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  • Lewis delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to Duncan Jones, Sjin, Rythian and Sips in Civilization V: Brave New World, culminating in him taking a city in the last turn, after having nuked Rythian's already battered city.
  • It's pretty much a given that whenever Lewis plays Civ, he'll either come very close to winning or be the victor. Even when he loses, Lewis makes sure that the victory is hard-earned. Given how mental he's acted as of 2014, this is one hell of an accomplishment.
    • Taken to ludicrous new extremes as of the 2016 livestream of Civ VI; playing as one of the worst civs in the game (norway), deliberately nerfing himself by only placing cities on nearly useless tundra tiles he still manages to nearly win with a religion victory by turn 100. Whilst roleplaying as Santa the entire time! Eventually it turns into a 7 vs 1. He still wins.
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  • During the Christmas 2014 livestreams season, Lewis participates in 5 of the first 7 streams, even while exhausted and hungover. What a champ.
  • His and Hannah's incredibly mature way of dealing with their breakup.
  • His helping to run the main channel during Simon Lane's absence. While many behind-the-scenes staff definitely helped, one thing Yognaughts can agree on is that Lewis worked extraordinarily hard to keep stuff going.

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