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  • Skylands, Episode 16: Inside of a spider dungeon that has already killed them frequently. "I've got a bow, an arrow, and a piece of string. Let's f$#@ing go."
  • In Sky Block, Episode 5; "Save the blocks!"
  • The "Filth Bridge" song.
  • Smiffy in episode 8 of their DayZ Let's Play pulls off the "Brutal Axe Murder!" in the title.
  • The entire crew being acknowledged by the developers of the Trials games as true fans and thus their names have TF at the end to signify it.
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  • The guys are actually pretty good at Halo 4. Special mention to Alsmiffy in episode 3, "Flood", where he manages to pull off some sweet kills and becomes the last man standing.
  • All the Sirs have Taken a Level in Badass in Feed the Beast. Ross became a one-man building crew, Trott's slowly becoming a clever machinist, and Smiffy is growing in magical power with every bulk update. Compared to their earlier series, they are dying far less and working together with increasing regularity.
    • Smiffy finally made a nuke. The Sirs looked for a a village to blow up, but Smiffy stumbled upon a gorgeous cherry blossom forest. He planted the nuke in the center of a small hillock and activated it. Within two minutes, the sea of pink trees became a radioactive landscape of destruction. He can make more at any time.
  • In The Walls 3: Aztec, one of the Yogscast Minecraft mini-games, they took a surprisingly pragmatic tactic - they decided to build a tower to provide themselves a sniping position while also gathering as much resources as they could, and extend it outwards while they wait, expecting the other teams to kill each other in the meantime. Amusingly, from the perspective of the other groups, they're unknowingly building a giant penis in the sky. However, this tactic enables them to win, as the other teams do kill each other as predicted, with only Simon Lane and Duncan Jones left - Duncan is killed by Smiffy with a bow, and Simon takes damage, causing him to panic, flee underground as the trio pursue him, and tried to lay a TNT trap, which is narrowly thwarted by Trott digging right on top of him and destroying the TNT before taking him out with Sips' golden sword of all things.
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  • In Minecraft Feed the Beast #64, the entire team randomly bursts out into a rather impressive acapella remix of Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)."
  • Alright, so the album they composed for the Yogscast Jingle Jam 2015 might not have been a musical masterpiece, but the fact that they created an entire album of original songs in a matter of hours, all the while reading out donations, keeping the audience entertained and getting progressively tipsier, is bloody impressive.
  • When their fans started getting angry at Turpster for changing the formula of Grand Theft Auto V, the Sirs chose to calmly, but firmly, remind them that formulaic does not equal good, and that Turps is a good friend of theirs.
  • During their second "Jingle Jam" stream, they managed to raise another $23,000, but some individual moments are below:
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  • PewDiePie tweeting his approval of their parody.
  • Their war with Duncan Jones and Kim Richards was pretty epic. They ultimately lost, but it turns out that it was an insurance scam to get an even better base, the reveal of which is pretty epic... albeit undermined slightly when a turret shoots Smiffy.
  • The trio didn't do so well in Lucky Walls #1, where they were all slaughtered, but come the second instalment, their plan from the previous edition works perfectly. With In The Little Wood left as the only survivor, the sirs essentially toy with him and wipe him out.
  • In Week 16 of Cornerstone, the trio take a moment to stop bashing each other and launch into a merciless tirade against Katie Hopkins. It's not subtle in the least, but they utterly chew her out for her racism, sexism, and discrimination against the mentally ill.
    Ross: She just makes fun of other people if things don't go her way.
    Trott: She creates news by being the counterargument to fucking everything.
    Ross: (later) [She basically ends up] mocking people with mental illnesses and stuff (at which point Trott sarcastically intervenes with "cool") and anyone who ever had mental illness, which, you know, one of them was depression and she was mocking it, and it was just like, what the fuck is your problem, like, you are what's wrong with the world.
    Trott: You're mentally ill.
    Ross: And yet you are allowed a voice and people are paying you to do this. It's so... stupid.
    Smith: It's Sky News, mate, get on Sky News.
    Ross: Our next guest is Katie Hopkins! We've paid her to come here and discuss with us...
    At this point, the trio launch into scathing impersonations.
  • In Grand Theft Auto V, the trio end up having a shootout with Duncan Jones and dozens of cops, backed up by helicopters and SWAT teams. With their Humvee, they manage to take Duncan out several times, while fending off the police simultaneously. Duncan eventually has to suicide bomb the last remaining Sir in the Humvee to take them out.
  • From "The Mastermind":
  • Rockstar themselves tweet their approval of "Stunt Lads".
  • All the lads are actually fairly good at Rocket League, with Trott being their star player. In one video, he manages to score three goals in the span of one minute.
  • While the resulting fallout ended with Katie (Trott's girlfriend) vowing to never moderate the chat again, her utterly merciless takedown of a fan blog that tried blaming HER for harassment that she got was nothing short of spectacular.
  • In "Jeepers Creepers", an episode of Trials, the second track that the trio come across manages to frustrate them through sheer difficulty and ruthlessness, which results in Ross and Smith exhausting all their faults and being DNFed. With less than four faults to go, Trott manages to beat the course. He then manages to finish the next one in roughly ten seconds.

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