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NOTICE: Per wiki policy on Moments pages, ALL spoilers will be UNMARKED. Read ahead only with caution! You Have Been Warned.

  • Some of the team's luckier feats, such as having Misty's Starmie's Bubblebeam miss note  allowing Abby to pull off a Scratch, and beating the trash can puzzle on the first try.
  • Completing the Vermilion Gym in a single attempt.
  • Navigating the Team Rocket HQ after more than a day spent on it.
    • After two days, the team finally got the Lift Key needed to face Giovanni.
      • After two tries, the team finally defeated Giovanni with 120,000+ people watching. Unfortunately, DigRat struck again before the team could get the Silph Scope.
  • Giovanni got one when he defeated Red's Level 45 Pidgeot with a Level 29 Kangaskhan.
  • Dux managed to stall Giovanni's Onix and down a good portion of its health bar using ineffective normal attacks, simply by spamming Sand Attack so Onix could never hit it. He went from being a generic Red Shirt to a Memetic Badass in a matter of minutes.
  • Pidgeot fought a level 24 Gastly that won the fight.
  • After accidentally releasing CCC and X and depositing Cabbage and all their items, the chat somehow managed to recover Cabbage and all the items. The chat was unified for a solid minute typing nothing but "a" to retrieve all the items.
  • Hundreds of thousands of years of human cultural evolution was achieved in just six days.
  • Twitch finally uses the PC without releasing or storing something that wasn't intended, boxing ABB-??AAJ the Zubat in exchange for withdrawing Gastly.
  • After the shock of Drowzee forgetting Psychic for Headbutt, Red rebounded when DigRat evolved into Raticate, finally getting something that can reliably decimate the wild Ghosts of Pokemon Tower.
  • Red finally made it to the top of the Pokemon Tower and defeated Marowak and Team Rocket. HUZZAHS ALL AROUND!!!!
  • Pidgeot singlehandedly fighting his way through a dozen of trainers and random encounters to get to Fuschia, then accidentally stepping into the gym at 13HP and taking down a gym trainer in the process, before stepping outside and succumbing to poison he had received from the previous fight.
  • Red caught 2 Venonat, 2 Nidoran Males, and a Paras in the Safari Zone without throwing any Rocks or Bait.
    • He later caught an Exeggcute, 2 more Nidoran Males, a Venomoth, a Nidorino, and a Rhyhorn.
  • Twitch got the Surf HM. They got to the Safari Zone's Secret House. Within the step limit.
    • To emphasize: For the past week, the mob has been worried that the Safari Zone would be the bane of the stream. Worried that they'd have to resort to cheating and turning the step counter off, they eventually took on the Necessarily Evil of democracy and made it to their goal with steps to spare.
  • Red has consistently defeated Blue every time they've met so far, and Red is past Blue in Silph Co.
  • When Bird Jesus fainted from poison, the somewhat underleveled Dux ended up as the last bird standing during a battle with a Team Rocket trainer. He beat a Drowzee and the trainer's final Pokemon, a Marowak, in a match of... Leering at each other for several rounds until Dux finished off the now greatly-weakened Marowak with a Fury Attack.
  • At Silph, Bird Jesus faced down an Electrode who used Self-Destruct... and came away completely unscathed.
  • Giovanni defeated Red at Silph Co before Red could even reach his last Pokemon. Both Gio's Kangaskhan and Nidorino had been paralyzed during the fight.
  • The second time they fight Giovanni at Silph Co. everyone except Bird Jesus and The Keeper had already fainted. Bird Jesus defeats the Rocket Boss single-handedly.
  • In Sabrina's Gym they encountered a Channeler with a team entirely of ghosts. Everyone except Bird Jesus winds up fainting. But Bird Jesus spams Mirror Move to win the fight with only 2 HP remaining. Gastly and Haunter are every bit as susceptible to Lick, Confuse Ray, and Night Shade as the next Pokémon.
  • Up until Drowzee, the mob successfully managed to avoid pressing B and cancelling an evolution - and when Drowzee's evolution was cancelled, it was because the mob managed to work together and decide it was better for it to relearn Psychic naturally at lv. 32 rather than evolve it and learn it as Hypno at lv. 37.
  • After Sabrina's first Pokemon destroyed all of Red's Pokemon but Bird Jesus (4 of which were OHKO'd), Kadabra managed to spam Recover after disabling Mirror Move and locking Red into Whirlwind. But after consulting the Helix Fossil a few times, Bird Jesus managed to get the cursor to Quick Attack and utterly destroyed the rest of Sabrina's team.
  • The King Leer meme. They actually managed to reproduce one of Shakespeare's works. And they did it without the infinite typewriters.
  • Beating the Ledge of Doom on route 9 not once, but twice. The first time being mandatory for the main quest, the second time being optional to get Zapdos.
    • On the second run against the ledge, the mob not only completed it in half the time, but also fought off an organized sabotage attempt by a rival channel. In anarchy.
      • After Destiny's attempt at disrupting the stream, some fans responded with a DDOS attack on his site. This is what happens when you piss off over a hundred thousand people.
  • Just before reaching Zapdos, the mob frantically starting trying to switch to democracy, but Zapdos was awoken early. Yet to everyone's surprise, they freaking caught Zapdos with the Master Ball! In anarchy! Worth noting is that this happened during the Australian shift, and fixed Australia's reputation for incompetence.
  • The fact that even after the massacre that was Bloody Sunday, the team kept going and implemented a plan to reach Cinnabar without using Cut.
  • After the tragedy that is the Bloody Sunday as of 22:45EST the very same day, the mob finally managed to withdraw Zapdos from the PC. This time with zero casualties. The pre-democracy-vote anarchy even managed to swap in The Fonz, improving the team's overall strength.
  • Part of Operation Shoot For The Moon involved passing yet another dreaded ledge. The mob pulled it off in anarchy mode in minutes.
  • The fact that Operation Shoot For the Moon worked.
  • They evolved The Fonz into Nidoking with the Moon Stone.
  • They successfully revived Omanyte and put it in their party with no (notable) casualties.
  • How far spread has the Helix Fossil become? People have noticed screenshots of someone holding up signs at the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view! That is how far the praise of the Helix Fossil has spread.
  • A rather odd moment involving fainting - after being stuck in a two-square wide corridor in Cinnabar Island's Pokémon Mansion for a record 1 hour and 32 minutes due to rather unfortunate positioning, Red overcame the odds yet again and King Fonz (Nidoking) became the final party member to faint (in battle against a Koffing), finally allowing Red to black out and return to Cinnabar's Pokémon Center, narrowly averting an Unintentionally Unwinnable condition. In addition, a save state was written just as the heroic fainting occurred, too. At last, "Grindhog Day"/"The Great Burglar And Table In Our Way Crisis" is at an end, and Operation Blackout (Goal: Faint our team, very very quickly) is a success! However, the Secret Key still hasn't been obtained..
    Kingorokos (in the Live-Update Thread on Reddit): Are we free?! King Fonz has fainted! Hurrah! Hurray! Praise the day!
  • A minor moment: After a few tense seconds, the mob (in Anarchy Mode) managed to not teach Zapdos the move Agility when it reached Level 55, successfully preventing other useful moves from being overwritten and keeping Zapdos' long-preserved moveset intact!
  • Despite the mishaps in Pokémon Mansion, the players finally got Omanyte to learn the long-awaited Surf, successfully completing part of Operation Surfboard and giving Omanyte a strong Water-type move to fend off oppressors with!
  • AA-j swept Blaine's team after the Water Pokémon, Venomoth, and Nidoking fainted.
  • Giovanni got another for the strategy of building his Gym on top of a ledge and making it so Red can't enter from the left.
  • After hours of meandering in Viridian City, stumbling into random houses, seeing an old man catch enough Weedle to form an army with, and overall having many LEDGEitimate problems, Red finally made it into Viridian Gym under Democracy Mode. The beauty of the achievement is that the moment also helped to display unity of sorts as well between the two control modes - after the orderly entrance into the Gym under Democracy Mode, during the instant that the first Gym Trainer battle began against a Tamer, Anarchy Mode kicked in to let the chaos commence! Even better is that Omanyte attained Level 34 and learned the move Horn Attack in the same battle!
    • After inadvertently exiting Viridian Gym under Anarchy Mode, Red retries and manages to enter Viridian Gym for a second Anarchy Mode!
  • Lord Helix (level 33) is faced off against a higher level Machop in Viridian Gym.
    • The level 40 Machop manages to make Bird Jesus a flying type (level 62) faint. Lord Helix not only dodges both of his opponents attacks but makes it faint! The next opponent is a Machoke (Level 40) which ALSO misses its attacks and Lord Helix scores two consecutive criticals on it! The battle ends with AIR (Level 21) making Machoke faint (Lord Helix is switched out) and gaining a level! The chat goes wild with praise!
    • Later, AIR defeats a Level 41 Rhyhorn! (That's 20 levels higher than it!)
  • During the first encounter with Giovanni at his Gym, Omanyte had only 1 HP and defeated Rhyhorn with Water Gun in one move.
  • Giovanni won in his first encounter with Red at Viridian Gym. His team defeated Pokemon that were strong against his team, including a Lapras and Omanyte. His Dugtrio, usually seen as a joke, stalled Bird Jesus while it whittled its heath away. Giovanni's Nidoqueen and Nidoking defeated the rest of Red's team, and Red didn't even make it to his Rhydon.
    • Red and the Mob's usual "tactic" is to spam Sand-Attack and various other stat-lowering moves until they can actually select an attacking move to decimate the weakened opposition with. Giovanni carried a lot of Guard Spec., which prevents all stat loss and thus renders Red's strategy completely useless. He had no problem using Red's own tactics against him with Sand Attack and Tail Whip, letting his own Pokemon do noticeable damage to Bird Jesus and AA-j while their attacks missed a lot.
  • Red finally, after hours of battling with Trainers, ledges, and tile puzzles, defeats Giovanni in a truly epic manner: Lord Helix is defeated relatively early in, but not before KO'ing Giovanni's Rhyhorn; All Terrain Venomoth and Air Jordan are sacrificed to Dugtrio and the pretenders to the Fonz's throne, as is the King himself, until Anarchy Jesus comes in, valiantly battles the pretenders before being taken out by a combination of paralysis and Thrash; Bird Jesus, the final vanguard of the team, effortlessly dispatches the false Fonzie, and whittles down the infamous Rhydon, dodging Stomps and Horn Drills until a Quick Attack brings the beast to a tiny nub and, after several conflicting button mashes and consulting TM38, Giovanni is defeated, paving the way for Twitch to take the League.
    • Even cooler was that Giovanni used a Guard Spec. after Bird Jesus got a few Sand Attacks in. But those Sand Attacks made all the difference.
  • Red let Blue win the Route 22 fight so he didn't have to waste time fighting with a ledge to get into the nearest Pokemon Center. The Mob used Blue as a Mundane Utility.
  • During the proper battle against Blue on Route 22, a few cool moments happened. Pidgeot manages to subtly reference Operation Sunshine (whose goal was to teach the TM Solar Beam to a compatible Pokémon) by Mirror-Moving a Solar Beam used by Blue's Exeggcute to knock out said Exeggcute with Solar Beam (who is resistant to Grass-type attacks). Then, when Alakazam manages to knock out Omanyte, Zapdos is sent out. Zapdos uses ThunderShock against Alakazam, but Alakazam recovers the lost Hit Points with the move Recover. Zapdos then uses Thunder to knock out Alakazam, avenging Omanyte and leveling up to Level 61 in the process. Blastoise is then sent out as Blue's final Pokémon, and Zapdos strikes it with a well-placed Thunder attack, netting Red the win.
  • The sheer amount of people typing and mashing in B just so our Lord Helix would not learn Leer could only be described as nothing less than awesome.
  • On Day 14, Helix the Omanyte hath evolved... into his final form, renowned the world over as OMASTAR!
    • What makes this really awesome is that he evolved in Anarchy mode, without the use of Democracy. The first time he tried to evolve and failed, there was a push to use Democracy to assist him. Lord Helix being a deity of Anarchy, using Democracy to level him up would have been a betrayal of everything he stands for.
  • On Day 16, Red encountered the Ledge once more...and walked right by without jumping down. Seriously. This stream has lasted for more than two weeks, and in those two weeks not ONCE did the mob pass by any sort of ledge without jumping down it at least once and doubling back. This is an achievement in social cohesion that until this day was unheard of! And we did it!
  • Bird Jesus learned Sky Attack in place of Whirlwind. It's a Flying-type move, meaning it's strong against Fighting, and means no more wasted turns.
    • Oh and for extra awesome (and possibly another factor for learning the attack) it's named "God Bird" in the Japanese version.
  • The completion of the final switch puzzle in Victory Road under Democracy Mode just reeked of awesomeness, with the Mob frequently opting to "wait" (a command where Red intentionally does nothing until the next received command) to compensate for the stream's lag/latency.
  • Finally having cleared the switch puzzle, Red accidentally walked in front of a Juggler with only King Fonz (Nidoking) left, while the Juggler brought four Pokémon to the fight. Everyone thought another blackout was inevitable, in sight of the finish line even, but King Fonz had other plans and steamrolled the Juggler's Psychic-type Pokémon with Critical Hits (using a mix of Surf and, once Surf's Power Points (PP) had depleted, Strength), gaining a level (to Level 49) in the process. Hail to the King, indeed.
  • As of 15 days, 17 hours, and 10 minutes, Red has finally reached the Indigo Plateau! The end of the game is in sight!
  • During the third match with Lorelei, this rapid sequence of events happened:
    Armrha: [A] 15d 18h 4m: AIIIIR grew to level 28 as we took down Dewgong with AA-j [with Thundershock]! Then AA-j clears Cloyster in one shot [with Thundershock]! Slowbro is out. Slowbro cleared in one shot with AA-J [with Thundershock]! AA-J levels up to 68! Jynx is out. Jynx taken down on the 2nd round with Take Down! Lapras is out! AA-j takes a strong Blizzard and dishes out an ineffective Take Down. That was nuts.
    • Red almost wins the third match with Lorelei, with Nidoking (Red's last sent-out Pokémon) managing to reduce Lorelei's paralyzed Lapras (Lorelei's final sent-out Pokémon) to a sliver of health remaining.
  • Red defeats Lorelei on his fourth try and subsequently wrecks the foe during his first match with Bruno!
    Chat during Bruno match: GET WRECKED!
    • During the fifth match with Lorelei, Lorelei is thunderstruck as Zapdos decimates the rest of her Pokémon team effortlessly with Thunder. Red's party Pokémon hardly suffer any hits from the battle.
    Chat during 5th Lorelei match: GET REKT!
  • During the match against Lance, Bird Jesus takes care of all of Lance's Pokemon except for Dragonite. Dragonite manages to take out Bird Jesus, and the only Pokemon left is ... All Terrain Venomoth. ATV is about 30 or so levels lower than Dragonite, and Venomoth doesn't really have access to many attacking moves. What happens? Venomoth spams Poison Powder, which poisons Dragonite. Venomoth also disables Hyper Beam, and begins VERY SLOWLY draining him with Leech Life. And Dragonite only ever uses Barrier (a defensive move) and Agility (a stat increasing move), and ends up losing against Venomoth. The whole chat exploded in rejoicing All Terrain Venomoth's victory.
    • As if that wasn't enough, Venomoth manages to Disable the Dragonite's Hyper Beam yet again in the Mob's final, successful, runthrough.
    Xkeeper: [Fun Factoids!] Generation 1's AI is programmed to always use super-effective types, even if those aren't exactly damaging. Needless to say this causes hilarious situations as seen here.
    Alex_Rose: [To elaborate, Barrier is Dragonite's Psychic move, which the AI thinks has Type Advantage against ATV, so Dragonite just keeps on using it!]
    • ATV's victory against Dragonite has earned him another title, which is awesome in and of itself: The Dragon Slayer.
  • While Red lost to Blue due to only having ATV, Level 37 ATV took a Wing Attack from Blue's Level 61 Pidgeot and lived.
  • AA-j one-shotting and getting about 5 Critical Hit-based 1-hit knockouts against the final bosses in the Elite Four during the 2nd attempt against Lance.
  • One Elite Four run lost momentum pretty quickly, and it looked like Red was going to lose to Bruno, who is considered to be the weakest of the Elite Four and has not been lost to in every run. Double-A Jay the Zapdos then commenced a sweeping rampage (despite two Pokemon being Rock-type) and survived with 5 HP left just so Bruno didn't tarnish that record.
  • Several runs of the Elite Four later, it appears that they and the Champion are entirely beatable despite the team's various shortcomings. Double-A Jay tears through all of Lorelei's and Agatha's Pokemon with ease, Omastar and (at least versus the Onix) Air Jordan make Bruno look like a joke, ATV and Fonz break the AI of Lance's Dragon-types, and Bird Jesus has swept Blue's entire team in the past. If the Mob can just send out the right Pokemon against the right trainers, not only can they overcome the Elite Four and the Champion, they can utterly destroy them. Pretty impressive for a team that was mostly random in its composition.
  • Upon achieving Level 49 during a battle with Bruno, the mighty Omastar has ridden itself of the paltry Water Gun, opting to add its most powerful watery technique, Hydro Pump to its arsenal, dousing any foes who dare to oppress it.
  • Aa-j basically tearing his way through Lorelei, Bruno, and Agatha. Easily curbing their pokemon (even one Onix who got was hit with a crit) before it fell on the hands of Lance.
  • When struggling to get out of a defeated Lorelei room, what does the mob do? They accidentally start Surfing. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • After so many tries Aa-j finally sweeps Lorelei, without even taking damage no less. This eventually led to the most triumphant run against the Elite four which resulted in the defeat of Blue and the rise of a new Pokemon champion, The rise of the Pokemon Master Red.
  • At 16 Days, 7 Hours, 45 Minutes, 24 Seconds, on March 1, 2014, Blue is defeated. With three Pokemon (Zapdos, Venomoth, and Nidoking) still alive. In Anarchy. By 86,050 people. The game is won.
  • I only need one command to control you. "Up."
    • Red complimenting Giovanni on his hideout and traps.
    • The awesomeness is increased when you notice the end, and remember his appearance in Gold, Silver, and Crystal. He conquers the Pokemon League again, this time while blind and speaking as little as possible, and he'll bring together one of the most powerful teams of Pokemon ever despite being blind.
  • All Terrain Victory a song about the elite four run.