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  • On their second Crash Bandicoot 2 playthrough, DingDong and Chris announce they'll do 100-percent completion. They have to play every level twice, first breaking all crates and then avoiding all crates, and they must find the five secret level exits. And they do all of it!
  • While also amusing due to the bad level design, DingDong breezes through the first level of Wild Woody in about 70 seconds.
  • DingDong successfully reaches a secret exit in the last episode of Super Monkey Ball, which was hurtling towards him and could have easily knocked him off the stage.
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  • In the Crash Bandicoot 2 playthrough, they go through "Piston It Away" for the box gem, but kill the enemy you're supposed to jump on to get over an obstacle and go back to the Death Route. Chris decides he's going to jump around the platform onto the slightly smaller one, with DingDong and Julian unsure if he can actually do it. Chris makes it with a sliding jump and continues for the box gem.
  • Games Done Quick 2017's Final Fantasy VII had character names be decided by donations, with Beefaroni, Bimblor, and Pastilda all being high-ranking options.
  • Meta example: The "Lord of the Rings DOS" episode is so popular and so funny it inspired the fan community to animate the entire episode - the "Totally Tubular collab". As of April 23rd, it's finally done.
  • Parodied: "Cuphead gameplay: It's not easy." sees the boys having extreme difficulty with the tutorial, being unable to get past the first cylindernote . But come the last few seconds of the video, they manage to glitch through the cylinder.
    • Then when they start the playthrough for real, DingDong shows how skilled he actually is, breezing through stages without buying any items beforehand and without getting hit, all while the whole trio is barely awake because they're recording at 3am.

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