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There is a surprising amount of moments for a channel this snarky.

  • During the discussing of Fyre Festival's Epic Fail, he does not mock the attendees, a surprisingly refreshing take compared to the general mocking from the internet and news media who assumed the festival was for "privileged rich people".
  • Whether doing it for the meme or being sincere, the internet banded together to get Asif and Mudasir to become friends again...and they did.
    Detective Historian: And it was goddamn beautiful.
    • Similarly, everyone got on Cracker Barrel's ass about firing Brad's wife, which led to other restaurant chains in the area the couple lived in opening up positions and offering interviews. She eventually got hired by one of them and Brad's made it clear it wouldn't have happened if the meme didn't get so much traction.
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  • The "KONY 2012" video, where he doesn't mock Jason Russell and instead portrays him as a decent guy who became way too overwhelmed by the success of his video and the stress of living up to it piling up, even if Russell himself was misguided in his execution.
  • He actually doesn't mock the people who went to Dashcon in the aforementioned video, focusing his criticisms more on the con founders who obviously just wanted a quick buck.
  • In his discussion of the "Balloon Boy' incident, he doesn't accuse or even mock and blame Richard Heene, seeing him more of a victim of widespread slander. What's more, he admits that it was through doing the research that he came to believe that Heene was telling the truth that this wasn't a hoax.
  • While he mocks Shia Labeouf's infamous "HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US" movement, he more or less scolds 4Chan for their decision to send pizzas to the fifth location of the flag, feeling that not only was it not creative, but it wasn't funny at all. note 
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  • The whole "Any Poll's a Goal" debacle was basically the internet fucking with celebrities. However, one instance was sending Pitbull to the most remote Walmart in the United States: Kodiak, Alaska. Much to the surprise of everyone, Pitbull held up his end of the bargain and everybody in attendance had a great time regardless of the intentions behind him being there. It was such a Heartwarming win that the internet conceded that Pitbull won this battle.
  • When discussing the Fallout 76 debacle, he leaves the development team of the game alone, sympathizing with them and acknowledging that, for an inexperienced team, they tried with what little Bethesda gave them.
    • He also makes sure to acknowledge that as much of a disaster the game turned out to be, he won't deny that some people managed to have genuine fun with the game despite how broken it was.
    • Another thing to note, he also feels that maybe someday, the game could be better and improve, citing No Man's Sky as an example.
  • Historian's Q&A on Rainfurrest makes it clear that he has nothing against the Furry Fandom — he's interacted with a few members, there's some furries in his official Discord server, and both sides were wise enough to leave each others' interests alone. One of the answers is Historian discussing how, truthfully, it's only a minority of people that have given the furry community a bad rep, and expresses sympathy for the Rainfurrest congoers who simply wanted to have a good time with friends/people who shared a common interest. Most of the blame that IH places on the Rainfurrest debacle goes towards the vocal minority of bad apples, as well as the management who enabled them by refusing to do anything about the bad behavior from previous years until it reached its logical conclusion.
  • After the Sudden Downer Ending of his video on the 2011 doomsday predictions, IH tries to lighten the mood by showing off weird and funny-looking Renaissance artwork.
    • Earlier in the video, he also makes it clear that he doesn't have anything against Christians, stating that they're not all crazy fundamentalists like the internet would have you believe. He also makes a point of the fact that this was mostly just a fringe group following the words of a dogged figure. He additionally shows sympathy to both Harold Camping, viewing him as a man who genuinely believed in what he was doing, and the people who lost their money because of the prophecy.


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