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Your friendly internet professor.

Internet Historian is a YouTuber who creates informative videos on internet trends or events that have gone down in infamy throughout the web. There's little telling as to which topic will be covered and when, from the disastrous music festival Fyre Festival to a 4chan prank involving the blocking of a virtual game pool.

All videos are narrated with a calm, soothing and sophisticated tone through and through, a comedic contrast with the bizarre facts and trends that are covered.

He also has a second channel for smaller/unedited projects and supplementation to some of his videos. He's also been frequently streaming on Twitch which also has his usual Stylistic Suck.

For a similar creator that covers bizarre individuals through the internet rather than events with a more biting tone, see Mister Metokur. For a similar creator who does both individuals and groups with a more neutral, impassive tone, see Down the Rabbit Hole.


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Tropes Invoked by Internet Historian

    Tropes A-L 
  • Actually Pretty Funny:
    • The guy trolling Dashcon asked a cosplayer dressed as a demon why he dressed as the Prime Minister of Israel. You can see the guy smiling and laughing before replying, without missing a beat, "I say dress for the job you want."
    • Kendall Jenner visibly collapses into laughter when paparazzi asks her about the Fyre Festival, which she was previously on board to promote.
    • It seems that even members of the church found the rapture memes to be fun since one of those participating in Operation Rapture appears to be a priest.
  • Adaptation Distillation: The portion of My Immortal involving time travel was completely dropped from the Dramatic Reading, primarily for being too convoluted.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Tay AI, a learning artificial intelligence chat bot that would give responses to users based on what was said to it. Within a matter of 24 hours, The Internet had turned it into a genocidal Hitler-loving, sexual favour-asking, anti-feminist, pot-smoking maniac, which many users quickly fell in love with. Many other chat bots have suffered the same fate.
  • After the End:
    • Parodied in his video for the Y2K crisis, where the Internet Historian apparently spent 18 years in a fallout shelter only to find that pretty much nothing bad happened at all (at most a weather site or two accidentally displayed the date as January 1st, 1900).
    • Used as the framing device for the videos on the COVID-19 Pandemic, with them being set years after the virus has laid waste to Earth with humanity having outright abandoned it to colonize Mars under Elon Musk.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation:invoked
    • In Pool's Closed, the Historian paints the online Trolls who blocked access to the Habbo Hotel pools (and later some real-life pools through phone scams and fake warning signs) as a heroic La Résistance trying to keep the world safe from an outbreak of AIDS.note 
    • In The Fall of 76, when Bethesda's customer service responds to queries about the promised duffel bags actually being nylon with "we're sorry you aren't happy with the bag" and "we aren't planning to do anything about it", IH presents it as said customer service being absolutely over it, considering the deluge of complaints they've already had to deal with regarding the game itself, and not even trying to hide their absolute contempt for the customers anymore.
  • Anti-Villain: Blackbeard in The Gentleman Pirate.
  • Artistic License – History:
    • When talking about Kurt Eichenwald showing his kids hentai, IH uses a photoshopped stock picture of a family with young children to visualize Kurt's claims. A disclaimer subtitle clarifies that Kurt's children were already fully grown adults by the time of the incident. It's just funnier to imagine it that way.
    • Jason Russell claims during his Ted Talk that he personally witnessed an attack by the Lord's Resistance Army led by Joseph Kony when he visited Uganda. Historian fact checks this and reveals in a footnote that while the attack happened and at the place Russell claims, he wasn't actually there to witness it; it had happened earlier in the day.
  • Ass Shove: Mary Bateman managed to predict the Rapture thanks to her hen laying eggs marked with "Christ is Coming." However, it soon transpired that these eggs were already laid, with the message written on them by Mary herself before she shoved them back into the hen so they could come out again, only in public this time. At the very least, God thinks it's funny.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: In his In the Field videos, he and his Special Guest often get sidetracked on whatever topic they're researching/discussing. For example, while researching YouTube Poops, EmperorLemon randomly brings up and they watch the infamous Domino's App Feat Hatsune Miku ad, and then bring it around full circle by watching a YouTube Poop of said ad.
    • In "Exploring the Japanese Kitkat Forest", he and Sumito get bored of looking at candy, and start looking around Japan using Google Maps's Streetview. Upon seeing a man wearing an umbrella hat they start looking up images of umbrella hats, then start talking about high fashion like Gucci, discussing Drake's "$1,000,000 outfit" — the bulk of which was his $750,000 watch — discussing why expensive watches are impractical, wondering what more fulfilling things they could do with $100,000, then wondering what you could do with $100,000 of paper cups.
      Historian: (7 minutes after seeing umbrella hat) Where were we? Oh, right, umbrella hats.
  • Awesome Mc Coolname: A Canadian couple decided to leave it up to the kind strangers of the internet to name their baby. They chose "Cthulhu All-Spark".
  • Bait-and-Switch:
  • Bait the Dog:
    • Fyre Festival acknowledged their mistakes and incompetency and offered to provide everyone with a full refund... then suggested the alternative where customers "let it ride" for tickets to 2018's Fyre Festival.
    • When the duffle bag controversy was reaching its peak, Bethesda decided to finally make the canvas bags for the angry customers... which would take 6 months, only to accidentally dox everyone who then tried to order the bags, exposing all their personal information and payment methods to anyone who accessed the website.
  • Bathos:
    • After the Sudden Downer Ending of "Going Camping at the End of the World," Historian decides to liven things up by showing funny Renaissance paintings.
    • Attempted by the Dashcon organizers when they revealed that Welcome to Night Vale quit. While they got most of the attendees to join in on a collective disappointed sigh, one guy yelled for his money back.
  • Batman Gambit: Historian portrays Prime Minister John Key's Totally Radical killing of Planking as an intentional strategy to stop kids from killing themselves doing the meme.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Harold Camping is shown saying "God has countless ways to get me out of this," only for the camera to zoom out and reveal that God is watching him on his computer and is considering smiting him. He suffered a stroke not long after that particular interview.
  • Believing Their Own Lies: The Historian believes Harold Camping was totally convinced that the world was going to end and wasn't just trying to cause a stir. Unfortunately, this prediction wound up ruining some people's lives, possibly beyond repair.
  • Biting-the-Hand Humor:
    • CuriosityStream sponsored him, and as a result, he's required to make an ad for them. Cue an extremely sarcastic and low-effort promo where IH obnoxiously winks at the viewer when he mentions you can cancel your free trial at any time.
    • His ad for Honey starts with a hilariously over-the-top scenario where a man is denied life-saving medicine for his future-president daughter because he is one cent short. He then legitimately describes Honey's benefits, even if he does crack up every now and again while doing so.
    • His NordVPN ad in architecture started off explaining that the sponsor is easygoing, making it difficult to lose them as a sponsor, then shows an email from the marketing team asking IH to just stick to the script rather than do a Shadowman-esque ad. Cue IH making a Speedrun of losing a sponsorship and starting the ad off with "hurr durr, it's me, NordVPNMan!", and continuing from there.
    • The NordVPN ad in "The Swedish Job" shows NordVPNMan attempting some foreplay with his date. Every time he tries to shill NordVPN and explain its benefits, the date is less and less inclined to sleep with him and eventually gets in her car to try to flee.
    • To a lesser extent, his patrons (who are providing him with a source of his income) barely get any respect in the closing credits acknowledging them.
  • Bittersweet Ending: How he sees the resolution of the events surrounding KONY 2012. Invisible Children succeeded in their goal of raising awareness of Joseph Kony but in the process humiliated themselves, accidentally encouraged vandalism, and caused the film's director to suffer a well publicized Creator Breakdown.
  • Black Comedy: Lots of it. You can easily spot examples of jokes about people ruining their own lives, sex, depravity, and death.
  • Blatant Lies:
    • The Dashcon organizers are seemingly compulsive liars, making ridiculous claims such as being "in a room containing 5000 people" (at most a few hundred in a festival that only attracted, at most generous, about one thousand people) and that they were "containing a riot" (cut to the room singing cheerfully while donating their money to the con).
    • Billy McFarland (a conman) and his responses to the widespread media mockery of Fyre Festival's events, paraphrased by the Historian as "a big storm came in the night before and turned all of the marketing into lies". While the Fyre Festival did get hit with a storm that utterly destroyed what little progress the organizers had all made in building the festival, the thing was practically doomed from the start for various reasons.
    • Historian himself in a couple of Played for Laughs examples. The first was when he claims that he was left behind on the Great Exuma island because he was "rescuing someone... lost in the woods" (he's shown chasing a frisbee into said woods as the plane left). Another is where the Historian says that he needs his sponsor money because he bought a lifetime supply of toilet paper and lost it all because the rain (and crows) got to it and now he's back to square one.
    • Kurt Eichenwald is a prolific liar, claiming to be epileptic while fully capable of doing things real epileptics are not capable of doing (such as driving or editing flashy music videos); he also came up with an amazing excuse for why hentai was on his internet browsing tabs. He apparently was trying to show his kids how easy it was to find tentacle porn on the internet; despite the fact the hentai he was looking at had nothing to do with tentacles. Kurt then backpedals and then claims that said category of porn is too difficult to find, and IH proves him wrong by literally doing a two-word Google search and 2 clicks to find many examples of that pornography in question.
    • Kurt Eichenwald's lawyer claims it took several weeks until he was even capable of speaking properly after his seizure, despite Eichenwald responding to the tweet that gave him that seizure the very next day and appearing on Newsweek in perfect health just three days after the incident.
    • The company that manufactured Fallout 76 Nuka Dark Rum, Silver Screen Bottling Company, responded to the controversy of their plastic-shelled Nuka dark rum by claiming "It actually cost us over twice as much to make the plastic than the glass one" which IH promptly responds with:
      IH: (sounding confused) Then what the fu-?
    • Sean Murray claimed that No Man's Sky, at least its initial release version, had multiplayer but the in-game universe was so vast that it's highly unlikely for players to meet. Even after two streamers proved this wrong literally on the first day of release, Sean continued to insist that it was multiplayer and that said streamers met in the game.
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick:
    • "Promoting desserts, are we? Brad's wife used to love desserts! New item on the menu? Brad's wife would've made it twice as good! Today we remember 9/11? Brad's wife used to love 9-"
    • Among the businesses offering Brad's wife a job were KFC, a gym, a donut shop, and a strip club.
    • From The Failure of Dashcon: "By the evening, the unthinkable happens — the ball pit starts to deflate. And someone pisses in it."
  • Brick Joke: Historian claims that Sean Murray saw a visage of Neil DeGrasse Tyson in his mirror which inspired him to make No Man's Sky. Tyson is portrayed as an insane Cloudcuckoolander engaging in Word-Salad Humor, at one point asking Sean how much microwaves are coursing through his body. Later, when shit goes down and the game gets thrashed, a player screaming "DISAPPOINTED!" is wearing a microwave as a space helmet.
  • Buffy Speak: "Scientists at the...s-science lab...did their...analysis!"
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: The people at 4chan, between their typical tomfoolery and shitposting, were collectively smart enough to locate the "He Will Not Divide Us" flag in the U.S. by using knowledge of time zones, airline traffic, and astronomy to get its coordinates within two days, all in order to screw with Shia LaBeouf by taking down his flag. Once the fifth iteration of the project went live, they outdid themselves after finding the new location of London in just under four hours, with even fewer clues, and it could have potentially been anywhere in the world. Thanks to their efforts, the movement was all but disarmed by the end, with Shia resorting to placing the flag in a locked room in another country entirely so no one could get to it; IH points out that this essentially defeated the purpose of the project (to publicly protest the Presidential election of Donald Trump), so even though the flag was now intact and unmolested, it was now out of the public's gaze in both the U.S. and Britain.
  • The Bus Came Back: The "Brilliant Idea" marketing guy from "Any Poll's a Goal" returns in "Very Serious Business" representing the hapless marketing department of various businesses that underestimated the trolling potential of social media. In particular, he excitedly suggests doing another poll for a condom delivery service, much to IH's chagrin.
  • Call-Back:
    • When listing other social media platforms as suspects for the thievery of r/dankmemes content, 9gag is represented by its CEO from the Meme Rock announcement video.
    • One of the shown responses to Rainfurrest staff's report to congoers about shenanigans at the hotel pool is "Pool's Closed."
    • The Bikelock Fugitive reappears with his bikelock when Historian talks about how Fyre Festival's security was such garbage that guests were expected to bring their own locks for their lockers.
    • When discussing "Rapture pet care" in "Going Camping at the End of the World," the pet in question is a furry in dalmatian spandex.
    • In "Sonic Highschool," the "My Immortal" outfit description music returns when the narration is devoting an unusual amount of time describing Amy's oufit.
    • The "Liverpool's Closed | He Will Not Divide Us" is a direct one right back to "Pool's Closed," complete with the meme itself adapted to the circumstances.
    • While listing a lot of the first day bugs of No Man's Sky, Historian uses the exact same music and tone of voice as when he did the same for Fallout 76 back in "The Fall of 76."
    • The Foundation update for No Man's Sky comes in a West-Tek Canvas Bag.
    • Historian notes that "our old pal" Billy McFarland was among the famous criminals who were denied bail amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Caught Up in the Rapture: "Going Camping at the End of the World" deals with the scandal involving Harold Camping predicting that the Rapture would take place in 2011 and using math to discern it would be on May 21. Particular focus is given to Camping's followers, who racked up debt and sold their worldly possessions under the expectation that they would soon be going to heaven.
  • Classical Anti-Hero: Stede Bonnet, the eponymous Gentleman Pirate who proves to be a sorry excuse for a buccaneer. Even after he improves at being a pirate, he just becomes worse in other ways.
  • Cold Ham: Historian rarely raises his voice, but still provides an eloquent level of snark, jokes, and over-the-top descriptions of the things he's talking about.
  • Comically Small Bribe: When Bethesda was called out for falsely advertising the $200 collector's edition of Fallout 76 (having promised a branded carrybag made of canvas, only to deliver one made of cheap nylon), they attempted to placate their angry customers with a handout of 500 Atoms, the game's premium currency. Unfortunately, 500 Atoms is worth only $5 of real money, and isn't enough to buy anything more valuable than an alternate floor texture (in fact, it's just short of the 700 Atoms needed to buy the Postal Uniform, which comes with an in-game canvas bag on the character model).
  • Comic-Book Fantasy Casting: Played for Laughs for his Dramatic Readings. For instance, Jeff the Killer is represented by pictures of Mark Zuckerberg and his brother Liu is represented by Fredrik Knudsen from Down the Rabbit Hole.
  • Cool Old Guy: IH uses pictures of the famous stock photography model András Arató to represent himself in his videos; AKA "Hide The Pain Harold", a bearded old man with a smile that contradicts his sad eyes, and has been subject to a lot of Memetic Mutation.
  • Corpsing:
    • "Friendship Ended." goes into the death of Asif's pet goat and inquires about a possible murder angle. IH audibly starts chuckling when he says "we can rule out suicide."
    • In "Jeff The Killer", IH almost loses his composure when reading some particularly silly lines (such as stifling his laughter when the mother tells the father to "get the gun"), and occasionally derails the reading to question particularly stupid plot points or to laugh at the bad grammar that permeates the story.
    • You can hear Historian crack up when he explains that Batman is a conservative Muslim city in Turkey.
      Batman: Let that be an object lesson in tampering with the laws of mother nature.
    • "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky": IH attempts to replicate Sean's accent at seperate points and on the final instance, he finally cracks and laughs.
      "This accent sucks!"
  • Could Say It, But...: Two-fold: after explaining how 4chan ultimately couldn't do anything else about 9gag's limestone meme rock due to it being in Almeria, Spain, the video seemingly ends there... before transitioning into Bill Nye!IH showing how limestone reacts to vinegar, and telling the audience not to get "any ideas". He then concludes with a word from their sponsor: The Español Board De Tourisimo.
    • To hammer the point home, the video description states "It's just satire, I swear." before immediately linking both a Cheapflights page for discounted flights to Almeria, and an Amazon listing for 30% pure vinegar.
  • Cringe Comedy: The Internet's history is a melting pot of outdated memes and people getting their dignity assassinated by dumb misguided actions. Historian doesn't really need to do much to show that what's he's covering is embarrassing for almost all parties involved.
  • Dated History:
    • Happens a few times in IH's video on the Fyre Festival. Some of his facts ended up being proven incorrect after the video was posted. However, this is only because more evidence surfaced that eventually proved IH wrong, and most of what he got wrong were educated guesses using what info he had at the time.
      • IH said that Ja Rule was a financier who wasn't involved at all in the event's planning, as all publicly available evidence at the time pointed to this conclusion. However, the 2019 Netflix documentary used new footage and interviews revealing that Ja Rule was indeed heavily involved in Fyre Media. One of these videos showed him assisting Billy McFarland in scouting out and being part of a conference call where Ja Rule refused to admit the festival was fraudulent and encouraged the Fyre staff to "spin" the negative publicity into something good. Even to this day, Ja Rule still refuses to admit that Fyre Festival was a scam, even attempting to start up a second Fyre Festival in the failed event's aftermath.
      • IH does not portray Fyre Festival as a scam at all, though he does mention Billy McFarland's fraudulent company. There simply wasn't enough evidence at the time to definitively call Fyre Festival a scam rather than just massive incompetence.note 
    • Crops up during the "Instagrabbing of R Dank Memes." IH mentions how Redditors petitioned Instagram to shut down the meme theft accounts. It then makes a joke about how this didn't work, but, after the controversy died down, Instagram actually did ban the meme theft accounts.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Internet Historian's reporting style is deadpan and very subtle snarking.
  • Didn't Think This Through:
    • IH gives his opinion in the Q&A video on Dashcon that the organizers were far too ambitious with their con, and that's assuming it wasn't an outright scam. The organizers failed to dedicate their focus on a more narrow topic, thus making it unclear what Dashcon was about. They overestimated the amount of people willing to spend 65 dollars on a ticket to a brand new convention — only about five hundred people were willing to give it a chance instead of the projected seven thousand. They underestimated the budget required to fulfill all the promises they made in the advertisements (thus the infamous lone ballpit in a vast hall). And for the special guests, the organizers either didn't get their guests' prior approval, or never got in contact with them at all. When added up, this all led to an unfocused dumpster fire of a convention with a myriad of empty spaces where all the promised fun and special guests were supposed to be.
    • Jason Russell and crew meant well when promoting "Cover The Night," an ad campaign where people go out during nighttime to cover their cities/towns with posters of KONY 2012 to spread awareness. Unfortunately, a couple of bad apples took advantage of the event to do some actual vandalism while using the campaign as a sort of scapegoat.
    • "Very Serious Business" is all about various businesses completely failing to realize that allowing the consumer to take part in your online marketing might cause some ridiculous things to inevitably happen.
      • After the success of #MeetTheFarmers, McDonald's decided to create a new hashtag called #McDStories for those interested to share nice experiences they had at their restaurants. Apparently it didn't occur to the marketing guys that plenty of bad stuff happens at their locations and Twitter had a field day telling horror stories about things like finding a fingernail in their food, getting solicited for sex by a prostitute in the drive-thru in exchange for McNuggets (Historian pauses to note that this actually happened), a Ronald McDonald flashing people, and rats getting into the food supplies (he stops again to show that this too also actually happened). Soon, after some actual true stories, the trolls went to work to make up even more absurd things they "encountered" during their time at a Mickey D's.
      • After #McDStories crashed and burned, the marketing team then decided it was a good idea to give the internet free rein with creating their own sandwiches with whatever available ingredients used at Mcdonald's restaurants, with promises of popular entries becoming official menu items. Sure enough, sandwiches like "Bag of Lettuce", "Toddler Body Bag" (by one Hugecoc K.), "Pepe", and "Mein Kampf" began popping up until McDonald's decided to kill the website hosting the sandwich creator.
        Historian: You knew where this was going to go. I knew where this was going to go. How did McDonald's not?
      • Durex started a condom delivery service that promised to send their products wherever they're needed, with full discretion guaranteed thanks to their deliverymen's disguises. Aside from the obvious legality issues of having your deliverymen disguise themselves as cops, an attempted delivery in Dubai resulted in the government very quickly shutting it down due to its promotion of promiscuity.
      • #WhyIStayed was a very serious hashtag on Twitter encouraging victims of Domestic Abuse to come clean about why they stayed with their abusive partners... then someone from DiGiorno Pizza saw the hashtag, didn't bother spending 10 seconds to find out its actual context, and then decided to post "#WhyIStayed You had pizza." The DiGiorno account spent the next few days apologizing incessantly to all the backlash.
    • A reason that Historian concludes was what unfortunately helped overhype No Man's Sky. Sean Murray took it upon himself to be the Face of the Band of Hello Games, but his dorky and introverted demeanor was too easy to interpret as suspicious and dishonest (the poor guy was absolutely not ready for taking the spotlight in spite of being the boss of Hello Games because, in the grand scheme of things, Sean was ultimately just a technical guy). Sean had also hoped that the interviews he conducted would help alleviate the pressure by convincing journalists to make it clear to everyone that even though there was a lot of anticipation for the game, Hello Games was still a very small indie studio. But as Historian says, "that's not how journalism works" and every answer Sean gave to interview questions ended up being misinterpreted as confirmation for promised features the studio couldn't ever hope to actually develop with the time they were given. Furthermore, Historian points out that Sean failed to realize that plans change within the three years Hello Games was given to complete the game and his half-hearted confirmations for at the very least the possibility of said features might not pan out during development.
    • The "Snitching Hotlines" in "TheVarus Strakes Buck" clearly didn't think through that people would not be pleased at the idea of being ratted out to any sort of governmental authority, and so the servers were swarmed with prank calls, vulgar memes, and nudes. And as for the truly "anonymous" snitches? Not so anonymous or private when it turns out state sunshine laws ensure that their details are actually on public record and can be viewed by anyone who knows where to look.
    • New York City and Los Angeles experimented with setting bail as low as literally $0, making $1000 worth of stolen goods the minimum for a police response, and allowing prisoners with nonviolent charges and short sentences to go free. What resulted was a predictable Vicious Cycle of unimpeded shoplifting and criminals getting out of jail as quickly as they got thrown in and vice versa.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Did you know that NordVPN is so good at hiding your internet history that Jesus Christ and God himself are unable to see the history of what you're looking up online?
    God (looking at a blocked screen of your depraved history): All looks wholesome to me...
  • Digital Piracy Is Okay:
    • He and Adam from try to find a pirated full version of Black Panther online without paying. They ultimately don't get it, but only because they gave up trying.
    • He doesn't seem to be nearly as tolerant of the for-profit meme thievery by Instagram. However, he seems satisfied with the conclusion after it was revealed that Reddit was also stealing memes from Instagram. So online piracy is okay, as long you yourself produce content for others to steal.
  • Digging Yourself Deeper: Kurt Eichenwald posts a screenshot of his browser window where he had the URL to a hentai site visible in another tab. Rather than come clean about it (or say he was researching it for a think piece or angry tweet decrying its evils like most people would), Eichenwald says he was showing his family how easy it was to find tentacle porn on the internet. Tucker Carlson and the IH both point out how much worse this excuse is. Then Fox News and IH refute it by pointing out that the work in question does not actually contain any tentacle porn. Eichenwald then contradicts himself by saying that he was demonstrating how hard it was to find tentacle porn on the internet, at which point Tucker just gives up, but the IH easily proves just how wrong Eichenwald's statement was. At the end of the day, Eichenwald went from being a known hentai enthusiast (embarrassing but his reputation could have recovered), to a lying idiot of a hentai enthusiast who thinks it's okay to show porn to your family (which is much, much worse).
  • Discredited Meme: A Discussed Trope in multiple videos.invoked
    • "9gag's Meme Rock" goes over the kinds of memes being put on a giant stone tablet to be buried, intended to serve as a freeze-frame of internet culture (or at least 9gag's culture) as it was in 2017. A lot of what was put on it were memes that were either far too generic or had quickly gone stale even during their time, which was close to a decade before the rock was etched.
    • "Planking | A Historical Footnote" details the meteoric rise and abrupt fall of a specific meme from the early 2010s.
    • In "Very Serious Business." Historian notes how many marketing people try to be "hip" and "#relatable" by using memes, but only a few did it with any success. Soon, every brand was jumping on the meme bandwagon, to the point that a meme (Laser Spider/"silence, brand") was created just to mock brands for doing it.
  • Distaff Counterpart: On occasion, an Internet Herstorian shows up, heavily implied to be Historian's wife or girlfriend. She's usually represented by the old woman "Hide-The-Pain Harold" is often accompanied by in stock photos featuring him.
  • Double Take: When talking about what happened to Mary Bateman after she was hanged, he had this reaction verbally.
    IH: Strips of skin from her corpse were tanned and sold as magic charms to ward off evil spirits- what the fuck am I reading?
  • Dramatic Reading: The Sundance Rejects videos are this for infamous internet stories, complete with crude animation. So far, he did My Immortal, Jeff the Killer and Sonic High School.
  • Dude, Not Funny!:
    • Well, he thought it was a little funny, but Historian didn't think sending pizza to the house where the fifth version of "He Will Not Divide Us" was being held was cool.
    • Historian displays genuine disapproval at how /b/ abused Agile's hashtag to publicly display disgusting and offensive memes.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: The Engoodening of No Man's Sky follows the development of No Man's Sky and how Sean Murray and Hello Games managed to turn it around from a crappy, buggy mess into a beautifully made video game through months of updates, patches and nonstop hard work.
  • The End of the World as We Know It: "The Y2K Apocalypse" and "Going Camping at the End of the World" both deal with promised world-ending apocalypses that end up never happening.
  • Even the Subtitler Is Stumped: Asif of "Friendship Ended" was approached to do an ad for a local beauty parlor, which IH plays a clip from. The subtitles say, "I don't speak Urdu so I have no idea what they're saying."
  • Everybody Has Standards: Bikelock Guy is portrayed as a rogue who seriously injured a man trying to keep things under control with a deadly weapon. In spite of this, IH adhered to his disclaimers and made sure to censor all instances of the man's real name and social media handles in the footage.
  • Everything Is Racist: Xzibit attempted to stop Planking by claiming it's based on how slaves were arranged on slave ships. Nobody bought it.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Internet Historian's channel is literally him discussing and analyzing the best known internet events in a professional, deadpan, but very calm way.
  • Exact Words: “Every Poll’s a Goal” has 4chan and other trolls exploit internet polls to make the result as miserable as possible while still remaining within the poll's rules. Vote to send Justin Bieber on a tour anywhere in the world? Send him to North Korea. Sending Pitbull to any Walmart in the United States? Send him to the most remote one, in Kodiak, Alaska. Taylor Swift can only go to an American school? The Horace Mann School... for the Deaf. For understandable reasons, only the second of these was honored.
  • Face Palm:
    • One of the Special Forces soldiers involved in the theoretical honeytrap plot to capture Joseph Kony pulls off one of these, most likely because of how dumb the idea was in the first place.
    • One of these is in the video on Harold Camping. After May 21, 2011 came and went with no Rapture (and after an early reveal that he'd already tried and failed to predict the Rapture in 1994), Camping made yet another Rapture prediction on the first show after the failed prediction. Cue the mass facepalm clip from The Naked Gun.
  • Face of the Band: invoked
    • Jason Russell was the director of KONY 2012 and the one doing interviews so he ended up being Invisible Children's face. This also meant that any criticism meant for the organization in general ended up being directed at him for good measure.
    • Todd Howard is basically portrayed as the personification of Bethesda itself, with many of the company's decisions being portrayed by Historian as having come from him and only him.
    • As the boss of a small indie studio that had no PR department, Sean Murray took it upon himself to represent Hello Games in promotions, and as such ended up being the person to receive the brunt of the criticisms towards No Man's Sky.
  • Flat Joy: The emotion he expresses while talking about Fallout 76s December 2018 patches, as the "fixes" Bethesda made to the game were fairly inconsequential and irrelevant or just straight up made the game worse and grindier.
  • Flat "What": After he reveals the date of the end of the world as being May 21, 2011, he can only say "Wait what?", as he'd been building it up like it would have been the more wildly known date of 2012.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • IH turns the ocean in an ad for Fyre Festival into a giant ballpit, foreshadowing how the festival would become a giant disaster not unlike a certain other event (coughDashconcough) that made similar promises in its promotional material.
    • In "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky", IH reaches the point of the game's sudden delay before its release, reporting how founder/director Sean Murray was sent death threats for it, "although he didn't take them seriously or go to the police... yet."
    • In "The Swedish Job", one of the culprits is inexplicably wearing a "#1 Dad" beanie. This is because his son (who in turn is wearing a "#1 Son" beanie) would eventually be a major player in the ensuing events.
  • Framing Device:
    • invokedThe "He Will Not Divide Us" series shown framed in various forms:
    • "The Great iPhone Massacre" is IH as Steve Jobs having risen from his "cold, dark grave" to announce a new product. And also apparently the whole presentation is a call on your iPhone.
    • "Friendship Ended." is presented as a Film Noir interrogation of Mudasir by IH dressed as a detective about the death of Asif's pet goat.
    • "The Failure of Fyre Festival" is the Historian stuck on Norman's Cay Cast Away-style as someone who was unlucky enough to buy tickets to the event and then miss the plane back home.
    • In a downplayed example, "The Fall of 76" is presented as an audio log found in the ruins of Bethesda's offices from Fallout 3. It's downplayed in that this is never brought up again after the opening scene.
    • "Very Serious Business" is apparently a power point presentation Historian is giving at a seminar. And at the end, Historian uses footage from András Arató's (the stock photography model that inspired the "Hide-The-Pain Harold" meme) TED talk.
    • "Tales From TheVarus" is set up ala an After the End scenario from Fallout with the viewer coming out of cyro to be informed of what happened during the COVID-19 outbreak by a robot. Then the Gainax Ending hits.
    • "TheVarus Strakes Buck" is set continuing off said ending, with President Elon Musk celebrating the unveiling of his new "cyber-rocket" and his plans to recolonize Earth from Mars while discussing "the mistakes of the past." It ends with him coughing up blood, revealing he's infected and the virus has somehow arrived on Mars.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: In "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky", when talking about the flood that hit Hello Game's offices, some text appears very briefly at the bottom of the screen, which explains that Sean actually views it as a blessing in disguise, because at the time, the team was beginning to split due to office politics issues, and the flood pushed them all to overcome those issues and band together to press on. And, sure enough, the text ends with "Was it worth it pausing the video just to read this?"
  • Frivolous Lawsuitinvoked: In "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky", among the many listed troubles Hello Games faced during production was the threat of several lawsuits for unlikely reasons: one by Danish mathematician Johan Gielis, accusing them of stealing his patented "Superformula" algorithm, and another by Sky TV for infringing on their trademark for the word "sky".
  • From Bad to Worse: The release of Fallout 76. The fact that it was a broken, buggy, boring mess of an MMO at launch ended up being the LEAST of publisher Bethesda's problems. Terrible reviews, an even worse response from the company to all the negative criticism, and their attempts to stop players from exploiting the game's glitches for their own benefit by banning scores of players, even innocent ones. "The Duffle Kerfuffle" and their accidentally releasing gamers' confidential information when they attempted to address that problem. The Nuka Cola Dark rum bottle controversy, two class-action lawsuits... even at the end of the 25 minute video, the Historian notes that he could go further and cover the latest (at that time) glitches and controversies, but wouldn't since the video was already too long for his tastes.
    • At Rainfurest 2015 someone loosened the bolt on one of the toilets, so when someone flushed it, water flooded everywhere. Before emergency plumbers could arrive, the water leaked through the floor and onto the basement servers.
  • Fun with Subtitles: Each video is subtitled. The subtitles often contain additional jokes about what is being covered.
  • Gag Censor: How does IH censor some of the NSFW imagery used to hijack the Agile Alliance 2013 conference? By using black boxes with deadpan captions that explain what they are using Unusual Euphemisms.
    two gentlemen lovers in sweet embrace.
    man eating a hotdog. except there's no bun and no hotdog.
    the less said the better.
  • Gainax Ending: The ending to "Tales From TheVarus". Our point of view character is not on a post-apocalyptic Earth ravaged by the Coronavirus, but on a Mars colony founded by Elon Musk. The character is also revealed to be Musk's child X &A Elig; A-13, who in turn is revealed to be Barack Obama. Also, it's directed by M. Night Shyamalan.
  • Genre Blindness: Marketing executives and major brands seem to have no understanding of the Internet's love of mean-spiritedness, crass humor, memes, and sending the best laid plans Off the Rails. From public polls that allow celebrities to be sent to dangerous or absurd locales, to giving Twitter users an excuse to share disgusting stories about a restaurant chain, it's so common that two whole episodes are dedicated just to this phenomena. It comes to a head when the Historian reveals McDonald's' brilliant idea to not only allow random internet strangers to design and name their own burgers, but even vote for one of them to become an official menu item.
    You knew where it was gonna go, I knew where it was gonna go, how did McDonald's not?
  • Gone Horribly Right: In the coverage of Kony 2012, it becomes abundantly clear that the project was a victim of its own success. It had only ever been intended as an awareness campaign to make the public aware of Kony and the kinds of atrocities he commits, but when the video becomes entire magnitudes more popular than expected (Jason mentions that the number of views they had expected to get over the entire year had been accrued over the first three hours), it also drew amounts of criticism that probably weren't expected, along with ire from other charities that they were drawing attention from. Adding that to the ridiculous number of interviews that Jason was accepting throughout the United States and the apparent impression by many that he and Invisible Children intended to put a stop to Kony personally, it's no wonder that the pressure got to him. There was some excellent foreshadowing in that Invisible Children's website had to be briefly taken down shortly after the film was first posted due to the amount of traffic that it was getting, perfectly displaying how Jason and Invisible Children weren't even remotely prepared for the amount of exposure (no pun intended) that they would soon receive.
    • The "Send Pitbull to any Walmart in America" online poll. Trolls manipulated the results to send him to the most remote Walmart location they could find in Kodiak, Alaska. But Pitbull honoured the results and went to Kodiak, and it ended up being a great show and excellent PR, which was the whole point of the campaign.
  • Gratuitous German: He takes a moment in the Fyre Festival video to point out that Ja Rule's name, translated from German, means "Yes Rule".
  • Ha Ha Ha No: r/dankmemes attempted to petition Instagram to take down the meme theft accounts. Historian portrays presumably everyone's reaction to this with one of these from Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Henpecked Husband: In "The Gentleman Pirate", Stede Bonnet was portrayed as deciding to become a pirate largely due to being one of these.
    Mary Allamby-Bonnet: STEEEEEEEEEEEEDE!
  • Hope Spot:
    • Apple Wave was a false ad for the iPhone that fooled people into thinking they could actually charge their phones by microwaving them. IH at first points out that while news of these idiots falling for the prank was widespread, it was claimed that not that many people actually tried it. Cue Historian showing a montage of dozens upon dozens of Apple forum questions about what to do if you microwaved your phone.
      I'm stupid please help
    • Right from the beginning, Dashcon ended up being a disappointing disaster but most of the guests stuck around for the hope of seeing the promised live reading of Welcome to Night Vale. More than a full hour after it was supposed to start, the organizers reveal Night Vale quit.
  • How We Got Here: IH begins the Fyre Festival video with him being stranded on an island, and tells the viewer they might be wondering how... he got his tan.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: In "Tales from TheVarus", while pointing out the positive environmental effects of the lockdown, IH has a joking realization: "Are we the virus? *cut to clip of Agent Smith talking about how "human beings are a disease."* That is profound. *gasp*'' Maybe we were the real Corona all along."
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: In "The Gentleman Pirate", the Quartermaster is very clearly this. Unfortunately, Bonnet rarely followed his advice and even demoted him to "One-Eighth Master" at one point (though granted, following one of the few occasions where his advice was actually incorrect). Near the end of the video, one of his crew attempts to save him from being convicted as a pirate by claiming that the Quartermaster was actually in control the whole time, but the judge ignored it.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Mocked in Kony 2012 and covered further in the relevant discussion video. The media, comedians, and the internet mocked Jason Russell and those who participated in the event as "slacktivists" trying to make themselves feel better about themselves by doing the bare minimum of effort they could to help Africa. Annotations that pop up at this point out that this was coming from people doing literally nothing about a real problem, and undermining genuine efforts to help Africa.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: Apparently alcohol is a cure for the Coronavirus.
  • Imagine Spot: In "The Fall of 76," Historian shows Bethesda executives watching as people happily accept their gift of 500 Atoms for getting screwed on the Collector's Edition of the game. It's then revealed to just be what the executives hoped would happen; when the Atoms offer went out, people in real life got even more angry.
  • Incest Is Relative: During his and Ranton's playthrough of "ways of life" they are given the option to name the relationship the player character has with three hot women he intends to have sex with. Internet Historian wastes no time in declaring them the player character's mum, sister and daughter.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Sometimes Historian has a habit of exaggerating the Internet's collective thought process. But sometimes it actually manifests in real life.
    • Pitbull's genius lyrical skills of rhyming Kodak with Kodak led to his concert being rigged by 4chan to be in Kodiak, Alaska. This was not because they just happen to sound alike, but because of the following chain of logic: Kodak is a brand of cameras, cameras have shutters, shutters are blinds, blinds shut out blinding light, blinding light can be caused by the Aurora Borealis... and the only place within the U.S. that you can find the Aurora Borealis and a Walmart is Kodiak, Alaska!
    • And let's not forget that Harold Camping based his entire Rapture prophesy on, for all intents and purposes, randomly smashing together numbers derived from various parts of the Bible and then adding 2011 as the year to the sum (for reasons known only to him), which just so happened to make a date in the upcoming year. After his first prediction didn't happen, Camping desperately tried to re-calculate the Rapture by adding the number of fish caught by Christ's disciples in the Book of John as extra days to his original sum, thereby "proving" how much time was left until the Rapture would actually happen. Thankfully though, he did come to his senses before the new Rapture day happened.
  • Irony:
    • It's pointed out that Bikelock Guy, an Antifa member who attacked a bystander trying to stop violence from breaking out, was a teacher's assistant specializing in Ethics and Moral Philosophy at the time of the incident.
    • To compensate players angry about the Duffel Kerfuffle, Bethesda attempted to reward them with the barest minimum amount of in-game currency (500 atoms). The irony comes from the fact that not only does the promised canvas bag exist in-game as a cosmetic item, but its cost (700 atoms) was just short of the compensation Bethesda gave out.
    • Camping's prophesizing of the end of the world goes against Christian scripture, which outright states that no one can know when the Rapture is coming; someone who says otherwise can be punished with excommunication. Which is more or less what ended up happening when Camping was Unpersoned by Family Radio.
    • The only bugs that weren't in No Man's Sky? The butterflies in the demo.
  • It Amused Me: After 4chan tricked the stupid masses into things like drowning, microwaving, and bending their iPhones, the last "feature" to bother customers was a small seam in their phones that pulled out hair. It wasn't 4chan this time, but IH!Steve Jobs who intentionally included it.
    IH!Steve Jobs: I made that design decision. I thought it was funny.
  • It's All About Me: He says as much about Mary Alice Altorfer in "Pool's Closed", noting that "she knew how to make it all about her", as aptly demonstrated by the simple fact that a 50-year-old white grandma looked at pictures of 20-something black guys in suits with comically-huge afros and somehow came to the conclusion that they were personally insulting her.
  • It's Personal: The majority of the Historian's videos are presented through snarky but otherwise objective eyes, as the worst his mood usually gets is when calling out news media for needless and misinformed slander or just plain stupidity on their part. For "The Fall of 76" however, it's clear that everything about the disastrous launch of Fallout 76 infuriated him on a personal level, with the video being one of his longest (clocking in just over twenty five minutes) and most passionate. The video almost ends on what amounts to a No Ending, with IH admitting he's not only failed to get to some more controversial stuff, but he's stopping because the video was already getting too long for his tastes.note 
  • Just Here for Godzilla: invoked As said in Hope Spot, most of Dashcon's attendees put up with a lot of the con's incompetence and disappointing turnout on the basis that they would get to watch a live reading of Welcome to Night Vale. Then it didn't happen.
  • Kangaroo Court: In the Jeff the killer Dramatic Reading, the two cops (who apparently act as Judge, Jury, and Executioner) decide to send a child to prison for a year with only an obviously self inflicted scratch on his arm as evidence.
    Cop: "Son, you're coming with me"
    Kid: "Do I need a lawyer?"
    Cop: "Nah don't worry about it"
  • Karma Houdini:
    • "The Bikelock Fugitive of Berkley" covers a dedicated attempt to avert this trope. After a protester struck some bystander trying to keep things under control with a bikelock, /pol/ decided to find out the identity of the man. They used photos and videos of the event to find a picture of the guy without a mask, found out who the guy was, and then notified his parents, his place of work, and the police. Unfortunately, all the bike lock attacker got at the end of his court proceedings was three years of probation (which is a pretty light sentence, considering one of his crimes was attempted murder).
    • Whoever killed Rainfurrest by tossing diapers on cars and sending detailed letters to other hotels in Seattle telling them not to host the convention got away with it. The identity of the con killer has never been revealed. It's implied that it's someone the organizers knew personally, but didn't have enough evidence to actually legally accuse whoever did it.
    • Zigzagged with the Dashcon organizers. Yes, they scammed people out of money and didn't get sued because the stolen sums weren't big enough to be worth a legal battle. They didn't get away cleanly though, as their names are now permanently attached to the hilarious failure and scam that was Dashcon. In his Q&A, the IH notes that the amount of money they walked away with isn't worth the difficulty they will have finding jobs in the future.
    • After discussing how two American entrepreneurs were punished for illegal price gouging and forced to effectively give away their stored up supplies in "TheVarus Strakes Buck", IH then mentions how China managed to get away with this on a global scale via buying up protective equipment worldwide, then selling it and their own products back to a now exhausted world market and then recalling the defective Chinese products with no refunds (and jokingly putting a disclaimer up for his viewers to not let them rule his imminent death in the future as a suicide for talking about it).
  • Kick the Dog:
    • IH says that one can look at the Silver Screen Bottling Company's explanation of their choice to use the plastic shelled bottles in one of two ways. However, both of these ways make them out to be total assholes. The bottle controversy boils down to the Bottling Company being either complete dicks or incompetent fools, for no apparent gain in either case apart from making lots of people angry just because they could.
      • Option one: The company was flat-out lying about the design of the plastic-shelled bottle being more expensive than a glass version. This would mean the company believed its customers were morons willing to spend money on anything, and took advantage of this by charging more for a product that was cheaper to make. This shows contempt for customers who put down a lot of money — the drink was very expensive at eighty dollars a bottle — and were very patient in waiting through delays for it.
      • Option two: The company was telling the truth about the design of the plastic-shelled bottle being more expensive than a glass version. This means that the company went out of their way to spend more time and more money for the purpose of selling a worse product, without realizing their mistake until the products were out the door. This could be seen as even more embarrassing for the Bottling Company, as IH mentions that the company was perfectly capable of making a similar glass bottle properly with much less effort.
    • Also, the canvas bag controversy. The "Duffle Kerfuffle" (as IH dryly puts it) had no logical reason to happen, either. Bethesda made total tits of themselves by including nylon bags in their Power Armor Edition rather than the previously advertised canvas ones, with Bethesda blundering through every attempt to calm the angry customers down. What makes this incredibly petty is that they previously demonstrated that they were perfectly capable of making commemorative canvas bags, as seen with the previous New Vegas bags and those influencers that received an actual canvas bag for promoting Fallout 76. For some reason, Bethesda just made things worse for themselves.
  • Large Ham: What else would you expect from inviting Mumkey Jones to voice act the main bully in Jeff The Killer?
  • Laser-Guided Karma: In "The Gentleman Pirate", Bonnet fails to get his revenge on Blackbeard, but it turns out that Blackbeard was killed during the period of time while Bonnet was in prison awaiting his execution.
  • Like Is, Like, a Comma: His "quick summary" of the apology panel in "The Failure of Dashcon" is a supercut of every use of the word "like" used in this manner during the panel, since the people speaking at the panel said a lot of them.
  • Long List:
    • In both "The Fall of 76" and "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky", listing all the extensive bugs both games had on release. Both done in almost the exact same tone and manner.
    • There's also one for all the promises that never made it into No Man's Sky initially.
    • All the joke burgers people made with the McDonald’s “Create Your Taste” website, with the added bonus of Historian making the list into a poem.
    • The list of placebos that could supposedly cure or help immunize you from COVID-19 gets so long and ridiculous, ranging from "fruits that look like the virus" to water, that Historian just gives up and declares that everything is apparently a cure for the virus.

    Tropes M-Z 
  • Major Injury Underreaction: In "The Gentleman Pirate", the Quartermaster calmly notes to Bonnet that he is gravely injured, at which point it's revealed that his entire lower half is gone and his organs are spilling out.
  • Misblamedinvoked: Brought up a lot during "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky", with IH going through all the bad press Hello Games received for the reviled initial version of the game, then revealing all the circumstances out of their control that actually caused it, from Sony rushing the project for a set release date to how journalists (and by extension, audiences) interpreted their early proposals for potential concepts as actual guaranteed promises for the final product, building up false expectations.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: These are internet and internet-related phenomena given the gravitas they most definitely don't deserve. Special mention goes to "Friendship Ended," which is about the friendship struggles of three guys in Pakistan that's treated like a noir murder mystery because a goat died during its events.
  • My God, What Have I Done?:
    • After the May 21st 2011 Rapture debacle, Harold Camping rescinded his second Rapture prophecy shortly after making it and expressed genuine regret and guilt over ruining many people's lives with his prediction.
    • DiGiorno Pizza had the brilliant idea of contributing to the #WhyIStayed hashtag on Twitter with "You had pizza"... without bothering to see that the hashtag was a very serious sort of confessional online forum for Domestic Abuse victims to come clean about why they stayed with abusive partners. While they very quickly apologized, the media coverage pushed them to incessantly apologize to almost everyone who felt offended by their ignorant post.
  • Never My Fault:
    • The Dashcon organizers, shown in the The Failure of Dashcon video and then explored further in the followup Q&A video. They falsely promised several acts and panels that never agreed to attend Dashcon — some weren't even aware of the event that they were supposedly appearing at until congoers asked them on social media why they weren't at Dashcon, and others had professionally canceled far ahead of time. The organizers then took the money that their customers paid for the advertised performances and presentations, and then told their congoers that the promised acts had walked "at the last minute". They managed their money poorly and ended up with not enough cash on hand to pay for the venue, so the Dashcon organizers dragged as many congoers into a hall as they could and then said to the crowd that the hotel was being racist/misogynistic/homophobic and had increased the price at the last minute to deflect the blame. Even during their apology to the remaining congoers, they never fully took responsibility for how things turned out.
      Chloe: Gotta blame somebody, otherwise it's all my fault. Fuck that.
    • In 2011, Harold Camping made national headlines claiming the Rapture was coming in May, and then later in October. He suffered a stroke, which God claims responsibility for in hopes that he learned a lesson. In 2013, he passed away at the age of 92 from a stair-related accident in his home. God tries to pass the blame that he had nothing to do with it.
      • Downplayed with Camping himself, who initially dodged responsibility for the damage his Rapture message might've caused and tried to change things about his claims after the fact. What downplays this is the fact that not too long before his second predicted date, he rescinded the new prophecy and expressed genuine regret and guilt for what he had done.
  • Non-Indicative Name: You'd probably never guess that Dashcon was a convention based around Tumblr. Nor that the name was based on the site's dashboard.
  • Not Even Bothering with the Accent: IH doesn't bother with talking without his New Zealand accent when voicing characters clearly not from New Zealand.
  • Not Helping Your Case:
    • Planking has gotten so dangerous that various police departments were forced to intervene and declare it an offense. What didn't help was some of the cops also joining in on the Planking fun.
    • While he defends him, Historian agrees that Sean Murray's awkward, nervous, clearly uncomfortable body language definitely helped fuel the fire of accusations towards him being a liar.
  • "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer:
    • Most of his videos are pretty much him summarizing the ridiculous things the internet has done and how it sometimes spills into Real Life.
    • He prefaces his summarization of the United Nations' plan to capture Joseph Kony with one of these over a title card saying "This shit is too dumb to make up." When he describes their second plan, he lets out a completely un-professional reaction.
      IH: ...Wuhat!?
    • He also feels the need to note that the dance routine Jason Russell put together to get the word out on Kony's atrocities before the infamous Kony 2012 campaign is a real thing that happened.
    • In The Failure of Dashcon, at the part where the convention goers perform the Hunger Games sign as a protest, the subtitles read "This shit actually happened".
    • During the Fallout 76 video, a few minutes after going over the controversy of the Nuka Dark Rum drink, IH becomes infuriated when seeing that Bethesda did make a nuke-shaped bottle for the Nuka Cola drink in their store, which begs the question why they didn't do the same for the Nuka Dark Rum.
      IH: What the fu-THEY MADE THE BOTTLE PROPERLY! YEAH, ONE OF THOSE PLEASE! But bigger, and brown! Is that so hard?!
    • In "Going Camping at the End of the World", he assures the viewer that "this is not just a bit" (i.e. not a joke on his part) before explaining the math Camping used to calculate the date of the Rapture.
  • Not So Above It All: Turns out that Historian is one of the unlucky fools to have bought a ticket to Fyre Festival.
  • Not So Stoic: IH audibly gets increasingly annoyed and angry over the the debacle that was the Nuka Dark Rum. He shows a rare bit of audible anger when he finds out that there was a Nuka Dark Rum bottle made of glass that is available on Bethesda's own online store, but it wasn't used for the actual Nuka Dark Rum production for whatever reason.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: The Internet Poll businessman, one of the few instances of a recurring character in Historian's videos (outside of sponsorship ads, at least), is a personification of all the times marketing departments are idiots for giving the good people of the Internet any amount of say in their ad campaigns. "Very Serious Business" however adds an extra wrinkle by revealing that (in Historian's narrative) he's the one who alerted /b/ to Agile's public Twitter displays, implying that he may not be doing these stupid things out of genuine ignorance after all.
  • Only Sane Man:
    • During the whole Dashcon debacle, at least three people were the only ones who recognized something fishy was going on when the organizers asked for donations to pay the venue bill and called them out for extortion.
      Disgruntled con guest: What if they want more money?!
    • In the Rainfurrest video, one congoer is shown to be telling his fellow attendees "put your pants on and stop breaking shit!" No one listened to him.
  • Only Six Faces: In "The Swedish Job", every single character in law enforcement is "played" by Cole Phelps.
  • Overly Specific Afterlife: The episode "Going Camping at the End of the World" features a paid sponsorship for NordVPN cyber security where-in Jesus shows up at a gamer's door and tells him that after seeing his internet search history, he's no longer eligible to get into Heaven, or the more exclusive Super Heaven, which features a delicious seafood buffet.
  • Perspective Flip: The first half of "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky" plays off as very similar to "The Fall of 76", detailing the disastrous launch and damning responses from developers after the release of a particular hyped game. The second half then flips it on its head as Historian then tells the story of the game's development from the dev's point of view, along with highlighting the hardships and risks indie studios have to go through in order to pump out a project.
  • Pet the Dog:
    • When discussing the Balloon Boy story, he gets on the side of Richard Heene, who was Convicted by Public Opinion and points out that he was screwed over by a combination of media bias and judicial corruption. Heene would later watch the video and send IH a video explaining his side of the story, which the latter posted on his other channel.
    • During "Seize the Day," he elects not to show the video with the flashing lights that triggered the first half of the saga. In fact, besides to de-empathize Kurt Eichenwald and provide some context, the only reason that the "I have epilepsy" claim is discussed in the video is because Historian is disgusted someone would fake and/or grossly exaggerate having epilepsy, especially for such a petty reason.
    • He doesn't mock those who fell for Fyre Festival's scam, and goes as far as to point out that social media's merciless mockery of them was misinformed since a lot of guests were not snobby rich kids who all paid several thousands of dollars for their tickets like many thought thanks to misreporting. The regular ticket prices were genuinely low enough (at most about $1,200, with some "early bird" offers going as low as $500) for regular middle class people to be able to afford an all-expenses paid vacation to the Bahamas, which would have been otherwise impossible for said middle class people to afford at normal prices.
    • He sets it straight that Jason Russell was never masturbating in public, citing that there's absolutely no credible eyewitness accounts proving it, and candidly states that "it's just a very distressed man having a mental episode." In fact throughout the video, he doesn't really mock or attack Jason Russell (aside from being amused from his "Uganda Musical Dance") like how the media did, with IH making it clear as misguided as he was, Jason truly did want to help Uganda against Kony's predations.
    • He gives the inexperienced development team behind Fallout 76 his sympathy for having very little time on their hands and being given such a massive project to complete. By the end of the video, he also confesses to holding out hope that the game improves, also throwing a bone to No Man's Sky as another disastrous launch that eventually corrected itself into a good game.
    • In the Rainfurrest, Dashcon, and Fyre Fest videos, attendees who take an accurate stock of the situation are shown. For example, a fur-suited furry tells his fellow attendees to put their pants on and stop breaking everything, and some Dashcon attendees figure out it's a scam pretty quick. It goes to show that relatively normal/innocent people got involved in this stuff, instead of them all being freaks or gullible people like most sources on these subjects would have you believe.
    • The IH admits that the first few iterations of Shia LeBouf's "He Will Not Divide Us" campaign were geniunely inspired, did attract a lot of attention, and created a lot of discussion, even saying of the project "it was arguably the greatest reality TV show over the last decade". It might not have been famous in the way Shia wanted, but people were going to tune out eventually even if everything went right. It's then subverted when he points out the fifth iteration of "He Will Not Divide Us" was boring and nobody was watching it even if it was not being disrupted. He did tell people at the time that it was wrong to prank the house or do anything illegal though.
    • Four separate instances occur in "Going Camping at the End of the World."
      • The first is Historian advising against lumping all of Christianity in with the people who believed Harold Camping and pointing out to the uninformed that several Christian sects vocally denounced Camping for predicting the Rapture, which itself is considered a sin. Historian also explicitly shows that The Bible says that no one can know the date of the Rapture, and that anyone who says otherwise is trying to trick you.
      • The second is that Historian points out just how Camping amassed such a following (from decades of a well-managed and popular evangelical radio program), and how Camping was effectively given control over the company when the other two chairmen became too old and too sick to do anything or rein him in like they had previously done. This gave Camping a listener base that many radio stations would kill for, with nobody in the company to second-guess or rein him in. Accordingly, all the people involved in the massive ad campaign weren't just morons looking for the end of days.
      • The third is Historian mentioning all the lives Camping inadvertently ruined by convincing them they were going to die soon, including several families who gave up everything they had so they could spend their final moments together and happy.
      • Finally, Historian gives Camping some points for actually owning up to his mistakes. In the end, Historian sees Camping as a man who truly believed what he was saying, but flew too close to the sun by creating such a massive campaign. When the campaign failed, the backlash and outrage were more than what Camping could handle. Not only that, but the campaign's failure effectively destroyed his life's work, as his reputation and the radio company he hosted collapsed due to dwindling viewership and donations after the Rapture didn't happen. While not dropping his sense of humor, Historian portrays all of this as a pitiable outcome.
    • "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky" starts off as a sort of Spiritual Successor to "The Fall of 76" as a look at another overhyped game that had a disastrous launch. However, Historian pulls a Perspective Flip halfway through the video and portrays Hello Games as a small indie game studio that were forced into a limelight they were not ready for, with an ambitiously huge game that they had no time to complete by the given deadline, and a staff member count so minuscule that it made your average triple A game studio look like a small town.
  • Plot Armor: Mentioned in "The Gentleman Pirate", when the authorities catch up to Stede Bonnet following his escape from prison, they kill one of his remaining companions and injure the other two, but manage to catch Stede himself completely unharmed. That's not even getting into his numerous Too Dumb to Live decisions that he inexplicably survived the fallout of to get to that point.
  • Police Are Useless: During the COVID-19 pandemic, brilliant ideas from the New York and Los Angeles police departments resulted in criminals getting out of jail just as quickly as they got thrown in thanks to $0 bail and new criteria for stolen items resulting in nobody doing anything to stop shoplifters from strolling out the door with bags full of stuff.
    Shop owner: Sometimes when I call 911, nobody answers.
  • Polish the Turd: For the Nuka Dark Rum part of "The Fall of 76", Silver Screen Bottling Company, attempting to defend the cheap plastic shell surrounding an industry-standard bottle (instead of using the black frosted glass bottle shown in the marketing) on top of constant delays and the $80USD price, claims that the plastic shell mold costs over double the amount compared to the glass one, and that they spent over 100 hours coding the plastic shell design (once more, 3D modelling does not require coding).
  • Poor Communication Kills: In "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky", he posits that the backlash for the game's state on initial release wouldn't have been as violent had there been better communication from both Hello Games and the press alike. On the side of Hello Games (and mainly Sean Murrayinvoked), they could've been more open about distinguishing between what they were planning at the moment for the game and what they were sure they could feasibly implement. On the other hand, this was also a responsibility of the press, and the widespread acceptance of Hello Game's proposals as outright promises only ensured that there would be monolithic expectations they'd never realistically reach in time. IH overall expresses more sympathy for Hello Games in this regard, as they were being put up on a pedestal but didn't have the resources, skill, or experience to handle the PR in a better way. Ironically enough, once the ensuing Internet Counterattack occurred with criticisms and accusations coming from every angle, Hello Games decided to go radio silent with zero communication, focusing on their work and allowing it to speak for them when it was ready, which ended up being vital to giving them the resolve to fix their game.
  • Pungeon Master: IH can't help himself at times.
    • In the Bikelock Fugitive video: "This guy should be... locked up! (cue CSI: Miami music)", which he immediately apologizes for.
    • In the Rainfurrest episode: "They (the furries) were behaving like... animals". Wink.
    • Many of the made-up #McDStories tweets were pretty bad and gross and would make anyone Grimace...[Curb Your Enthusiasm credits roll]
    • When talking about the pile-on of the critical backlash around No Man's Sky, Historian uses a picture of a pylon as a visual representation.
  • Pyrrhic Victory:
    • IH's take on the final result of Shia LeBouf's "He Will Not Divide Us" art piece (the last one IH himself covered). The first iteration was incredibly interesting because it caused Americans across the political spectrum to converge upon the project and start talking with people they normally wouldn't interact with, all on live broadcast. Then 4chan caught word of the project, so hilarity and trolling ensued. Shia decided to shut it down due to the ongoing hijinks (and because he got arrested on camera for harassing, then assaulting one of the protesters), turning the project into a stream of a flag with the project's titular phrase on it in an undisclosed location within the United States. After two more failed attempts on Shia's part to keep his project unmolested, the fifth iteration was another live stream of the flag... in a plain white room, quickly located by 4chan inside a private residence of one of Shia's friends within London. At this point, the flag was now an entire ocean away from where its message was politically relevant (and had been out of the US since the fourth iteration), and nobody could interact with the project without breaking the law. IH then asked if Shia really "won", because the only people watching the stream at that point were a few trolls who only used it as a strange sort of Ouija board when the odd fly landed on it. The point of the project (to protest Donald Trump's election) was defeated once the project was removed from the public space of its home country, and Shia was made to look like a bad sport during the process.note 
    • In a Q&A video on Dashcon, Historian says he feels this way about the organizers of the con. While they may have pulled off a scam and gotten away with a good deal of cash in the immediate short term, their names are now permanently attached to its failure, and the short-term gains weren't worth the long-term impact to their reputations.
  • Reality Is Unrealistic: The whole "day/night cycle based on a planet's orbit around the sun" thing was in No Man's Sky, but it kept being reported as a bug due to natural environment differences between various parts of a day confusing players and was eventually just outright removed.
  • Red Herring: In "The Gentleman Pirate", it's heavily hinted that Blackbeard is going to take advantage of Bonnet bringing him on as a "shadow captain" to take over Bonnet's ship and crew. As soon as the crew take over a ship that's more impressive than The Revenge, Blackbeard takes control of it, hands control of Bonnet's ship and crew back to him, and the two promptly part ways. Blackbeard does take control of Bonnet's ship and crew later, but only after said crew had already abandoned Bonnet due to his being unable to match Blackbeard's success.
    • Later in the same video, King George of England passed "The Act of Grace", which promised a full pardon and a possible position as a privateer to pirates who turned themselves in. It's hinted that this is likely to be a trick, and Bonnet is portrayed as naive for letting Blackbeard talk him into accepting the offer. It turns out to be completely legitimate. Except that Blackbeard stole all of the valuables from Bonnet's ship and marooned his crew while he was occupied, forcing Bonnet to continue pillaging in defiance of his side of the agreement in order to resupply.
  • Rewatch Bonus: Each answer Sean Murray gave in interviews about No Man's Sky helped to raise expectations. After hearing Historian point out that game journalists consistently misunderstood/announced Sean's half-hearted consideration of features as deadlocked promises and then rewatching "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky," you'll notice that a lot of Sean's answers are indeed vague and clearly based on yet-unrealized concepts and work-in-progress developments, and he never actually confirmed most of their questions.
    Jeff Cork: Can you land on a comet?
    Sean Murray: Yeah, at the moment you can land on asteroids.
  • Rule of Three: Used with an added dose of irony in Pool's Closed
    Mary Alice Altorfer: A joke is when two people laugh. I'm not laughing.
    Newscaster: She's not laughing.
    Internet Historian: She was not laughing.
  • Running Gag:
    • Historian is never gonna let the ballpit from Dashcon fade into obscurity, as he uses the ballpit as a symbol for incompetent management.
    • "X had a brilliant idea."
    • The marketing guy who's constantly suggesting utilizing online polls for promotion events, no matter how many times internet shitposters ruin them. Was mostly just a fixture of the "Any Poll's a Goal" video, but makes a return for the "Serious Business" episode.
    • Whenever the playerbase is demanding answers from Hello Games and Sean Murray in "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky," cue Ethan Mars screaming "SSHAAAAAUUUUN!!!"
    • All instances of people who represent players of No Man's Sky are wearing space helmets.
    • Internet petitions being made and then immediately accomplishing nothing is a frequent occurrence across videos.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: An invoked case with the Dashcon event. IH explains that Dashcon was originally called "Tumblrcon." But the legal issues that inevitably arose from a small independent group attempting to use the site's trademarked name without prior permission led to the Non-Indicative Name of "Dashcon" to avoid legal trouble, after the site's "dashboard".
  • Self-Deprecation:
    • Historian occasionally portrays himself making some pretty stupid mistakes, like leaving a lifetime supply of toilet paper out in the rain, or missing the last flight home from Fyre Festival because he chased a frisbee into the woods and got lost.
    • While discussing the scope of No Man's Sky, he shows an article stating that the universe would take over 584 billion years to explore.
    It's so vast, that by the time you finish exploring it all, I would have two new videos published.
  • Sequel Hook: While discussing the evolution of brand social media in "Very Serious Business," Historian teases that he'll be making a video on this subject soon.
  • Serious Business: Historian mocks how out of hand the outrage over Fallout 76's canvas bag got, pointing out that a lot of the reactions were pretty over the top and ridiculous. However, it's played more straight when Historian is shown to be just as annoyed by the Nuka Cola Rum controversy as everyone else.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story:
    • "9gag's Meme Rock" starts off with 4chan elaborately tracking down the exact location of the buried stone based upon scant clues, similarly to the events of "He Will Not Divide Us". However, the entire effort is abruptly dropped when it's discovered that the meme rock is buried in the middle of a desert in Spain, well beyond the practical reach of the (predominantly English-speaking) 4chan community.
    • As part of his framing device for the "Failure of Fyre Festival" video. The Historian bought a ticket for Fyre Festival, fooled by promises of a luxurious vacation and party. Besides the already known disastrous things about the Festival, Historian failed to leave with the other attendees due to chasing a frisbee into the woods and somehow got lost enough on the small island to be trapped on Norman's Cay a la Cast Away. He eventually decides to finally go home via a makeshift raft after finally burying Fyre Festival... only to end up drowning within two hours.
    • The "Going Camping at the End of The World" video is a mix of this and Sudden Downer Ending. Sure, for the rest of the world it was an outright Happy Ending, with the end of the world prediction turning out to be wrong. But for Camping and his followers, it was all for naught. The followers who sold all their valuables, quit their jobs, and abandoned their education are completely lost and had nowhere to go, besides trying to rebuild their broken lives. Camping himself is genuinely taken by surprise after his prediction turned out to be wrong, and ends up leaving Family Radio where his program was broadcasted, now with a tarnished reputation among both his followers and the rest of the world. Oh, and he died two years later from a fall in his home.
  • Shipper on Deck: While reenacting the meeting between Billy MacFarlane and Ja Rule, IH can't help himself but to make the two start making out.
  • Shoddy Shindig: Historian has covered three so far.
    • The first is Dashcon, which was a weekend-long event planned by Tumblr users for Tumblr users that ended terribly due to poor management. Historian is among the many who speculate that it was a scam.
    • Second is Rainfurrest, which was another weekend-long event planned by furries for furries that ended terribly due to the attendees running wild and poor management.note 
    • The third is the Fyre Festival, which was planned to be a two-week-long summer vacation in the Bahamas, planned by a con man for millennials, and the festival ended terribly due to poor management.
  • Shout-Out:
    • For "Going Camping at the End of the World," IH makes some obligatory references to Left Behind.
    • "The Failure of Fyre Festival" uses clips and images from Cast Away.
    • "Friendship Ended" is framed as, and uses footage from, an L.A. Noire murder case.
    • Footage from several games with stealth elements are used to represent people tracking and taking down the flags in later seasons of "He Will Not Divide Us", such as Watch_Dogs for "Liverpool's Closed".
    • Historian claims, that in the aftermath of No Man's Sky's disastrous launch, Sean had effectively become "Punished Sean", complete with an eyepatch and scars to show for it.
  • Shown Their Work: Some Pakistani viewers commented that Historian did a good job with his research on the living conditions in Pakistan for "Friendship Ended."
  • Sincerity Mode: In "Going Camping at the End of the World," IH says he truly believes that Harold Camping believed the Rapture was going to happen on May 21, 2011. IH also shows sympathy to Camping for owning up to his mistake and admitting that he sinned in trying to predict the Rapture in the first place. And while he offsets this by using footage of Shrek is Love Shrek is Life to visualize it, IH sounds genuinely horrified at how many people's lives were near-irreparably ruined by believing Camping's claims, such as several families who left behind everything they had to go out happy and together.
  • Skewed Priorities:
    • In "Seize the Day" IH claims that as her husband was convulsing from his triggered epilepsy, Kurt Eichenwald's wife made sure to take the time to tweet out that he was having a seizure, check her Instagram, then her Tinder, then call an ambulance.
    • In the beginning skit of the hand sanitizer part of "TheVarus Strakes Buck", a man is focused on people touching things with their bare hands or fingers, one of them belonging to a robber breaking in through his window. What is he thinking about at that moment? That he needs hand sanitizer.
  • The Snack Is More Interesting: Internet Historian and Sorrow TV can be heard stuffing their faces (most likely eating crisps) during the Ikea Erotica segments of the final part of the My Immortal Dramatic Reading.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: He sounds like a documentary narrator along the lines of Richard Attenborough but often times will add a Precision F-Strike here or there along with the occasional meme.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: The part where guests pool together donations for Dashcon is scored with inspirational music. But it also includes some people in the crowd yelling about how this was extortion.
  • Space Whale Aesop: His sponsored ads are pretty far-fetched scenarios that highlight the benefits of their promoted subjects.
    • If you don't sign up for CuriosityStream, then you will die a virgin with people knowing how dumb you really are in the event that a meteor is on course to impact with the Earth.
    • Medicine is overpriced (by one cent) and likely kills future president daughters due to how expensive they can be, unlike Honey.
    • The following happens to those who don't have NordVPN:
      • You will be barred from ever getting into Heaven because when the Rapture comes, Jesus will see your search history and be disgusted by your depravity.
      • You'll be the ideal candidate for President and get elected, but then get denied on the spot and banished to the Virgin Islands when the judge sees your history, handing the Presidency to your opponent, luvs2smokecrak666. Also, getting NordVPN will make you 75% more handsome and stop your parents from divorcing.
      • You will be stalked, tracked via unprotected internet browsing, and harassed by NordVPNMan all across the world until you accidentally fall into a snake pit and die.
        NordVPNMan: (in an awful Japanese accent that even Historian can't help but cringe-laugh at) This wouldn't have happened if you had used NordVPN!
  • Spiritual Antithesis:
    • IH describes Rainfurrest and Dashcon as this to each other. Dashcon was a brand-new event turned into a Shoddy Shindig by the sheer incompetence of its organizers, their mismanagement of their budget, and their murky sales revenue. They left their guests to suffer the consequences, and the event has been speculated by many, including the Historian, to be an outright scam. On the other hand, Rainfurrest was a legitimate convention with competent organizers who were able to turn in the required payment, make certain they were well-insured for any damages, and weren't trying to scam anyone out of their money. The reason it went badly was because of its degenerate guests "acting like animals."note 
    • No Man's Sky is portrayed as this to Fallout 76. Both are Triple A games that were hyped to hell and had disastrous launches due to the fact that both were handled by teams that were relatively new to the types of games they were, so neither was actually finished or refined by release. The difference is that Bethesda is an industry juggernaut with a well established fanbase that had no real excuse to put out a product this broken while Hello Games was a small indie studio that was simply out of its depth when it came to a project like No Man's Sky. The contrast is further noted in the ending of "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky"; Hello Games got their act together to finish/fix their game and then some (with little to no profit motivation, especially if one considers their decimated reputation following the launch) while Fallout 76 had still yet to actually fix game-breaking issues that were present since the beginning in favor of pay-to-win mechanics that made the game worse.
  • Stating the Simple Solution: The iPhone 6 was built with a cheaper and thus slightly more flimsy build that made it very easy to bend, requiring Apple to request that customers be more delicate with their phones. IH points out you can just buy a case.
  • Stealth Parody: His ad for Raid: Shadow Legends presents him as a persistent freak who scares everyone to play the game, and the only positive reviews are random cut clips of speech not even talking about the game, making it clear he's only doing it for sponsor money and not recommending the game.
  • Stop Being Stereotypical:
    • The belief in the Rapture espoused by Harold Camping in "Going Camping at the End of the World" is not an universal one in Christianity with mainstream denominations like Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, several Protestants and Quakers pointing out that trying to decipher when it happens goes against the scriptures. In fact, some Catholics and Protestant groups mobilized to protest against this campaign. Unfortunately, it had little effect as Camping had denounced mainstream churches as corrupt anyways and he persisted on his folly.
    • In the Rainfurrest footage, one congoer can be seen telling some of the more lewd furries in attendance to "put your pants on" and behave themselves. No one listened to him, though.
  • Streisand Effect: Discussed in the Planking video. Planking went from being a viral fad to a practical epidemic after the media, multiple governments, police, and places of employment started to condemn it (after somebody died doing it). It spread and spread prompting more and more backlash which of course caused it to be more and more popular. And it was (take note people who want to stop things from spreading) a picture the Prime Minister of New Zealand uploaded of his son planking that made the whole thing become Totally Radical.invoked
  • Stylistic Suck:
    • His editing style, using a combination of slick editing and poorly imposed stock images for comedy.
    • Ads tend to be mocked relentlessly in this manner, with over the top scenarios or informing viewers how to take advantage of the free trials for the sponsors.
    • His Sundance Rejects videos utilize Limited Animation and various stock images crudely edited and photoshopped to serve as characters.
    • The Jeff the Killer Dramatic Reading, in which everybody other than Mumkey Jones is reading their lines in such a flat and uninteresting tone. This is a jab at the source material for how poorly written it is.
  • Sudden Downer Ending: Going Camping at the End of the World has a surprisingly depressing ending, especially for an Internet Historian video. Dozens of people who bought in to the doomsday prediction had their lives ruined, be it through selling all their valuables, digging themselves into debt, or quitting their jobs/education. The doomsday forecaster Harold Camping leaves Family Radio (the Christian network he broadcast his predictions on) after realizing his mistake, only to die after a fall just under two years later... but not before leaving the network with a severely soiled reputation that caused vital donations to dry up. As a result, the once-respected Christian global media empire was forced to downsize greatly, and they got rid of archives of Camping's forum to distance themselves from his legacy. However, IH does try to end the video on a high note by displaying pictures of bizarre Renaissance-era paintings.
    • In "The Gentleman Pirate", a large struggle takes place to get the governor's letter to Bonnet's execution but it turns out that said letter didn't actually call for a stop to said execution, and Bonnet is promptly hanged. Internet Historian even lampshades this, and comes up with his own ending where Bonnet survives, kills everyone that he had a grudge with, gets everything he wanted, and the Quartermaster even inexplicably returns.
  • Surprisingly Happy Ending:
    • Yes, the internet had fun voting for Pitbull to go to the most remote Wal-Mart in all of the United States. But ultimately, Pitbull managed to turn the whole thing into a great time for everyone in attendance and give Kodiak, Alaska a big Colbert Bump with his presence.
    • As much of a meme the whole Brad's Wife thing was, it surprisingly leads to various food chains opening up positions for her and one of them eventually hired her, with the meme often being credited for getting their attention.
    • "Friendship Ended." is the story of two Indian friends who had a very bitter falling out. And as memey as it was, the internet came together to push for the two to reconcile. Not only did they make up while also keeping newcomer Salman as a friend, but Asif, the guy who announced the friendship end, was promoted to moderator of r/indianpeoplefacebook where the story got its infamy.
    • While the Kony 2012 movement ultimately fell apart and the founder, Jason Russell, had a well-publicised mental breakdown, it succeeded in its goal of making Joseph Kony a household name, Russell was quickly able to make a full recovery, and not only have Kony’s forces and power since dwindled to almost nothing, the Q&A video revealed that he will likely die soon from type 2 diabetes.
    • A very triumphant one in "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky." This was the story of a highly anticipated triple A game by an indie studio that didn't have enough time to finish it, and as a result of their failure to meet the deadline (even with the release date being pushed back), took one of the most infamous beatings from the internet in its history. No Man's Sky has seemingly crashed and burned and Hello Games appears to have taken the money and ran, going completely quiet and refusing to respond to community or press inquiries. After months of disconcerting silence, Hello Games suddenly came back swinging with significant patches, improvements, and new features that saved No Man's Sky's reputation and their own. The game and the studio won various awards and Hello Games is now seen as one of the few studios who listened to their customers, fixed the problems, and refused to simply take the money and move on because they were genuinely passionate about giving people a good game.
      Historian: It's the underdog story, and after doing all this research, I couldn't help but come to the conclusion that they were the good guys.
  • Take That, Audience!: At the end of most videos, he lists patrons from his Patreon but always does something to distract from them or make them scroll too fast to be read.
    • Except for the Rainfurrest video, it scrolls by in sync with video clips of the different furries at the con, as if those people were the patrons.
    • And the Bikelock fugitive video, where he claims that he and the list of patrons are trying to join Antifa to assault people themselves.
    • On a more serious note, his disclaimers usually end with "Please behave yourselves," as if IH is fully aware of how many memelords could be frequent viewers and what kind of hateful trolling they are capable of.
  • Take That!:
    • While for the most part sounding very sophisticated and his sarcasm mostly subtle, the iPhone Massacre video ends with him getting very fed up with idiots falling for 4chan's fake ads and he unveils a new iPhone that allows them to do pretty much everything said ads said they can do... because it's basically already broken.
    • He disclaims his research into what happened to the money that went into Dashcon as merely speculation on his part, but it's very clear that he's calling out the event organizers for opportunistically stealing money.
    • He also throws some shade towards Tumblr's infamous reputation as a Political Correctness Gone Mad community, portraying the organizers as SJWs who blame anything that goes wrong on anyone but themselves, or accuses anybody who criticizes them of being misogynist, racist, homophobic, etc. (which as it turns out wasn't too far from the truth, as the organizers actually did accuse the hotel hosting Dashcon of homophobia and racism when things turned sour). He also expresses plenty of disdain towards the death threats sent to the gay Hispanic panelist Mark Oshiro (creator of Mark Does Stuff), who was accused by Tumblr users of being a straight white man pretending to be gay for profit.
    • He has nothing but contempt for the 9gag Meme Rock and after pointing out how there's not much anyone can do due to it being 24 tons of rock that'll take days to dig up, he goes on a "tangent" about how limestone, which the rock happened to be made of, can be eroded quickly by vinegar. The video then ends with a flash of the rock's coordinates.
    • He advises his viewers to wear hazmat suits when journeying to r/dankmemes and warns them not to touch anything or else they'll "become retarded, too."
    • The video for Fallout 76 is laden with IH's scorn for the rampant incompetence of almost every part of the game's launch and Bethesda's inept responses to its many controversies, with only the beleaguered development team, who got saddled with actually making the game despite having no experience with either always-online or Fallout games, getting any sympathy.
    • IH does not seem to be fond of Jimmy Fallon. Fallon is shown laughing at/doing unfunny memes when they are discussed and he is shown in a box of tools during My Immortal.
    • He gives out a small What the Hell, Hero? to the Ugandan government for only starting to pay attention to Joseph Kony's crimes after what the Prime Minister contemptuously refers to as "a slick video on Youtube" goes viral.
    • During his Alliance: Heroes Of The Spire add, he lists that EA was not involved in the production as a bonus.
    • "The Walking Divided" makes it clear why he's making so many The Walking Dead references - to build up to the line "it's the series that should've ended seasons ago".
    • The "impure" shown in "Going Camping at the End of the World" are shown to be Minecraft Youtubers.
    • He never has nice things to say about Internet petitions, such as noting in "Brad's Wife" that "as always, a petition is started and goes nowhere".
    • He makes a lighthearted jab at Twitch streamer Shroud, who regularly watches his videos in his streams, for always skipping his ads.
    • During the credits for "Tales from TheVarus", Historian thanks Neil Druckmann for The Last of Us Part II, which he calls "the worst sequel since World War II."
    • An incredibly lazy "animation" of someone walking into the FACT Museum in "Liverpool's Closed" has a disclaimer on the top-left corner of the screen stating "walking animation brought to you by Mass Effect: Andromeda".
    • In "TheVarus Strakes Buck", after discussing how many high-profile criminals were being denied bail during the pandemic, he segues into talking about people who should be in jail: Celebrities, and covering their various failed attempts to "relate" to their fans and normal people on social media that only show how out of touch they really are when they're not doing their jobs.
  • This Means War!: As Internet Historian has showcased, the internet and its factions have had their fair share of wars.
    • Tumblr has gone to war with 4chan's /b/ board, and the provoked 4chan then goes to war with Tumblr (even though there is a theory that it was actually started by /pol/ who riled up the Tumblr users in the first place to watch the fireworks). 4chan decisively wins.
    • Reddit has gone to war with Instagram users over meme thievery. Reddit loses interest not long after at about the same time people started noting the hypocrisy of complaining about Instagram stealing memes from Reddit when Reddit does the same thing to Instagram and Twitter, to say nothing about how meme thievery is just "business as usual" on the Internet, and starting a war with itself about whether the Upvote button is orange or red with the resulting surge of memes.
    • Reddit and 4chan joined forces in their war against CNN for meme freedom. A week long campaign which did severe damage to the latter.
    • Boomers supporting Brad's wife have been at war with Cracker Barrel for their injustice against Nanette. They still fight long after the war stopped being funny.
    • 4chan began assaulting Shia Labeouf's "He Will Not Divide Us" art project because they thought it was stupid, and Shia naturally opposed them. 4chan conclusively won the war on all counts until Shia's attempts to preclude their meddling made the project too boring to mess with.
    • After /b/ began trolling Agile's Twitter, the event's organizers attempted to get the trolls reported for spam. This resulted in /b/ declaring war and posting even more offensive memes in their hashtag, with several being photoshops of an organizer as Adolf Hitler and doing sexual acts.
  • Too Dumb to Live:
    • At least implied, as Kurt Eichenwald (who is supposedly epileptic) willingly clicked on a video that literally read "you deserve a seizure for your post".
    • Those who decided to take planking to (sometimes literally) new heights, upon which they fell and either required surgery, went into a coma, or straight up died.
    • If Joseph Kony had fallen for Luis Moreno Ocampo's amazing plan (a plan that relied on using Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as bait to lure him to a fake dinner) then he definitely would have fallen into this category.
    • The art thieves in "The Swedish Job". To make a long story short, they used their real phone number to buy an escape vehicle, conspicuously attended various art auctions, didn't realize that you needed to already have a buyer to sell stolen art, sent a lawyer as their liaison who could be (and was) easily followed, and literally wrote every bit of detail and step of the heist in a journal, allowing the police to implicate them and make various arrests of anybody involved.
  • Took the Bad Film Seriously:invoked 4chan rigged a poll to send pop star Pitbull to the most remote Wal-Mart they could find in Kodiak, Alaska. However, Pitbull kept up his end of the bargain in spite of that, and it actually turned out well for everyone involved. Pitbull and the townsfolk had a lot of fun, and Kodiak got a Colbert Bump from the exposure, so everybody won.
  • Totally Radical:
    • What IH determines as the death of planking: the Prime Minister of New Zealand posting a "slightly ominous" picture of himself with his son planking. By having such a high-profile figure take part in the meme, it wasn't cool anymore.
      Historian: And... you did it. You killed the meme. It's done.invoked
    • This is IH's primary criticism of the 9gag Meme Rock. The memes carved onto its surface were already long outdatednote  by the time the rock was announced in mid-2017.
  • Trash the Set: This quite literally happened during Rainfurrest, as troublemakers had free reign to destroy numerous aspects of the venue's infrastructure, from jamming the plumbing with diapers in the bathrooms and allegedly drilling glory holes, to vandalising the pool and breaking its filter system, to breaking fire alarms to allow drug taking... the list goes on and on throughout the episode. This, coupled with outside forces sending letters to other venues to warn them, meant that any and all subsequent attempts at hosting the convention again have only ended in failure.
  • Tsundere: Historian clearly has a lot of sympathetic and congratulatory affection for Hello Games, especially after researching their harrowing journey to getting No Man's Sky done and back in the good graces of the gaming community. But he does everything in his power to downplay it no matter how obvious it is, even going as far as ending "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky" with an explicit erotic fanfic about them.
  • Uncertain Audience: Discussed in the Dashcon Q&A video, as IH expresses his belief that this trope was one of the reasons why the event was dead on arrival. Instead of the convention focusing on a singular or or even a blanket topic (for instance, the TV shows the site's userbase was known to enjoy at the time) that would attract a dedicated audience and clearly provide appeal to the new convention, the organizers' attempt to cover all of Tumblr's incredibly wide and vast range of interests (most prominently its focus on LGBTQ issues) made it very unclear what Dashcon was even about, which meant only those who were interested in a lot of subjects would bother to go in the first place. invoked
  • Unreadable Disclaimer: All of Historian's videos start with a disclaimer about his videos' fair use and satirical and journalistic nature and usually ends with a condemnation of any viewer who interprets them as permission to harass any of the people discussed. However, they always go by fast enough to almost be Freeze Frame Bonuses. But considering they're on Youtube where you can pause easily and even go frame by frame, it's somewhat downplayed.
  • Very Special Episode: The video about the "Balloon Boy" is actually mostly serious, and deals with evidence the IH found in Richard Heene's favor. It also deals with media and police corruption.
  • Visual Pun:
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Fredrik Knudsen, who he always finds a way to mock by using his likeness to represent certain people in his videos.
  • Vocal Dissonance: His voice and tone are sophisticated. What he covers is anything but.
  • Warts and All: While Historian takes Hello Games' side, "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky" doesn't sugar coat the fact that Sean indeed lied about the game being multiplayer during release and that there were still plenty of stuff on the to-do spreadsheet that haven't been addressed yet. In the end though, their integrity when it came to fixing their game outweighed the sins of the past, and Historian feels they deserved their happy ending after all the shit they had to go through before, during, and after the making of No Man's Sky.
  • Win Back the Crowdinvoked: The subject of "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky", beginning by documenting the catastrophic launch of the game and seemingly irreparable fallout from it, then exploring the game's eventual redemption in both integrity and widespread reception after months and months of improvements.
  • "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue:
    • He gives one for the main players of KONY 2012: Jason Russell continues his activism and has thankfully been free of breakdowns; Invisible Children has been reduced to small-scale operations but overall has ceased their activities; Joseph Kony's forces are scattered and slowly disbanding, with the man himself effectively in hibernation.note 
    • Another one shows up in "Camping at the End of the World". Camping himself retired in shame and died about two years after all the infamy. Family Radio sold off major stations to pay for the massive doomsday ad campaign, and had to sell off more when donations dried up following the backlash. They had to distance themselves as far as they could from Camping, even removing the archives of his work from their website. Finally, they filled the program slots with media produced by more mainstream sects of Christianity, the sort of churches that Camping spent a lifetime denouncing as corrupt. IH points out what a downer the whole situation is, and tried to lighten the mood with a few weird Renaissance paintings.
    • For Hello Games in "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky": No Man's Sky, having gone through its significant repairs and improvements, has since then won multiple awards in technical achievements. Sean Murray and the gang, sticking to their indie roots, opened up Hello Labs to help small development groups like they once were, in order to help get their projects off the ground. Two of Hello Games' employees began working on another game called The Last Campfire. For the foreseeable future as of the video, Hello Games seems to be satisfied with staying in the No Man's Sky wheelhouse to keep it up and running as well as adding cool new stuff whenever possible or necessary, all while the game became a commercial juggarnaut and regained a lot of lost sale value.
  • You No Take Candle:
    IH: Big boys at Dashlane make video happen.


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