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  • Helloween 4545:
    • His playthrough of F.E.A.R., specifically when he learns how to shoot grenades in midair and one-shots Replicas with flying kicks.
    • His LP of Dead Space, when he's ambushed on the bridge by a bunch of Necromorphs. He uses the alt fire button for the pulse rifle he's holding. Isaac crouches down and part of the gun begins to spin, firing off shots in all directions. As ineffective as it is, it still looks awesome. Not to mention that he took down the first Brute he encountered while taking no damage.
  • Coestar, a Minecraft LPer, colonized HELL in a mere 15 videos, and his attitude was "Yeah, typical tuesday in hell, meh" for episode 7 or so onwards. He found hell kind of boring. HE FOUND HELL BORING. HOLY SHIT, PEOPLE.
  • Kikoskia's last stand in Doom 3.
  • SSoHPKC's epic ghast kill in this video.
  • Even if you think that UberHaxorNova killed the ghast, he still killed it with nought but a goddamn ladder.
  • Vicas's test post for Super Mario 64. No Hands. Feet only. Lethal Lava Land. And only one death too!
  • In the Spoiler Warning one year anniversary, while playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Reginald Cuftbert/Jack manages to "defeat" one of the terrifying monsters by standing upon its head and making it his personal mount, and most of them aren't freaked out by this game.
  • Medibot gets one during Wolfshirt's Dungeons and Dragon's let's play. He has his character Miriam powerslide over to one of the enemies and rap at him so amazingly that the DM counts it as an attack of his choosing.
    "Pick any damage. Any damage"
  • Cybershell13 deserves a mention here because of his hilarious, profanity-laden, and extremely entertaining Sonic The Hedgehog playthroughs.
  • The Time Warrors and their LP of Transformers: War for Cybertron. At about 2:40 in their third video, Megatron goes on about how he senses Cloakers in the room. Roboky, playing as Megatron, casually shoots at the balcony they were standing on and kills four of them in one shot.
  • You may not expect to find one in a cutesy game like Kirby's Epic Yarn, but Medibot and Kaz are here to prove you wrong by turning into a giant robot and rocket-punching the heck out of Yin-Yarn. He barely gets a shot in!
  • The milleniumfrisbee in his LP of Paper Mario manages to beat most of the game with only one badge (a HP Plus badge) and on the boss fight with the Ice King, manages to get the spell to activate when getting the star points, netting him 88 star points (beating Chuggaaconroy's record of 68 star points by 20).
  • RaidouFrost pulls a string of these during the tail end of his LP of Shin Megami Tensei I, including taking down several bosses with auto-battle. Not to mention some of his Badass Boasts:
  • InvisibleGunslinger1, upon learning that a close friend who is watching his playthrough of I Wanna Be The Boshy is going to the Marines soon, vows to get through the world he is currently on and reach the next boss, as his friend has said he wanted to see what the next boss is before he leaves. He not only does this, but he also defeats said boss fight in record time.
  • In the spirit of Edward Lear, we hear a very rousing, albeit weird, yet amusing piece of impromptu poetry from a guy you least expect: Raocow (the speech starts halfway through the video)
  • In The Dark IDs Let's Play of Resident Evil 2 and 3, when it looks like Jill is finally about to escape the hell on Earth that is Raccoon City, she has the gall to think to herself 'It's finally over'. At that point, the Nemesis has had more than enough, and with a Badass Creed, it prepares to destroy Jill once and for all.
  • Diabetus's Let's Play of Battletoads is worth mentioning here. He plays through a notoriously difficult game without getting hit once, and uses only one savestate. There's also the part where he plays through Volkmire's Inferno, one of the most aggravating levels of the game, set to Danger Zone from Top Gun.
    • Betus gets another one in the maddeningly hard The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past ROM hack Parallel Worlds when he accepts a challenge to do the final dungeon in the second quest with no save-states (except in one room where the game basically forces you to do so in order to get a key. He solves this by saving, getting the key, then warping to the dungeon entrance and saving again) and doing it twice. Since the first time he did it he then accidentally hit the load state button.
  • After having a ton of trouble in his practice runs, UniversalGiant completes The Perfect Run in Super Mario Galaxy 2 on his first recorded attempt.
  • zuschzero's playthrough of Mega Man 10's Mr. Perfect Achievement on Hard Mode.
  • After trying to clear a room in Hero's Cave from Oracle of Ages for about 10 minutes, these LPers discover one of the most entertaining ways to clear a Zelda level. The best part? They were joking when they tried that.
  • TheSyndicateProject, a Youtube user who essentially does a Let's Play of Minecraft, had an awesome moment in one of his episodes, which he titled 'Luckiest Minecraft Player Ever'. Why? He went into the Nether to collect some Glowstone, with some armour enchanted with protection, pickaxes, and a few other items. During said collection of glowstone, he falls off a ledge into lava and is momentarily blinded (you can't see under lava). Upon surfacing and panicking, he slowly swims to the nearest shore, hoping his enchanted armour would keep him alive. It does, and he reaches the shore, only to have a Ghast attack him, making him run back towards his portal. He ends up being attacked by two more Ghasts, which led to him attacking one and running from the other, before diving back to safety through the portal. Upon arriving back, he is understandably freaked out, and when he checks his armour, he finds that three of the four pieces are almost broken. Luckiest Minecraft Player indeed.
  • KoopaTheKollector green, taking down the Boost Guardian FIRST TIME! While explaining what to do to Red, who had never played any of the Metroid games before.
  • Jerusalem's LP of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas not only goes into incredible detail and provides fake but pretty accurate back story and characterization, he spent a number of hours editing a new mission that is one big CMOA for Sweet.
  • An in-thread example: in Elentor's Let's Play of Final Fantasy VII, after the death of Aeris, one of the goons commented, in genuine shock, that the game actually killed off a main character. Elentor's response, which doubles as a CMOH, says it all:
    Elentor: I... I did it. I... I created a FF7 thread with over 8000 replies with at least one soul not being spoiled that Aeris dies.
  • Another LP of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade has the author completely humiliate the last level of Hector Hard Mode.
    Artix74: Guy just straight up gives no fucks now. Endgame druids? No problem, he can just one-shot them. Similarly, fucks given by Nino? I'm pretty sure we're in the negatives by now.
  • In Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, the candle is a pretty important item: without it, you can't see anything in caves but yourself and the terrain. This would be problematic as the game features two fairly long gauntlets of cave scenes (Death Mountain and the Valley of Death.) So, of course, someone decided to skip it.
  • The Let's Play of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc by orenronen on the Something Awful Forums definitely warrants mention here, for single-handedly putting Danganronpa on the map for western audiences, to the point where an official localization was released a few years later.
  • Chilean Let's Player Xoda beat the third chapter of Slender: The Arrival in the most difficult mode, with his flashlight dying at the last second and also being caught by the Hooded proxy in the elevator, as seen in this video retrospective (minute 4:39)
  • Another Chilean Let's Player, Vardoc, managed to beat Amnesia: The Dark Descent without getting killed in his very first attempt.
  • Tulio Ramírez, a Venezuelan Let's Player, had very troubles playing Cave Story with a damaged keyboard. He got some problems beating Misery and the Doctor in the last level, but he managed to beat the Undead Core in his first recorded attempt
  • To finish the postgame of Mega Man Star Force 2, BlitzBlast faces the ultimate form of Rogue, a character who he dislikes very much. Amusingly, Rogue SX is crushed by a single stunlocking combo. Contrast with the battle against the ultimate form of the final boss in hard mode, which in spite of the great play was much more danguerous.
  • newfiebangaa's Let's Play of Shin Megami Tensei I. He's going around an area, filling up the map, when, out of nowhere, he runs into a new enemy named David. When he starts to fight it, he learns this new "enemy" is actually an Optional Boss. He beats David, but that's not the really awesome part. What's awesome is that David only had a 1 in 256 chance of spawning in the particular space he was in. While most people use savestates to fight David (or the other two Fiends, Daisoujou and Pale Rider), he managed to randomly walk into one of the only three or four Fiend-spawning squares in the game and manage to fight David and win.
  • Marbozir, a Polish Civilization V and XCOM: Enemy Unknown player has pulled several of these. Particularly in his Persia playthrough and in his Rome playthrough.
  • During a let's play of Far Cry 4, a player named Juan Manuel Paradiso (from the Argentina's Youtube channel "Jugando Con Natalia") managed to shoot a soldier with a Sniper, while that soldier was driving his truck away. He shoots randomly and did a Headshot out of nowhere!
  • During the Let's Play WWE 2k15 My Career series, DenkOps created the story of the superstar Chris Denker a.k.a Chris Danger. After the retirement of his character, he decided to bring him back as the AAA wrestler "El Peligro" (AAA it's a real mexican wrestling company). But after Vicky Guerrero stripped his Intercontinental Championship off, he decided to turn him again into Chris Danger, using a made up presentation with real footage of the public of WWE (even with the "Undertaker fan reaction face"), creating a crowning moment of an awesome return.
  • During his series of Geometry Dash, Spanish gamer ElRubius managed to pass the 5th level in his first attempt, without training nor knowing the level's layout.
  • Youtuber ReDLaNGaMeR beat the 10th level of ''Geometry Dash'' completely blind in his first attempt.
  • In the Minecraft mod series called "Diminutos 2", the player Natalia (Juan Manuel Paradiso's character), without noticing a Ghast shooting at him from far away, managed to throw back the fireball and kill the Ghast with his bare hands!
  • Cloud8745 once LPed Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector and had a moment where he hid in Mummy Papa's closet to wait for him to put his soul down while Mummy Papa is in his room—-therefore, revealing his location would mean certain death. Noticing his health running low, he lets himself out of the closet, heals himself, and then manages to jump back inside and shut the door with only a confused "What the—?" from Mummy Papa.
    • In another moment, after being annoyed one too many times by James, he decides to use a Fruit of Time to avoid him, which speeds up time at the cost of lowering his health drastically and giving him about four status effects. He has no healing items and only one speed-up item, and needs to get back to the room in time before he drops dead—and upon exiting the room, the Lost Doll spots him and charges. Even with the speed-up, the Lost Doll nearly catches him, but he just makes it back in time.
  • This Awesome Moment was unfortunately subverted. Master Ov gave us an unintentional Brick Joke in The hilarious moment at 2:30 in this video set up the joke, when a small Minecraft snake didn't take out a huge snake. Much later, Master Ov is raging at another snake for not taking out a huge snake, and Minecraft pops into view, in position to help Master Ov take out the huge snake:
    Master Ov: [Minecraft appears.] Aww, you're kidding! [Minecraft boosts to block the snake.] Go! Go! Go! [Master Ov takes out the snake.] Yes, Minecraft skin, you've come back and actually helped me... Thank God for that, because you were useless last time. [Unfortunately, Master Ov helps kill Minecraft, subverting the awesome moment.]