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Nightmare Fuel / HAT Films

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  • How does the long-arching, amazingly in-depth story of An Epic Hatventure conclude? The three Sirs meet the Big Bad, who in turn more or less tells them that they've fallen right into his trap, cursing them for reasons unknown to replay the adventure over and over in a loop, forever. The guys are so horrified of their fate that, on their insistence, Alsmiffy brutally murders both Trottimus and Ross with a brick before jumping off a tall cliff to his own death. And with the exception of credits...the end.
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  • Feed The Beast, Episode 81. A few episodes ago, Smiff abandoned Trott's pet, a dragon-ostrich named Eric, in a toxic swamp. Fans, worried about the creature, gave coordinates of the place Eric was in the video's comments. In 81, which started a new bulk session, the trio went to search for him. Eventually, Ross discovered him and began riding around on him. They fall into a pool of poisonous water and take heavy damage, Trott screaming all the while to get Eric out. And just as they fly out, Smiff lunges forward and kills both Ross and Eric with his Sword of the Zephyr.
  • Episode 92 of Feed The Beast. Trott absentmindedly threatens to kill Roger, Alsmiffy's pet horse. This prompts Smiff to come out of his tower and, instead of protecting his steed, just kills Roger himself instead with fire (which initially does nothing due to the rain) and lightning. And then proceeds to kill two nearby cows just for the fun of it. This wouldn't be nearly as bad if not for Trott shouting "No!" and "I'm sorry Roger!" throughout.
    • And with this coming so soon after the above example, it would seem that Smiffy is on a path to the dark side.
  • In Episode 61 of Hat Corps, Smiffy offhandedly murders Crystal, their dryad, for failing to contribute to their tree-growing efforts. It's just so unexpected, and it seems that due to all the joking beforehand, he won't actually do it, so when he does it becomes surprisingly shocking.
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  • In Episode 23 of Hat Pack, Ross just goes insane and starts murdering villagers left, right and centre, to the tune of happy music. He proudly declares he's committing villager genocide because their Speaking Simlish annoys him. Funny, but also completely unexpected. The other two are a little unnerved, but Trott mentions he's also aroused.
  • While most of the times that Ross shouts "EAT SHIT" are funny, there are occasions where he genuinely can be quite terrifying when playing Murder!. For instance, during "Shields Up", Sips proposes that he go first since he doesn't have a gun, at which point Ross runs in screaming at the top of his lungs.
    Ross: FUCK YOU! EAT SHIT! (stabs Sips and the gunman to death) YEAAAHHH!
  • Despite their best efforts to banter over it, the trio couldn't make Manhunt seem any less gruesome.
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  • In the third episode of Stunt Lads, the trio brutally stab Dave with knives and hatchets at least five times. He somehow survives.
  • In "#SLASHED", the trio try out the Grand Theft Auto V adversary mode "Slasher". Most of the video is surprisingly terrifying, including but not limited to Ross and Trott going Drunk on the Dark Side, Smith turning on his torch just in time to see Ross shoot him, Smith discovering that the slasher has a torch (again, just in time to be spotted and beaten to death), the other two singing nervously as Ross hunts them down while mocking their panic and someone being shot through two doors.
    • Towards the end of the video, however, the tables are turned as Smith discovers that the slasher can be beaten up brutally by the torch/flashlight-wielding hunted. From there and into the next video, "SLASHTASTIC", anyone who is the slasher ends up being ganged on and brutally beaten.

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