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  • A Fairytale of Sipsco, for the mere fact that it has Sips, Sjin, Simon, Lewis, and Duncan all coming together and singing.
  • Needless to say, Kicky Kicky Flow definitely qualifies, while also catchy.
  • How Do I Craft This Again?
    • The crowner is the start of the last verse, when the entire yogscast family appears on the server. From then on, the video is full of small defining character moments for each of them.
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  • "Moonquest: An Epic Journey". Not only is it an awesome song, but Sparkles* composed and performed the entire thing singlehandedly.
  • Everything about the new version of Diggy Diggy Hole; they managed to take something that started as a joke song and turn it into something epic.
    • And then someone made the almost-obligatory Power Metal cover.
      • And now there's another, by a real band!
      • Which then went on to make a Dance remix of the metal cover.
    • After the shocking but welcome inclusion of both Sans (as a high-fidelity Mii Gunner costume) and Steve (as a perfectly low-fidelity separate character), some enterprising remixers have remade Diggy Diggy Hole in the style of MEGALOVANIA.


Charity Livestreams

  • Raising over £240,000 for charity with their 2012 Christmas livestream.
  • Their 2013 Christmas Dwarven Dairy Drive raised over $100,000 (£60,900) in their first day. This makes the moment count for both the fans and the Yogs.
  • On the 3rd day of the 2013 livestream, Hannah, Kim, and Simon (with Sparkles* giving hints) manage to play through all of Slender The Arrival. Apparently it's the first time anyone has finished a game on a livestream.
  • Kaeyi pretty much owns anyone who challenges her at Just Dance, the only one coming close to beating her being Strippin.
  • On the 10th December, 2013, the Yogscast reached $397,311. That's the equivalent of £241,000, and they're only on Day 10. Holy crap.
  • Day 14's total: 500,000 by streams end. Fuck yeah!!
  • In 27 days, the Yogscast has raised over $1,000,000 for charity, smashing their end of December goal of $500,000. One. Million. Dollars. Well done, everyone.
  • From the Dwarven Jingle Jam:
    • They raised $100,000 on the first day alone.
    • After a decent start to the 2014 streams, day 4 doesn't look good, with the stream constantly cutting out and not allowing Hannah, Simon and Kim to do their work. Cue Nilesy jumping in to take over and carry the stream for them. Bonus points for also managing to raise $12,000 in five minutes purely by motivating the viewers to each donate just $1.
    • By the end of day 6, the Yogscast have raised $300,000.
    • It was a close run and they technically went into the New Year, but they managed to raise $1.1 million dollars. It might not have been as quickly as before, but they still beat their previous record.
  • The 2016 Jingle Jam managed to raise over $275,000 on the first night!
    • And by the end of the second night, they've already reached $500,000!
    • The donations came in so fast during the 2016 Jingle Jam, it was simply unreal - they managed to raise $1,000,000 on the sixth night, and by the end of the following night, broke their record of $1.159 million from 2014!
    • Day 19. They've managed to raise $2,000,000. YES.
    • And finally, on day 30, they hit the $2,500,000 mark. Bye bye, Turps' beard.
  • The 2017 livestreams managed to blow every previous year completely out of the water. How? $1,000,000 raised on the first night alone, that's how!

Garry's Mod

  • During this episode of Trouble in Terrorist Town, Sips becomes the traitor and manages to successfully kill everybody- not by manipulation, since he's discovered very early on, but with a good hiding place and some decent firepower. He first kills Simon randomly, then retreats into a cabin and forces the others to enter piecemeal with some tripwires, at which point he guns down everyone but Ross, the detective. Ross then charges him and nearly brings him down... only for Sips to pull out a jihad bomb.
  • In this episode of Murder!, Trott manages to win the round for the survivors after Smiffy murders a couple of survivors... by using one of them as a distraction and managing to not be killed by hiding further down the same cupboard. He then grabs the gun, waits patiently for Smiffy to emerge and wastes him. Points for both sheer audacity and resourcefulness.
  • Tom, aka Angor, makes his debut in TTT by successfully murdering an innocent, making the others believe that someone else did it and then finishing everyone off. This more or less cemented him as an Ensemble Dark Horse in a matter of minutes.
    • In the episode "HE WAS A TRAITOR ALL ALONG?!" he pulls a spectacular Indy Ploy when Lewis (his traitor buddy) kills himself with a SLAM. Tom finds the body, claims credit for the kill, and when Ben questions him on why Lewis had been exploded, Tom then claims it was a barrel kill, successfully fooling everyone. His silver tongue is so potent that when he and Barry are the last ones alive, he distracts Barry long enough to harpoon him from behind. There's a reason why "never trust Tom if he doesn't have solid proof (or if he's invoked Forever Traitor and one of the traitors is dead, because he always keeps his word when that is involved and he can't possibly be a traitor when he doesn't have another traitor to pact with)" is basically an ironclad rule, the man has an expertise bonus on deception checks and rolls high way too often.
  • In "Clutch", Trott manages to take out the final traitor by shooting him the head almost effortlessly at point blank range, with a sniper rifle.
  • In "Jester Roulette", all but one of the rounds is basically Rythian being MVP regardless of what side he's on. Even in the round where "The Bees Win", it's because he utilized a Taking You with Me play by throwing a Red Matter Bomb into the pool when nobody had a chance to escape. The otherwise mocked traitor pair of Ryhtian and Ben win three times in a row.
  • "HE'S THE MASTER OF STEALTH!" says it all - Ravs successfully taking on the persona of Solid Snake and utilizing stealth and the prop disguise tool to outwit his enemies in two successive rounds. Additional props to Tom for successfully sniping Lewis through a small gap and Lewis taking back his detective role from Duncan as the Swapper.


  • The Team Fortress 2 Celebrity Deathmatch, round 2. After a humiliating defeat in round one, the RED Team (consisting of Simon, Lewis, and Notch, among others) begins a beautiful but short lived comeback as Simon/Honeydew (as a Heavy) massacres nearly all of the BLU Team, consisting of TotalBiscuit, 2 TF2 Staff members, Freddie Wong, and a TF2 pro on the BLU side.
    • And this year, their team actually wins the first round!
  • Their Youtube channel now has a billion views. That's pretty epic.
  • The fact that these guys have been able to get interviews with celebrities such as Warwick Davis and Jonathan Ross, and even had BBC articles written about them.
  • After running out of ammo for all his guns, Strippin knifes a boss for at least an hour.
  • Parv while playing Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs doesn't hesitate to walk into danger or trigger things he knows will probably cause monsters to appear.
  • Strippin breaking out of Turps' car boot, and chasing him away. Later, once the Yognews episode's done, he chases Turps across multiple parks, showing him clearly in control even though Turps has the head start. Then they settle it with a nice, cold beer.
  • Let's just say that everyone recognized Ridgedog when he went to Minecon in 2013.
  • Strippin royally kicking the ass of The Pursuer, without an Estus Flask no less.
  • Parv getting a Great Scientist on turn 13 of their "Top Tier" series for Civilization V.
  • During Zoey's runthrough of Pokemon X, she finally encounters the legendary beast Xerneas. Her response? To throw a Quick Ball at it on the first turn and catch it. Zoey is awesome at Pokémon in general, really.
    • She then tops off the above by defeating Lysandre without Xerneas. Special mention goes to Chou for taking down Gyarados and tanking an Outrage attack.
  • Pyrion deserves credit. For his first Civ game, he managed to utterly own Lewis, forcing the others into an Enemy Mine with him to take him down.
  • Turps very publicly chewing out the makers of Pixels after they tried to advertise the film to the group's fans without putting any effort in, without permission or without even getting the group's pronunciation right. Martyn, Zoey and Kim joined in, as did Ross, Simon and Teutron.
  • The end of their first Dead By Daylight video is a double Moment of Awesome for Lewis. Rythian, playing the killer, has systematically picked off every member of the group aside from Lewis and Tom, the latter whom keeps getting caught and managing to wriggle free. Lewis makes it to the final generator and starts making progress on it, but Tom is finally put on the hook and Rythian storms off to look for Lewis. Just as the first frames of Tom's death animation kick in, Lewis silently shows up out of nowhere, pulls Tom off as the dead players shout in bewilderment, and has him hide while he completes the generator. The generator is activated and the exit is made available, but Lewis is cornered and put on the hook while Tom activates the lever to the exit. When Rythian's attention turns and the gate opens, Tom offers to go back and save Lewis so they can both escape, but Lewis declines and shouts for Tom to run just as Rythian is about to get him.
  • When Gamechap insulted a yognaught on the yogs subreddit for criticising the quality of his content, Lewis immediately dismissed him from the network. You do not insult the fanbase.
  • After an awesome and intense race in GTA 5, Zylus managed to get 2nd place and International Zylus Day is created.
  • On Boba's first casual playthrough of Metal Gear Solid on stream, she accidentally finds a way to glitch through a door. This now being called the Boba Skip got big attention from speed running communities and is able to cut 2.5 minutes.


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