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  • Spending five minutes on the That One Boss for Kingdom Hearts will show you these boss fights: Riku!Ansem, Ursula, the Ruler Of The Sky, Zack, Rinzler, Anti Black Coat Nightmare, Ansem: Seeker of Darkness (Phase 1), and Young Xehanort. What do these all have in common? He plays this series blind (at least, he claims), he plays on the highest difficulty, and he beats all of them in one try. Some significant features of note:
    • While Nico had Leaf Bracer available to him in Ursula's battle, he didn't equip it, so he would be able to be damaged by her spell spam if he tried to heal.
    • For some unknown reason, using the Aero spell to protect yourself will make you take more damage from Ursula's attacks. Nico didn't know this, and proceeded to spam the hell out of it.
    • Riku!Ansem's That One Attack, Dark Aura, begins with the boss rushing you repeatedly then creating a bunch of energy pillars out of the floor with little telegraphing to where they'll appear. Nico manages to avoid the latter by standing still not once, not twice, not three times, but 5 or 6 times throughout the fight.
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    • For Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, he beat Zack using a magic based set of commands. For those who don't know, you fight Zack with Terra, who isn't very good at magic. Not only that, but he was using Magnega, Deep Freeze, and Zantetsuken, which do very little against bosses, effectively only having half of his normal command deck to work with.
    • In Kingdom Hearts III, he managed to defeat Xehanort, the Battlegates, and Dark Inferno, all at Level 19.
  • In his playthrough of EarthBound, Nico got the Sword of Kings, an item that has a 1/128 chance of being dropped only by a single type of enemy, after fighting only THREE of those enemies. And he wasn't even trying to get it. Even he was surprised from getting it on his third fight.

  • Nico is quite The Determinator, and that shows several times in several games.
    • In Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, at the very last case and final confrontation with the Big Bad (who's also quite a Determinator), Nico refused to give up or continue on to the next video. As a result, the video became Nico's second video to exceed 2 hours. note 
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    • Another was his persistence at finishing Corpse Party: Blood Drive. Initially hyped, Nico and a bunch of the Picky Penguins grew tiresome of and disturbed at the game, which prompted Nico to get it over and done with in the final episode. This resulted in him posting the longest video he's ever posted on his channel, as well as the first 2 hour long video on his channel. note 
      • He even stated that the actual time of gameplay was longer due to the loading screens and exploring around the setting. He really wanted it done that badly.

  • Despite how hilariously over-the-top and theatrical it can get, just the fact Nico can make up a bunch of voices for characters throughout his LP's. Even for characters that are of a different gender.
    • Though He Really Can Act. The most prominent role that showcases this is when he voiced Kristoph Gavin in the Apollo Justice LP. Though seemingly starting off just as strange as the other voices Nico does, when Kristoph shows his true colors, Nico noticeably portrays him more seriously with no more ad-libbing, exaggerations or theatrics. Even after seeing his breakdown (which is quite a spectacle to see), Nico continues to portray him in a surprisingly serious manner.
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    • Before Apollo Justice, his best voice was probably Igor. Many comments on this first video in the Persona 4 Golden let's play talk about how mistook Nico for Igor at least once. Unlike Kristoph, he didn't take Igor as seriously, but if he did, it would be almost impossible to tell the difference between Igor and Nico's voice.
    • He arguably topped himself in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, voicing a devastated Apollo after The Reveal has just socked him in the proverbial chest. Through a combination of Nico's admitted love for the character and a Player Punch that even Nico didn't see coming, Apollo sounds convincingly shattered, and your heart breaks for him.
    • Episode 11 of The Great Ace Attorney demonstrates just how good Nico is at making voices, with a whopping THIRTEEN new voices being showcased.note 
  • Unlocking all of the ending paths in Devil Survivor in a single playthrough, without use of a walkthrough and only the comments of the Picky Penguins telling him how well he's doing to that point.

  • Whether you're annoyed by it or not, but Nico's intuition on finding out plot twist ahead of time is impressive. Here is just a few examples.
    • In Zero Time Dilemma, he figured out that Phi is the daughter of Sigma and Diana and only because of his Genre Savvy attributes on the Zero Escape trilogy.
    • Getting the mastermind of Ace Attorney Investigations 2 correct ahead of time despite not even reaching the part where he should be aware of the possibility. Especially impressive because he guessed it right based on WRONG information.
    • In Gemini Rue, he was able to see The Reveal in only the second episode and just because of a few sprites that aren't even highly detailed.
    • Figuring out that Kazuo Tengan was the Big Bad of Danganronpa 3 - Side: Future in the second episode (before the episode revealing this came out) even if it was a joke.
    • While not too much of a plot twist, the fact he can get two seemingly irrelevant characters as the bad guy, Dr. Nakabachi and Quercus Alba, means he also self-aware about the laws of video games compared to most.
    • In probably the most ironic example, he somehow manages to turn a Critical Research Failure into Hilarious in Hindsight in Kingdom Hearts χ: his prediction that Terra, Aqua, and Ventus note  being members of the Dandelions (which many Picky Penguins called him out on in the comments) became rather ironic the very next day, when the Union χ trailer revealed that Ventus actually was a member of the Dandelions. While Nico has predicted future plot twists before (see the Tengan example above), this is a particularly notable example because, as with Investigations 2, he somehow managed to predict a shocking plot twist based on factually incorrect information.
    • Despite it being a famously shocking reveal, Nico not only figured out that Bobby Fulbright was the Big Bad of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies during the first half of the investigation in Case 5, but managed to deduce nearly all the details of his plan based only on his intuition and past conversations.
    • In Persona 5, Nico correctly guesses that Igor is the final boss just by saying a joke.
    • In the first episode of New Danganronpa V3, he made a prediction that the entire cast was given Fake Memories (in which that was one of the endgame twists of that game). He also manages to correctly guess arguably the game's most shocking twist (that Kaede Akamatsu set up a trap to kill Rantaro) mere minutes after finding the body in Case 1, before the investigation had even begun, something only one other known LPer guessed correctly. Except that Kaede was actually innocent and falsely executed, especially since Nico thought the reveal was "obvious" to him. Although, it's possibly a Double Subversion since in Chapter 6's investigation, Nico rightfully suspects that the events mentioned above had happened due to Shuichi's reactions.
    • In Episode 6 of Spirit of Justice, he correctly guesses Roger Retinz is the real Mr. Reus. In Episode 29 of the same series, he also correctly guesses Inga has an inability to read faces based on his experiences with Ace. In addition, he guesses Nayna is Amara based solely on Nayna's disappearance and the photo of her in Inga's safe.
    • In Episode 8 of Xenoblade Chronicles, in a similar vein to Tengan, he correctly guesses that Dickson is, well, a dick.
    • In the same series, he's able to piece together much of the major story beats by Episode 13, including Metal Face's true identity and the fact that Zanza might be an even bigger threat than the Mechon.
    • In Steins;Gate 0, much like Tengan and Dickson, he correctly guesses that Dr. Leskinen and Dr. Reyes are bad guys long before the reveals. However, since he did all of the endings where Reyes was the Big Bad before doing the Leskinen endings, he thought that his 'bullshit powers' were weakening.
  • During his LP of Persona 5, he was able to finish the first palace in one day. Even with the Soma that most players shouldn't have by this point, such a feat is difficult even on Safe or Easy. Nico is currently playing on Normal.
    • He also managed to beat Shadow Madarame on the first try, even though he's a boss that tends to give some players trouble first time around.
    • Finishing the 5th Palace in the first try was also impressive since that was considered a bigger endurance run then the 3rd Palace.
    • Finishing the third heist in one day is also impressive considering how most people think of it as an endurance run.
    • Then Nico beats The Reaper without relying on the Flu season. It took him a few tries, but he managed to do it.
    • While it was only one phase of a multi-phase boss fight, there's still something cathartic when Oracle charges up the entire team to allow them to take out Akechi without letting the boss fight back.
    • In New Game+, he manages to defeat the Bonus Bosses Caroline and Justine on the first try.
  • Nico beats the optional boss of NieR: Automata, Emil, at Level 67, compared to Emil's level 99.
  • In a livestream, Nico was able to finish Little Nightmares in one go. That's impressive if you know his previous experiences with horror games like Slender.
  • Yakuza 0 has some great moments to see.
    • Being able to finish dancing storyline despite it being one of the most frustrating parts of the game because of the very fast-pace minigame involve which requires multi-tasking.
    • Defeating Mr.Shakedown in Chapter 2 which is way earlier than the usual time it takes to take this guy down.
  • In his second stream of Super Mario Odyssey, Nico manages to get the 100 Jump Rope jumps moon with relatively little effort.
  • One for New Danganronpa V3, it manages to get Nico to leave his room mid-recording. How? By showing Kokichi's newest Nightmare Face in Chapter 4, stating that it was even worse than the other Nightmare Faces combined.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, being able to beat the Stone Talus even before getting all the power-ups is an accomplishment.
    • Nico just so happens to stumble upon the Master Sword while searching for a DLC item long before he's given any indication to where you can find it. Unfortunately he can't pull it yet.
      • He finally pulls it in Episode 11.
    • Having enough sense to use cryonis to break Vah Ruta's ice blocks, something very few L Pers were able to figure out.
  • A meta-example where somebody paid Todd Haberkorn to restate a line that Nico said as Korekiyo.
  • In the Talent Development Plan mode of New Danganronpa V3, Nico somehow managed to get a U card on his second attempt, while the success rate was 0.5%, or ONE IN TWO HUNDRED.
  • Nicob has beaten the Trial of the Sword in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but thats not the awesome part. What's awesome is he beat the two Lynels in the Final Trail WITHOUT any Ancient Arrows.
  • After getting a stronger computer, Nicob is now able to create 60 fps videos, starting with Episode 13 of his Yakuza Kiwami LP.
  • In Yakuza Kiwami 2, Nico decides to challenge the Millionaire League's first place and he seems to get wrecked as his opponent manages to be ahead of him. However somehow he manages to survive thanks to an Oil Baron who came at the last minute as a special bonus and he won BY 25,000 YEN. note  Had he wasn't give '750,000 yen' as a special bonus, he would have lost.
    Nico!Kanzaki: I-Impossible... we were guarantee to win! WHY?! DAMN THAT OIL BARON! WHERE DID HE COME FROM?!
  • His victory over the Great Bay Temple's miniboss in Majora's Mask, which leaves him with only a quarter heart remaining. Keep in mind, Nico spends half of the fight running away and throwing bombs instead of fighting with the Hookshot, as one normally does.
  • In the seventh video of his Kingdom Hearts III LP, Nico unveils Mean Dino version 4.0. Initially, he was one rounded block short, but he manages to find a bunch in the ninth video, allowing him to complete Mean Dino in terms of shape.
  • In his Steins;Gate 0 LP, through sheer dumb luck, Nico managed to get on the right path towards the true ending on his first playthrough.
  • Episode 7 of The Council of Voices has two great ones, one for the whole video (but especially at the start) and one at the end.
    • Firstly, the Art Evolution the series has gone through. The efforts of the team helping Nico with the project really shows, from the increased usage of 3D modeled environments replacing the photo backgrounds the previous episodes used, to a high-quality anime-style opening, as well as other minor details throughout the episode.
    • Secondly, the ending. Specifically, Monokuma's fight with an unknown attacker. Despite the actual duel being a Curb-Stomp Battle resulting in Off with His Head!, Monokuma still ends up delivering a brutal verbal beatdown to his silent foe, and getting the last laugh both literally and metaphorically via an explosive triggered by the bear's forbidden action.

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