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For awesomeness related to the Yogscast in general, go here.

  • Pretty much every time Martyn plays Quakecraft. Particularly the 720 No Scope.
  • Martyn is skilled at Survival Games, winning the first Yogscast contest and coming third in The Walls.
  • When Youtube decided to screw up the comments section, Martyn was among the first to immediately call bullshit on them, Take a Third Option and point out the numerous flaws in the system.
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  • He and Sparkles* both got a shout-out from Lady Gaga for their help on some Minecraft-related content. No, seriously.
  • During Round 2 of Lucky Walls, Martyn proves surprisingly useful alongside Sjin and Lewis Brindley, taking out Duncan Jones and Hannah Rutherford. Unfortunately, Hat Films camped the whole time and rushed him.
  • When he was impersonated online by paedophiles, Martyn immediately went to get people validating it wasn't him, then made a "stay safe" PSA for his fans.
  • Immediately cutting off a former moderator and friend of his for being a paedophile and exploiting his fans.

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