'm sorry to say.
  • Final Fantasy
    • Kefka, the Big Bad of Final Fantasy VI, gives a priceless one when faced with the heroes' "No More Holding Back" Speech before the final battle.
      Kefka: Bleh! You people make me sick! You sound like lines from a SELF-HELP BOOK!
    • He does it again in Dissidia Final Fantasy, casually brushing off Terra's assertion that the meaning of existence can be found when one has something to protect:
      Kefka: Meaning, schmeaning. This whole world's going bye-bye, you included!
    • Garland brings up a similar rebuttal in Final Fantasy IX when confronted by Zidane and three other party members at the end of disc three; after listening to them explain how they're better than him and how they know more than him (sometimes using arguments which don't apply to him in any way, shape or form) Garland challenges them to actually demonstrate their superiority.
      Lecture me again when you are on the verge of death!
    • Final Fantasy Tactics: Just about everyone in the Crapsack World that is Ivalice have accepted the status quo and just want to be at the top of the heap. For daring to express a different opinion, Ramza is called variants of naive and foolish. (For example, in the battle against Gafgarion when he makes his Face–Heel Turn, one of the things he can say to Ramza is: "Stop being such a child!") This rarely helps, as Ramza ends up killing most of them. And most of the rest end up being killed by the scheming Delita instead.
  • Happens in each installment of the Mass Effect series:
    • 1: Don't complain to Executor Pallin that humans, whom he thinks are becoming too powerful too quickly, have to fight for everything they need.
      Shepard: We have to fight for everything we get.
      Pallin: Then fight for it, but don't expect the rest of us to just sit back and let you take it.
    • 2: In the DLC Lair of the Shadow Broker Asari Spectre, Tela Vasir, gives a particularly powerful one when Shepard calls her out for working with the Shadow Broker. She tells Shepard that they're no better than she is when they start working for the terrorist group Cerberus.
      • That instance of this trope became even more powerful with The Arrival DLC.
    • 3: Though Shepard and the Illusive Man are technically both trying to stop the Reapers, they find themselves at cross purposes, leading to this exchange:
      Illusive Man: Don't ever question my intentions. I've sacrificed more for humanity than you'll ever know.
    • Andromeda: Angaran terrorist Akksul shuts down Ryder's attempt to make peace with him by pointing out the Milky Way species have a long history of treating each other like crap, citing the example of the krogan. Ryder can't respond to that one, and Akksul walks off before they recover.
      Ryder: I want to be allies. Equal allies.
      Akksul: You don't even treat your own equally. Isn't that why the krogan left?
  • The first Vandal Hearts game gave us this memorable exchange, complete with the Big Bad delivering a What the Hell, Hero? speech.
  • Done amusingly in the first Baldur's Gate. Having defeated a group of evil cultists, you burst in to try and stop their leader from summoning a demon, at which point this exchange can take place:
    Charname: By all that is right and holy, you will not succeed!
    Cult Leader: By all that is loud and windy, will you please shut up!
    • The player character also has the option to respond to nearly every attempt to appeal to their better nature or call them out on the deaths they've caused with a response of this sort.
  • In the original Ratchet & Clank, Clank is telling Chairman Drek that he does not have to go about destroying other planets in order to save the Blarg's. Drek laughs it off, revealing that he was going to pollute his people's next planet and so-on because they pay him to do so.
  • Unlike other Fallout games, Fallout 2 does not let you talk the final boss to death. Rather, Frank Horrigan responds in this way.
    The Chosen One: Can't we talk this over?
  • In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Dracula responds to Richter's Shut Up, Hannibal! with this:
    Dracula: What is a man?! A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk, have at you!
  • In Tales of Symphonia, Lloyd tries to convince Yggdrasil to give up his insane scheme, but Yggdrasil simply spits back that Lloyd, as a human, has no right to tell him what's right or wrong after everything humanity has done to both himself and his people (half elves).
    • During the final confrontation with the Big Bad, the various party members take turns telling him where he's gone wrong and how he's wrong about people's nature. The Big Bad gets off a "Don't make me laugh" when Lloyd tries to convince him that his people can live anywhere they like, and after Lloyd tells him that they should live in the open if they aren't doing anything wrong, says his plan is precisely because they couldn't do just that. After a few more speeches, capped off by Colette saying that the Big Bad has the goddess known as conscience in his heart, he says "Do you think I'm going to beg for forgiveness? Ridiculous!" and attacks the party.
    • In the sequel, during the final battle, Marta and Emil try to convince Richter that Aster wouldn't want to come back to life in a world ruled by demons. (Richter's plan was to create a permanent link to the demon world in order to revive Aster). Richter sharply retorts that his methods are his own business and he doesn't need other people telling him what he should and should not do, especially not a terrorist's daughter and the demon who originally slew Aster and took his form to mock him.
  • In Dragon Age II, during the final confrontation with the Qunari Arishok, Hawke can call him out for being willing to start a bloody and ultimately pointless war purely out of principle. The Arishok simply calmly replies that principle is exactly what defines a Qunari.
  • Travis Touchdown of No More Heroes is on the receiving end of this just before his fight with Bad Girl:
    Travis: You're no assassin. You're just a perverted killing maniac.
    Bad Girl: In essence, they're the same. Don't go on thinking you're better than me. You think you're hot shit! Who the fuck do you think you are?!
  • This happens in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, where it immediately turns into "No, You Shut Up, Hannibal!":
    Starkiller: (on Juno Eclipse's death) You've taken everything from me!
    Darth Vader: Your feelings for her are not real.
    Starkiller: They are real to me!
  • During Soul Nomad & the World Eaters, the assembled heroes attempt to deliver a speech on unification, hope, and justice to a villain who is trying to destroy the world, and even offer a Last-Second Chance which you can't take even if you choose the option indicating you are willing. And if you choose to take the other option: The response?
    The Devourlord: Screw you, this is fun.
  • Both Selbium and Lobelia pull these when the good guys try to talk them down in Duel Savior Destiny. The latter is to be expected, but Selbium is normally not a villainous figure and so the refusal to listen seems quite jarring, especially considering the overall outcome.
  • In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice For All, Matt Engarde gets quite a few of these when he's revealed as the mastermind behind case 2-4 to a horrified Phoenix and Pearl.
    Pearl: Why would you do something so wrong...?
    Engarde: Because I'm a grown-up, and I can. Good enough of an answer for you, little girl?
  • In Pokemon: Platinum, after the player character quiets Giratina, Cyrus asks them what was important enough for them to stop him from destroying reality, and immediately screams that he won't accept such a deluded answer... even though the player character didn't say anything.
  • Jigoro Hakamichi of Katawa Shoujo likes giving out these, such as when he responds to Hisao's asking why he doesn't just visit Shizune by telling Hisao that he doesn't understand him, and asking him when he last called his parents.
  • In Shin Super Robot Wars, Londo Bell receives an unexpected communiqué from, of all people, the Neo Zeon - in particular, from Char Aznable! Gomez takes the call, asking whether the rumors of Char's turning traitor on mankind are true. Char allows that he's aiding the aliens, but says that he hasn't sold out humanity. Romelo doesn't buy that, but Char asks the Londo Bell what they think awaits at the end of this fight. After all, the Ze Balmary Empire possesses such incredible technology that they've been able to come all this way just to take over the Earth. He figures that Londo Bell's foolish resistance is only going to enrage the more, which is why Neo Zeon jumped at the chance to help the Balmarians, as the one and only means to ensure a future for mankind. Amuro Ray interjects and tells Char to shut up. Amuro points out how Char loves to prattle on about justice based solely on his own narrow views. He asks what value a peace founded on the sacrifice of numerous human lives could have, and challenges Char to stop treating other people's lives like toys for once. Char thinks Amuro is full of it, claiming that mankind's history shows that people are happiest when ruled by the strongest leader. He thinks Amuro is incapable of grasping the larger picture, accusing him of myopically leading people even deeper into danger and then having the gall to question his lofty perspective. Amuro fires back that capitulating to the aliens and therefore making human kill human cannot be correct. Char asks whether Amuro thinks that fighting until no one is left can really make mankind happy, and Amuro points out that mankind's defeat is not yet a foregone conclusion. Kouji Kabuto finally interrupts, pointing out that there's no way to know that until they try. Shinobu Fujiwara goes further, angry beyond measure at people like Char who debate outcomes without lifting a finger on their own. Char figures that there's no common ground between Londo Bell, and informs them that he'll show them no mercy, which is just fine with Shinobu.
  • In World of Warcraft at the end of Wrathion's questline, an innkeeper berates Wrathion for missing the lessons of Pandaria due to his certainty in his own plans. Wrathion calls him an innkeeper and leaves in a huff.
    • In the trailer for Patch 6.2., after Gul'dan turns Hellscream's fortress into Hellfire Citadel, a bound and helpless Grom tries to deliver a Shut Up, Hannibal! to him (complete with a montage of the patch's more epic points). Gul'dan responds with mild amusement.
    Gul'dan: *laughs, then sighs* Fight if you must, Hellscream. It is no matter. In the end, we all... serve... the Legion.
  • In Pico's School, the villains have these ready when Pico tries to give them a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    • If Pico tells Cyclops to "go eat dick," he will follow up on it by saying Cyclops flip-flops in his tastes of music. Cyclops says that even if his tastes in music are inconsistent, he, unlike Pico, has never been a fan of "techno shit," and then shoots Pico.
    • Shortly before the final battle, Pico tells the goths that society may suck, but they should have done something creative and productive about it. Cassandra says that she doesn't "give a shit about this society crap," and she's been using her fellow goths in her plan, before shooting the two remaining goths and going One-Winged Angel.
  • Dynasty Warriors 7: Sima Yi says this in Shu's final story stage to Jiang Wei as a response to the latter's Kirk Summation.
    Jiang Wei: Give it up, Sima Yi! This land needs benevolence that you can't provide!
    Sima Yi: Benevolence?! You imbecile! Who wants to live in a world based on flimsy idealistic garbage?!
  • In Mortal Kombat X when Kenshi tries to call out Kano for being such a tactless bastard, Kano calls out Kenshi's own shortcoming. Making it even funnier is that a previous game established Kano is also one of these.
    Kenshi: You're a scoundrel!
    Kano: Says the deadbeat dad.
    Kenshi: Even for you, that's low.
  • In Persona 4, the actual killer has quite a few of these for the Investigation Team when they finally confront him. One standout example is if you go to confront him alone after completing his Social Link- regardless of whether you ask him whether he'll give the only other person with whom he has a connection the same dismissive responses he gave you, or call him "a sad human being," he'll contemptuously say "You say the dumbest shit."
  • Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2: Early in the game, Raziel confronts Kain at the Pillars of Nosgoth, declaring that he's after him to restore balance to Nosgoth. Kain soon gets annoyed and gives Raziel one of these, knowing that Raziel is after him for revenge and nothing more.
    Raziel: Shall I show you the same mercy you showed the rest of the Circle, then? You blithely murdered them to restore their Pillars, yet your hand faltered when it came to the final sacrifice. What makes you exempt, Kain? You're merely the last man standing. Why condemn me for simply carrying out what you hadn't the courage to do yourself?
    Kain: Let's drop the moral posturing, shall we? We both know there's no altruism in this pursuit. Your reckless indignation led you here; I counted on it! There's no shame in it, Raziel. Revenge is motivation enough; at least it's honest. Hate me... but do it honestly.
  • At the end of Yakuza 3, Hamazaki, having just lost everything in the latest crisis faced by the Tojo Clan, confronts Kiryu, who begins telling him that he'll be okay so long as he still has something to believe in, etc. Hamazaki cuts the speech short by stabbing Kiryu in the stomach.
  • In Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Jedi Knight can confront the Sith Emperor and ask him And Then What? After he kills the galaxy and becomes immortal, what will he do then? The Emperor dismisses the question, since the Knight is too narrow-minded. There are other galaxies, and the Emperor will explore them, experience everything life has to offer, live lifetimes as artists, farmers, kings and servants. Once the universe dies, he will enjoy peace and wait for the cycle to start again.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY:
    • When Ruby and Roman have their final battle in Volume 3, Ruby states that, despite the odds, she and her friends will keep fighting. Roman knocks her to the ground and starts beating her, telling her that her Heroic Spirit means nothing to a cold, uncaring world like Remnant and tells her that her desire to be a hero will only get her killed.
    • When Blake and Ilia meet alone in Volume 5, Blake desperately tries to reason with her over the path she's taken with the White Fang, stating that the choices Ilia's making aren't the person she really is. Ilia retorts that Blake doesn't know her as well as she thinks she does, and her actions are exactly the kind of person she really is. She gives Blake an example of what she means by saying that Blake was so busy falling for Adam that she never noticed Ilia was falling for her. Blake is shocked into silence by this confession.
    • In Volume 7, Ruby stands up to Salem, declaring they know everything about her thanks to the Relic of Knowledge and she may have Complete Immortality, but she's still fallible and can be stopped. Salem calmly responds that Ruby's Missing Mom said the exact same thing and was also wrong, leaving Ruby sobbing on the ground in front of her.

  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! After Bob has deconstructed all Fructose Riboflavin's reasons for his crimes, Riboflavin responds, "YOU GET OUT OF MY HEAD!"
  • The Order of the Stick
    • The newly lichified Xykon in the Prequel Start Of Darkness delivers a most glorious Shut Up, Kirk! to the elven druid Lirian at the climax of their battle:
      Lirian: You may defeat me, you may even kill me, but you will never succeed in releasing the Snarl.
      Xykon: Blah blah blah evil will never win blah blah.
    • He also flirted with doing this with Roy in the main comic.
      Xykon: Well now, hold on. Is this about beating me because I'm evil and dangerous and yadda yadda yadda... or is it about beating me because Daddy will be proud of you if you do?
    • Xykon ends his fight with Roy, who has just eloquently explained why he's not going to allow Xykon to get away with this, with the following counter-speech:
      Xykon: Well, OK then. If that's the way you want to be, no skin off my nasal cavity. I should point out three factors that I think you failed to consider fully, though. Factor 1: I can fly under my own power, thanks to the Overland Flight spell I cast this morning. Factor 2: a zombie dragon that lacks a biting attack isn't particularly valuable to me. Factor 3: Meteor Swarm. *the spell obliterates the undead dragon Roy is standing on... several hundred feet up in the air*
  • At the end of the Sluggy Freelance Story Arc "Dangerous Days Ahead", Cloney responds with one of these when Torg tries to talk her out of her plans for world domination. It helps that Torg really sucks at doing Kirk Summations.
    Torg: You've lost sight of the fact that it is our weenieness that makes us human!
    Cloney (nonhuman): The defense rests!
    Torg: OK, I totally didn't think that one through.
  • Kill Six Billion Demons: The conversation between Allison and the Time Abyss God-Emperor Nadia Om zig-zags between this and Shut Up, Hannibal! since Nadia feels Trapped in Villainy because You Can't Fight Fate and Allison doesn't buy her excuses at all. That said...
    Allison: Nobody's making you do anything. You're one of the most powerful people in existence! You say I'm putting on false bravery, but at least I'm trying! You're just a — a fucking coward!
    Nadia: I never claimed otherwise!
    Allison: How can you just accept that?
    Nadia: A thousand lifetimes of pain.

    Web Original 
  • While the person being shut up is not exactly a hero, it may count in an episode of Happy Hour where the Joker electrocuted the Green Goblin when the latter is lecturing him on why his plan on turning every superhero Darker and Edgier is not a good thing.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • A failed version happened when Goku, now a Super Saiyan, gives a Badass Boast about who he is. Freeza, already cheesed off that he realized that Vegeta was right all along about a Super Saiyan, blasts Goku in the head with a finger-fired blast. Goku takes it, leans back, and finishes his boast.
    • In "The History of Trunks Abridged", at the start of his rematch against the Androids, Trunks starts to declare that he will avenge Gohan's murder at their hands, only for Android 18 to interrupt him.
    Future Android 18: Wait, hold on. I don't care. [She attacks Trunks]
  • An alien in Humans Don't Make Good Pets tries to comment on humanity's savagery compared to the utopian society every other planet has achieved, only to be cut off by the human protagonist choking him and saying that he's only met three groups of aliens and while among them, he's faced pirates, biological superweapons, and war. Meanwhile, this alien's race abducts pre-contact species so they can experiment on them all they want without legal repercussionsnote .

    Western Animation 
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • A rare good-guy-on-good-guy version occurs when Master Pakku is refusing to teach Katara Waterbending because she's a girl:
    Katara: What do you mean you won't teach me? I didn't come all this way so you could tell me no!
    Master Pakku: No.
  • Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths:
    Batman: If we're really alike, you know this is wrong. You must have been a good man once.
    Owlman: No. Not good. Never good. After all, I'm only human.
  • This happens in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Question Authority". Question goes to kill Lex Luthor to prevent him from becoming President and creating a Stable Time Loop which causes Superman and the Justice League to become totalitarians. Long story short, Luthor laughs at him, beats him up, and tells him he has no intention of being president because his real goal is to get superpowers by putting himself in another Amazo body that he designed after seeing the blueprints for the original.
    Luthor: President? *smack smack* Do you have know how much power I'd have to give up to be President?
  • In one episode on Ozzy & Drix, the villain Strepfinger corners Ozzy in part of the lung with a gun (well, what passes for a gun in this place) Ozzy shouts at him not to fire it, because if he misses, he'll blow a hole in the wall and they'll be sucked outside (and the place they're in is the equivalent of the top of a skyscraper). The villain simply says, "Well then... I'd better not miss..." before trying to shoot him anyway. You can probably guess what happens...
  • In the Kim Possible episode "Go Team Go", Hego cluelessly assumes that Shego just needs a little inspiring talk to come back to the good side:
    Hego: No, I don't believe it. You may be a cranky smart mouth, prone to excessive violence, but deep down, you are still a member of Team Go... a hero.
    Shego: Hego, I quit your stupid team years ago and after I quit, I went to work for a guy who wants to Take Over the World.
    Kim: It's true.
    Hego: But deep down...
    Shego: I. Am. Evil. Have I made myself clear?
  • In Drawn Together, as Spanky comes face to face with Mickey Mouse, who is erasing politically incorrect cartoons from the past, including Foxxy, he gives a speech saying that the cartoons are part of their history, and while they are not a part that they're particularly proud of, denying them is "as dangerous as denying the Holocaust, or slavery, or the playful advances of your shop teacher.
    Mickey: (soberly) Gosh, you've really given me something to think about, Spanky... (reverts to his typical evil and maniacal voice) WHILE I KILL THESE POLITICALLY INCORRECT FREAKS! AH-HA HA HA HA!
  • In the Batman: The Animated Series episode "The Clock King", the eponymous villain gives one to Batman after they discover that the Clock King has a Misplaced Retribution against Mayor Hill. The answer could sound crazy to a normal person, but Clock King is The Sociopath Schedule Fanatic. Being punctual is all that he cares about.
  • In Aladdin: The Series, a dialogue like this happens after Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie are taken captive by the titanic Al-Muddie Sultan, a villain who apparently knows a lot of tricks used by humans (keep in mind, Aladdin's true intent here is to stall for time, and it ultimately works.):
    Aladdin: Wait! Wait!
    Sultan (annoyed) Oh, you aren't going to beg, are you? I hate begging. 'Don't eat me! Oh, don't cook me!' I swear, all you people talk about is yourselves!"
    Aladdin: But I'm not begging! It's an honor to be consumed by such a great... personage as yourself.
    Sultan (sarcastically): Flattery? Oh, that's novel. Stick to begging.
  • In The Mitchells vs. the Machines, Katie delivers a heart-warming (and, for her, very personal) speech in defence of humans and their families. PAL responds by feigning sleep and dropping Katie from a great height.
  • Almost every time Twilight Sparkle of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fame gets a chance to, she always delivers a speech about The Power of Friendship to the current Arc Villain before or as they're being defeated. Starlight Glimmer, in midst of her Villainous Breakdown, does not indulge her, first by interrupting her with a Big "Quiet" and then giving a Motive Rant and magic blast when Twi actually finishes.
  • South Park: In the Coon/Cthulhu/Mysterion saga, after Cartman/The Coon allies with Cthulhu, Kyle points out that he can't possibly make a claim to being the good guy anymore. Cartman/The Coon simply shouts "Nuh-uh!"
  • M. Bison from Street Fighter cartoon delivers one when confronted by Chun Li.
    Chun-Li: Monster! You killed my—
    Bison: Yes, yes, I killed your father. What is it with you women, anyway?! I killed my father, too, and you don't hear me whining about it!
  • Samurai Jack:
    • Jack was once shut up by a bounty hunter who tells him "I got bills to pay, and I already addressed the envelopes." Jack begins to respond with a clever phrase, saying "I hope you haven't yet stamped the parcels which you—" but is cut off as the bounty hunter punches him out, saying "consider 'em stamped."
    • In "XCVI", a now elderly and wheelchair-bound Scotsman keeps Aku from chasing his retreating daughters by spending 45 uninterrupted seconds trash-talking him, calling him a coward for hiding from Jack for 50 years. Aku's only response is to get a bored look on his face, and then vaporize the Scotsman with his Eye Beams.
  • Gravity Falls: Rare Evil Versus Evil example, when Bill crosses over from the dreamscape, Time Baby warns Bill that if he kept invading Mabel and Dippers home dimension, it would destroy the fabric of existence, he also tells Bill to come quietly or suffer his wrath. Bills response was "Oh no, a tantrum. What ever will I do about that- How about this?!" before obliterating him.
  • Steven Universe: The Movie: Spinel interrupts Steven's No More Holding Back Song by spiking him about a thousand yards back down onto the injector, screaming that he "can't make everything better by singing some stupid song", which, fair point, he can't. However, that missed the point of the song: he can't make her change, she has to actually want to change and take responsibility for herself.
  • Star Wars Rebels: Ezra gets one from Darth Vader at the Sith temple on Malachor.
    Ezra: I don't fear you!
    Vader: Then you will die braver than most.
  • Megatron does this to a speechifying Optimus Primal in the second episode of Beast Machines, by pointing out that his failure to purge himself of his organic Beast Mode pales in comparison to Primal's failures.
    Primal: Look at yourself, Megatron. See the thing you despise the most. Cybertron will never be pure so long as the beast exists within you. You've failed.
    Megatron: No, Primal. You have failed. You're still too late to save your people. Billions of Transformers. Their extinguished sparks are on your hands!
    Megatron: Perhaps if you'd won the Beast Wars, things would be different. Who's to say?
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold: In "Scorn of the Star Sapphire!", Wonder Woman tells Baroness Paula Von Gunther that her warlike ways will bring her nothing but pain and sorrow, and asks if they can start over as friends and sisters. The Baroness says her speech made her sick and punches her in the face.
  • Inversion from the protagonists' side: Colonel K tells Danger Mouse to "shush" (a command usually directed at Penfold) in "Bandits, Beans and Ballyhoo!" when DM gropes for an explanation as to how the bandit El Loco smuggled himself into the heroes' headquarters.

"Does any villain have a weapon more powerful than shouting 'ENOUGH!' when he's about to lose against the heroes?"

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