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  • Beating The Binding of Isaac on his first go when he was trying to showcase how hard the game was.
  • "THIS GAY KISS" In one of his later Bully videos.
    • And later telling homophobes to deal with it in the subsequent video.
  • How Dan dies in the final Westerado episode.
  • Dan's Star Trek Armada III video, in which he builds a Federation fleet that forces a Borg Fleet, including a cube, to run.
  • Dan and Wot being able to get an interview with Steven Moffat.
    • It was even on several news sites.
  • Anytime Dan completes a challenge.
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  • Despite getting killed on the final base of the Far Cry 3 permadeath, the fact that Dan made it there in the first place is pretty amazing.
  • Dan coming up with the idea to hide behind the giant rock in order to shield himself from the meteors in Space Engineers.
  • Dan actually surviving his Space Engineers Perma-Death.
  • Though their latest Father-and-Son-Day contains many fine moments, Dan bailing out a second before his car is blown up by a missile surely stands out.
  • Dan making two whole games!
  • Dan not only got four seconds of exclusive footage from Just Cause 3, but he's also getting to upload gameplay of it FIVE MONTHS EARLY!! Needless to say, people were hyped.
    • He managed to one-up that with the next game: he managed to play Just Cause 4 before it was even announced, and his video of it was a part of Square Enix's extended E3 show. Daniel is now synonymous with Just Cause.
  • DadCubed managing to push Sir Killalot into the pit using Diotoir. And the fight ended seven to five in Killalot's favor, due to a random judges' decision.
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  • As of May 2nd, 2016, Dan has completed a no-kills run on Hard Mode of Metal Gear Solid 2! In only 23 episodes!
  • "The NerdCubed Ultimatum". Basically, a game Dan reviewed in the Hell series fixed most of its biggest issues, and the creators emailed him, asking him to remove the video since it was no longer accurate. He mentions possibly doing so since they asked him, until they threaten him, saying if he doesn't do it in 48 hours, they will take the matter up with "the relevant authorities". His response? Post a video calling out their bullshit, keep the original video up with an annotation to this new one, and point out every flaw in their threat. You have to admit, that takes balls.
  • After getting numerous requests by fans to do so, Dan decided to tackle the Nightmare of Mensis in Bloodborne, which contains a room filled with massive spiders... and managed to clear it without dying once. Considering how Dan is a serious arachnophobe, this was no small achievement for him.
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  • Dan opened the crowdfunding campaign for his book. His fans then proceeded to shatter Unbound's record, getting the book 100% funded within 15 minutes. In under two days, the campaign had passed 1000%, which was where Unbound's progress tracker topped out.

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