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Being a (self-proclaimed) "Super AI", it's no surprise that Kizuna AI has pulled off quite a few awesome moments.
  • In the beginning, Ai-chan wanted to connect with humans and hoped to star in a commercial. Since then, she's not only done a lot of both but made several songs, gotten numerous pieces of merchandise, and started an entire "Virtual YouTuber" subgenre.
  • In general, Ai-chan's progression in learning English.
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  • In general, braving her way through multiple horror games. Not everyone can say they entered INSIDE, Biohazard 7, Little Nightmares, P.T., Calling, Neverending Nightmares, Five Nights at Freddy's, Psycho Break 2, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, and Biohazard RE:2 note  and came out the other side with their sanity intact. On the one hand, it's to be expected that these games wouldn't affect Ai-chan in the same ways they would affect a human, but the fact she played nearly a dozen such games over a span of just 18 months (with some done concurrently!) would suggest their having left some kind of effect or impact on her, with all signs pointing to an increased desire to, despite being frightened at times, play more of these games and not let herself be beaten by them.
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  • In P.T., Ai-chan quickly deduces that the bugs point you toward relevant things.
  • Two from her Doki Doki Literature Club! playthrough:
    • For some, Ai-chan absolutely roasting the protagonist during the first two episodes.
    • When Monika first appears, Ai-chan says that she "looks like a heroine". During Part 8, she's also quick to realize that Monika's pulling the strings of Sayori's depression.
  • While the entirety of Cuphead is in English, Ai-chan manages to complete the tutorial level without much issue, only getting stuck on the portion about how to double-jump using pink-colored objects. Many a comparison to Dean Takahashi note  ensued.


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