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No Gods. No Kings. Only 'Mon.
  • I only need one command to control you. "Up."
  • The Mob completely demolished Falkner on the first day!
  • As long as it took to take down Silver's Gastly, he was eventually taken down when Togepi used Metronome to use Leech Seed on him with additional help from Struggle. Not only that, but Togepi later pulled Ice Beam on him. Which froze the Gastly for some time.
  • What does Togepi do when struggling against a Spinarak? Go for Metronome and use Hyper Beam.
  • The very idea of defeating the ancient gods of Alph and the gods on Red's team is awesome in itself.
  • AJ got the Radio Card, which requires the player to answer five yes-no questions in the order "yes, yes, no, yes, no". The mob got it right after many tries.
  • After obtaining the Radio Card, the mob collectively decided to go to the Pokemon center to heal (because if they whited out, they'd end up all the way back in Azalea). Democracy engaged close to the center, but the mob quickly switched to Anarchy. Immediately after, AJ moved in a direct line into the center, shocking many by how accurate his movements had been. Even healing afterwards was a straightforward procedure. Many immediately praised Anarchy in the chat for such a rare achievement.
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  • A Pokemon Center Nurse gave AJ the GS Ball.
  • After two tries in anarchy, Whitney's Miltank is defeated! No repeat grinding here! And Whitney only took down one Pokémon only thanks to Clefairy getting Zap Cannon on Pidgey.
  • At 1d10h16m42s The Mob managed to evolve Totodile at level 29 in Democracy. It was majestic.
  • Camper Todd's phone call saved AJ from the PC.
  • After the train wreck what was all the failed attempts to evolve Totodile into Croconaw, seeing it evolve into Feraligatr at level 34 note  in Anarchy is a sight to be seen.
  • In the first fight with Morty, even though they lost, at one point Togepi's metronome turns into Sacred Fire! Togepi eventually fainted, but the burn that move inflicted would had taken down the Haunter if it hadn't sacrifice its remaining HP to use Curse on Eevee.
    • Not to mention the sole act of getting to Morty is in itself an amazing feat. And then it happened again.
  • At 2d14h30m20s, AJ finally, finally, received the Fog Badge from Morty.
  • Heading to the island towards Chuck, AJ's pokemon have all fainted and the last one alive is Lazer Gator with 1HP and poisoned. The mob in anarchy manages to use a full restore on him. Making their effort of surfing not in vain.
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  • In their second battle against Jasmine, Feraligatr wipes out her three 'mons with a single Surf each.
  • Considering that its only the 4/5th day and we're nearing the 7th gym its pretty awesome in terms of progress considering we're in anarchy most of the time. That and we have 6 badges and are almost halfway through the game.
  • At 4d7h19m48s, the Second Coming of Bird Jesus occurred.
  • Pretty much every piece of art depicting Feraligatr as Lazorgator is this, especially anything relating to the death of Prince Omelette.
  • Eevee evolved to Espeon, giving it potentially powerful Psychic moves.
  • The Mob nicknamed their female Dratini "KT," or "Katie." The fact that they finally managed such a sensible (and gender-appropriate) nickname is pretty impressive.
  • The Mob got all the Johto badges in less than a week.
  • The Mob killed Suicune by accident. To some this maybe considered an Epic Fail but others embrace the fact that the Mob killed the Legendary Pokemon upholding one of the main theme of this run "No Kings, No Gods, Only Mons."
  • Beating Will one of the Elite Four on their first try.
  • Katie the Dragonair being victorious against Koga's Venomoth. The tables have turned again.
  • The Mob united, under Democracy, to retrieve KT, Brian and Lazor Gator when they got stored in the PC at the Indigo Plateau.
    • Another Democracy-centric one, the deletion of the stat-moves was a combined effort that deleted all of Burrito's non damaging moves, as well as a few lamer moves from the other main members of the party without accidentally forgetting anything important.
  • That moment when, with Karen defeated for the first time, AJ walks up to the Champion, Lance, and the music starts playing.
  • Onix successfully evolved into Steelix, making him a useful team member. In the following battle, despite having half health, he managed to hold off two Faint Attacks from Umbreon and kept fighting with 2 HP, a far cry from the previous fragile Onix.
  • The team managed to get to Lance with only Lazergator left. The gator managed to fight off Gyarados and two of the Dragonites before finally succumbing to the third. A near victory was never that awesome.
  • Espeon pulled off TWO complete one-hit-one-kill sweeps against the Elite Four, first crushing Will's team with Bite then wiping Bruno's team with the newly-acquired Psychic. If Flareon was the False Prophet, then Espeon is the True.
  • As of 9 days, 21 hours, 25 minutes, AJ beat the Elite Four and Lance, with four KO'd Pokemon and only a critically wounded Pidgeot and Lazergator (six hit points) left. The chat exploded once Gator pulled off the final Icy Wind that took Lance's Aerodactyl out.
    • Not only was Lazergator near death, it was also paralyzed for a good deal of the fight. And he still took a Blizzard, Thunder and four Hyper Beams and two Outrages like they were nothing, KO'ing his enemies in the process.
    • What makes this Elite Four run even better is the fact that each member of the team got at least one Moment of Awesome. Even A the Raticate managed to achieve a Moment of Awesome, knocking down Will's Slowbro to about half HP. This would later allow Metal Gear Steelix to finish it off.
    • One notable moment of awesome was the way they handled Gengar. The mob managed to switch to Steelix, who stood his ground against Lick spam on low HP and finally defeated Gengar, fainting from Destiny Bond himself so the Lazorgator would survive. Then Brian went against Houndoom and barely managed to triumph against her, surviving multiple Flamethrowers. All done to ensure Lazorgator was in top shape against Lance. It did not go in vain.
  • AJ swept Sabrina's team with just his Espeon.
  • Upset by bots seeing them through The Ledge, the Mob deliberately sabotaged themselves so that they could do it over the "right way."
  • AJ didn't just finally beat Misty; he smote her.
  • At Level 55, Katie evolved into Dragonite on her first try, without any cancelation.
  • Espeon killing Brock's Omastar and Kabutops. Deicide at it's finest.
  • It took Red fifteen days to gather all the Kanto badges. It took AJDNNW only two.
    • To be fair Red got side tracked.
  • AJ finally reached Mount Silver, passed the darkness (without Flash) and met Red...Who led with Level 81 Zapdos (AA-J). Which meant AJ was going to fight Lord Helix and His companions! The chat went wild in seconds.
  • The latest attempt on Red had Lazorgator in prime form: It took out Aa-j, ATV, and Lord Helix by itself before being felled by Air Jordan.
    • Also a Moment of Awesome for Air Jordan. Back in Red, she used to be the weakest team member, close to being The Load in battle (she still had Surf and Strength, making her useful for navigating the waterways and solving the boulder puzzles). Now she has finally managed to catch up with the rest of her party.
  • According to the streamer, if AJ doesn't beat Red, Emerald will not happen. Lore has interpreted this as the world being destroyed if Red isn't taken down. Let's do this.
  • In one fight against Red, the first Pokemon in the stream's party was KT, a Dragonite 20 levels below Zapdos with no particular advantage against it in battle. Yet the dragon managed to dodge two Thunders in a row and then paralyzed her foe with Dragonbreath, whittling it down to the point where Red had to use a Full Restore. She was then able to paralyze Zapdos again and bring it down to half health before being KO'd, paving the way for LazorGatr to beat it.
  • In yet another battle against Red, after ATV took down Lazorgator, Katie managed to slay The Dragon Slayer. Who, it bears mentioning, had his level scaled up to 77.
  • As of 13 days, 2 hours, and 3 minutes, Red was beaten. With only a very weak Lazorgator left in the party.
    • A couple factors that make this feat even more awesome:
    • Firstly, they did it with only five mons (much to the frustration of all the fanartists whose pictures of the epic showdown included Ace).
    • Secondly, it was indubitably teamwork, not a single hideously overpowered mon, that got them through. Without Solid Snake to attrition AA-j, or Katie, who fainted AIR, Lazorgator would have never made it.
    • Thirdly, one of the key moves in the final battle against Bird Jesus? Cut. That's right, Lazorgator managed to deal a considerable amount of damage using the Admiral's sword!
    • The 7-day limit? They made it in less than 24 hours.
    • Also, since democracy had been disabled, AJ went through the first level of Mt. Silver blind... Yet still managed to get to Red with all their mons except Brian alive and in good health.
    • The final moment was one awesome Mexican Standoff. Both Lazorgator and Bird Jesus at low health and coming at each other with their strongest moves, Surf and Sky Attack.
    • Additionally, much of the audience from Red that abandoned the stream came back to witness the battle.
  • So, AJ wants to visit his best pal Joey back in Johto. The fastest way to get there? Just beat the Elite Four all over again.
  • The fact that Lazorgator is the only starter to survive through the entire run, despite many members of the Mob constantly conspiring against it.
  • See you later, Lazor Gator.
  • It's been suggested that, after the Mob left him, Red conquered every gym and became the champion a second time, then scaled Mt. Silver. What makes it notable are suggestions that he both did it faster than when the Mob controlled him, and he did it while blind, and as an intentional Heroic Mime.


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