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Pet-Peeve Trope

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[watching a kung fu movie]
Buffy: Oh, give me a break! This is all wrong. See, first you would get the big guy, with a flying kick. Then you would take out all the little ones, bam, ba—see, now with the flying kick. From a dead stop! What's powering it, raw enthusiasm?
Riley: Hey Buff, maybe you ought to leave the work behind sometimes. You're not always on Slayer duty, you know?
Buffy: It would drive you crazy if we were watching an army movie and they were all saluting backwards and... invading all willy-nilly.

Not an index, but a Trope Trope: When a trope is either so played out, so stupid, so inaccurate, or so racist/sexist/whatever, that seeing it makes some portion of the audience go berserk.

Part of the death cycle for a trope; any trope that qualifies is already at least close to becoming a Discredited Trope.

Sometimes this is due to Values Dissonance making a trope obsolete. Continuing to use such a trope when the underlying morality behind it has been discredited is sure to get some annoyed reactions.

Note that subversions and deconstructions are probably already playing too close to the line, and playing them with even a hint that they're being played straight will get certain people up in arms.

See also Trope Enjoyment Loophole for possible reasons why a trope that's normally a pet peeve is, in one particular case, not pressing your Berserk Button.


See also Tropes Are Tools. Contrast Favorite Trope. Often overlaps with Opinion Myopia and Bias Steamroller- it is frequently baffling to a person that anyone could possibly like their pet peeve trope, and seeing a pet peeve trope in a work can be grounds for pulling the Ruined FOREVER alarm. Read Trigger Warnings to understand how to warn audiences of pet peeve tropes and how to utilize them effectively in writing.

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