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Never have the tails of Ragtag Bunch of Misfits been so heartwarming

  • The Mob taking a liking to Togepi before he even hatched from his egg.
  • Despite The Dome Fossil being interpreted as Satan by most of The Mob many, many of them decided they wanted to do (momentarily) things in Democracy mode when a vague hint to the fossil was found. This was however forgotten moments later but seeing people so loyal to The Helix give The Dome even a little bit of love for any amount of time was rather sweet.
  • Oddly enough The Mob's Tsundere-ness towards Joey is this considering he's considered The Scrappy in many other parts of the fanbase.
    "Did Joey call yet? I hope he did."
    • At one point, the Mob accidentally deletes his number. As soon as AJDNNW got back to route 29, the first thing the Mob thinks about? Getting the kid's number back.
  • The Mob forgiving Smoochum for indirectly releasing VV/the Admiral.
  • Many, many members of The Mob wish to get Eevee. Considering the way Red's Eevee was treated after getting it and the fact that barely anyone wanted to get one in the first place, it's kinda sweet to see almost the entire Mob trying to work together so they can get it.
    • They did it, and people started almost immediately spamming "Eevee be praised".
    • Given the fact that The Mob is more forgiving this time around the Eevee was treated well, given an EXP share, and evolved into an Espeon through Happiness. Not only that, it came after Operation Love spammed the chat with positive messages to counter the negative trolling and civil war around Lazorgator.
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  • Juggler Irwin calling and said that he had AJ's back. Damn even the guys really want him.
  • The Mob in general tend to be much more forgiving and less likely to blame Pokemon this time around. The revelation that Red's Flareon was most likely NOT the False Prophet and that it was probably Battery Bird, The Keeper, or even Bill himself probably has something to do with it.
  • After losing Joey's number, The Mob went to great lengths to get it back.
    • Many fans interpret this as them reconciling after a bad break up.
  • "Operation: Talk to Mom" can be viewed as this in-universe.
  • Purple Hearts: Eevee evolving into Espeon through happiness around the time that the chat hit a huge surge of positive energy.
  • "At least our journey wasn't a shallow one."
  • The Mob putting in over five hundred 'A' votes in order to retrieve Lazorgator from the depths of the PC, proving once and for all that the hate against him comes from a vocal minority.
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  • Lazorgator forgetting Rage can be seen as this, as his fanon character arc has him as a jaded, anger-fueled beast on a Rage Against the Heavens quest, fully capable of Unstoppable Rage. Proof that the poor guy's learning to love again, some might say.
  • In many fanworks, Espeon is portrayed as a source of hope and comfort to the jaded and battle-scarred Lazorgator. This is all the more touching due to the fact that Espeon was born out of light, happiness, and friendship during Operation Love, which was an attempt to fight back against all of the negativity and bitterness that was rampant in the community with positivity and love.
  • Lazergatr defeating a few of Lance's Pokemon with Cut which reminded the mob of The Admiral. This ultimately culminates in the Gatr finally toppling Bird Jesus with the help of copious use of Cut during the victorious final battle against Red. The Admiral never truly left, he was always with the Team in heart.
  • After the Elite Four was conquered and the Champion defeated, Lance inducted AJ and his pokémon into the Hall of Fame. Cue the chat yelling every pokémon's name en masse while it appeared on screen. Fire-Forged Friends at its finest.
  • Some fans believe that the continued membership of A the Raticate on the main team is due to AJ wanting a Pokemon to remind him of his best/boyfriend, Joey. He might not be the best, but he holds a special place in AJ's heart.
    • Even better, after much debate about keeping him since he was underleveled and little used, they decided to keep him and gave him the EXP. Share so he could catch up in levels.
  • You'll fit right in.
  • Everyone's joy at Red's defeat and the credits.
  • The first thing AJ does after defeating Red? Take his mons to the Pokémon Center, of course.
  • After beating Red, the mob's first call of action was to visit Joey on Route 30.
  • This strip about A. "I'll be back."
  • Freedom.
  • We couldn't have done it without you.
  • Do you need a hug, AJ?
  • Some depictions of Red show him not as a villain, but a guy who simply chose solitude atop a mountain. Then when he saw AJ being inflicted with the same problem as him Red decided to allow the kid to battle him upon realizing The Mob more than likely wanted AJ to beat him before they left.
    • Then there's the interpretation that Red was the one who carried AJ down the mountain every time he whited out.
  • While still a respected member of the team, Solid Snake lacks any real purpose for joining the party or fighting Red, as there's no real backstory or motivations behind him. Some interpretations of him are as a Blood Knight or that he has no real belief in the cause and is just fighting alleviate boredom and grow stronger. That being said, he leads them through Victory Road, as an Onix he's taken quite a few deaths in stride, sacrifices himself against Gengar to protect Lazor Gator, and manages to carry the team through Mt. Silver aka Exploding Graveler Mountain, not to mention fighting Archangel Zapdos with NO MOVES LEFT and using struggle until the end. He might not have any meaningful reason for joining AJ's cause, but he'll fight for it to the bitter end.


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