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(Do-dododo-dodo-do-doo!) Oney Plays!

"With friends!"

Oney Plays is a Let's Play channel created by web animator Chris "OneyNG" O'Neill. The channel started in 2012 as "Oney's Video Hole," Chris' alternate account for his various non-animation videos. The LP show itself began in May 2014 as a side project, but later became the channel's main focus. His most frequent recurring guests are his friends DingDong and Julian (of the game-development team Wan Wan Games). Other guests have included Ryan and Matt of Super Mega; Arin of Game Grumps; and his friends Corey, Niall and Zach from Newgrounds.

The humor in every video is silly and sometimes (well, okay, very often) borders on offensive, which is part of Chris' style. Fan consensus is usually that the videos are good, and that when a video is good, it's outstanding.

In 2018, Ding Dong and Julian announced that they were taking an indefinite hiatus from the channel in order to focus on their video game company's first major project. Lyle and Psychic Pebbles have took over their spot as cohosts. Ding Dong and Julian briefly returned in November 16 2018 before leaving again a few months later due to moving out of state.


The channel can be found here. Chris and DingDong each have Twitter accounts, and DingDong has a Twitch account as well. There's also a subreddit.

Tropes found in Oney Plays

  • Aborted Arc:
    • DingDong mentioned on Twitter that Kingdom Hearts II, DKC 2, Pokemon Red, and the second Final Fantasy VII playthrough were all halted for various reasons. But he says they plan to return to those games. Kingdom Hearts II and Pokemon resumed after those tweets were posted, and Final Fantasy VII came back much later.
    • Many games are never finished simply because they decide to switch to a different game and either are more interested in that or forget the previous one. The only one they made a concerned effort to actually finish one-hundred-percent is Crash Bandicoot 2.
  • AcCENT upon the Wrong SylLABle: Zach impersonates Chris in the second Left 4 Dead series, asking the viewers if they want to watch him play "Goat Simulay-TOR."
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  • April Fools' Day: Averted with the series of Ouya games. It started on April 1st, but that wasn't mentioned in the videos, and it continued as a regular series.
  • Attack! Attack... Retreat! Retreat!: In a secret level of Donkey Kong Country 2, Chris announces he'll beat the level in one go and forges ahead. Then he runs into an oncoming obstacle and runs away into an enemy porcupine.
  • Blatant Lies: The second Super Mario 64 series uses a mod that changes Mario's soundbites, but DingDong insists they're playing the game normally.
  • Bloody Hilarious: Blood-splatter effects are sometimes included in videos as a joke.
  • The Cameo: Danny accidentally interrupts the Sonic Adventure 2 playthrough because he left his shoes in the recording room. Besides the subtitles, he only has two lines heard, one saying "hi" and the other apologizing for the interruption.
  • Caption Humor: Through Youtube, certain videos have full subtitles created by viewers. They're in line with the channel's humor.
    "DingDong: Congratulations. You won ._."
  • Designated Hero: Conversed. Chris recounts a time where he was on a date with someone and they went out to watch a movie with her, which was about a woman actively trying to find a husband amongst everyone she's ever slept with to "not be labeled as a slut" and a guy who "used her house to hide from girls he used for sex". He, DingDong and Julian talk about characters that "they're supposed to like but are total assholes" for a bit shortly after.
  • Don't Explain the Joke: In full effect during Super Mario 64. See Blatant Lies above.
  • Foreshadowing: In the title cards for Wild Woody, DingDong is screaming. At the end of the last video, he does scream, because Chris erased all their progress by mistake.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Chris is Sanguine, Ding Dong is Melancholic, Julian is Phlegmatic, Zach is Choleric.
  • Gainax Ending: Flanders Killer 7 ends with the screen zooming in and shaking, while the first note of the Simpsons theme plays.
  • Green-Skinned Space Babe: Uranium Girl, who is really Pocahontas. Since the faulty capture makes her look green, they pretend she's an alien on another planet.
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel: Taken almost literally in American Truck Simulator. Chris doesn't know how to drive; Julian attempts to keep Chris in line and prevent him from losing money, while DingDong keeps trying to cause chaos. Later on, DingDong starts getting a little devil icon - the rabbid ears are replaced with devil horns - pops on-screen whenever he suggests Chris do something that will cause a violation.
  • Halfway Plot Switch: In the middle of the Uranium Girl video (which was Disney's Pocahontas Genesis game with a broken capture), they start playing The Great Waldo Search instead.
  • #HashtagForLaughs: In Dead Rising, The boys declare November 28th to be #NationalPuhskintiDay. You celebrate it by sharing pictures of yourself eating spaghetti while squinting.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]:
  • The Hero Dies: The first run on Lord of the Rings DOS has Chris picking Sam and proceeding to kill Frodo and Pippin and take the One Ring.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: The first Banjo-Kazooie episode is named "Bobalafulla," and each additional episode adds an extra "a" to the end.
  • Inherently Funny Words: The word "puskinteo" gets brought up regularly.
    • Also, the word "funny" is itself this to Chris.
    • "Stinky"
    • "Scary"
  • Kaizo Trap: After beating Tiny in Crash 2, Chris jumps in the air - and Crash's victory animation causes him to fall into the Bottomless Pit below.
  • Lets See You Do Better: Chris challenges DingDong to play during Pokemon Red when he knocks out a Nidoran DingDong wanted to catch.
  • Loads and Loads of Loading: The first Shenmue video is built around this, as the gang makes jokes while trying to get the game to start.
  • Lost Episode: The boys recorded a Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped session, but shelved it. They liked the game less than Crash 2, and DingDong also had an inner ear problem. They did end up posting a playthrough of it later.
  • Makes Just as Much Sense in Context: If the "Have a boy" gag sounds like it came out of nowhere, that's because it did; Julian, previously asleep during a recording session, woke up and said it randomly. Although much of the boys' humor is around the same level of Word Salad.
  • Moving the Goalposts: At the end of Rugrats: Studio Tour, just as Chris has collected enough keys to open the door and rescue Dil, they find another door with even more keyholes. They stop playing right there.
  • Naked People Are Funny: The thumbnails and most fan art depict Chris and Julian as naked, while DingDong just wears a shirt.
  • Nightmare Face: Three of the stingers to the Crash 2 episodes have these.
    • Parodied with the opening art to ''Creepy Pasta Land 2." The gang all have typical Creepypasta visual designs, but Chris' close-up face and the others' borderline-confused expressions turn it into Nightmare Retardant.
  • No Ending: The end to The Polar Express is just a film clip they can't show, so they're taken back to the menu.
  • Non-Indicative Name: DingDong wonders if Flanders Killer 7 is a Simpsons-themed copy of killer7. It's just a shooting gallery with the show's characters instead.
  • Non Sequitur, *Thud*: At the start of one Crash 2 episode, a sleep-deprived Julian says "have a boy" for no reason. Chris adopts it as the channel's slogan.
  • N-Word Privileges: Chris says the word faggot a lot around Ding Dong and Julian... who are gay.
  • Once an Episode: Expect at least one of these at least once in most series:
    • A shouting match between Chris and DingDong over something trivial. Lately becoming parodied by Chris who comes up with poor ideas for debates where there's really no disagreement between the main three.
    • With increasing prevalence, a reference to 9/11 if someone crashes into a tower.
    • Chris typically making a seemingly-insensitive joke within the first minute of so.
    • If it's not part of "Boney Plays", Julian will probably say "Happy Halloween, everybody, we're playing ______".
  • Orphaned Series: Their playthrough of Cuphead ended prematurely due to the footage becoming corrupted not long after the first episode was posted. Ding Dong stated in the comments of the first part the game may be revisited if there is enough interest, but when or if that will happen is uncertain.
  • Random Events Plot: The boys create one at the end of Christmas NiGHTS by playing through the sound test.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: Starting in Wild Woody, the gang would create hypothetical situations with rhyming prompts (e.g., "would you rather have a nice tan, or talk to a man?") DingDong eventually got tired of how often fans would repeat them.
  • Running Gag: Plenty.
    • Discussing Fat Albert and The Simpsons, with impersonations of characters from those shows. Also King of the Hill, Rugrats, The Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, and Family Guy to a lesser extent.
    • Chris talking about pouring boiling milk on someone's head.
    • Variations on the phrase, "What if a man ran in and funny scream?"
    • "Brown bricks," sometimes said in a nasally voice (from Mike Matei's ridiculed "Minecraft with Gadget" video).
      • Brown bricks. In Minecrap. In real life.
    • Saying the "kiwi!" sound effect from Jumping Flash, and including the character's game model in the video.
    • "You can take a shortcut!" from Rocket Power, while screeching the word "shortcut."
    • "Have a boy."
    • Julian's Furry side has become something of a running gag, which he tries to avoid. And fails.
    • Crash Bandicoot is mentioned outside of it's series more than any other game, to the point they've actually had to stop themselves and wonder why they're talking about Crash Bandicoot while playing a completely different game.
    • 9/11 comes up often if they're ever playing a game with large buildings.
    • In nearly every episode, one of the three will ask an either completely absurd or mundane hypothetical question from one of the other two.
    • Chris singing to the tune of "What's this?" from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
    • "Did you say the n-word?"
    • If a character is running down a corridor towards the camera, expect the chase level music from Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back to play.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: The end of Rugrats: Studio Tour, when the gang finds out there's another door they have to collect keys for after opening the first one.
    DingDong: Uh, hey game developers...
    Chris: Fuck you.
    DingDong: ...nice try!
  • Shout-Out: One of the stingers for Crash Bandicoot 2 is Crash screaming after falling through a bonus round platform through the bottom of the world. The clip of the bottom of the world and the screaming are taken from Klayman's death falling through a hole in The Neverhood.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: The DOS Lord of the Rings playthrough features descriptions of the hobbits' skulls getting cleaved set to the soothing tune of an 8-bit cover of "Concerning Hobbits".
  • Special Edition Title: "Boney Plays" for the Halloween season, centered on games with Halloween or horror themes.
    • "Oney Sleighs" for the Christmas season of 2016, centered on games with Christmas or winter themes.
  • The Stinger: Every recent video includes one last joke at the end, usually based on something that happened in the video.
  • The Stoic: DingDong isn't as prone to laughing as Julian or Suddenly SHOUTING! like Chris is. He has his moments of both, though, and fully makes up for it by being a Deadpan Snarker.
  • Suddenly SHOUTING!: Chris and Ding Dong are prone to this. Especially Chris.
  • That Reminds Me of a Song
    • During the Kingdom Hearts series, Chris is prompted to sing parodies of "What a Wonderful World" and "Under the Sea."
    • In Yooka-Laylee, a comment made by Julian prompts Chris to sing "Through the Fire and Flames."
    • Julian starts singing "The Gospel Truth" during the opening cutscene of Dark Souls after Gwyn throws his lightning bolt. It quickly devolves to a parody.
  • Title Scream: DINGDONG!!! plays (with friends)!
  • Unfortunate Names: If there's ever an option to rename the character, expect them to come up with the most ridiculous ones possible. For their Final Fantasy VII playthrough, Cloud becomes Bimblor, Barret becomes Lambini, Tifa becomes Beeforoni, and Aerith becomes Pastilda.
    Julian: Why are fake names the funniest thing?
    Chris: Because you imagine the life they would live.
    Julian: (Laughs)
    DingDong: Tommy Trousers.
  • Unwinnable by Mistake: An Ouya game they try playing called Pinball Arcade has an opening prompt saying "Press to Start." Except it doesn't say which button to press, and none of the buttons on the controller work.
  • Visual Pun: The thumbnail for the Inspector Gadget video features Gadget holding a brown brick.
  • Voice of the Legion: Done for the "with friends!" parts of the "Boney Plays" videos.
  • Waxing Lyrical: Julian says he mentally follows any instance of "back to the past" with "to play the shitty games that suck ass." DingDong used to do it by following "it was all a dream" with "I used to read Word Up! magazine," from the song "Juicy."
    • For a non-music example, all three of them used to instantly follow up the words "brown" or "bricks" by doing an impression of the "brown bricks from Minecrap" meme. It got so bad they had to start reminding each other to stop saying it so much.
  • Who Names Their Kid "Dude"?: Discussed during Resident Evil 4. Chris says he would name his son Puskinteo Bohij O'Neill, and Julian brings up Robert Rodriguez's sons Rebel, Rocket and Racer. DingDong also mentions Kanye West's daughter North.
  • Word-Salad Humor


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