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Fridge Brilliance

  • AJDNNW is seen as a Blood Knight and a troublemaker. Given the devilish grin on his character portrait, the viewers really should have seen it coming.
  • The Mob interprets AJDNNW to be a bit of a Wild Child, as well as adopted. Since his given name is a garbled mess of letters that look very unpronounceable, it's possible that he attempted to name himself while in the wild when he was younger. His weird naming conventions also extend to the nicknames he gives to his Pokémon.
    • Going by the new war themes, AJDNNW could be a codename, while his civilian name is AJ Downs. Still, since he was in the wild for a period of time, the codename could have grown on him.
  • The game started at a time when most Australians would be awake. They picked the crocodile starter.
    • Their time would range from 8PM to 11PM. Considering that it was a Sunday, there would be more people from Europe and western Asia online.
  • One of AJDNNW's nicknames is AJ Downey Jr. What's one of his namesake's most popular characters? An actor playing a soldier who gets way too into his roles.
    • Another claims the AJ stands for Apollo Justice - interesting, considering the fact that Apollo himself stars in a Contested Sequel to the Phoenix Wright Trilogy, therefore living in the shadow of his predecessor.
      • It's starting to click together. AJ, then, must've been living in Red's shadow, and that's why he wanted to defeat Red and did just so—to prove he wasn't just another Trainer.
  • Marvin the Fisherman has a level 10 and 15 Gyarados. Team Rocket is forcing pokemon to evolve at the Lake of Rage- it is not farfetch'd that they would be fished and caught at such a low level.
  • Red waits at the top of Mt. Silver for AJDNNW and his party to arrive. If the game is hacked to bring the old team back together, there will be gods on that mountain. Fitting for a bunch of Olympus Mons.
  • B-A-Start is a troll command in Democracy Mode. Bastart.
    • Has begun to evolve into commands like "Bright Bastart" and "Wait 4 a Bright Bastart."
  • Gen 2 relies on Kanto for nostalgia and to wrap up what happened to Red.
    • Given that the military theme is dropped early in the run-in favor of redemption; People see the current team as expies. (Especially Brian (To Bird Jesus), Eevee (For Flareon) and possibly Shuckle (To ATV). Of course, it makes sense that they are a shadow of the the former playthrough! Its Gen TWO. It's about a second chance.
  • The reason AJ keeps A the Raticate on his team is for a tribute to his best friend/Boyfriend, Joey. What better Mon to remind him of his beau than a Top Percentage mon?
  • AJ Can't Use Stairs because a staircase is basically just a bunch of tiny ledges.
  • There was a small outcry when, while Red's team was modified to mirror the original TPP, their names weren't. But how would AJ know their names? To his observance, they're just Zapdos, a Venomoth, a Lapras, a Pidgeot, a Nidoking, and an Omastar.
  • In a meta-sense, the countdown's being on March 15 could count; the Ides of March/March Madness.
    • AJ is trying to bring down God to end his tyrannical reign through corruption. (The mob)
  • If not depicted with an eyepatch, Snake is usually shown wearing an infinite-ammo bandana. Struggle can be used indefinitively.
  • One of the characters in Petz: Hamsterz Life 2 looks a lot like a kid Lt. Surge- in fact so much that the Mob declared the kid to be him. It was noted that he did like cute animals at one point...
  • We really got lucky with the lavender color motif for this run.

Fridge Logic

  • If the whole fiction is about "No Gods, No Kings, Only Mon", why is it that they still believe in said Gods and Kings? If they're not supposed to believe in them, then why do they hold them on so high a pedestal?
    • Their mission is to destroy the gods (i.e, establish the "No Gods, No Kings, Only Mon" unto the world).

Fridge Horror

  • There are members of The Mob who want to kill Togepi, a baby Pokemon who, at this moment, hasn't even hatched yet!
    • They Succeeded, for those who need more Horror out of this idea.
  • At the end, once you beat Red, he vanishes. Considering the mythos that Twitch has created, Red isn't going to have a Happy Ending once the mob finishes off his team.
  • The fact that "The Voices" have wormed their way into yet another boy's mind is upsetting.
  • Perhaps the reason why AJ acts like a Blood Knight is because he's become Brainwashed and Crazy due to possession of the Mob.
  • The mob now says AJDNNW is a Sleeper Agent on an assassination mission. Given how old he is, what kind of things did he do in the wild before getting adopted?
  • In Red, the Mob controlling Red was due to Helix's help, however Helix isn't around this time. So, who, or what is helping the Mob control AJ this time?
    • LA LI LU LE LO?
      • What.
    • The character page for TTP Crystal takes a quote from Part 3: Red, stating that Red only needs to control his voices by going "up". The page image has the "up" command as the first command AJDNNW hears. Let that sink in.
  • Twitch's chat server froze before the battle with Morty began. Normally, this wouldn't be anything to worry about, but Morty deals in spirit Pokémon. He's said to be a seer. Morty could've hacked AJ's mind during the command freeze.
    • Doubly creepy is the fact that Democracy had ended when the chat came back around, despite no one supposedly being able to get commands in.
  • In the crossfire of trying to get Feraligatr out of the party, many good Pokemon have been lost. If he goes, it's going to be up to Brian to carry the team through. But what's going to happen if Brian gets taken out, as well?
  • Is Red really free, or is he merely under a new power?
  • Many would like to think that Prince Omelette's "death" was instantaneous, but who is to say that he was not suffering up to the moment of his release? Consider, for a moment, some of Togepi's Pokedex entries as well as those of the evolved forms (including Togekiss):
    "As its energy, it uses the feelings of compassion and pleasure exuded by people and Pokémon. It stores up happy feelings in its shell, then shares them out." ~ Togepi's Pokemon Emerald Pokedex
    "It grows dispirited if it is not with kind people. It can float in midair without moving its wings." ~ Togetic's Pokemon Silver Pokedex
    "It will never appear where there is strife. Its sightings have become rare recently." ~ Togekiss' Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Pokedex
    "It shares many blessings with people who respect one another's rights and avoid needless strife." ~ Togekiss' Pokemon Platinum Pokedex
    • If we apply these Pokedex entries, we could come to the conclusion that Prince Omelette had been suffering for quite some time, perhaps even being slowly killed, by the constant in-fighting and hate of the Mob! His release then could have just been a coincidental Mercy Kill....
  • AJ has issues with stairs and is unsupervised...
  • Espeon is a psychic type evolved out of friendship. He probably has a psychic bond with AJ. He can probably hear the Mob.
    • Turns into Fridge Heartwarming when you realize that Espeon evolved during the anti-hate movement in chat of Operation Love. The positive emotions from the mob were enough to help evolve Eevee into the lightbringer we know and love.
  • Will and Sabrina have both been in contact with the mob via psychic connection.
    • On this note, Sabrina says she foresaw our arrival. Did she foresee AJ's arrival, or that the Mob would return?
  • Mania made AJ promise to return Shuckie, which AJ will probably not follow up on. On Shuckie's Character page, they've likened this scenario to a parent handing their child over to their babysitter with the intent of having the kid returned after a period of time. Essentially, Shuckie ended up being abducted and integrated into AJ's team's god-killing regime, effectively making him not unlike Child Soldiers of the modern day.
    • Even worse yet when members of the mob downloaded the game to return the poor guy- Apparently it liked its abductors so much it decided to stay with them. Stockholm Syndrome at its finest.
  • Joey's programmed to make phone calls on the hour, which is when Democracy takes effect. He may be a servant of the Helix Fossil and Anarchy.
  • The fight with Red... We all know it's coming, and he is the strongest trainer in the game. Also, you would think Red would show a little sensitivity to someone who's going through the same horror he's been put through.
  • Kris, the Girl Who Never Was. At least if you subscribe to the theory that the reset created her, and the Streamer then deleted her.
    • Even worse is that the Mob at this point was freaking out about the reset...what if she heard them? Thousands of voices screaming things for a couple of seconds before you cease to exist has to be terrifying on a completely new level.
  • On the 4th attempt to defeat Red Lord Helix fainted to Godslayer Lazor Gator. Cue the 7-day countdown until the end of the world. Lord Helix holds a grudge.
    • Worse if you think about things in a timeline sense. Each defeat is a timeline. Every time AJ faints, it's another failure to stop the Gods and Red.
      • In universe Red's mom is worried for her son. Her son is threatening all life should he be not stopped!
      • Finally, Red is holding the world hostage for good but extreme reasons. He wants to stop the voices but is willing to destroy Hoenn with Lord Helix's help.
      • Red wished stop the voices, by breaking the pokemon's world link with Twitch.
      • The mob broke him, all in the name of making him Champion.
  • The "mob" controlling AJ was quite clearly a different one than the one controlling Red. So did the Mob just save the world from getting destroyed...or just gave it to another monstrosity to control?
  • While waiting for the next game to start up, the Mob decided to invade other universes and possess other protagonists at random. It's only for a brief period of time for some of these possessions, but it's also a brief chance with madness. And this is all because the Mob got bored.
    • One of their targets was Lucas of Mother3. Factor in what happens to him during the game, and suddenly it looks like the Mob's going to make his life a whole lot worse.
  • Think about the Metafiction for a bit. The entire idea was to kill the supposed gods that Red built up. They complete this goal, consequently sparing Red. They leave Red on Mt. Silver, alone, amongst the corpses of his dead teammates, and with no protection against the high-leveled Pokemon residing on Mt. Silver. And this is treated as a good thing.
  • Wait... Wasn't killing Bird Jesus and other similarly leveled Pokemon Destiny's plan back during the first game? They technically fulfilled Destiny's plan.