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Tear Jerker / Twitch Plays Pokémon Red

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NOTICE: Per wiki policy on Moments pages, ALL spoilers will be UNMARKED. Read ahead only with caution! You Have Been Warned.

  • Some fan art depicts the release of Abby and Jay Leno as done by Red himself in a brief moment of sanity, in order to save them from his madness.
  • This fanfic, detailing events up to Red fainting at Fuchsia's Pokemon Center.
  • After two days of trying to get through the Game Corner, Red managed to reach Giovanni... and lost.
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  • The Ballad of Twitch Plays Pokemon.
  • With nearly all his Pokemon fainted and his Pidgeot's health dwindling due to poison, Red raced against the clock to get his team to the Fuchsia Pokémon Center, with the mob finally cooperating for once to get him there safely... only for him to black out mere feet away from the entrance.
  • At Silph Co., Red meant to go for the healing beds to rescue a poisoned Pidgeot but instead went straight to Giovanni. Giovanni defeated him without even using all of his Pokemon.
  • This writeup of the Silph Co. events (doubles as a CMOH).
    Red stood face to face with the evil Giovanni... All of his Pokémon were weak or fainted... The boss of Team Rocket smirked. "So, little boy... Looks like your Pidgeot only has one move left before it succumbs to poison... What do you hope to do now?" Red smiled. He reached in his bag... and took out the Poké Flute. He whistled a jaunty little tune on it, soothing the Pidgeot's final spasms as the poison took his final ounce of strength. It was okay now. They would go to the Pokémon Center and try again.
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  • Red tried and failed repeatedly to run from Giovanni as his Pokemon were near defeat.
  • Bloody Sunday. They tried withdrawing AA-j from the PC but failed again and again, ending up releasing Cabbage, Digrat, Dux and many others. Memorial posts for the first 3 were up almost immediately on Reddit. All this and they still didn't manage to keep AA-j in their party.
  • More fanart depicting Red's released Pokemon finding each other, and even welcoming Flareon back into the fold.
  • After many attempts to navigate the mansion, Red blacked out right in front of the Secret Key.
  • Flareon allows himself to suffer for our sins.
  • After Red beat Blaine, he suggested Red use Fire Blast on a Fire Pokemon like Charmeleon. Way to rub Abby's loss in.
  • Red encountered several wild Raticate in the grass south of Pallet Town; the Mob was reminded of Digrat.
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  • Giovanni beat Red again at Viridian. Escape Ropes and trying to run didn't help, and Red was forced to watch as his Nidoqueen and Nidoking defeated Omanyte, Bird Jesus, and AA-j.
  • This comic depicting another side to the False Prophet's story.
  • After ATV singlehandedly defeated Lance's Dragonite across many turns, Blue defeated it in 2 turns.
  • During one battle, Lance's Aerodactyl wrecking Red's last two Pokémon after tearing through the others.
    • 70% of chat: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    • 25% of chat: AERODACTYL REKD SHIT
  • The mob fails at teaching ATV the Venomoth (who performed wondrously against Lance earlier in Day 16) Psybeam when he reaches Level 38, thus depriving him of his first useful damaging move. The depressing scene ended up spreading quite a bit of heartbreak throughout the chat.
  • "We're behind you. 100% of the way."
    • And you didn't let him down, guys.
  • When Professor Oak arrived at the League and talked about Red leaving his lab with Charmander, several people on the livestream momentarily sobered. "For Abby."
  • The End
  • TPP Part 3: Red.
  • Red's team in Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal was modified to be his final team at the end of Twitch Plays Pokemon Red, indicating that Abby does not return to Red.
  • In the Intermission between HeartGold and Black, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was started. The Mob was a Cubone and their partner was a Charmander... who they named Abby with the use of Democracy.
    • Trolls later deleted the save data, killing Abby again.
  • TPP Park has a memoriam to Bloody Sunday.
  • This memorial to Abby and Growlizard.
  • One year later, the Mob remembers.