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  • The amount of effort Naka put into the entire .hack and .hack GU series. It starts with doing every notable side quest and comes to a head in GU with the introductions of the Avatars being preceded by their originals boss intros.
  • Unsatisfied with the end of Touhou Mother, NakaTeleeli creates his own ending, averting Porky's status as a Karma Houdini in the most awesome way possible. Not only does he tie up the plot of Touhou Mother nicely, he ties the rest of the MOTHER series into it.
    NakaTeleeli: If I have to bend time-space itself... Porky will be punished.
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  • Beating Veni Vidi Vici, notorious for its difficulty, IN 4 TRIES.note 
  • After spending 3 parts of his Minecraft: Survival series underground, Naka finally gets fed up and just digs his way back up to the surface―but it doesn't end there. After finding out he's stranded on an island, in the next episode, he uses the spare crafting table he brought with him underground to build a boat and a compass, and sails across the ocean, finally hitting land the next day. He then treks through a snow-covered forest, relying only on his compass to lead the way, then stays in a village filled with a few NPCs for the next night. The next day (and episode), he starts following a river, where it ultimately leads him back home. Very much a CMoA.
    • The fact that he hasn't died once can be considered a crowning playthrough of awesome, especially killing an Enderman without any diamond equipment.
      • One death in The End fighting the Ender Dragon, entirely for plot purposes, makes it even more awesome. And then 'Friend' picks up his diamond sword, and finishes off the Ender Dragon.
  • In episode 46 of Minecraft: Journey Home, after almost getting killed by a falling sand trap in the Escapecraft map, Naka decides to break the map. He first creates a cobblestone generator using his buckets of water and lava (as well as a pickaxe using his crafting table — and very pointedly taking said table with him), uses the cobblestone to backtrack his way to the room with the TNT mines, triggering one of them, then hauling tail back to the previous room before it blows. He then heads back into the room to discover that he's blown a hole through the ceiling and into a vast boundary area made of iron blocks. After using his bucket of water to ride his way down a waterfall, he then uses the waterfall trick again (which he's used several times during the course of Journey Home, including an earlier part of Escapecraft) to get to the top of a very high ledge. Using the compass to point his way, it looks like he's going to do this again, only for him to decide to plop down the crafting table again and use the sand and the gunpowder he's collected from the Creepers to build some TNT, which he uses to blow a hole through the iron wall and into the outside world again in possibly Naka's greatest Dungeon Bypass yet.
  • It's not as awesome as the former example, but in episode 45 of Journey Home, he encounters a combination lock that presents a math problem to him to unlock it. Naka takes a look at it, says "Lucky for you...I WAS ONCE A HIGH SCHOOL MATH TEACHER!" and then procedes to spend six minutes legitimately solving the problem and explaining every step to his viewers carefully in what must be the best math lesson ever.
    • All WITHOUT using guess-and-check.
  • Minecraft Episode 68, "Last Epilogue", in the Fate's Grasp arc. Naka's been put through the wringer by the Sign Maker; he's been chased through many worlds by him, forced into task after task for fear of his own life, unable to get away no matter how far he ran, and towards the end was even, for a time, driven completely insane . And it even seems Friend, who Naka was looking for so long, who fought the Enderdragon alongside him, was the one tormenting him the entire time. However, when Naka is finally brought back to his own world, it seems it may start all over again. However, Naka builds a faux shelter while in actuality, he's digging into the earth to find someplace to hide. He finds an elaborate chamber, where a vast expanse leads beyond the edge — and the Sign Maker shows his face at last. Naka boldly declares, omnipotent or no, he would find a way to defeat this enemy, who immediately begins spawning obstacles to kill him. However, at that moment, Naka remembers the messages told to him by the unknown voices during certain times, and just as the Sign Maker finally entraps and drops a TNT block directly on top of him, seemingly killing him...Naka's voice is heard from the hall he'd came from. And thus, the tables have turned...
    NakaTeleeli: Death has been permanent for a lot of this time, because that's how I viewed it. But I can view it however I please, from permanent to a temporary inconvenience...
    Sign Maker: *Generates TNT blocks around Naka, blowing him up again.*
    NakaTeleeli: *Respawns, returning even quicker this time.* You can do that as much as you like, it's not getting you anywhere. It took a special message for me to figure that out. In fact...
    Sign Maker: *Generates more TNT blocks to fall on Naka, which explode...*
    NakaTeleeli: *...but Naka emerges unharmed* The long dream of life...we all awake from dream to dream as we grow. *Lava spawns on top of him, but it is erased in seconds* I didn't understand what the "dream" was. It's life! It's my perception of reality.
    Sign Maker: *Attempts to spawn or change anything repeatedly, but to no effect*
    NakaTeleeli: Right now, you are trespassing in my dream. This is how I perceive reality, and I can imagine whatever I like, however I wish. If I wanted, I could see a world like this... *shows a clip from Final Fantasy XIV* ...or like this... *shows a clip from Terraria* ...or like this... *shows a clip from Spiral Knights* ...or this. *shows a clip from Welgaea, his own currently in-development game* We all wake from one dream to another as we grow and our perception matures. But you... *approaches the Sign Maker*
    Sign Maker: *Tries to attack Naka with its diamond sword, also to no effect*
    NakaTeleeli: long have you been dreaming that same dream? ...No. More correctly, how long has it been since you've woken up? You can't do this forever. It's time to wake up.
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  • ElementalOgre gets his own awesome moment in the Persona 4 LP by going the extra mile and Level Grinding up to 81 in order to get Kohryu and using him to fight Namatame/Kunino-Sagiri, as punishment for kidnapping Nanako. For comparison, the recommended level for the boss was 60-65. 'You don't mess with a man's family.'
  • The behind the scenes videos of his Minecraft videos details just how selfish Friend was.
  • In the behind the scenes videos, the revelation that Friend was played by Naka's dad.
  • The explanation for the final music video in the final Minecraft video.
  • In his first Magical Drop V Let's Try video he manages to reach and defeat Black Pierrot and unlock, in the same run, McCoy and Young Fortune as well as Insane Difficulty. All this without a real understanding of the rank system (he never got a single S rank) and no clue what the requirements for Black Pierrot were.
    • ESPECIALLY the Black Pierrot fight, having just described how hard he would be too. Then again, it WAS with Death...
  • The end of the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron playthrough, full-on. Throughout this game and War for Cybertron, Naka and Ogre both made their preferences very clear. Ogre was always excited to play as the warmongering Decepticons, whereas Naka was always prideful in playing the Autobots. This is fully realized in the final chapter, Till All Are One. Not only do Naka and Ogre swap controller to play as the Autobots and Decepticons respectively, but come the final fight between Optimus and Megatron, an annotation was added to select one of two points of view. And when you select either of them...
    NakaTeleeli: *Playing as Optimus* "You've chosen for Freedom...!"
    ElementalOgre: *Playing as Megatron* "You've chosen for Glory...!"
  • Naka and Ogre cleared the incredibly difficult last extra stage of Nintendo Land]]'s Pikmin Adventure on their first try.'' This was a boss rush with very few extra hearts given and no time to prepare when the final boss jumped in straight from the one before it, and they managed to stay alive to the last sliver of health.
  • If this twitter post is to be believed, Naka has taken to soloing raid bosses. He says his favorite part about doing so is when others, both player and mob alike, die because they got caught between him and his foe. This playstyle is later confirmed when he started his "Dancing with BA Ms" series later that month.
    • Naka has posted this video of himself soloing a Lurking Ovolith, which the game recommends that you bring a party of five to fight, in TERA.
  • While playing the first set of the .hack games, he would occasionally talk about the concept of manliness. While fighting the Final Boss, Corbenik, it's revealed to be huge foreshadowing to what he did for the fight.
    Naka: Strength in the face of danger. Bravely facing insurmountable odds. No. It's far more than that.
    [Libera Me From Hell starts playing.]
    Naka: It's making something happen that could never happen. It's defeating something that's undefeatable. Shattering the very heavens! Even if our enemy is God Itself, we'll win even WITHOUT the Bracelet! That is what makes a man! That is who I am! THAT IS WHO WE ARE!
  • The final stage of Super Mario 3D World, which is brutally difficult. It took Naka and Ogre about 275 lives spread out over two days to clear it. The moment they get onto the last flagpole and 100% everything is a sight to behold.
  • At one point, Naka opened a tip jar to fund the purchase for a 3DS capture device, estimating it would take anywhere from a year to (in his most extreme underestimation of viewer generosity) one week to receive enough money to purchase the capture device. It was funded within the hour.
  • Naka's rant against the hate that Metroid: Other M receives from so much of the Metroid fanbase at the end of Episode 24. The way he rambles on about how much he actually enjoys the game and how pressured he felt to play it safe with his commentary throughout is done with so much passion and enthusiasm that it's hard not to respect his opinion about the entire adventure.
  • In the Xenoverse playthrough, Naka ends up running into the Parallel Quest "Super Saiyan Bargain Sale". He states that he's going to try it once to show people what it's like, since he planned to wait until he gained 10 levels so he could actually do it solo (as he needed to complete it before he could bring in Lenny and Ogre to help him). He ends up actually completing the quest, to the shock and amazement of everyone else, including himself.

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